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gracie Dec 2021
2144 5th Avenue
nestled between red brick buildings
Harlem Blues Café, the gathering grounds
of quiet scholars and romantics chasing isms
for minds, fuel for weary eyes

all wanting the bitter taste, the smoking atmosphere
the burn, burn of espresso grounds
wafting on
idle chatter
        of indie darlings with pierced *******
clinging to t-shirts, jeans hugging hip bones
old men who bark at their tables, sputter
over the NEW YORK POST—an 80’s *****
passed away mysteriously—and suits
lingering in the doorway, cherry cigarettes
aglow in pursed
I am taking an order, slipping out bills
from a drawer and the woman
orders a latte “no foam” which is a flat white
but I won’t correct a customer

See, I am the barista of your dreams
your friendly caffeine pusher who brews
the strongest or perhaps soft love like
milk froth
        but I still forget about the foam
and now
you have to spoon it
                             off the top
Norman Crane Aug 2021
steaming, pleasure drips
milked from the bloated udders
of faceless others
CupcakesArePink Jan 2021
light yellow and then some
a little extra i know
this isn't real flavoring

you don't get to question it
if you aren't even real with me
Allesha Eman Dec 2020
You in your full bloom, at peace,
like swirling honey in warm milk,
made of rich pigment and velvet petals.

take a breath, and paint a picture,
of the transient atmosphere,
and you swaying with the ocean breeze.

send it to that part of you
that is lost in endless worry.
John Ruiz Nov 2020
Can you catch the carton
as it tumbles off the shelf?
Or will your shame be recorded in 
your cold, white reflection
on the kitchen floor.

And will you be reminded by
the banana peel on your car dashboard
as you contemplate, in the churning
between dashed and solid lines.
home with
a stitch
and whereabouts
to absorb
law with
an easement
drawn for
the dawn
that capital
in Gibraltar
  is accretion 
to bed
like talbots
and within
town on
a street
of gold
a way fot accreditation
Poetic T Oct 2020
Cursing like they diamond but
they don't even cut glass..
   Holding wraps of cash, but the top and
bottom be 50's but the rest is the monopoly
that they can't even pay...

They are burning rubber on the expense,
  but they rented, they dent...  
          Paying back on the record company.
You sold 50 thousand but you owe
                                                   a hundred grand.

They ain't going to shoot out you knee caps,
         there just going to gang-**** your voice..
Thinking you original, swallow that pride,
you one of there cash cows,  
           they milking you, can you say Moo!!!
******* around making the milk sour.

They'll just pressure bolt you
lobotomized, on the industry you either overdose,
             or working at KFC..  

Think you had grills now sold off to pay
the rent, the only thing you can afford is
a tin foil grill and you only cooking,
                                                 is burgers...

"Hi sir can I take your order,
Luna Sep 2020
Time isn't a broken clock
Your ticker does feel broken
From time to time
You can't please everyone
Honesty really is the best policy
A job can really
Make or break you
Sleep isn't a waste of time
It's actually necessary
And quite therapeutic
Therapy is helpful
But only if your willing
A soft touch
With harsh words
Are not worth
Spilling milk over
Television remedy
Pockets Aug 2020
People have a lot in common with coffee
Some of us are sweeter than others
Some of us taste of spice
Some of us are black
Some of us are brown
Some have too much milk and turn out white
Some of us are cheap
Some of us are not
Some of us are free
Some of us are not
We all came from different places
We all have different names
Americano, cappuccino, caramel latte
But as we all gather in this coffee shop
Only one thing is true
Coffee is coffee
What you make yourself is up to you
Lane O Aug 2020
Skin like porcelain
Ivory, milk and honey
Your kiss pacifies
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