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President Biden, of all questions that have ever been spoken or typed,
this is the most important: Has your **** been wiped?
Everywhere I go
I find talk people
They are full of erudition
They have solution to every problem
I would like to make everyone of them
Either a President or a Prime Minister
But then who would
They rule
It's my problem!
But poor fellows have no solution to my this problem!

Rising from the earth,
like the native Comanche.
He’s really quite dandy.
President Chimpanzee.

So fierce and strong,
like a banshee—
but brave and cute,
Like little orphan Annie.
No, his name’s not Randy,
or Sandy, or Fannie, or Mandy—
get it right!
The name’s,

You may find him with Andy,
eatin’ nanners in the pantry,
but no need to get antsy—
He’s not getting handy with granny!
I mean, come on—
he’s a chimpanzee!

Oh, that fuzzy man candy.
His ideas—so fancy dancy.
Building a democratic jungle of equality.
A born leader like King Ramsey!
Did you forget him already?
You know the dude...

So, get up, America!
Stop playing with your testies.
Pull up your pantsies.
Go gather all that you can see,
and put them in a frenzy—
with definite intensity,
For the
                       of Miami.

Give us liberty.
Give us...
President Chimpanzee.
Genevieve Jan 8
Oh me oh my
such tall tale lies

upstream and down
by this Political Clown,
***** made of brass?!! My ***!.

Washing Brains with numbskullish hate
this pathetic excuse of a man with reality
his base does not relate, Whether near or far
those believing his words it is garbage they do eat
allowing many behaviors and nicknaming mistreats.

oh me oh my
a sad tear to be cried days and nights so dim as he is,
It will take years upon years to fix the damage done
& finally after 5 dead including an officer of the Law!
This smug poor loser ordered this result and now admits
his time is over, it's time to quit this nitwit says adios
and hello prison mates, I will make all the inmates love me,
You will see as I bend over backward to gain your gratitudes
all my prison base friends will share the same attitude
but please don't get me wrong! You will Love me long live
this master debater let's make a deal, okay we will talk later.
Farewell...So Long... it's been a great run.
This should be obvious as it is about the **** in the house.
Tyler Matthew Dec 2020
No poem of mine will ever make me famous,
     especially not the ones about
god and the president.
Maybe this is for the best;
     you've seen what fame has done to
god and the president.
Peacock Secrets Dec 2020
Your heart is a bigoted black blocked up deceptive rock.
That factory in your face is mass producing lies.
We’re staring at your misogyny but we can’t seem to open our eyes.
But your eyes are openly, loud, racist, and “strong.”
Your sweaty palms washing our brains til right is wrong
And we can’t look away ‘cuz Tee ****’s plastic grass is greener.
We gotta fight against decency ‘cuz Tee ****’s ******* is cleaner.

So where in this heated climate would anyone choose to dwell
Without your lullaby sleepily guiding us straight to hell?
We put the truth and your lies
Side by side
But **** it! we still can’t decide
Looking at you shark-toothed grin it’s hard to tell
Something’s fishy here but we’re so hate-high we can barely smell

So now you’ve locked our chests, put our intellects in jail
Bribed a pig for the key, then bailed with our bail
You dunked a drunk judge in a bucket of scotch
It ain't the first or last time you grab justice by the crotch
You seduced the law with a hot batch of rumors
Half-baked in gullible minds, malignant tumors

Arthur’s new table was round, Aryan’s new office is oval.
Stars, stripes, and anthem, all kneeling to the ****
Sold Dr King's legacy for a Wall and a Ban
But woke folks with woke souls and woke voices
Prayed up for an answer
He above Pre-replied to your Islamophobic throat cancer:

“Nay, We hurl the Truth against falsehood, and it knocks out its brains, and behold, falsehood vanishes!” Quran 21:18

So who cares if you whitewashed half the brains?
Them brains are on the floor; Diverse Truth stomped them out.
Opened the door & kicked the rumor mill out
Emptied the brainwasher and dumped out the trash
Set your Xenophobia on fire and told you to kiss my ***!
Slam poetry re: The racist resident of the white house:  teeRump.
DanDoes Nov 2020
Garbage Dump

Sewer Pump

Malignant Lump

****** up our country
George Krokos Nov 2020
The president of the United States is Donald Trump
and under his presidency the country is in a slump.
Could it be because of the way it has been managed
with all of the scandal and divisiveness seen to jump?

The style of politics that a leader in office exhibits
determines the country's fate that enables or prohibits
its people to aspire to their true potential and glory
which is why the current situation is one that inhibits.

It's much better to face the truth than hide behind a mask
of one who doesn't take responsibility for their own task
that's performed in such a way, blaming everyone else
for everything that goes wrong, in deception does bask.

Abuse of power often comes with the way one is elected
if the people themselves have of their leader so detected;
and asked to stand before them to face their suspicions,
when there's any evidence of wrongdoing to be inspected.

One is reminded of the saying that goes something like this
given by Abraham Lincoln perhaps to describe the time of his
own presidency that encountered strong opposition in the past
of the country's history that was so far from being one of bliss:

“You can fool some of the people all of the time,
and all of the people some of the time,
but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”
― Abraham Lincoln

It must be really hard for anyone to live under constant media scrutiny
with the social unrest sparked by a needless death bordering on mutiny
together with all the media reports about issues, the country's in a mess;
the forthcoming elections will tell which way it'll go to regain stability.
Written in June 2020. Couldn't help myself in posting this poem about the political situation over in the USA. Maybe it will shed some light on what's really going on there. I don't often write much about politics.
kevin wright Oct 2020
in the news
on the social
consuming dollars

delivered ideology
to young and old

queuing voters
rolling cameras

polls are taken
tempers heighten

debates abound
swing states are tested

hearts will be broken
hearts will be bolstered

four years for the victor
the end to the vanquished

a poetic egalitarian
a president to serve them all
2020 another president  election in an ever mobile world
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