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PrernaK Mar 11
I dip my fingers in me
thinking of your face.
biting my lips,
figuring out your taste.

you seem like a
drop of sweat on my nape,
honey milk on my waist.

One summer
you shall flow
and the flowers
would glow waiting
for the rains.

Do not haze, neither haste.
the world inside me will tremble,
and so will my skin.

for some stones
now know
how a bud blossom
in the cold snow.

Sharing a love note!
***** Cat ***** Cat
Want to drink some Milk
Yes Sir, Yes Sir
Three Bowls Full

One for Myself
One for my Kitten
And one for my lazy sister
Who sleep for the day.
I am still a child
Ainnoot Mar 6
The milks gone bad
My drinks all flat
The lights now flicker
My favorite fruit‘s bitter
Every morning a pimple
My shirts always wrinkled
I’m sleeping less
My hairs a mess
If you were faking it
round of applause
for my favorite actor
So help me god
since you’ve been gone, Love.
my life’s a disaster.
the words flow in chunks
like bad milk from a gallon
right into your cup
it's not pudding, and it's definitely not yogurt
Thursday Jan 10
So you know who you are
It doesn't mean you have your **** together
Just because you carry an umbrella doesnt mean you know the weather
You're not the designer just because you bought the sweater
Smothering an animal doesn't automatically make it leather
Besides, there are other things that die under pressure
So whatever
Just because you read a book once doesn't make you the author
You're not a sail boat just because you can float in water
Not fitting in doesn't mean you're from mars
Just like e-cigarette smoke doesn't turn it into cigars
Having a car doesn't mean you know where you are
They said you're bright
You're not a star
You don't have your **** together
You just know who you are
You're doing better than I am my friend
Yazad Tafti Dec 2018
i like **** of all sizes
no matter the shape we always make compromises
they're all generally hidden behind brassiere disguises
embellishing decorations that cover up glamorous prizes

i always got milk on hand
secreted from those voluptuous mammary glands
some may say they feel like water balloon brands
silicone addition seems like an unnecessary plan

honey nut oats with those titttiiiesss!
love yourself because i love you
Becca Dec 2018
honey heals my bruises
milk heals my cuts
buttercream heals my scars
and you heal my heart
Gianna Dec 2018
your honey and milk skin
against my lips
wait, nevermind
i’m just daydreaming again
will i ever be able to call you mine?
Jo Barber Nov 2018
I remember how the floor felt on my feet.
Cold and bare,
I walked the halls at night
for a warm glass of milk
before bed.
You were always up,
and surprised I was, too.
I liked your crooked nose
and your too-big teeth.
You taught me beauty -
how little and how much it matters.

I liked the way the floor felt those days,
cold against my bare feet.
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