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I once saw a nation on fire,
just their home a family's desire.
The government was corrupted by liars,
with an economy trapped in quagmires?
To end the schism they gave Wall Street socialism,
leaving 'The People' impoverished and tired.
A bad King may spoil even the best of times  
We fable a good King’s aid in the dark ages

In our royal age of infinite information
We have royally forgotten the meaning of knowledge

In a sapphire dungeon of instant gratification
We have misplaced the majesty of pleasure

In this kingdom of self-indulgent ignorance
We have lost the nobility of wisdom

Can any subject ever again decree:
‘Tis better, The World, without a King.
Americans, well, at least in the media believe that the way to change behaviors is to punish either criminally, civilly or socially anyone who doesn't fit the societal norm.

Think about that for a minute,

...when someone is emotionally conflicted to the point that their behavior is no longer considered within a range of acceptance and THEN society decides, or any group, movement, political ideology or party to shun or expel, to incarcerate, admonish and thereby torture an, "emotionally conflicted," soul what you have accomplished by society's response is to create permanent anger and hatred.

Permanent anger and hatred.

American society therefore can be said to relish hatred and permanent anger as a way of life for all of it's citizens since every single person whom is inflicted with pain upon suffering will be assured to continue inflicting whatever pain and suffering they can on everyone else the rest of their life. So your only solution is to remove these souls from society permanently.

Was that the intent?

Is that the goal?

Do we need law, rules and fantasy crimes for every single thing a person says or does?

Is the endgame to remove these from society or to reform them?

Imagine now,

America arrests or imprisons one million people per year for using drugs,

...there are forty million felons alive today.

Wow! Lot of bad guys off the streets huh? Let's put that another way shall we?

America ruins a million people a year.
America creates a million 'soon-to-be' violent felons every year.
"Felons," who were nonviolent before being tortured by society and tortured in prison...forty million angry people live around you right now.

Forty million people!

America must want the nation to fail for every year we destroy a million people just because we want to be able to say at least I am not as bad as that person and point your finger while knowing there is no reason, no civil crime, that warrants bankruptcy, imprisonment, violence, ****, abuse, belittling, shame and banishment just because you personally don't like video games.

...or you don't like gambling,
...or you don't enjoy ***.
...or you don't smoke marijuana,
...or you hate Hollywood liberalism.
...you can't stand alcoholics,
...or you're afraid of the mentally ill.
...or your jealous of the *** you perceive someone having,
...angry because you think you work harder than someone else,
...because you deserve a better life so why not destroy others right?

Hatred as a virtue.

I wonder what our economy would be like if the 'fifty-plus' MILLION alleged criminals had jobs instead of listing away producing the smallest amount of productivity possible because YOU THINK they deserve to have a worse life for acting in a manner you do not agree with PERSONALLY.

That is one out of every seven people in The United States.

Hatred perpetuated.

That is American culture and that is why Black Lives Matter.
Johnny Noiπ Oct 14
'No' means 'no'. ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| || |||||||||||| || || || You may be criminal, and I do not ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||| || || | |||||||||||||||||||||| ............ .. ... ... ... ... .. "............" "No," |||| | | || | |. | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |.
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'No' means 'no'. ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| || |||||||||||| || || || In order for you
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Dedicated to the brilliant Keira Knightley
Kenechukwu Sep 9
I am being pulled from left to right
Every candidate claiming to be the light
Promising heaven, earth and even twilight
Once they win they forget you and take flight.

Gun to our heads by the future leader
'Better vote wisely or become a casper'
Ballot boxes filled with forged paper
Hold your peace or it is a recipe for disaster.

If wishes were real, beggars would ride
Voted for a meal, while the politicians lied
my country is a deal, sold as a cheap bride
All they do is steal, it's time to say goodbye.

You know we are back to the embers'
there's always someone's blood they forget to remember
Misshapen chaos of well-seeming forms!
We are in a fine mess with honorable villions.
My view on elections and voting in some countries.
at times we tend to think
our democracy is safely founded and secure
only eventually we recognize
the need to constantly defend its fundamental rights
work steadily against their stealthy abolition
watch carefully the words of politicians
       lest they betray what they pretend to say
think twice for whom we cast our votes
avoid contenders who too often bray
     that these were not their quotes  
listen to those who have good arguments
     do not unleash too easy sentiments
and in the end cast our votes when called

in short  
democracy turns out to be hard work

     in case we shirk this
     we soon pay the price

unfree societies have known
     dictatorship  corruption  vice
have often needed centuries
to remedy injuries done
to find their four freedoms

and to recognize
democracy remains a living promise
a brilliant idea with many faces
always a work in progress
Harry Roberts Jul 13
A Baby Trump Balloon Was Flown Through The Capital,
The Humour & Wit Is What Makes Us So Capital.

Even Over A Barrel We Wear Our Hearts On Our Sleeves,
A Joke Internationally But We Took The Wind From The Air,
Displeasure Raised In Unison Our Voices Made Clear.

The People Tire Of Being Bargaining Chips,
Our Will Second To Yours,
While We Make The World Work,
We'll Make You Work For Us Again.

Government Flawed From Start To End.
Etonian OffSpring Ruling The Rest, Elitism At Its Finest Opposing Democracy,
Representing The People What Ironic Hypocrisy.
Repressing The People Its Been Shown Historically,
Yet We Are To Treat Them Honorifically,
But It Is Us As The Workers Who've Been Treated Horrifically.

If They Dare To Forget That We Make The World Spin,
We'll Stop In Our Tracks And Let Loose A Whirlwind,
The Power Is Ours Though You'd Have Us Forget That,
Public Disobedience Gave Us Rights & We'll Never Regret That.
We Made You Kneel Before & We'll See That Again,
We'll Scream Till We're Sore But That's Where It Begins.
Harry Roberts - World Spin © 13/07/18
once upon a time
the presidents
of the self-declared beacon of democracy
did not feel the need
to bully everybody
with threats and insults

they led the nation
by shining democratic example

when the president of a country
that considers itself
the global beacon of democracy
insults his friends and
courts dictators and mass murderers

something is terribly wrong
Galib Apr 17
Take your sword, let’s fight for democracy,
Blame the terrorists, say no to autocracy,
I wish there was no room for hypocrisy,
Hey… Wait… This is American philosophy.

We are monitored, we are safe,
Terrorists are captured, or deal is made?
We see a new target to detonate,
There was a kid, ups… just mistake.  

Mr. Trump is listening to your I-phone,
You can reach him by saying: “hey clown”,
This is not the purpose, you were born,
İgnorance of what you are fighting for.
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