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sunprincess Dec 5
Before the birth of our late president
George Herbert Walker Bush,
Ladies and gentlemen of the Victorian era
Strolled through gardens with their crush,
Inhaling pleasing fragrances of roses
And lilacs of summer
For our late president GHW Bush
Rest In Peace
the ruder the president
the smaller the nation

the open pursuit of flagrant violations
of international regulations
inevitably results
in not so splendid isolation

making america so small again
that it is afraid of a few thousand refugees
and asylumseekers hoping for jobs
and a life unthreatened by crime and politics
Paul Butters Oct 15
Donald Trump
Is no chump.
Makes America rich,
Without any hitch.

Says what he thinks,
And never even blinks.
Kowtows to no-one:
Just gets the job done.

Paul Butters

© PB 15\10\2018.
To balance out my last Trump Clerihew.....
Paul Butters Oct 10
Donald Trump
Sure packs a thump.
For America First
He does his worst.

Paul Butters

© PB 8\10\2018.
There once was a man named Pence
Who covered his boarders with fence
He voted for Trump
To give him a bump
Then realized, "Oh, what a mess!"
Brent Kincaid Aug 28
The President showed me
I get to cheat and even lie.
And if I do wrong no one
Even gets to ask me why.
The President showed me
By not paying his bills
That being honest is ******
And what’s important is my will.

I don’t ever even have to keep
Any promises I might have made.
He’s the President after all
And he has made the grade.
So why should I work hard
And pay for all I might get?
He has never done that before
And he hasn’t done it yet.

The President showed me
I get to get married some day
And still sleep with hookers
And be a good guy either way.
The President is a fat man
And sloppy when he dresses
So, why should I have to diet
And deal with laundry messes?

The President also demonstrates
It’s just fine to backstab friends
Because the business of being rich
Is where all friendships end.
The President must be good guy
He lives in a very fancy place
And how can someone that rich
Be a major public disgrace?
Shofi Ahmed Aug 25
A house can be made without
   a president
     a doctor
       an engineer and without
         a tycoon.
But without
            a woman can't make
              a sweet home!
Bryan Aug 12
I am a Catholic with many gods
Jackson, Franklin, Grant.
Celebrating victory
for lots of millionaires
means a whole whole lot
when you can't afford
to cut your hair

Take the knee in protest
it shows you really care
while banking every dollar
why you're paid to even
be there

The rhetoric and semantics
complexities of words
actions meant to mean something
misconstrued distorted
and/or blurred

Let's gauge the effect
what has been accomplished
is life better now
or is it all still
just a wish
I don't know if you care, but the media is having a feeding frenzy over a knee once more. It used to be ya got an opportunity to go to the white house to celebrate your victory in a difficult accomplishment, it wasn't about politics it was about being victorious, Presidents didn't use it as a political platform, merely a celebration regardless of affiliation or opinion. It's been polluted by people who would rather make a meaningless statement without merit or actual impact IMO :)
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