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Isaac May 10
Change was once a river;
Now a stormy sea.

Childhood bounds are over;
The world open to me.

Freedom only lived in dreams;
Now my reality.
Written 10 May 2020
Serendipity Apr 20
Stormy sea thunder
boasts with glorious tales
of men who've drowned,
and the sirens
who drowned them.
Sadie Grace Apr 12
Winds blow trees back and forth
Thunder booms, rain pelts my face
Call it harsh but I love it
Call it dark but I live for this
Nature demonstrates exactly how my soul is feeling  
I’m a spring storm, longing for a sunny summer
Passion Apr 6
Life is a stormy sea
And waves of sorrow is all I can see
I drift without oar or sail
And often my heart almost fails
For there is no silver lining
And never will I have a happy ending
Jay Lewis Jan 31
I've met girls who swooned over guys
"Oh my God, he gives me butterflies!"
When I wanted to be moved by stormy skies.
Lemon Dec 2019
You're the antidote I'm cravin
You're the answer to my prayers
Youre the one I'll always believe in
Even when the others doubt

Your sides the place I'm never leaving
And your hearts one I'll never forget
Know when I sing you that song
I never want you to forget

My love for you could concur worlds
The hope inside could save souls
The dreams I hold could hurt a lot
And the thoughts I have could cause storms

The light I hold inside my heart
It shines for you and your missing heart
I'll try my best to do as you wish
I'll give you my love, my life, my sins
I feel
great and
a smithery
of late
belie my
accolades and
short those
lures I
treasure here
with you
and still
await the
hone that
makes the
days work
out new
with interpose
Radhika Krishna Nov 2019
My toes are frozen, my fingers are pale
And my lips are purple and blue, purple and blue
The cold shrouds me in an icy veil
And the sky has no colour, not a single hue
The wind howls with its darkest fury
And the trees are swaying with gaining fervour
The splattering hail makes the windows blurry
And the darkness prevails, no longer obscure
I stand at the heart of this bitter storm
Waiting for it to sweep me away
To wipe my thoughts just as they form
To the Land of Death, this is my gateway
So consume me, within, without
Burn me, with your frigid rage
I am a madman without a doubt
Who's been left too long inside a cage
With one last laugh, I look at the sky
Up and away, I watch my soul fly
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