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Heroes wear all kinds of uniforms,
and call many places home,
but standing the line for Democracy
they are all just as tall and just as brave

Who was this man
who ventured to a distant land
to defend it from an invader
they are not his people
this was not his home
but he stood the line for Democracy
he stood the line proud and tall
and died

He was my Brother
He was my Father
He was my Friend
He was a good man
He stood the line for Democracy
The Japanese Shuto Fukuyama, who had been serving in Ukraine as a Volunteer succumbed on the Battlefield.
Honor, Glory and Gratitude To Our Brother.
Robert Ippaso Aug 2023
How did we get to where we are,
America - the one undimming shining star,
A land of freedom, of unbounded pride
Where no one needed run and hide
For their religion or mere thought,
Democracy - the very heart of what was taught.

Now the Media drums a beat
That too many rush to heed,
Politicians seem at war
Spewing discord to their core,
Division their concocted art
Wrenching the rest of us apart.

Pressure groups with voices loud
Control the stage as if endowed,
We the masses listen stunned
Outmaneuvered and outgunned,
All too late we see the light
As our cities fall to blight.

Police leaving by the score,
Inner cities full of gore,
Death and Drugs partners in crime
The serial killers of our time,
Those we elect wringing their hands
Caving in to shrill demands.

Social media runs amok
Trampling discourse in it's muck,
Faceless voices spewing hate
Leaving victims to their fate,
Pervading every corner of our life
Their tool of choice inciting strife.

Is it too late may we well ask
To tear apart this vile death mask,
Restoring that for which our father's fought
A way of life worked for and not bought,
The very fruit of land well sown
The purest form of liberty our world has ever known.
Zywa May 2023
With the proceeds he bought the bank
the water company and computer halls
Modern Monopoly. He invested
in advanced filters and the internet

With a wink he kept his title
'Landlord'. Ah, the good old days
Now we are the owners, we pay
the subscriptions and pay off our debt

Things are going well, fewer members
are active, there is talk on the sidelines
and self-interested owners
collect proxies

The administrator acts
opportunistically and follows
the outside world
There is a call

for another system:
with so little involvement
a transfer of power will do -
blank until business is done
Democratic decision tot delegate executive, legislative, and judicial powers to one person of group of super-rich

Landlord / Corps noble (noble body), Corps social (social body) / Aristocracy, Oligarchy

Association of Homeowners / Corps législatif (legislative body) / Democracy

Delegate / Corps commun (communal body) / Populist totalitarianism (Ochlocracy)

Collection "The drama"
Khadijat Bello May 2023

What is it, really?
An illusion, if you ask me
A system making you think you can choose it
The system plays you a great trick

Use my home land, a case study.
She's flawed from when she used the military
Canada lost sight for morality
The United Kingdom then becomes a general market even though it's a Monarchy

Wake up! Democracy is only a trick
Russia is still in Capitalism
China is still most Socialist till this day; She's still practicing socialism
Arabia is better off with Federalism

How then do you think Democracy is real?
She's flawed and ill
Makes you to ****
Not minding if it's your kin
I still root for Monarchy, I get to know my king
And even the military, the soldiers act by order.
So what then is Democracy?
Day 4 of May. And it came in a question
Francie Lynch Nov 2023
Shoes of all colours and sizes
Shuffle by my North American Middle Class House.
We are temperate, they walk in all seasons,
Down here, between the Great Lakes.
These S-Westerners look haggard;
Even the young...
All waiting... waiting for the veil to lift.
Smiles are cracking, making new lines
Like road maps to happiness.
And yet, it's worse
In Talibexas, Loseiana and Floridistan,
Where there are fewer paths.
Joseph C Ogbonna Nov 2022
The ballot box does my persistent fights convey,
to restore what predatory lords did cart away;
because I cast my vote for good governance to enjoy;
that I may integrity in governance employ
by firing evil men who human rights destroy.
A poem about the gains of democracy.
Forest republic
Hyenas and wolves contest
To feed on the lambs
Democracy was a beautiful concept when brought... But slowly, it changed ... It has changed a lot that one can now define it as "of the politicians, by the politicians, and for the politicians..."

U can share ur POV, would love to know that ...
Zywa Jun 2022
Peace got clothes to wear
that are called democracy
and are also worn by others

doppelgangers on the stage
of the power that they serve
as an extra or a puppet

It's an easy role
but in real life it is great
self-control and a matter

of patience to understand others
and to convince each other
of a public interest

This is how the Great Law
of Peace works along the Panther Lake
and the Sparkling Water

listening and consulting
without ventriloquism
or indelicate word
In the Mohawk area are the 'Five Ponds Wilderness' and the 'Black River Wild Forest'

The Iroquois are the league of the five tribes (nations) Mohawk, Oneida, Onanondaga, Cayuga and Seneca; this league is called Kaianerekowa = Great Law of Peace

In the council of the league are speakers (sachem) those who bring the position of their group and try to convince the others to agree with it (the Aztecs named these speakers 'tlatoani', with Moctezuma as huey-tlatoami [supreme speaker]); it is honorable to be a speaker, but there is no power attached to it, so that the settlers wrongly treated the speakers as 'chief'

Lake Erie: Erielhonan = Long-tail/Panther
Lake Ontario: Ontario = Sparkling water

Collection "The drama"
stillhuman Feb 2022
Spiders are crawling
on every flower
and they have feet
caked in gun powder
They invade the blooms
of roses in the winter
The world is shadowed in doom
and my fingers bleed with splinters
from the homes of freedom
crashing down to rot
but this is the hope of a people
that grow like moss
on fallen trees
they stand like those flowers
and march like bees
They are the bloom of freedom
in the dark ages of evil
These are my thoughts on the Ukrainian situation. I stand with you and applaud your strenght and resilience. Let's not forget the reason diplomacy and democracy exist.
Anais Vionet Feb 2022
If you prophecy the end of kings you are wrong.
Write no epitaphs, dig no graves, taste no grief.

The new czar, a rough and worldly killer firmly fixed
this very day stirs the cauldron of war to reset empire

Still, foxly friends of tyranny, who stab at weak democracy
praise the czar's autocracy, and mock free speech with treachery.

As modern judases, riding limitless swells of fortune, tease simple mobs
our old republic stagers and fades, mortally wounded by hypocrisy.

Perhaps, someday, freedom’s autopsy will show what transpired,
but if you prophecy the end of kings you are wrong.
BLT word of the day challenge: transpire : "to happen" or "to become known."
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