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CB Miller Sep 11
Detach from your feelings
Let the soul fly out of your
Dark heart
While the Lizard King takes the wheel

A joyless joy ride
Inside your head

Tires screech
Your soul flies back in
Just in time
My first poem here.
For you everything is stationary, everything is fine
You are beyond space and time, space and time
To run the Wheel of Time, He has to be Satanic, Satanic, Satanic
To **** life He makes His forces manic, manic, manic
I hope to see you again as love never dies
We are ordinary people, don't be divine
To live in flesh and blood is no crime, crime, crime
So ride the Moving Wheel again like an appropriate train
And be a link for me in the Chain of Agency
I shed my despodency, I shed my despodency
I respect your decency, I respect your decency
I hope to see you again
You have flown so high, so high
You are beyond space and time, space and time
For you everything is stationary, everything is fine
Uneaten pancake
Left to sit on the counter
I am just like that.
I love my girlfriends. But I feel like such an outsider, sometimes.
Amanda Hawk Jul 8
Spin the wheel
Steer toward the horizon
My body, a ship
Sailing for the sunset
The sky finds home in my eyes
And salt teases my tongue
The world is my sea
And I am a land locked creature
That wishes to drown her skin
Within the sea of exploration
Jenish Jun 16
Wealth is a wheel which
vice and virtue turning well.
Solo vice follows,
fain to the wealthy abodes.
Why virtue is left behind?
Jenish Jun 11
the boat to heaven
roving arcanum of life
have truth at the wheel.
Amer Pelides May 19
Words were thrown into a turning wheel,
Twisting and turning their meaning,
Humble and thoughtful they were not,
They were intended to hurt and dismay,
I felt their sting and cold touch,
Why was I the target of such accusations?
Am I the carrion and they the scavenger?
I did not deserve this,
Or maybe I did.
The wheel of Karma has many sides and layers
and in a person’s life involves numerous players.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Jenish Apr 25
tearing a black leaf
divine artist painted blue -
sun, clouds, **** and wheel
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