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Oct 11 · 24
home with
a stitch
and whereabouts
to absorb
law with
an easement
drawn for
the dawn
that capital
in Gibraltar
  is accretion 
to bed
like talbots
and within
town on
a street
of gold
a way fot accreditation
Sep 30 · 28
as yesteryears
wake up
on  track
though a
pamphlet of
Commonsense is
here someday
in Hollywood
and dire
amnesty wanes
on highway
stripes along
the east
coast of
Maine the
superior judge
of delphinium
Sep 6 · 84
a riff
with a
spill on
a painted
horse gallivant
with claim's
stake that
Republican dynamite
narrowed a
night of
campaigns here
with Labor
Day fueled
virtues of
the chief
and cheers
of Thor
Trump  Campaimgn In  Central PA
Aug 22 · 59
global glaciation
lands of
Titans as
these Vikings
clash at
large with
their picks
and chosen
oars and
hoa ravished
atmosphere with
sea by
their front
and wind
at their
backs while
craters solemnize
the dunes
Aug 10 · 98
I was
**** happy
and doted
to her
my grave
that splinter
her trace
with two
me and
you an
ancient love
of fiesta
now in
Maya this
ram of
fire in
lorry's spin
an ancient time of love
Aug 3 · 81
Venice was
wet with
tears but
upon bearing
the compass
in ambulatory
and Oz
to shape
*** ran
inside the
track of
darkness that
pseudonym guided
Pedro's plumage
now Audubon
in time
for vaccine
Jul 29 · 104
ere long
bowls a
strike and
here Nevada
church league
the assembled  
spare when
he sparks
knolls bound
in trees
still the
sweat in
labor froze
orange in
a nerve
center about
the south
Jul 27 · 64
a bag
of skill
and time
is shrill
there to
bite the
beau with
antiseptic and
kiss the
blues away
the tear
to till
the tack
debonairly so
today is
solidarity my
honey bunch
a time to discuss
Jul 24 · 93
Ilium Road
a man
has shoot
and sell
his desire
where tires
embark to
Ilium but
a nobleman
farm his
wit with
hell and
back truck
in a
parade of
fire yet
amble in
Market Square
Jul 23 · 75
a wafer
on a
bee that
said enough
to her
workers how
this milky
flavor with
pone would
butterfly the
Queen as
Ester said
a ruleless
bunch there
was made
of gold
in mambo
a dance with a note
Jul 20 · 94
Suisse Anne
gallery of
the grievers
ween afar
in plane
to propel
the dance
yet triple
in wings
that triage
Mekong dry-cleaner
those drastic
maitres'd the
guns of
Queen Village
noise plays
guitar in
Market Square
Chris' Cafe in Philadelphia, PA
Jul 18 · 279
a blue daiquiri
in the
pit I'll
visit tonight
with her
said the
yellow *******
of cordial
and skylight
in Monserrat 
she ought
to treasure
my Abacab
with séance
with her
quilt of
resilience that
she'll muddle
a night in Barecelona
Jul 15 · 122
a strawberry daiquiri
a ritual
warrants retribution
to hale
to connive
this practice
midst a
dire sequence
reserved for
her to
comprehend misgiving
with era
of hot
democracy through
she is
this strawberry
daiquiri but
amid rattan.
Jun 27 · 118
Sloopy Jack
sharks in
Trafalgar Square
throw hats
of Danbury
yet antebellum
in London
is a
column yet
the public
cityscape in
her democracy
yet anarchy
in a
high sea
stake of
Latin Tribe
is now
Jun 18 · 286
Court Of The Briar Patch
dearly beloved
Kagan only
to brighten
robe in
La Jolla
with Saint
Mark there
on the
Square when
Harlem was
despair yet
Georgetown there
made this
legal parade
mirrored in
this Fall
of 2020
Jun 16 · 297
A Day Of Pride
In Sonya's
superfluous court
this decision
there stunk
and she's
given stellar
away to
see theirs  
bleed in
a vacuum
of pride
as her
coat was
died blue
in a
vehicular suicide
of labyrinth.
Jun 6 · 82
Pine Tree
Cute in  
L'Oréal was
darter of
seeking trail
to open
her romance
in June
on a
fire of
sullen creek's
glen in
the moonlight
of entire
night with
whispering pines
motif this
ring vaunted.
A note with honor
Jun 5 · 158
atrium blues
diminishable gain
in trade
is this
tax return
only in
public eyes
is statute
for debt
ceiling with
a cry
for future
rehiring with
latter day
pilgrims and
not to
disarm but
degrade weapons
May 13 · 81
entire band
a fruit
is a
daisy that
life is
crazy with
decadent mother
de re
and hazy
to tan
her skin
barely treason
to meet
the cadre
and reopen
the beach
again for
the season
a golden band
May 9 · 106
barn owl
an owl
with colors
on this
branch with
frequency and
modulus in
bright heights
and a
wingspan in
flight airing
tidal scoop
with nocturne
where in
spring or
fall now
in awe
of love
Apr 21 · 659
Easter is
in Charlotte
again with
hemp in
their lots
the petrified
scars' cry
and lawyers
will hold
them recondite
till the
pandemic has
closed their
schools hitherto
the government
is another
peltry year
Apr 16 · 112
a cornerstone
of brown
was the
station here
as a
hemisphere was
the quest
that starts
with pastry
in a
morning of
wake up
the roses
are bleeding
yet there's
nobody to
cultivate blood
Mar 31 · 426
Social Distancing
I once
was a
tad yet
a little
smaller than
I was  
then a
man in
the madness
of the
heat I'd
foresee them
this tweet
or subsistence
was spite
that onsite
demagoguery triumph
Mar 14 · 120
Silky Page
A patty
in the
garden rose
and he
can lure
herb and
cater his
whim to
fancy those
gimbals and
freckles on
faces of
a widow
to ensconce
an offing
he drew
in wear.
The wares of vendor in a cross early today
Feb 29 · 61
Rocky Morgens
A brothel
struck brother
and blue
rife this
shanty with
boo catchy
slogan these
standing drabs
of ire
in his
bill hop
splendor wouldn't
mend his
heart for
this time
in Oakland
it said
Feb 19 · 176
a sequential
***** moot
of zebra
in her
quest of
circuit to
make sure
her intent
is noble
but in
her very
nature the
most thrilled
doctor yet
in this
celestial sphere
of Pluto
a sequential equator
Feb 3 · 188
Laws of Existence
my way
is this
boundless spirit
of sound
splashing and
wise that
keen to
law this
Prodigy and
express thier
existence here
in count
with drama
and material
is facto
and witness    
of nation
ritual of law
Feb 3 · 155
a frazzle
was cold
pepper in
the cloud
that hydroponic
filament but
sink with
compost may
revere lent
with ammonia
as this
Evangelical was
the entitlement
of American
in Waterloo
with corporate
rain there
A waterloo of eagle
Feb 2 · 240
spool of
attire when
maid in
Taiwan was
white but
a stranger
in elucidation
as she
firmed her
noggin for
Rasputin in
orient to
China Grove
when perl
kissed her
kind with
silver spice
Extra Democracy
Jan 22 · 159
I once
hath a
skin and
with my
tote now
an overcoat
upon my
thigh gosh
how a
man can
pettifog and
try this
judge affirm
that compound
his majority
with the
entire discourse
to judge John roberts
Jan 17 · 77
Fort Ticonderogas
I prattle
this glory
of green
mountains with
this grateful
horse on
its way
to New
Orleans but
where they
both find
Lovers Lane
in Dallas
on their
mile this
chosen heel
with filibusters
A break in the battle
Jan 10 · 97
an ocean
side park
duly attract
yet take
the break
surf punk
depth to
its hull
and the
frequency spark
paladin there
yet his
arc afield
in the
streams that
remark in
the night
Jan 9 · 121
Dire Day
I Discomfit
with salvo
the bay
and island
with lifestyle
yet desire
nurtural arc
of tournament
here squire
with her
leg yet
ingress indelible
swoop on
the page
within the
eye's link
of Neverland
Dec 2019 · 71
A circumpolar
walrus to
fit tariff
and a
Chinese auction
was message
in limbo
so raspy
in Hong
Kong with
elevation in
the autumn
of yesteryear
flux this
political story
of trade
and humanity
Dec 2019 · 211
a sire
of Oliver
is spring
in Baganda
with carafe
here might
muse the
daughter in
craft and
slaughter now
leader for
features incumbent
in the
sprawl of
louche theatrics
to vanish
in mire
rain in LA
Dec 2019 · 140
today's date
a glare
to pair
my sleeves
with her
now till
midnight as
the river
was in
phase with
the moon
and nigh
the grain
was wet
and newly
together in
scores of
aerobic rites
happy Friday the thirteenth
Dec 2019 · 215
brand 0
the dope
is crank
on the
scene as
rancidity with
duff so
heck with
the caffeine
it feels
like coke
now in
her variety
of crack
this speedball
mustn't hurt
the law
in doubt
Dec 2019 · 104
mirth looms
hoy her
gape is
illuminative with
me and
ripe there
and gibbet
those holes
and worms
yet swallow
the fruit
on the
vine the
passage complete
their fastidious
yard with
mirth entice
the looms
deck the streets this season
Dec 2019 · 134
nights ahead
I feel
great and
a smithery
of late
belie my
accolades and
short those
lures I
treasure here
with you
and still
await the
hone that
makes the
days work
out new
with interpose
Dec 2019 · 127
Father was
Rama Rally
now his
hair was
haze in
phase of
their new
found praise
the avatar
has shape
of America
with continental
to encircle
globe with
a sense
of purpose
yet today
the act of congress
Dec 2019 · 196
yoga tier
its struck
negligent tower
with terrible
lie in
a broken
yogic and
while here
she flung
her trapezoid
in the
wat she's
always held
near the
uneven bars
and could
retrogress such
a telltale
Dec 2019 · 80
Tex Johnson
I'd walk
and rather
shoe my
**** now
so laid
her heart
and soul
with my
bacchus pride
and love
or deceit
when true
justice was
vantage there
with boot
to regain!
Ode to Lady
Nov 2019 · 116
my bunny
is my
tale so
they sweep
through cities
and farms
with toeholds
their throngs
yet cling
again to
their base
yet yet
baste harmony
in their
drive to
wrap the
vote strong
pirate politic
Nov 2019 · 235
horse of
mire tired
in cold
his Lazarus
was this
rat escaped
a boon
that abut
the wall
above Savannah
and lie
as Prescott
stir crazy
at the
bone it
joined and
gatekeeper's droll
My favorite horse in Arizona
Nov 2019 · 76
a feisty
upstart made
midday there
only would
staff his
well being
and hit
allure in
me and
tally no
longer retribution
of Planet
George to
capture the
moment by
Nunes again
this year
Nov 2019 · 227
ox brome
laze his
trim and
tire infibulate
below and
water sink
his quinine
if she
arise pain
that spirit
heed the
noxious mud
where gastric
in her
bone only
a Bon
there seed
Nov 2019 · 145
a caper has the flower trifocal
and ties from the skies now leaner than haze
that romance mash on sand
only jasper there's midst of surfboard
the recumbent fashion of hers
and solely in this decampment
will bring safari to encampment
though she suffered triumph litany
with mishmash and hullabaloo
yet she'll pound the pipe
in her organic fangs  
mays butter's a lot of bot
to ground those tears of Walloon
there a plunder from seaside saloon
ode to my friends on YouTube
Nov 2019 · 119
He made
shop mine
whoa the
bit on
his cob
have laggard
him as
their blitz
was hers
and their
juvenile must
throb wherein
nothing matters
these skewers
in prodigal
part of
our tell
a meaning forever
Oct 2019 · 151
Ohio Men
he tackle
the law
that wrestle
the modernity
with pain
like Lysander
when politics
wrangle the
Star-Spangled Banner
when it
drew the
hep of
carols there's
an honest
girl to
sing granola
there a man of Ohio,retired
Oct 2019 · 170
Equal Rudies
Equality was
with a
delay in
time made
this inuit  
but trade  
"dreep" in
creep was
morning came
with a
price as
scrupulous but
time ahead
is autistic
in their
thunder game
o'er mercury
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