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“Victor, would you like to meet at room zoom?
Emily called, she knew he wasn't keen to boom

A little bit to the blue pole, a little bit under the red flag; 

Everyone has ideas, who is ready to share?
Zoom in.  Zoom out.
How many truly care?


Victor, once more we've entered the room zoom

A place we've been to before
the questions remain, simple and plain
Is that a dangling mate?
Is this the real victor?

A choice is a choice, one for everyone
Sum up the numbers, leaving us numb

Is the rhetoric speech, exhausted, at last?
Would the world -all people- wait for exciting news?

It’s all about the covid war, though not the flu
Zoom in. Zoom out. In the end,


The world turned and the pathway ended
Do you still believe we all lose?
Two empty trees shaded like a pair of poles

Emily whispered to herself: “the warmth of the sun in the right.
Divided by a flimsy fence, all that's left is in the cold.
Victor, would you like to meet at room zoom?”

US troops zoomed by leaving a stench of smoke.
The birds however continued their solo chanting.

Note: A legal challenges in the wake of the 3 November vote to contest ballot counts.
Note: A legal challenges in the wake of the 3 November vote to contest ballot counts.
Sarah Pavlak Nov 2020
You may not know my name,
But I was the witness on the ballot.
Traci Sims Nov 2020
Count them, count them all...
Send a message to fat cats
Some things aren't for sale.
I think this is self-explanatory
kevin wright Oct 2020
in the news
on the social
consuming dollars

delivered ideology
to young and old

queuing voters
rolling cameras

polls are taken
tempers heighten

debates abound
swing states are tested

hearts will be broken
hearts will be bolstered

four years for the victor
the end to the vanquished

a poetic egalitarian
a president to serve them all
2020 another president  election in an ever mobile world
r Oct 2020
So much depends upon...
how willing
you are to stand
in line
glistening in the rain
waiting to sign
your name
longing to right
the wrongs
and fix the broken
axles of the red
and maybe paint
it blue
as a Blue Jay
flying free
in a blue sky
above white chickens
like shadows
of clouds
over the barnyard.
Prevost Oct 2020
Heart full of rags
And a pocket full of lies
He said there’s not enough here
To save all those lives

On the corner stands that old man
Selling off your dreams
When you look to the future
Just how does she seem

Well we all got something
Something inside
Yeah we all got a reason
To be alive

Of Lies and a man
And his reckless din
As he stands there screaming
At the coming wind

And what he squandered
Is what we lose
As he stands there screaming
Screaming at the truth

Well we all got something
Something inside
Yeah we all got a reason
To be alive

Shriveled up heart
Shriveled up soul
The king has spoken
The words so cold

And the minions that follow
Well they’re digging our graves
It helps not to care
What more can you say

Well we all got something
Something inside
Yeah we all got a reason
To stay alive
Lyrics to my latest song, "Heart Full Of Rags"
Bhill Oct 2020
tension politics
tomorrow we need to vote
we need liberty

Brian Hill - 2020 # 279
Jordan Gee Oct 2020
I used to think that life and death were the only handmaidens for the body. That the sun and moon rose upon it and nothing else. I knew that the brain did not separate consciousness. Yet the sun and moon still set upon it. And so, cruelty and despair demanded reconciliation with an all loving Father, turning hi to shrieks of wrath.

But it could not be so, for a child's dream is real only until he wakes. It could not e so, because water seeks its own level. It could not be so because of the love I have for the world, and because I did not create myself.
seep 2020
Remember that feeling in 2016,
when your choices were - an orange
crybaby or **** filled latrine.

Vote for the third party or abstain,
both of which are options,
options labeling you as vain.

A zero sum game.
Only you're to blame.
A sense of shame.
Profanities, exclaim!
. . . All in the same. . .

Take that nausea and superimpose it
on to every aspect of your life.
2020 has been nothing but $h!t
Originally wrote this as I have been feeling uncertain lately. When I started supporting activist groups in my area, they preached do what you can but don't put yourself in danger. I didn't notice the fine print, if you don't quite your job because of racists you are a terrible person. Just about every at my job is racist and it sickens me. They are sexist too, so I may have white privilege (that I acknowledge) but I still get shat on. In the time of Covid-19, massive wildfires, and over 100k in student loans, I need this job. No matter how poorly I am being treated. Godess bless Capitalism! I have no support group, as they live across the country. I actively fear for my life. But no matter what I "choose", it is always wrong.
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