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I am Canadian. We are considered polite.
I will remain so here.
We are a socialist democracy.
You, a capitalist democracy.
Our Prime Minister makes mistakes.
He's comparatively young. He takes good council.
He speaks of what he knows,
And knows when not to speak.
He can be mean (depending), but never cruel.
He has great wealth, but neither flaunts nor hides it.
When he equivocates or lies, he knows it.

We have all the amenities of a capitalistic society,
With the security and comfort of our social pluralism.
Our youth enrol in a free and fine education.
We have no rich or poor school districts.
We have no security guards or metal detectors.

We are not an economic super power.
We do not influence worldly affairs with an itch or a sniffle.

Our Senate is powerless (enough said).
Authority and power lie in the multi-party system;
Each chooses its leader.
We don't vote for the Prime Minister,
But every four years (and many times less) we can vote one out.
And get this: sometimes the party changes horses midstream to rein in getaways.
A coup d'état is almost impossible,
Unless we get invaded for our fresh water.
We're not nuclear armed,  but when called, the Forces are tenacious.
We're not war mongers. We really do prefer peace.
Our former P.M. won a Nobel for coming up with the idea of a U.N. Peacekeeping Force. That's a real one.

We have serious problems like you. At times, the innocent and the guilty get hurt; that's never good.  And believe me, we support most of your political initiatives, domestic and foreign, and your peaceful demonstrations. We know pain too.

I know you love your country. And you have **** good reasons.
Most Canadians love you too, and we are very worried about our southern neighbours who treat us so well when we visit west of the St. Clair River.
We've helped you when you were in need; when your country was under attack. We are your good neighbours with good fences. We will always be there for you and whatever Democracy you choose.
Please, choose wisely.

Bless America
Good luck in 2020.
Pedro Sep 8
Raise your hand
chant the anthem
be one more
in a crowd of gentlemen
go forth and march
topple the gods
cover the world in the dark
and fire the shots
killing all of those
who dare to fight
for the sun is set
and the night is nigh
so cover your face
go under and hide
'cause unfortunately, child
they won...
oh heavens, they won!
The dream of democracy is dead and the corpse rots in the open... I fear for this wretched land we call home!
Francie Lynch Aug 22
I lift pens.
(You can never have enough of them)
Funeral Homes leave them lying around. They're the only good thing about Visitations.
Banks tie them down, but there are others, here and there.
There are those who want to take your pens too.
People with petitions are always asking to borrow a pen.
They want my ink and blood.
Be sure you get yours back.
I have a legit fountain pen collection.
Proud of my Parker I got in Oxford years ago,
During a different life that lead to this one.
Biff Loman lifted Mr. Oliver's pen,
After his epiphany.
Just runs in and steals it.
Am I a tragic figure as well?
Are we all playing our parts in
The Death of a Nation.
to the people
for the people
BUY the people
Cancel Culture, Black Lives Matter,
Me too movement, Gay rights too,
Social media so much chatter
Have a gripe, just join the queue.

Pro-choice stalwarts, pro-life hawks,
Farm to table, Save the earth,
A world of slogans, countless squawks
A new cause daily sees it's birth.

Sound bites matter, the Media gloats,
Politicians scramble to take the stage,
Armed with purpose and ready quotes.
Often glib and rarely sage.

Where is reason, quiet thought.
Before action and verbal storm,
Popularity not earned but bought,
Measured now by Twitter swarm.

And as to us the silent mass
Forging lives amidst this din,
As we wade through this morass
To crack a smile is no great sin.

An old moral of the sea
Is avoid that siren's song,
Look away and simply be,
Then far less may just go wrong.

Were you aware that our nation opposed Haiti's revolution for democracy in the early 1800s; that our nation's war against Mexico that began in 1846 resulted in our taking half of Mexico for ourselves; that our nation defeated Spain ostensibly to liberate Cuba, but actually established a military base on the island and furtively gained de facto control of its puppet government; that our nation seized Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Guam; that our nation had fought a brutal war to subjugate the Phillipines; that our nation had opened Japan for trade with us with threats and gunboats; that our nation created an "Open Door" policy with China to exploit it economically; that our nation engineered a revolution against Colombia to create the nation of Panama so we could build the canal through it; that our nation sent 5,000 Marines in 1926 to Nicaragua to counter their democratic revolution; that our nation in 1916 intervened in the Dominican Republic for the fourth time; that our nation in 1915 intervened in Haiti for the second time, and so on. Imperialism, not democracy, steered our nation's decisions and movements.

Did any of you learn about, let alone study extensively, any of these flagitious Ameican acts and policies as you sat and squirmed in your high school American history class? My surmise is that you did not. But I bet you were required in at least one of your classrooms sometime between 1st and 12th grade to stand at attention, as it were, and recite the Pledge of Allegiance as you saluted the flag in the corner. My riposte: What does it matter if our flags are waving, if our spirits are flagging?

Epilogue: Most importantly, never forget that it was the two evils of slavery and genocide that propelled our nation into what once was the most influential nation on Earth.

Copyright 2020 Tod Howard Hawks
A graduate of Andover and Columbia College, Columbia University, Tod Howard
Hawks has been a poet and a human-rights advocate for his entire adult life.
Tony Denis Jun 12
Government of the party,
By the incumbent,
And for the elites.
Is this what we celebrate?

If democracy stands for
Liberty, justice and equality,
Then we are miles behind,
Suffering bitterly in our clime.

Did our vote for Abiola count?
Maybe that's history,
But we still have leaders that were not elected but selected.
Why is election rigging a celebrated culture?

Will we continue exchanging our votes
For money, meals and fake promises?
Let’s fight first for human values before party values
So that our lives will count more than ballot.
How will we celebrate democracy in a country ruled by political elites who only favour members of their party.
They tell us,
About a great future.
They tell us it is coming,
Not today but tomorrow.

Our dear Nigeria,
A safari for its rulers,
Stealing our freedom,
Yet showing a victorious future.

Our leaders,
They keep on telling us,
Of the people,
By the people,
For the people.

They come as bearers,
Bearing freedom,
Removing slavery's chains and rods,
Yet trampling on our humanity.

Our leader's democracy,
A temple built with words,
Yet plastering it with,
Power and constant deceit.

They bribe our conscience
They fail to discharge their duties,
Yet singing victorious praises of their democracy,
Telling the world of vague achievements.

They play their drama,
Displaying it in public,
Showing a ****-a-doodle-doo of theatre,
Narrating nothing significant.

They claim to hear our cries,
Yet they are blind spectators of beauty,
Having no eat for our mass cries.

Their ideology of power.
Their way of life
A culture so dear to them

A backwash from future's deep
A begraggle of corrupt leaders
A pointer to Me, My Belly and I

They claim we have rights,
Yet they keep us in chains.
Their democracy,
An emblem of an immoral compass.

I look out my balcony window,
Waiting for change.
I stand at my front door,
Hoping for a brighter tomorrow.

My father waited
My mother hoped
I in turn prayed
Our children echoed

I dream of a great democracy
I dream of liberation
I put down my pen,
It is tired of being,
Mightier than the sword.

Oh democracy
I raise my hand up in your honour
Nigeria's democracy,
Our leaders' famous slogan.
Democracy: Our Leaders' Famous Slogan discusses and highlights the way leaders and the government in Nigeria, Africa practices democracy.
She is running chronic fever,

Low grade but constant, like the hum of the HVAC at the beginning of July.

She coughs and spits, constantly clearing her throat, hacking away at the never-ending buildup of thick mucus.

Her speech is low and gravelly, praying this pain is heard by her extended family.

She is physically, visibly ill, sick to the nth degree.

The antibodies fight and claw, scrapping with the disease to fight the virus.

The virus always prevails.

He always wins, and there is nothing she can do to stop it.

She keeps asking, “what’s going on, where is the vaccine?” hearing the same story, same excuse:

“It just ain’t ready yet. Here take this pill, take this drink, take this hit, give your mind a much needed break from the pain that you feel.”

Voices are chanting over and over in her head:

“No relief, no peace, the virus, defeat!”

He doesn’t listen, too concerned with his real agenda.

He hears your pleas, cosigns your cries,

begs for your forgiveness, all while refusing to look you in your eyes.

When you sing a song, he listens, hearing only dollar signs,

Cashing checks on your pain, refusing to pay any fines.

To him, the bandages have helped mend the sores,

“You have made progress, what is it you are still fighting for?

Sure it is tougher, and there are still some hurdles to leap,

But keep ya head up and remember to turn the other cheek.”

She feels like her life is a lie, “did I make any progress if the virus won’t die?”

He said he DON’T discriminate against who gets the disease,

That “if you work hard enough, you can beat the odds, defy God,

And even have a place at the table right there next to my mom.”

She has hope that one day she will win the fight,

That the fever will be lifted, and she can live a long and healthy life.

Her condition has turned for the worst, and he acts like he cares,

But will he continue his compromise and stance in solidarity,

Or repeat over and over and over again the cycle of false prosperity.

She is not alone in her fight against the virus.

We all have a piece of the disease in our bones.

The virus looks like us, sounds like us, smells like us,

dances and plays like us, the virus lives like us, laughs like us.

The virus defines us.

The virus is U.S.
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