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I Shut my eyes, clench my fists
And try not to cry
The numbing along with silence speaks true
Without you, whatever shall I do?
Should I go on like the dead
Or put on a smile when all I feel is dread
Silence, as always - you never reply
Laying on a blood-soaked bed
Why do I even try
I've said goodbye a thousand times
Yet I keep coming back only to put on a mask
Faithless, obsessed, and a complete mess
I've scared death if you couldn't guess
Replacing prayers with blood-soaked tears
A test
For my success.
One hand over the blade, another over the face
Breath in deeply and take a swing
Ignore the screaming, feel nothing
For he is smiling
For what you are sacrificing

So take a drink, have a sip
Pay no mind to what drips
Your mind has gotten dark
Your soul brands his mark
Hold your tongue and tell no secrets
For ignorance is bliss
Here in the apocalypse.
Candles on the floor, Angels ignored
Blood on the wall
Enlightenment forevermore

Fallen angels beg for mercy
Screams echo throughout
Yesterday a fading memory
Us children locked out

Its as I feared
God bailed out.
Mrs Timetable May 20
There's an esoteric drug
Called Ciretose
It cures lack of
Neoteric qualities
For side effects
Take Ciretoen
It will reverse them
Don't mix them up
Just kidding they don't exist. BLT challenge causes these weird silly reversable side affects.
As I walk down the spiraling staircase
Blood of tears run down my cheeks
I open the door to that room, that place
Where my soul will be set ablaze
A wonderful place
Filled with so many freaks
An awful place
Filled with so many screams
I'm wide awake in this dream
I wish to go back to sleep
But here I lay and here I'll bleed
Because I..
I believed.
Wolves beware, there is a sheep among us
That I swear

He is frolicking about, knows no boundaries
Which isn't allowed
Not in this world
In which we own

He has seen the unseen, spoken the unspoken
For that, he should become one of us
An aristocrat
Destruction brings creation
So we'll break him, build him up
Then place him in a new direction

Morality is for the weak
Who cares who we hurt
If it fulfills our needs

Money brings happiness
But it is also poisonous
Greed, such an awful mistress
Always controlling, never understanding
All we want
Is to be free.
The higher I go
The more things become bizarre
I don't have a lot to show
But I know I'll make it far
Even with all these scars

Everything is swell
here in hell
We are united
And we make the best of it
Not corrupted, just illuminated
A true free spirit is he
Who is not morally restricted
We do not judge
Only love

Feel no guilt
Become an outlaw
Do what thou wilt
Shall be the whole of the law
So mote it be
Society too shall see.
Hey humankind, how are you feeling today?
Are you prepared for doomsday?
I hope so because it's almost time
Almost time for that great surprise

I know not all of humanity can see
But you all will eventually
Just think, no more misery
No more tragedy
Just the world living happily
Wouldn't that make you happy?
If not
Then you're no better than the Illuminati
You know, the ones who want tragedy
The ones who want misery
False flags every so often
What's 2, 977 dead people?
Whats a million dead people?
Billions? sure, they are corrupted
They don't care, they're just here to use you
Until you kick the bucket

I can go on and on all day
But I have a role I must play
So I'm gonna meet halfway
And say this
Cheers to those who are heading to the pearly gates
And cheers to those
Who are heading to hellish gates

I'll be sure to meet up with both groups
Not today, not tomorrow
But someday.
Created by me on March 13th, 2020
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