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Zadkiel Nov 2020
Right now it is currently lunch time
Though how could it be lunch at 12:20 pm?
Well listen here brother
There are more than a thousand breakfasts
That could be missed
But you must never forget
The middle
Unless it is a brother

For Lunch is in between Breakfast and Dinner
Proving everyone wrong
Is what I would like to say
But alas there is a fault in this reasoning
For Lunch is only important
For the fact that you get to hang out
With the


now you must accept this flawless foolish reasoning
and turn yourself into foolish wise men
since we are but the
Gaia's Children
Josephine Wilea Jan 2020
today at lunch
I saw lilly -
like the flower but
with another l,
a fake -
your girlfriend
(soon to be ex
but you don't know that yet)
she actually smiled at me -
i think she was surprised
i hope so -
in response
my ****** muscles
contorted into a
smile(?) more false
than i ever believed i was
capable of producing.
it wasn't really a smile
it was
******* For Ripping Her Away From Me
it was
I Would Like To Punch You But Self Control
maybe (fingers crossed)
it scared her.
ce-walalang Oct 2020
need a break?
coffee break?
lunch break?
heart break?
summer break?
christmas break?
breaking bad?
i need a brek
Seranaea Jones Sep 2020
i used to throw bread crumbs into
a pond full of minnows next to a
place where i worked years ago

it kept me cool in the summertime,
pulling the heat out of me and
feeding it into the winds as

a turtle snapped up dozens of fish-babies,
transforming the vision of my frame into
maybe the size of a praeternatural feather

and for a moment,

i dreamt that on a clear night through the
eyes of a barnyard owl that i could
navigate the dark foldings of
space into the beating
hearts of praying

blinking back to a view of
disturbed green waters—

i commenced
to waking...

"the frenzy, at rest"
© 2020 by Seranaea Jones
all rights reserved
Donna Aug 2020
Pasta mayonnaise
ham sprinkle of salt pepper
That’s my lunch today
Made Lovely lunch today or me and Son **
Mitch Prax Mar 2020
Kisses for you
for lunch and
for dinner-
for now
'til eternity.
Mrs Timetable Jan 2020
I propose we call Tuesday
What it really is
Being only two days in
It only exists for tacos
Very little humor
I now pronounce you
Monday Jr.
Cheesy Lunch thoughts.
Mrs Timetable Jan 2020
A roach came to work with me
in my shoe.

It's a true story.

I shook him out of my laces

And he joined in with a new group
of bugs on the ground.

He can get renter's insurance for
$10 a month.

I'm back, eating lunch in the car
by the path.

And cake.

That's a start.
FloydBrandon Dec 2019
Stink, stank, stunk,
Where'd you get that gunk?
In a garbage pile stickin to a little funk,
Stuck inside a rabbits foot
must be gooder luck,
No one ever looks in the dead stuff.

Think, thank, thunk,
Where'd you find that junk?
Deep inside the valleys of the ******* of a skunk,
Hot enough for dinner
if you hit it after lunch,
No one ever loots through the dead stuff.
a feisty
upstart made
midday there
only would
staff his
well being
and hit
allure in
me and
tally no
longer retribution
of Planet
George to
capture the
moment by
Nunes again
this year
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