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ConnectHook Oct 2020
The cheapest of cheap plebeian drugs:
Burn and loot when police shoot thugs.
So, this really helps your cause?
(Just say "no" to Chairman O)

I know thy works:
behold, I have set before thee an open door,
and no man can shut it . . . (Rev 3:8)

T R U M P  2020
Houda Belabd Oct 2020
A romance in Philly

And a farewell in Chestnut Hill

Fall leaves on that twilight

Were at least charismatic

All of a sudden, I felt mangled

Totally torn and tiresome

I felt literally like...

Having a pair of cotton legs

And two velvet arms

The fight against oblivion

Was still a fearsome step

But I still recall

That dizzy whirlwind in my skull

And that swirly typhoon in my core

In spite of the splendour of Philly

And the enchantment of its heavenly wonders

I was lonely to yell and weep

I was the twilight drama queen
Houda Belabd Oct 2020
In Philadelphia
The City of Brotherly love
The Bell of freedom chimes
The Wall of Independence rises
Art and lifestyle flourish everywhere
Its history is recorded on all the walls
Its glory is forever stored in the annals
Big Virge Oct 2020
Ya Know On My Travels …
I Now Sit in Sandals...
In Rittenhouse Park...
In … Central Philly …

But It's FAR From Chilly... !!!

It's The End of May...
On A Beautiful Day … !!!

Like A Shot In The Dark … !!!

And NO Gun Sounds … !!!!!
But … HARDLY A Bark... ?!?

****** Types of SO MANY KINDS... !!!
That It's HARD For My Eyes …
To Deal With The SIZE …
of … Some of The THIGHS …
These Girls Just CANNOT HIDE … !!!!!

YES Some Look NICE … !!!
But I'm NOT Surprised …
At The Fact That MANY …
For Me To Like …. !!!!!

I'm Playing The Sounds …
of The Man... Kev Brown …

But They Hardly Drown...
The Sounds That Surround …
From... PHILLY' Mouths...

The Accents DROOL...
And Sound Kinda Cool …
To A Man Like ME...

Whose English Speech …
No Longer Seems So Great INDEED …
I'm Now Travelling From …
Those BAJAN' Scenes …
of … BEAUTIFUL Seas …
And Fresh Sea Breeze... !!!!!!

Whilst Here In Philly …
I Can Feel The Breeze Squeeze … !!!
In Amongst The Trees …
of Much That Is NOT …

….. " Brotherly " ….. ?!?

But The Trace of **** …
Blows Like The Leaves …
In … Rittenhouse Square …

Where It's CLEAR Some Dare...
To …. LIGHT Up Trees ….
Where Park Rangers Be … !!!

It's A Thing of BEAUTY …
To Feel … SO FREE … !!!
On This Journey..............

That Has Taken Me …
And My … Voyeurs GLARE …

To The City of Philly …

And ………..

... " Rittenhouse Square "...
Just some observations of an afternoon chilling in Rittenhouse Park, in Philadelphia .....
gallery of
the grievers
ween afar
in plane
to propel
the dance
yet triple
in wings
that triage
Mekong dry-cleaner
those drastic
maitres'd the
guns of
Queen Village
noise plays
guitar in
Market Square
Chris' Cafe in Philadelphia, PA
kodi Jan 2020
What time is it in Philadelphia?
What's a mile in k-m's?
How much is that in Australian?
What the heck is a chimichanga?

Our liberal party is right wing
We drive on the left side
I'll educate girls: American
I'll share my way of life

And even though the differences
Instructs the way we live
We will still form bonds through our phones
I'll stay appreciative
bess goldstein Dec 2019
I know when it is time to turn the light,
blow out the summer candle,
and allow winter its cold overbearing step.
logic and reason reaches my tongue,
the darkness tastes like cold
settling my body in for a long
empty sleep...

I dream of bad decisions between my fingers.
they taste like summer,
and regret
after the mistakes were made.
warmth has made it so easy
to love you in my dreams...

waking up to the cold
is harder than it seems.
is loving you ever logical??? man idek
bess goldstein Nov 2019
dear lover,

          I promise I will stop bringing up his name
over late-night calls, 
cups of bitter coffee,
and my lonely bed.
          I will give you my love
like it is your first glass of water,
your dry, thirsty eyes allow me
to believe in second chances.
          I will never trap you,
pin you down like butterflies in the frame,
for my broken wings know the feeling
of watching your love say goodbye
behind a piece of glass.
          I promise we will make love
without an expiration date tattooed
on our inner thighs.
          I will hold you, despite wondering
if this is the last time your hands
will touch mine.
          I promise I will wear your heart on my sleeve
like a new coat,
putting the scratchy, hand-me-down fabric 
back in the closet.
          I’m sorry if he still makes me cry.
his name still sounds like guns falling
onto the oak tree roots outside of your window.
          I will grow from this.
I’m still waiting for those shots to stop ringing in my ears
when you tell me you love me.
I was just dragged out of a cold war,
my blood is now too warm to clean up
the battlefield he has made of me.
dear lover,
          I promise one day my wounds will heal,
that the only scars you will need to love
are my stretch marks.
          I’m glad you understand
that empty promises are Band-Aids over bones,
they will never heal me.
thank you for holding me as I bleed and cry,
and thank you for letting me speak of him
one last time.
:) :( it be like that
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