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venus cafe May 2022
as my fingertips frost over
i fear my heart follows

for i'm not of venus
born to be a lover

i'm rigid and distant
unable to keep up

my semblance of self
nearly nonexistent
Broken Pieces Nov 2021
Am I like Pluto?
No longer a real planet.
I'm kinda just there.
Raven Feels Jul 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, the grass is not green:)

too much to bare
the polar twins resemblance in no fair

now the run I understand
still the twist of burning faces is what I can't

ran wind free
a second of nothing but me

the blonds in uniqueness stand under the red light
wait until the fear cripples and the big dog bites

the tea boiling somewhere for no one to drink
the ruined building leaves a pile to think

pupils dilate
thoughts shrink swallowing the bate

yet the crowd remains
I shower in public and fingerprints don't stain

a red rock star barks
stage shakes and throats are mic marked

nice dreams but crap
the plutonian not funny when children under your feet you have

                                                           ­                      -------ravenfeels
Void Oct 2020
One day, I belong with the rest
I lag behind, just trailing along
No one notices me
Until I'm gone
I'm part of a set
Without me, you're incomplete
But you don't notice me
Until I'm gone
You're still debating whether or not I belong

I've been ostracized from my peers after all the countless years
And now I simply don't exist
I'm left alone
In the frozen, black abyss
Jay eM Apr 2020
You are
My sun

Golden brown hair
Radiant smile
Honey sweet eyes

Brighten my day
Darken my night
The cloud cries

When you shine
Up to 7 hours later
It’ll still, in me, murmur

I may seem cold
but a spot for you will
aways be slightly warmer

Insignificant me
I’m just Pluto
Observing from afar

You may feel little
But to me you are
A radiant star

You are
My sun
I just wish you could see what I see and
Understand  how breathtaking you are
Carlo C Gomez Mar 2020
The most welcomed dreams,
they float no matter
what the consensus.

A bit pinched by Oliver Twist
campaigns, maybe,
but they vote for helium.

For to laugh is to shine,
and to shine is to supernova,
yet, still fit inside the head.

The hours, they are
a cascade of melting candles
burning a hole in the floor.

The only words spoken,
"My Very Educated Mother
Just Served Us Nine Pies."

But how can that be?
We're now one short.
Oh, bucolic heavens!

I grew tired of wandering
and returned to reality
in the angry haze of another
orphaned satellite.
When interrupted dreams are lost to us, drifting out of our reach, never to return. Forever orphaned from our minds.
a sequential
***** moot
of zebra
in her
quest of
circuit to
make sure
her intent
is noble
but in
her very
nature the
most thrilled
doctor yet
in this
celestial sphere
of Pluto
a sequential equator
A M Ryder Dec 2019
The problem with being happy
Is a lot like the problem with pluto
It was a vague way of
Describing a complex thing

Our sense of happiness is so fragile
It can be destroyed by simply asking whether or not it exists
Instead I'm busy
I'm interested
I'm fascinated

I want to build things
And then break them

I want to be busy and beautiful
And brimming with
Ten thousand moving parts
I want to hurt
So that I can heal

And that's okay
Alia Dec 2019
So far away
No longer even allowed to call yourself a planet
Does it hurt?
To be cast out, like your namesake was cast from Olympus
To the underworld below

Too small to even be allowed to keep your title
Your power stripped
And for what?
Classifications, science, progress
Progress is important
But did they have to take away your status, Pluto?

Do you still bear resentment for all they did?
Do you still harbor a grudge against us?
You can say yes, my sweet Pluto
I will not blame you
And even if this is the last time
Anyone ever calls you a planet
My Pluto, my Pluto
You are still a planet in my eyes
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