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I'd walk
and rather
shoe my
**** now
so laid
her heart
and soul
with my
bacchus pride
and love
or deceit
when true
justice was
vantage there
with boot
to regain!
Ode to Lady
Unnoticed I couldn't
Not notice her
In so much


Shattered me the
First time I

I had to
Shazam her
So she wouldn't
Slip away

So many gems do
Lost in radio
Listening to
For crime podcasts

Her name

One I'd didn't think
I'd seen before
But I was happy I did

The pain
I heard was

I heard
My voice singing
And I my pain
Enough that some
Got lost in the sound
Like you pulled
It out of

Our duet
My pain was no
Longer alone
It was

And then
I heard

I cried
Who are you?
Who is Cameron?
How do I feel

Me angry
Why doesn't

Anyone else
See me?

Who were you?
To sing songs about me?
To know things I
Made sure not
To tell

A nobody
A lost

A broken
Toy Soldier

In you, I knew
Loved Me

No matter how
Much of an alien
I was
I am
I may be
You saw me
Before my
I saw all
Of me you saw

Me to push the limits

Almost costed
Me my marriage
But you'll never know
My name
She saw
Way before I did,
I was swallowed up
In Cameron and Pauvre Coeur
I heard myself in a note so tragic that
I knew you suffered pain enough to sing
Like your life depended on it or worse
Someone else's life depended on it
Depending on only you singing
Right in that very moment
Now you'll be torpedo!
I'll be the Basset

It took me
Three whole years
To marinate in the waters
But like the good lord promised
The waters soaked me to the core until
I was no longer the blind little boy I was before
Your eyes
Looked right
At mine

Not through them
Not beneath them
Not below them

At them
At me
In me

Your hands
Were soft
Like mine

And my
Buzzed at

Your touch
And I

Next to
My porky
Pine glow

You were
To sleep

A new

One who
Saw a
Bit more
Bit by bit
Ken Pepiton Jul 30
Ruler first or ruled

in the grand
of things

the inter-e-

interesting times, quants of time,

quants divisible, but

non-un-en-tangle-able as opposed

at tthis moment
with tangibility being the re-
al-it-if-I-can temptation

time is permanently temporary here,
if that's okeh with you, as

peacemakers were learned to say.

Leave us let this be, see we was never taught,
was caught, and we learned

I can-tations
I caint-tatations yessir nossir, damnright,
I'm white trash

from way back. Hillbilly Scotts and Fisher man Sicilians.

Outlaws hang from my family tree
with some honor, omerta. doncha know.

My great granddaddy fought in the Lincoln County War,
on the side that won.

Ever last one o' my kin's sons,
I ken re

was left with a life t' live after
winning a war.

Then came me,
and I'as left t'live after losing war after war after war

for no reason,

those was unreasonable wars.

We was poor boys made men by God
And the Corp-
us, the embodiment of an esprit d'corp

-- flash (the real kind, where you remember an event
in time re-
lated by the merest of mere threads of

what if, you are reading this and its like
re-veily girl wwwuwu
re-unveiling, luring


to a true-ly, like true,
(you can't tell the difference, no diff, right? D'Israeli, maybe.
said that, aside)
Hell. Imagine that.
You can't.

Searing hot iron truth:
no condemnation here, no more, ever on
this edge,

things stay balanced.
Any time, past now, is mortally pre-carrious

im' guessing that means pre-tooth rot,
but, I can check…

I 'as wrong, lookathis:
precarious (adj.)
1640s, a legal word,
"held through the favor of another,"
from Latin precarius 
"obtained by asking or praying,"
from prex (genitive precis)
"entreaty, prayer"
(from PIE root *prek- "to ask, entreat").

Notion of "dependent on the will of another" led to
extended sense "risky, dangerous, uncertain" (1680s).

"No word is more unskillfully used than this with its derivatives.
It is used for uncertain in all its senses;
but it only means uncertain, as dependent on others ..."
[Johnson]. Related: Precariously; precariousness.

From <>

tooth-rot persuasion-wise, I'as right.

Jahnsan, we assume Samuel or some other dangling
Johnson, says *******, who rides me

through the raison patch from time to time
so I can see the angel.

The messenger, the very one, told
the Prophet professed to be that lastest wit' the mostest

but un-propheside of precariousness

this very voice manifest aurally, in the
non-shadow-casting image of a pillar of light,

highbeams on a foggy night,
from far away,
then blam

the voice it said,

Twice. Nada mas. Read. He heard it.
But he could not read, so
highly spiritual
was he --
post allakindaholyshit
to him, alone,
an angel of light, with new good news,
just in time,

write this down,
Wars could …

They could.
Wait. ( as we have, and may, yet.)
I can see what the professed prophet can see.
I did read.
He could not.
Ought he to have taught? Who am
I to judge,

times and times and half a time,
that clock,
did it have an alarm?
Trust and obey, its the very most fun, Jeffersonian obediance, if y'please.
Hannah Field Sep 2018
A true friend accepts you as who you are
But also helps you to become who you should be
Emma Hill May 2018
Her bookshelf to the brim and bursting
With pages worn, and well
Remembered for the virtues
And husbands in the war

Fallen woman--fall, and women
Harvests sown and reaped
Moon of full, of wax, of
Her heart of Shadow's seed

Hand of diamond and of band
Ashes, ashes, dust
A love once lived and now, one
The pages' faces face us
And sages burn, away
First in awhile. Hello again
Lin Apr 2018
it's a lazy morning

light peak a boos with
cracks in the curtains
warmth seeps through the walls
every ray of sun kisses
every particle of earth

my senses react kindly
to a crisp salt breeze
that has dropped by
like an old friend i haven't seen
but certainly have missed

i watch the tide
waltzing with the sand
back and forth
give, take
him, her

i'm intruding on their intimacy
but i can't look away
the waves rock my mind
into a trance so deep
i have the most absurd thought

maybe, i am okay
Lin May 2017
My Professor told me to leave his class room.
I lifted my bowed head

"Leave my classroom",
he said.
“I don’t tolerate
tweeting, texting,
snapping, sexting,
in my lectures.
So if you’re going to be on your phone
be on your phone elsewhere.”

I didn’t have the energy to rebuttal
“Professor Hughes, I wasn’t looking at my phone.”
I simply did as I was asked
and left.

Funny how my head was bowed
because I was looking down
at the scars I carved into my wrists
this morning
laying in bed
eyes opened
body still
demons anchoring my chest
feeling pressed into my mattress
mumbling through the paralysis
“I have to go to class today
I can’t skip again”
“But your bed is so warm
and you’re a ******* anyway”
my depression taunted
“If you would have just swallowed that bottle of pills
last night like I told you
we wouldn’t be in this mess”

As I’m walking back to my dorm,
the parallel of last night
and this morning
smacks me like a wooden bat to the back:
Life is like a college class;
you don’t always want to be a part of it,
yet alone participate.
Sometimes just showing up
is all you can muster up that day.
And you might do something or even nothing
and someone who doesn’t like that something or nothing
will come up to you and say,
why don’t you just leave?

And you may not have the energy to disagree.
Jade! I ain't got you babe.
Babe! I ain't got you Jade.

Galaxies thru infinity falling;
baby crawl in wormhole, come out old man crawling.
Rainbow deathrattle of all the gods
ain't got jack on heartbreak's musicbox,
that ******:

Babe! I ain't got you Jade.
Jade! I ain't got you babe.

I was gonna save you from Johnson & Johnson,
& all the spiders in North Walsham.
Live by the sea, duck the government,
ring our family w/ your 6th sense
& my rage,

but I ain't got you Jean Grey.
Jade, I ain't got you babe.

The bittersweet reheated:  freezedry foreveryoung
Jade & I sharing an Egg Foo Yung
under the jade moon in the Jade Garden
(highly aptonymic Chinese restaurant).

On my toast I spread jade marmalade.
On his head Granpa spread jade pomade.
Who heldup the stagecoach? Jesse Jades!
Doublestake or split -  Ace of Jades, Ace of Jades!

If your immunesystem had the kissofdeath,
so the tables were turned in terms of pitysex,
O for a night with you, babe, I'd court disease,
chance advanced Jade AIDS off thee.    

Jade! I ain't got you babe.
Jade! I ain't got you babe.
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