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the president's past tax returns

might well haunt him yet

they'll be made available for

Democrats to freely vet

on the figures being thoroughly


any anomalies shall be heavily


as we all know the devil is always

in the fine detail

where no executive order will be

seen to prevail

congress won't let up on its

relentless quest

in finding revenue that wasn't

paid unto an IRS request
If I know what you are going to say before you say it, you disappoint me. If you copy what I do and lack personality disappoint me. I look at some people and watch how they watch me. You seem to be annoyed, yet you try to use my words. My actions you copy.
I don't understand why, you try to act they way that I do. I was born into this personality. I did not built it. Be who you are, if I speak to you, there is something about your boring little life that is admirable. So admire yourself. There are some that pretend that they don't need love, yet you ooze hate. Fact: you need love and were unloved as a child. Learn to love yourself, otherwise no one will love you the way that you need.
Ha, yes! You disappointment me. Are you always looking to blame things on others? Do you look for people to harass because you are unhappy? I hate to say it, but you disappoint me. Do you disappoint yourself? I know that you do, when you say things out loud, you hear if from another persons standpoint, then, only then, can you really hear what you need to.
This will allow you to better who you are. If you are a disappointment, things can change for you. Self help, work on you. Don't focus on me, I love me..funny, witty and silly! If you see something that you like about me or anyone, make it yours. I don't look good on you.
Know who you are and standout. If the room is crowded don't let your light dim. But don't over work to be seen. Those that need to see you will.
Mystic Ink Plus Jul 2018
If our authority

For what
We dream
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Curiosity
Mary-Eliz Apr 2018
I've heard the Ides of March
can be a deathly curse

but now the Ides of April near us
with uncle's fingers in one's purse.

works out fine
if you get some back
you're hurriedly
filling out
those pesky forms
and rushing out
to mail them
that's what
it's all about

but if you know
you're gonna owe
it's quite a different story
you're just not in a hurry
it's yours for now
though no cash cow
you drag your feet a little
before sending in
your confounded
tax remittal
he would
   shuffle extremely
well save
that it
didn't fudge
again while
a godsend
must heed
any overdose
really insufferable
and should
let these
die in
peril if
epidemic cease
demand in
the opiates
A dealer ware
I’ll name my price
offer a body to contort
make you mine
to extort.

I’ll paint shadows
with the curvature of my spine
snare you in the anticipation of ecstasy
until you feel your heart beat
of skin.  
before I squeeze it in
that little bit extra
I’m already on fire
like Carmen Electra
you’ll never be able to afford me
after the VAT.
Someone tried testing my poetic ability and asked me to write an ****** poem about VAT. How did I do?
Chris Neilson Nov 2017
Don't get ill in England
your poor health will endure
the nasty party's after you
and your pride for sure

Don't be suffering in Scotland
you MAY get personal independence payment
if you apply for dignity removal
judged guilty as a claimant

Don't have health woes in Wales
to keep wealthy accounts swollen
the rich avoid and evade taxes
while your DLA has been stolen

Forms, stress, pain and humiliation
these are no twisted fairy stories
capitalism contorted beyond belief
by 21st century tortuous Tories
I hear accounts of the additional pain and suffering that long term disability claimants are having to endure to claim the new deranged "personal independence payment". while the already wealthy continue to evade the tax needed to help contribute to society's most in need
Tax is a concept
By which you measure governance and each cent from each pocket
Tax is a concept
By which you measure a homeless man’s pain and the hard rain
Tax is a concept
That only adds up but sometimes doesn’t
Tax is a concept
A technique to intercept the poor man’s invasion
Tax is a concept
That funds a government servant’s evasion
Tax is a concept
That requires frequent revision for the privileged 1% division
Tax is a concept
For the rich to market their wealth as a sales pitch
Tax is a concept
That is open ended that helps lawyers find a niche and sometimes a gaping ditch
Tax is a concept
That helped the Untouchables put away that whiny *****
Tax is a concept
That takes the interest out of the spooks
I don’t believe in being rich
If I have to pay more I think that’s a glitch
I don’t believe leaving it all to the middle class
If I criticize it the government shows a lot more sass
Tax is a concept
If it wasn’t it wouldn’t be in books and in the salaries of prison cooks
Tax was a concept
That kept out of it the clergy mooks
Tax was a concept
That kept a nobleman’s coffers’ ostentatious good looks
Tax was a concept
That kept death at bay
Tax was a concept
That contributed to the dead everyday
Tax was still a concept
If it wasn’t then in Germany there wouldn’t have been any bread for each day
Tax is still a concept
It still pays the rich and takes from the rich *****
Who has the lawyer who is smarter than Tom Sawyer
I don’t believe in law and order
I just believe in world order and peace
God- John Lennon
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