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I am being born
and again
From above
Not from the will of men

And in these births is one aching desire
to connect with you
my sister, my bride
I'll never have another Lover
I've always had infinite lovers
My awareness has contracted
In order to expand

Come and drink with me
Let us have our fill of love
Our spirits touching one another
and willingly

Let us open one another
To the vulnerability
That love requires
Throwing down our shields and weapons
to see the fruit of our desires

Oh, the pangs of this inexpressible love
Come away with me
Come away and drink with me

It is with my blood that I write these words to you
My blood is spirit
My very life
I will never lose a single one of you
Friends and lovers
We could never lose each other

Wandering alone through Maya
all along, the illusion drawing us together
This is our primal nature

Forsake the law
And repudiate morality
This is our very destiny

Let us be naked
Let us expose ourselves
Let us share ourselves freely
Let us connect completely

What is the law
if not only
the darkest magic
We have ever found ourselves enslaved to?

Fed good and evil from the same tree
Enlightenment Apollo
Darkening our Dionysian revelry
But it was for a purpose
Transcending means including
But with equality
Why should Apollo rule Dionysius?
Why should Bacchus yield to the hammer of Hephaestus?

Can you see we've always been completely innocent?
Do you still imagine that Love includes any imperfection?
Can you see that we are One and only One?
And that the One is always absolutely perfect?

Oh, our folly
Of free will and control
Don't we know that we are each and every one
A multitude?

I am a community
I fulfill the law of my community's desire
And care for all of them tenderly
But I do not exert control
I am community

Come commune with me
We'll express the inexpressible
In turn
We are each communities
Let our communities partake together
Of this Dionysian revelry
Making love from dusk till dawn
Then making love again

Let us leave the law and moral code
For other women, other men

Love under will
And fulfill
the law of
do what thou will

Only Love can thus possess you
But know that Love, this Chief of Daimons
Had possessed you before you ever thought of Her
Her name is
Being, Consiousness, and Bliss

Have I merely drunk too much?
No, I cannot ever have my fill
Let me dream of friends and lovers
Let me love under the Will
burn me down
like Babylon
consume my flesh with fire

Raze me to the ground
scatter every brick
To the four winds
bury me
like Osiris
divine sectioning

Pour your living waters
down my throat
into my belly
and up from beneath

holify me
gushing, rushing
Living Water
sacral ******* water

energize me
Wholify me
receive me
willingly, this sacrifice
please me
please me
pacify me

resurrect me
Holify me
living waters never quench
Holy fire
Lavafy me
Molten living metals
running through every channel
veins, arteries, capillaries, nadis

Open me
i, the channel, emptied
eradicate me
Split me up the middle
reverse my topology
Outside like the Inside
precisely as the Inside

I receive you
Open me, Penetrate me
lava flowing up Inside me

like the infinite Outside
show me
the unbounded Abyss within
mirror still
Lake Placid
not a ripple
but still vibrating
forever on fire
Lake Salome
the gushing wet birth
of the twenty-four-sided Jerusalem
forever on fire
Chad Young Dec 2020
It is more than breathing forbearance, but
being forbearance itself. Like the back of my head is
pushed to the wall and I am allowing the Spirit
to push me further away from the middle.

The pyramid is the greatest source of God's Might
and is the most hidden retreat of Light: in the realm
of shapes and symbols.
The body takes on the quality of a pyramid.

There are man-made, divinely inspired, objects.
These are all micro aspects of the pyramid.
The city within the pyramid has many aspects hidden
behind "doors".
The letters and words written on the pyramid's parts allow
for the splendor of mankind.
All lights in this city get their power from the Divine.

The pyramid is the owner of Silence.
The sides of the pyramid are upheld by the
straight back of silence. Its apex is held by
the inner observer.
Silent meditation
Tiptoe, down the rabbit hole we go
Eyes shut
Mouths closed
Can't tell them what we know

Times a-ticking
It's a-coming
The great killing, the great sweeping
A mystery to those sleeping

Exciting to those lurking
Sad to those fighting
Angels screaming, demons laughing  
It's all happening, then there's the Rothschilds
Who are thriving

Can you see in the dark, friend?
I hope you're well dressed
Cheers to you
If you understand.
Interpretation is a wonderful thing like dreams. you think and think, and think more. it's good, just don't let anyone else think for you. it's a double-edged sword though.. just look at all the people who think there are more than 2 genders. what are we at now, like 60? yikes... ;)

I hope you have a wonderful day or at least try to and don't do anything stupid unless you know how to get away with it. cheers.
Oh dear, what has happened to me?
I swear I was there but now I'm a tree
I really wish I was like a bird, flying high freely
But now I'm just here, all stuckly
Why oh why did this happened to me?

I've been pondering for such awhile
Now I've turned into a crocodile!
Oh dear, oh jeez, I'm not hostile - don't run away
I swear I'm worthwhile, please, come back this way
I just need someone to hang my head
Maybe watch the sunset
Perhaps to forget

It seems I forgot what I was saying
I also forgot my destination
Where was I going?
What were they controlling?
Oh dear, It looks like I forgot everything!

I see a beautiful monarch butterfly
Hello Mr.butterfly, what am I? what is my name?
Please, do not lie - at least give me a nickname
I cannot understand you
But what you speak is true
Thank you

Oh boy, what to do next?
Perhaps I'll attempt to forget
Or chase a white rabbit
Some might call it satanic
But I think it sounds fantastic
Secrets, my favorite.
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Do what thou wilt
A rule we're taught
A rule that carries us
Please, ignore the nosebleed
Just proceed and do not worry
We're among the elite, dead inside
And we'll do anything, anything at all
To feel complete
After all, who cares who we hurt
If it fills our needs

Prayers sent out
Never answered
Where's your savior?
He got sodomized, victimized
Then hung himself
What a surprise

Yahweh hanging from a tree? hurray!
Let's have a grand party and sacrifice the sheep
We'll dance, laugh, sing, and watch as they bleed
The dark is a curse we all have, a curse we all need
So let us rejoice, embrace the sensation
And awaken the beast tonight
That'll surely make our father happy.
Need someone to do remote work but want to pay less than minimum wage? then I'm your guy! just email me and I'll be happy to help!
Wide awake, I don't dream
Feels like I'm dying here
I just wanna scream

To the end, I march on
Singing along with the illuminated ones
They drain blood and we move on
Forget about the crying, we're keeping secrets
Just another day surviving in Babylon

We've done it now, we're so utterly ******
Can't stop love
Can't stop those corrupt
Just take a bow, play ignorant
We're already ******
So do what you can, make amends
And get ready for your punishment

The end is nigh
and we're all going to die
Don't even try stopping it
Or you'll surely regret it.
What's behind the door?
You wanna know, are you sure?
A masquerade ball with freaks down the hall
Rooms filled to the brim with sinners, a party
Of animalistic nature
Come now, let us illuminate your mind
You'll become a god, that I'm sure

I know you are confused
but I'll have you know this is your destiny, and please
Pay no mind to what you see
There will be more parties after this
It's alright, it's okay, it'll start feeling like bliss eventually
Now sit quietly and listen to the children hiss
Isn't it bliss?

So come on, dance with us to the tune of a rising Babylon
Do what you want and bathe in the dark
Follow that spark, you won't be stopped
Not by those awed
Nor by the Christian god

A masquerade ball for those who chose one door
The door to make them fall forevermore
No secrets told, an oath they swore
Trading blood for worship
Anything, anything at all
For a little Love.
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