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I got lost talking to strangers on the internet
Who probably could have cared less
I just needed a place to not be myself
Cause I’d be better if I was someone else

It’s so hard trying to find good friends
And faking joy and happiness

I don’t wanna reinvent the wheel
To protect you from how you feel
Let me listen in on your stupid spiels
Debbie Lydon Oct 2022
It is a long walk in the pointed dark,
And a short stay in the spherical light,
A wheel of Ixion, an electric looped spark,
We are a round hallelujah in the middle of the night.

There is a transient fortress clicking on,
And a lightning of learning is following me,
The Owls and their penetrating, prescient song,
Say tomorrow is no burden, and she will be free.

I am seeing him presently and I will see him again,
Though not prepared for first goodbye and hello of tomorrow,
Sad and smiling Ixion, you and I are we and them,
Lonely, tired, hurt and afraid, I'll love you again in spinning sorrow.
I met you, and you and I know each other well
arCamm Apr 2021
& around we went...
circling the reality
that at some point
the wheel would stop turning
& we’d have to return home...

- a.r. Camm
It’s hard to say goodbye, especially with such a view as this.
Juliana Mar 2021
A glass box, sitting on the wooden shelf carved
by an unknown soul, in an unknown time.
The box is solid, invisible, humane.
The creature who lives there is trapped,
yet he does not know anything else.

This box, his glass prison, is his whole world.
His freedom, his nature, it is here he travels
from one side of his spaceless cage to another,
searching for a purpose; a meaning.

Yet how can there be any meaning
when one’s life consists of a water jug,
filed down wood trimmings, a few brown
pellets, and a spinning wheel.

The wheel, and its monotonous motion,
saddens me. There is no destination, no
ending goal, just energy wasted on a lifetime
of potential. The poor creature had such
potential. If only he could leave his cage.
Odd Odyssey Poet Mar 2021
Damage or repair,
so often tyred of life.
It's constant wear and tear,
going round in circles of fear.
But that's life for us all, so **** wheel.
Laokos Jan 2021
i wrote that drunk
i was trying to bypass
an impasse
lucked out and
circumnavigated the
ran into the fox
he stole my color
only to find it again
at first light
and now i nod
to the speed of life
the unceasing turning
of greater and greater
the lightness of death
as it passes

there's no
CB Miller Sep 2020
Detach from your feelings
Let the soul fly out of your
Dark heart
While the Lizard King takes the wheel

A joyless joy ride
Inside your head

Tires screech
Your soul flies back in
Just in time
My first poem here.
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