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a man
has shoot
and sell
his desire
where tires
embark to
Ilium but
a nobleman
farm his
wit with
hell and
back truck
in a
parade of
fire yet
amble in
Market Square
Shofi Ahmed Sep 2018
The planet earth is maybe
the material gold dust of all.
But it’s null on what it bases
purely standing on empty space!

Indeed there is no matter
at the base of the matter.
The nano atoms adherent to
natural scientia split and dance
the bottomline is pure blank!

Cosy slim and delicate atom
continues to deep down.
Stripping off to the quark
zooming in yet far inside
much more further down.

Goodness knows how comfy slim
will it be before it touches down
on to the universe smallest layer.
The matter, confined to natural codes,
in search of the smallest building block
turning to be a matter free off the matter.
Maria Etre Jul 2018
The basics of basics
base themselves
in the base
of one's
take the
basics out of the base
while out and about
an unexpected over bare ring bout
to defecate arose,
     where sphincter asserted clout
and would excrete
     despite without doubt...

if closing distance
     (to reach rental abode)
beaten out by loosening sphincter muscle
     transmitting excretory code

set sights on prowl for outlawed, secluded,
     and wooded make shift commode
and essentially for naught negating
     toddler toilet training, sans

     getting ***** trained undone
     via my ***** ready to explode
and blast immense solid waste byproduct
     (oh...close to the size of Rhode Island)

thus a marathon race against time
found immediate readiness to pull off roadside  
     to access make shift water closet
     generating image firmly in pooping mode

     grabbing hold of a tree trunk
     (a mini rocky horror picture show, -
     this analogy included for no particular reason
     other than as a non-sequitur)

     and also to convey, how I tried
     to allay distractions
     while painful contractions flowed
(perhaps approximating a woman

     on verge of giving birth) matter, aye could envision,
     an ever increasing heavy mf* load
hence approaching Highland Manor Apartments

     this chap abandoned
     prior simultaneous evacuation plan
     starkly aware probability for secluded spot sunk
(nonetheless, thy darting darting

     anguish, futile lizard like lookout,
     a geico Gekko whose cheeks did blush
     even for a measly Georgian bush
quickened nsync with ****** spasms

     visual scouting industrialized
     where backhoes didst crush
once a time sacred happy hunting grounds
     of native Americans, now flush

with newly built vinyl city re: urban sprawl a gush,
where cookie cutter houses long since bringing hush
     puppies muzzled, yet never the less and mush
a doo doo about nothing) except sprint

     ting to a void push  
immortalizing indigenous tribes ghosts rush
peopling infrastructure affixing
     urbanization with their warrior whoosh!
Colm Jan 2018
I'd travel to the most secluded meadow.
The last one before the mountain steeps and the trees die out amongst the rocks.
Not to swim in the lake or the lesser pond.
But to pull a single flower for you.
What else could exemplify this?
The rarity of your beauty to me?
Looking at it as it is
Paige Jan 2018
My soldier traveled across the sea.
He gazed upon twinkling purple Crete stars and thought of me.
He felt the undertones of my body in the grey blue Bahrain Sea.
I sent him my warmest love when he stared at the sparkling sun.

My soldier came home when my letters arrived.
Time was too long.
Her silky hair laid on his chest,
just as the dry Crete wind blew,
when I whispered I love you 6000 miles away.
Terry Collett Sep 2017
It rains as they put up the tent
they work as fast as they can
but still get soaked to the skin.

Once the tent is up
they climb inside.

I'm going to the shower block
to shower and change
into dry clothes
Dalya says.

The other girl
mumbles similar
and they grab their towels
and walk through the rain
to the female shower block
and go inside.

They peel off
the wet clothes
and put them under a bench
and go into the showers
and turn on the taps.

Hot water
Dalya closes her eyes
and lets the water
rush over her body and hair.

She wishes Benny was there
to wash her body with soap
his hands moving over her curves
and between her thighs
under and over her stiff *******.

But he is not there
and she must do it herself
and pretend with eyes closed
that it is him there.

His hands not hers
his breath on her neck
as he whispers words.

His hands about her body
smoothing down skin.

She spreads her thighs pretending
letting out sighs.
Arlene Corwin Aug 2017
A Little Quiz

If you could sell a thing for lots,
Finance your yachts;
Would you boycott?
Boycott, if what you sold
Could finance wars,
Could bring worlds
To their burned-out knees,
Would you do business?

If you could earn a salary
By working in a factory
Producing weapon’s heads,
Guns, poison gas –
All granted by the local laws,
Would you do business?

A little quiz - a little Buddhist -
Prompted by
The sheer potentiality
Of personalities and crime TV
Regarded daily.
Your kids are hungry.

A Little Quiz 8.29.2017
War Book II; Our Times, Our Culture II;
Arlene Corwin
Hard choices.  How strong is your philosophic base?
in this neo-classic house
with their partition in glass
that her reflexes still shine
in their wilderness again
that drives her tears in craft
with time to sequester their burdens
in this room with mirrors now he tread
through this capillary with imaginary ***
a flow
Terry Collett Jul 2017
The coach drew up
at the base camp
in Malaga.

Miriam and I
got off
and eyed the scene
the area of tents
and bars
and camp restaurant
and the club house
where they had discos
in the evening until late.

We followed our guide
who showed us
where our tents were.

I was with an ex-army guy
Miriam was with
some other dame.

See you later
at the bar
she said.

Will do
I replied.

The ex-army unzipped
the tent
we clambered in
with our bags
then he zipped up again.

Better than
the last camp
he said morosely.

I placed by bag
to one side
and got out
my sleeping bag
and lay on it
to rest
for a short while.

He unpacked
his sleeping bag
(better than mine
probably ex-army)
and lay down
staring at the roof
of the tent.

He talked about
his army days
and about his mother's
new boyfriend
and how he didn't
get on with him
and how he only left
the army because
of his nerves
and depression.

I listened
but in my mind's eye
it was Miriam
there *******
and I thinking
that a blessing.
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