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Joanna Aug 19
In the flight of the butterfly, I see such grace. Butterflies rarely need others, to give it space.

In the progression of the river, I see such strength, moving here and there they go the length.

In the beauty of a seashell, I see a mystery within. In the journey of an ant, I observe no hidden wheels.

Ants carry their load and do not try to make a deal. I see the beauty of a sunrise that goes full circle into a sunset.

And I am mindful of a moment that I will not soon forget.
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The Dybbuk Jun 26
The cycle of rebirth,
Concealed in a blood orange...
With a bite missing.
Ylzm Apr 2
Abel died
After three days
He appeared
Wheel within wheel
Our bare feet pound against the black pavement
Ceaselessly crashing
Running the circular wheel
with increasing ferocity
and yet somehow
Skin attaches and strings a bit
Like melty gum on a hot summer’s day
The pain, a roar at first
Dulls with each step
As we become the chase.
Our form changes faster
Than the eyes, glued to a screen
Can notice.  
We are the yearning
Chasing their translucent moon
dangling in the sky;
Their green carrot on the stick.
Anyone else tired yet?
Tyler Harper Feb 14
Brains and wheels are twin

Oscillating; keeps running

But brains don't have brakes.
Rowan S Jan 9
I need some space
I need some help
I need to put
Thoughts on the shelf
They circle round
My ferris wheel
Dark memories
And fear I feel
faith Dec 2018
run from your life,
run from the strife,
escape the pain,
there's nothing to gain,
from the hurt in your heart,
it's time to get smart,
pack your bags,
renew your tags,
speed away in your car,
it'll only leave a scar,
don't worry about her,
the reminder of who you were,
leave that life behind,
empty out your mind,
don't rethink,
you're on the brink,
it's a new chapter,
just think after.
Andrew Dec 2018
We met in middle school
And you helped this riddled fool
Through my little duels
Becoming an indispensable tool
As a burden carrying mule
But you recently found someone more important
And I feel I can’t afford it
So I want you to abort it
Or them to be deported

You attempt to shield
The way I feel
With a third wheel appeal
But I need the whole deal
To stay on an even keel

We have so much history
So it’s a total mystery
Why they claim victory
When they seem sick to me
But you’re not picking me
Even though we connected as kids
You now want to get rid
Of all that we did
On another’s bid
I see my stock slid
Down your priority grid

I explain it’s up to us
To stop the succubus
But you say I must
Quit my fuss
Before I bust
Your friendly trust

It hurts my sense of pride
When I feel I’m defied
So I make you decide
And you choose the less aggressive side
Creating a divide
As I run and hide
From a newcomer’s stride

Treat me like I’m royal
Or be branded disloyal
Your relations I’ll foil
With malicious toil
Becoming angry and bitter
Of new additions to our litter
Exclaiming they slither
While I rapidly wither

Why does this bother me so much?
When did you become my crutch?
How did I fall
Into a pit so banal?
Do you want me around?
Because to you I’m bound
Hearing your glorious sounds
Makes my heart pound
So I feel like I’ve drowned
When you’re not in town
And I travel an empty path
After doing the toxic math
Of your subtraction wrath

I wanted you selfishly for myself
Which wasn’t good for your health
So you set me on the shelf
Because I never knelt
Or weathered welts
Of humility
Now jealousy is filling me
And I let it willingly
So you’re the one billing me
By slowly killing me
With correction
Through rejection
Going a new direction
Beyond my detection
Away from the detention
Of my arrogant prevention
Of your social ascension
Which was my intention
To hold all your attention

So now I’m all alone
I probably deserve it
Our friendship had grown
I should’ve preserved it
But somehow reversed it
Because I’m so worthless
And value you so highly
Yet I refused co-signing
Treaties you were writing
I wrote off as whining
And now I am finding
Loneliness binding
Emily Nov 2018
Burning eyes.
Heavy eyelids.
Pounding head.
All indications of too little sleep.

Won’t shut up.
All descriptions of my too active brain.

If only my brain were as determined to experience
Sleep for an entire night,
Instead of pondering age-old questions,
Such as what will tomorrow bring?

Unfortunately, I cannot convince my brilliant, yet misled, brain that:
Lack of sleep will just increase tomorrow’s challenges, and
Thinking about potential events cannot minimize that simple fact.

Oh where can I get a hamster wheel for my brain, so the rest of me can finally have peace and quiet in which to sleep?
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