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Em Glass Jan 2017
from the sixth floor, see
the traffic lights change
in time with each
other up and down the
street snake eyes snake
eyes snake
   eyes snake eyes
       snake eyes
green green
green  green
red  red
as they always
did but not just
as they used to
red, red, and it bruises white and blue
Randy Johnson Jan 2017
Some people are celebrating while others feel devastation.
I am happy because today is Donald Trump's Inauguration.
It's what some people want and what others resent.
Donald John Trump is now our forty-fifth President.
I support him as his Presidency begins to advance.
I believe that he should be given the benefit of the doubt, he deserves a chance.
Black Jewelz Nov 2016
Today I was reminded of America's greatness.

The greatness that is truly just an idea.

The greatness that is truly fickle.

Fickle enough to be crushed by a mouse's nibble.

That a caricature could become the leader of the free world.

Indeed, the world will see how free we will be.

I was reminded that we are mentally enslaved.

To a media onslaught that trains us how to behave.

We are conditioned, on our own conditions.

We relinquish critical thought for a pre-programmed intuition.

Welcome Mr. President, to your dining table.

On it you will notice a sumptuous oyster,

The world is within.

Treat it carefully.

Or don't.

The choice is yours, sir.

The consequence is ours.

Because we love propaganda

More than a proper agenda.

We fiend to be the rightest

Instead of being righteous.

And we're eager to give a piece of our minds,

Instead of gaining collective peace of mind.

Welcome American people, to the first day of a new legacy.

A new tragedy.
Black Jewelz Oct 2016
Tell your leader
I am deranged,
Sick with fever
And out of range.

Tell my lover
That life has changed
And, undercover,
We are estranged.

Tell your neighbor
I am afraid,
I cannot stay for
The coming raid.

Tell your leader
I'm just a man,
A fellow bleeder.

Because you can.
Sy Lilang Nov 2015
112715 #3:15PM

Tila swelduhan na ng tulisan
Pagkat may hithitan na naman
Para sa kaban ng Bayan.

May oposisyong yama'y satsat
Pribadong sektor ba'y gayundin
At may lamat?

Tila bala ng hasaan
Raketa ng ila'y pudpod na
Sa platapormang hilaw.

Sino nga ba ang kakaatigan?
Sa pula, sa puti nga ba ang asahan?
Nakaririndi ang melodiya ng pulitika
Bagamat may leksyong ipanauubaya
Sino ang patas na Tagapaghusga?
Siya sanang mag-arok sa puso ng kokorona.

Magsusulputan ba ang paninda ni Juan?
Dawit ang aprub at tiwalang busal.
Marahil may iilang kaniig sa sambit,
At ang batas ay sisirit na may pagtitilamsik
Sa huli'y magdududa't iinam na ang pag-iisip.

Panaghoy nila'y saradong pang-uuyam,
Harap-harapang banggaan at mala-pilahaan.
Animo't bihasa na nga ang madla
Pagkat *tinatalunton ang ikot ng roleta.
Sama-sama tayong panindigan ang boto natin. Bagamat ang Diyos ang magtatalaga ng huling boto, ipagdasal nating mga kamay Niya ang mismong magmaniubra ng Election 2016! God bless, Pilipinas! Para sa bayan!
Brent Kincaid Nov 2015
The truth is turning plastic
And politicians spastic
As they dream up fantastic
Ways to be bombastic.
The anti-intellectuals,
Their rhetoric effectual,
Demand a perpetual
And lucrative processional
To a place they know the score
Where they can amass more
Of money and stores
In disregarding the mores
They were elected for
And continue waging war
Like high-priced political ******.

The truth has no chance
In this genocidal dance
Of unfortunate circumstance
Created to enhance
Resultant happenstance
When, by the seat of his pants
When we happened to glance
Away for a particular moment
And were swamped by the foment
Of eight long years of torment;
Freedoms arteries turned to cement
And any chance of sanity
For American humanity
Got buried in some inanity
About hanging chads and counts
Giving a fool a chance to pounce;
To squeeze the last pure ounce
Of dignity out of the Presidency
By merely taking up residency.

— The End —