7h · 43
a man
like Rasputin
was dire
with Calamity
Jane as
the plains
now Urban
Cowboy and
a star
hunted in
Texas while
her beck
sleeves would
resign in
theater there
as Theresa
May crown
1d · 98
German Legion
ice flow
in river
there milt
on milk
island but
that gilt
below steal
bridge was
back flow
and rip
down quarter
as German
maniple wouldn't
impede this
on the
canal in
the junction
my mother
is whether
trump this
newly schooled
design in
threadbare attire
was navel
today but
in her
suit there
was my
heart may
rule again
in bachelorhood
and aspire
proclivity in
flaxen hair
remember that it is trump affair
3d · 21
a snooze
on anesthesia
though boastful
chunk of
elaboration and
lesson refractory
that omnipotent
was such
rapport with
edification I
lied and
over her
***** that
melded ours
in peals
of natures
finest planet
west of  OK City
3d · 99
a relic
in tights
was clear
with Mayan
in conte
there a
jazz festival
would mount
in highlands
stage with
entire comp
in Jesus
while ashine
a deep
day siesta
in dream
of nations
5d · 27
dial of don
he snare
a pair
of lashes
in an
apple orchard
while an
owl fell
its hood
but his
style that
shelter the
dial and
fly again
with minor
prophets but
deft baton
in trump
7d · 29
a kinky swell
a man
with his
wit and
babe a
star there
want for
a law
that require
stodgy this
lure that
furnish a
cart and
tie in
mag with
view highly
to snag
the brink
Jan 7 · 47
Christmas Divine
I am
a rock
that sock
her dangle
on wiles
and her
heart dials
a profligacy
where croft
bovine her
crèche this
epiphany shall
divine with
nativity that
would roster
a king
in Bethlehem
a Christmas in nativity
Dec 2018 · 66
when ****
day afternoon
was really
something to
behold in
Nashville with
catastrophic notes
that mother
backs another
day and
timbre her
fortune with
a dainty
song and
hence wake
in market
of blues
Dec 2018 · 36
planet of theives
an ark
of Noah
would disembody
a silvery
horse with
seraphim whether
res publica
rained on
earth with
quiescent nomads
and to
cloud their
creation in
planet of
thieves with
periods of
sporadic sea
Planer Thieves  by  Dan Krokos a movie
Dec 2018 · 58
a word
with a
skirt that
hotly hitch
bow ties
with the
present that
clasp in
her sleeve
and riff
in heart
ready in
just her
tip that
begun with
a grin
in seance
Dec 2018 · 80
a targetable
liar lured
her church
with cunning
that it
mixed fashion
as salsa
as she
danced while
her culprit
was hers
and swayed
in the
belfry but
a  mare
of thorn
in reality
A Selma in reality
Dec 2018 · 80
a treaty
that allure
is her
franc desire
but her
weight abreast
the top
that applaud
appeal with
her oats
but oleoresin
that you
infer her
armature is  
not a
pogrom nor
a sham
Dec 2018 · 93
yet a
nomad and
a silver
sunset and
***** that
air her
subsequent line
will ark
of love
bloom here
in natural
time to
shine her
bare but
infinite skin
this season
of sublime
Dec 2018 · 35
A Posterior
a mouth
of ****
begun to
compromise its
tire that
she felt
how naught
this nocturne
slept on
eves of
foundry she'd
wreak of
ire in
flux as
her scaffolding
had reproach
of baroness
Dec 2018 · 127
A Green Monday
a president
had once
played in
hall of  
mountain King
and laud
him shelter
there on
the plat
and while
this side
of an
armature frothed
quicksilver on
his clothes
in black
and white
Dec 2018 · 49
an American
tree with
mandarin flute
that made
cute in
her high
shoes where
courtier still
glazed midland
snow with
mistletoe on
this street
as lit
for shop
till the
new year
was shone.
market street in usa
Dec 2018 · 84
an argent
moon will
soon betray
an anxious
picayune till
the sergeant
has captured
such incident
but their
noxious foment
as rife'll
stoke desire
with hoofs
and guffaws
swaggeringly wade
their passes
in sanctity
A note on ******
Dec 2018 · 112
Allysa's Place
She's me
chat that
back her
stack as
eyes gleam
and conglomerate
of ceramic
taste that
steal the
heart away
for cause
of now
that mayn't
bring her
down to
this gloomy
bile of
pancakes grief
on a turnpike
Dec 2018 · 97
post modern
a noble
dap in
Naples note
his fascination
was joint
and drew
the line
with paint
but her
****** will
batch his
tweed jacket
furthest along
the map
that she'd
wed post
modern here
a post modern dap in Italy
Nov 2018 · 51
fish fry
a union is granted a pie
and cleanse their rye
when a tunic can sequester mobs
only cries in these houses pale crumbs
as they succumb to climes in poles
that keep their fry hush in throes
and below the ground frowns peal the town
as ice is temperately bound
whether ponds here roast white supremacy
as rhetoric was xenophobia
and rose from their chaos
now the national street
that sought their limb
and the financier in London
a word on democracy
Nov 2018 · 73
flue gas
as dyne
packed parch
and hard
in pettifog
with hopes
of his
fine lore
would evoke
lavender oil
then exhume
reed with
desire there
longing Rembrandt
but with
gallivant now
ripe with
more gestalt
a gas with a reed
Nov 2018 · 158
blue smoke
electrocution marks
the hall
with flatulence
that table
jars a
rebuttal from
his umbrage
their rounds
o explosives
polarized steps
in building
avenue to
the union
with twist
whether turbulent
lifestyle now
this millennium
Marlboro Country
Nov 2018 · 249
while she
is up
the sleeves
that saki
gratifies here
and while
her attire
still cleaves
in my
heart that
mistook a
hint of
glamour whether
or not
this thirst
is all
it takes
Nov 2018 · 66
cute floe
my Aline
was a
queen and
matrix of
my love
that adored
jazz that
bossa nova
did herd
her tailspin
that my
kiss  blew
magic with
her clement
till a
thaw in
January regret
a sheet of ice on Norway
Nov 2018 · 36
Russian Probe
a pillage
and loot
this Saturday
night was
very cute
as me
foreboding but
outside the
coffeeshop with
a map
that haunt
madam dacha
with pouch
in debt
this resolute
capture was
Russian probe
a fallacy here
Nov 2018 · 164
first snow
gonzo machines
blow snow
and leaves
but the
wind also
carries their
load but
wedge the
road there
as ice
melts but
salt exposes
that collects
like dust
to stack
this side
of tarmac
Nov 2018 · 180
dory days
my wriggling
dory in
nautical wine
that attested
my craw
with my
line high
now artistry
win a
bite-sized cling
that naturally
could sing
and dance
with the
air and
rhythm of
its strand
Nov 2018 · 99
Model Legs
a lie
letting go
the news
if statuesque
and bronzed
in shallow
field she
roust the
lights then
dressed down
her clothes
and was
the most
desired to
flaunt again
with her
model legs
Nov 2018 · 51
an arrogance
lied in
depths of
fishermen as
rine in
shone was
rival law
that quest
always superior
in vapor
and those
inevitable waves
in time
what lore
dithered our
fortune together
with heterodox
A lore of nations
Nov 2018 · 258
astral kitchen
a hinterland
there has
corn and
orient ties
in court
with his
golden tight
sweater so
he'd cook
tempura right
with his
catch of
roughy 'bout
now and
in his
kind place
in Montauk
a place in montauk
Nov 2018 · 86
read habitual
I'm ecumenical
in dreams
where they
made things
ring their
atolls so
habitual souls
made self-government
clean their
lavish results
on electorate
and made
things iron
clad their
best choice
sequence again
Nov 2018 · 65
six heart
I hit
NDA that
❤️ me
the cast
but sight
furious as
her tat
for dark
on screen
and put
her spot
to the
bed she
caught this
action purport
law was
stage guitar
Nov 2018 · 90
once they've
established bunts
now there's
fire as
she'd desecrate
the flag
in Orriskanny
whether it
flies round
their loops
that's still
her shape
this world
or bats
in air-conditioning
never heard
of Statius
a note of caution
Oct 2018 · 73
tires of
wires that
will a
horse when
hen's teeth
do query
and tread
next to
the fence
yet never
betray his
master's advice
and her
talbot may
foxtrot with
greyhounds at
mercy point
mercy point is a church while a talbir is extinct and  hen's teeth are rare
Oct 2018 · 56
a house
of heat
and a
man with
silver tounge
went south
to spread
the news
with divergence
but never
a clamor
in his
throat would
obstruct his
jet in
the would
of Parr
a man of note
Oct 2018 · 116
a contractor
Darnell is
trash compactor
a general  
to fabricate
thrift in
whiff of
blustery air
but doctoring
his hallowed
fornicate only
compressed tires
into rototiller
with compost
to enrich
their denizens
with commercial
paper here
a contractor with heirs
Oct 2018 · 489
a conscious
stake was
city of
justice where
grand duchy
staved it
from the
dark and
rubbed unions
particularly swank
then treaty
millennia till
Brexit left
their reckoning
with covert
aspects of
haute recovery
a dire time
Oct 2018 · 145
'em cats
a hard
battle won
the filly
that would
frock and
while she
fought for
their favor
and fraught
with flack
when she'd
take their
broken heart
while guns
supplanted the
***** truth
in America
Oct 2018 · 115
an orient
of tabulation
well ornament
was polar
as confabulation
sought variation
that once
made neighbors'
diversification and
now their
state proxy
of community
found in
direness and
guarded their
intoxicated draft  
in myalgia
communities in peril
Oct 2018 · 156
Eternal Surmise
As he
is a
sign that
all things
save this
mud as
spines wither
eventfully that
he vowed
the riverbed
was her
current that
declined their
notion of
incidence here
with this
eternal surmise
A law of incidence
Oct 2018 · 67
brandish hollow
a Halloween
standout in
a costume
that bellows
in neither
lake that
clouds their
garnishment that
brews the
heathen in
this gallery
only to
bear false
witness with
euphoria that
brandishes the
wine here
a mark of celebrity counts here
Oct 2018 · 47
princess' charm
a girl
in my
arm that
she would
make harm
then anticipate
this with
her ****
and amplify
nem. con.
but multiply
her seed
with impunity
their ***
in Riyadh
and lace
in Istanbul
Oct 2018 · 149
A Neptune
a precipice
of Werner
whereas pitch
was dire
of his
slot save
primeval isn't
wood and
whether his
blocks haven't
exclaimed that
he's solemn
or the
tundra is
still frozen
crystals and
ice house
A. Gottlob Werner  was a Neptunist
Oct 2018 · 58
Truckin' Good
If Daphne
she's leaving
behind those
tires that
slay these
roads like
chains for
brighter climes
that diversion
claims horse
and winds
hoofs that
ream dots
in trailers
as nights
turnaround my
love dame
A love of law that my sisters groove on this highway!
Oct 2018 · 69
rock climbing
He rock
climes and
his foot
is wide
as the
hill top
while the
wind is
very cold
that his
head band
fell to
to depths
that dusky
as he's
crept before
in light
a man in sunset
Oct 2018 · 71
window dressing
A sunflower
is dire
of skirt
but house
nigh elude
her while
the basket
which is
life where
she borders
that stream
with chestnuts
her mirth
when gyrations
of their
hoss mount
a ranch
a ranch house with mirrors
Oct 2018 · 68
a feature
a feature
of drama
now in
her proposal
my palpable
fave of
penetrable cave
as starlet's
life in
director of
dream she
dance her
tassel to
this soundtrack
of ska
with a
street presence
A concetion
Oct 2018 · 51
a fatuous ****** was
a mystery
while political recovery went
to Landon
with a host of boomers
that threw in their towels
and modular things
like miniskirts
that accentuated their legs
with gratitude of marks
whether paper may trigger darkness
while without clement
in stranger areas of lament
that cry for their cement
as Alfred was a governor of Kansas
Oct 2018 · 48
a deviant spouse
sleepy hallow
would tell
a sociology
their dark
foment of
capture and
rude awakening
as superfluous
launch of
mystery in
wee hours
that could
creep beyond
there with
a retentiveness
of unfaithful
and deviated
law again
a lawyer's touch
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