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A M Ryder Dec 2019
The problem with being happy
Is a lot like the problem with pluto
It was a vague way of
Describing a complex thing

Our sense of happiness is so fragile
It can be destroyed by simply asking whether or not it exists
Instead I'm busy
I'm interested
I'm fascinated

I want to build things
And then break them

I want to be busy and beautiful
And brimming with
Ten thousand moving parts
I want to hurt
So that I can heal

And that's okay
Alia Dec 2019
So far away
No longer even allowed to call yourself a planet
Does it hurt?
To be cast out, like your namesake was cast from Olympus
To the underworld below

Too small to even be allowed to keep your title
Your power stripped
And for what?
Classifications, science, progress
Progress is important
But did they have to take away your status, Pluto?

Do you still bear resentment for all they did?
Do you still harbor a grudge against us?
You can say yes, my sweet Pluto
I will not blame you
And even if this is the last time
Anyone ever calls you a planet
My Pluto, my Pluto
You are still a planet in my eyes
fray narte Sep 2019
you held my hand;
fire on ice,
ice on fire,
with that summer-and-flares
kinda smile; somehow
it looked out of place among the chaos.

but little did you know,
and little did i,
that that touch
had black-eyed susans growing
on the cracks of the walls
around my heart.
where are you
where are the questions
is there anyone out there
who doesn't know
what is truly real
perhaps there is
and perhaps there isn't
maybe i'll read a poem someday
a poem that reminds me


but maybe that will just be my own thoughts
reflecting into the ether
either way
i want to know
if there is someone else out there

i have an image
of this world
there are two of us
only two
who exist on the same plane
maybe we all exist
on different planes
maybe we're soulmates
the two of us
alone on this plane
maybe i'll find you someday
and if i don't
then i will know
that i have always been alone
Let me know if you're out there.
Tyler Matthew Jun 2019
I don't forget that I love you
when we disagree.
My dear, I have learned humility
through my shortcomings.
Sometimes I sympathize with Pluto;
once a planet, taken seriously,
orbiting mysteriously
at the edge of what is known.
Now, demoted to little more
than a frozen rock
somewhere out there beyond care,
only locatable
by its relation to Neptune.
My love, I am estranged by you,
though I dare not speak it directly
for fear that I might
plant a seed of fault in you -
a **** that is hard to uproot,
I know.
So, you can go on being Neptune -
I'll stay at your limits
and hope you'll turn to me and smile.
Honestly, I don't know what I've written. I just wrote it.
Anne J May 2019
burned stars fall down cheeks
eyes are destroyed planets
mouth is a dwarf of life
I'm pretty sad rn so I made a quick haiku in religion class just now...I guess Pluto fits this haiku since I always felt bad for Pluto being made a dwarf, idk why :(
Hope Mar 2019
Hello, Earth
How are you
It's been a while since we've really talked
I've missed you
Have you missed me
Of course
I already know the answer to that question
I'm floating slowly
Away from you
I hope I don't float too far
If you disappear
Who will I talk to?
I don't have many people left
All the others ignore me
I miss you
Do you miss me?
Metaphorical stance, Pluto is me. How y'all doing today?
Richard Frank Jan 2019
I was alone, lost in an intergalactic cosmos
Wandering across the river of stars, with nowhere to go
It was melancholic,
Not even the sprinkling light of the sun can reach
There was nothing mesmerizing about me
Even I was abandoned by Gods in the underworld
Lumped with the living dead, and perished souls
A rock to small to be noticed, too far to be seen
Too lost that I was forgotten
This is my first poem about a planet so it wasn't that good.
Em MacKenzie Dec 2018
Tell me Pluto,
how does it feel
to be told you’re a planet for years
and then labelled as an accessory for our solar system?
But also, to be reassured, that although you’re small,
you’re just as good as the rest,
and endearingly enough,
someone’s favourite planet?

And while you sit on the outskirts,
in the far, vast, pitch black
edges of a far brighter galaxy than you,
do you marvel at the beauty and size
of every other planet judged more
legitimate and important than you,
and do you make friends with the microscopic stars?

You are told you aren’t what you are,
and you are what you aren’t,
I wouldn’t blame you for drifting further,
I think I would probably do the same.
But know some are very passionate
about your state in our galaxy,
many people believe you to be of importance;
whether it’s nostalgia, empathy or just fear of change.
Regardless, you have a small army
of people who are very vocal,
about your right to be alongside with all the other planets.

Just because you’re small
and not as visually appealing as the rest,
or because you’re pushed to the coldest, darkest regions of space, does not make you deserving of isolation.
Infact, it makes you more worthy of adoration.
For you Pluto, for all the hardships
and all the abandonment you have felt,
you have never told another planet they themselves,weren’t real,
and you’ve never drawn anyone close to you,
to suffer in your loneliness.
It made more sense in my thoughts. I’d label this one a fail for the message conveyed and the feelings translated.
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