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Tanay Dec 2021
A stormy night maybe dark
But it ends,
When the rays of sunshine
Pierce the clouds.
Dark days end with a moonlit night
When the pale moonlight
Turns sand into silver.
The starry night guides the sailors who are lost.
The bard may die
But his songs stay alive.
Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2021.
All Rights Reserved
selina Jun 2021
call it hurricane season
every little fluctuation of the weather
makes my mood change quicker

than the flicker of a flame
my emotions run rampant and free
everything on my mind seeks the thrill of fighting

i’m not afraid of consequences
i hate the works of god and the words of men
i am the eye of my own storm and

the time is coming, the winds are changing
let the sea sweep the world to grey
let the earth bow before me and i will say

"your god is a mere bystander to my chaos
your prayers will remain unanswered
and his words will be left unspoken"

keep in mind, i make no empty promises
i will annihilate you, your people, your lands
destroy your everything with my bare hands
"strangle your god and destroy your everything with my bare hands"
Allyssa Black Jan 2021
Silent with ease
Everlasting waves
Aggressive and raging
The vibrant blue
The hue green
The calm mirror
Comes nearer
Peaceful as it can be
The wild waves
The stormy tides
The vast emptiness
Dark and deep
Sand dies in it
**** lives in it
The oasis of life
William Robbins Oct 2020
Stormy town
grayly gowned
brooding cloud,
puddled ground

Pouring loud
soothing sound
gentle rain
oozing down
Maya Jun 2020
And in the middle of the night
when your thoughts
comes up
of the darkest and most stormy
to the most sentimental
revealed by your
darker side

Who are you, really?
behind a mask
lower your guard
reveal your real identity
a little deep
Isaac May 2020
Change was once a river;
Now a stormy sea.

Childhood bounds are over;
The world open to me.

Freedom only lived in dreams;
Now my reality.
Written 10 May 2020
Serendipity Apr 2020
Stormy sea thunder
boasts with glorious tales
of men who've drowned,
and the sirens
who drowned them.
Sadie Grace Apr 2020
Winds blow trees back and forth
Thunder booms, rain pelts my face
Call it harsh but I love it
Call it dark but I live for this
Nature demonstrates exactly how my soul is feeling  
I’m a spring storm, longing for a sunny summer
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