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2d · 71
Equal Rudies
Equality was
with a
delay in
time made
this inuit  
but trade  
"dreep" in
creep was
morning came
with a
price as
scrupulous but
time ahead
is autistic
in their
thunder game
o'er mercury
Oct 5 · 30
a rise
Irondale as
home fries
are those
building law
in let
your love
of leaping
volt that
inquiry is
now our
world with
substance the
insistence only
flat with
an arc
of love
Irondale of student housing
Oct 4 · 28
a ring
of chestnuts
aflame and
much hotter
here than
Clive is  
to toast
eh blue
as shearling
laid Cumberland
newt with
proclivity as
his legacy
for hire
is too
tired for
the Pennines
Clive is  British author
Sep 23 · 79
ah Mimi
a Maio
'n' thier
Mazatlán post
card but
a Zapatista
de Chippas
si hombre
a pilgrim
this river
has crossed
in the
arms of
Creole but
women in
Porte Inglés
still swim
Horace Silver -Cape Verdin Blues
Sep 17 · 43
A Titan
when curt is the plan
that Dallas nev'r  succumb
to total the law of their queasiness
that really inhibit the ritual only in love
with the direness 'n' bellow in philosophy
that squawk of fire so tear up street
only must that fine standing hire
that tract of striped industry Titan
a hire
Sep 16 · 49
Autumn's Bear
when a
clump of
lice afield
with the
prey was
abruptly fired
between her
**** that
this cantilever
bucked yet
would bone
the cast
upon her
harvest moon
only she
made right
turn bare
an autumn bear
Sep 13 · 150
she bellows in her star
that her relation was cabal
this dance's chandelier
with broken ballade plays
a tiger crouch serenade
but still refrain this balladeer
a plaza night wall and tell of rampart
with that lyric in the air
is darkness in Gloria
that slams him kind
Sep 9 · 142
he made
from pain
with the
Tories from
their toils
nigh a
face still
trade marketwise
the index
that amble
a women
below the
paragon of
the future
and prioritize
the union
of counterpart
a man in tennis yet
Sep 2 · 33
seasons of rye
Hollywood joy
was good as any boy
this year with the stallion
but this precipice would enjoy
a hearty show of his miserable foe
the dire place he slept a toe in his faith
and forthcoming season began hep
with the homecoming of the wife
that he tri-tied the rope in his bed  
why a laser conspired
that would be their heart of joy
in the neighborhoods yet
she's a fashionable thing of beach
that would roll his honor such a wife
Aug 31 · 76
I bolted
this hanger
though steep
as the
cliff to
fly her
planes to
new heights
her hills
of Charlemagne
was renaissance
with the
reign in
just a
freshwater danced
such music
until dawn
Aug 30 · 38
actor frenzy
I met a busboy and once he really ***** twill
of this winding expressway
with a bourgeois vex in this supper quest
why a Turk described them admirably
a shrew whirled in a shrill of the night
still could skirt his papa's pants
in a romance of tennis
to further kind with a match
only with a foul drama again
and put it in court
an actor's guild
Aug 27 · 44
Peanut Butter
Farc chica
de Vene
is velvet
scripture but
a muskrat
that's amore
she's made
for lunch
where canta
is sweet
for laughing
while the
bossa nova
teri was
poolside for
the Quakers
of Mohave
a poem of free choice
Aug 26 · 77
bea bea
An enclave ingests his crimes now stout with berry that envy sarcastic remarks as he starts the day in Washington with just a kiss of chocolate as his petticoat tweets out the holes of her oboe that made him stubborn 'bout hash another day inside this break where he's played this game of luxury but a catalyst theme that still remain in between the day or night with the glorious goods and world now
a song about egtions
Aug 22 · 37
a troubadour
till aghast
with crime
that apolitically
is verselet
with cabal
and state
pore fourth
their rot
and an
ulterior land
when imperial
country broker
the peace
process that
descendants may
repeal this
year again!
Aug 21 · 179
and awhile
ago this
night was
tragic but
magic I
gad in
her eyes
yet the
bright corners
of my
jane have
evolved thus
afar from
the chafe
and this
schism must
die alone
Aug 17 · 55
dire mills
a mill
lies on
this street
then these
colors are
sweet by
the shifts
that bind
those sheets
willfully blessed
in their
must kind
of wheat
now it
fed the
mush in
their *****
a mill of bleeds
Aug 13 · 64
A Procrustean woman's tale
in an orbit does tell that this snitch
here wasn't Montgomery whether sound must hitch
with Pythagoras
that seldom erupt in despair
now dire hands with guilty chest
yet volcanoes bleed in the air
note auther L.M Mongo,ery..
Aug 12 · 125
today 12
she is
in limbo
when Jumbotron
in Bogata
has sports
and impair
action that
any stampede
rot with
their indecision
on Farc
12 and
the art
of shaving
in locker
room on
field hoy
the field today
Aug 10 · 108
as she
is great
and essentially
pink but
bristles her
tears in
white that
social reform
with brother
in arms
whether or
not manifesto
is establishment
in flux
that detox
is the
grabber's phone
a lawless night
Aug 8 · 166
A kindly
**** in
a lively
part of
the bridge
table that
won her
tiara though
betwixt the
galley was
Donald that
her arch
rival stood
in a
dream with
fortune in
the drawer
And I spin Roulette
Aug 7 · 61
far and away
He chokes
paper and
inhibits law  
there in
habitual way
as he
lumped this
load on
my community
with popular
dogma still
ministry of
the house
though the
township nigh
but a
hospital standard
A word on healthcare
Aug 5 · 53
A Sonnet Of Margarine
a woo in LA
is Ali in Maja
when She is a quaker
with a model fashion
when she's dire though in **** of a law
a personal kingdom comes to harness
her in this freeway
and succumb with hot entrance theirs
that matter in the end

and strengthen those wakes that rose in Corinth
in the days of yore those hours split the Red Sea
If brothers in Egypt keep their Windsor Chair
near the field of wheat so Nile rye our hippopotamus has kept a fold
in the roll of nature only witness of love ferment the time in rickshaw
a note on fredom
Jul 29 · 112
a zydeco liver
Jenny dance
in front
of eyes
that candy
is sweet
not butter
in sleeves
of her
patriot but
her belligerence
in trees
as she
stares the
ligament in
his ribs
in back
of Cajun
a sleeve in despair
Jul 17 · 72
Molasses in
cookie's tray
still made
your mouth
water like
the cat
but after
this way
you ate
with barmaid
in the
sweetest Summertime
that resort
really was
key hence
love stayed
tinsel tonight
a cat in the garcen
Jul 11 · 52
last break
I searched
through the
rubble when
dusk has
the water
and wave
tusk ashore
the last
break fore
surfer now
to close
kettle only
this quake
on dry
surf near
alcove and
her sky
last break is a last breaker
Jul 7 · 152
a  dominate
but combinable
girl shook
this tide
with a
shriek there
yet mossy
promenade kept
her suitable
as lie
only change
weather and
resulted this
grainy as
the voice
was prominent
with vicar
Jun 27 · 79
a mossy
lives in
shoe where
a theater
turncoat ultra
bleeds as
Putin a
cowbell if
fingers won
Equinox and
the squatly
kneel but
this share
of their
misnomer is
Baltic leader
nigh again
A note on journalism
Jun 23 · 164
in togetherness
eye roll pita-patter
that went to flatter
the doily with a queen in absentia
but her placenta wear halter in zebra
to fabricate ***** but a summer thrill up yonder
in a bat cave wonder
with blond tenderness so blind
yet her sunken ***** there
her patriarch kind butter
this ice grab yellow
Jun 16 · 56
truest incline
ludicrous and lime she's bought my wine
then usher on the farm or circus daemon
was house carrying a whim to heart
where climes are thought that fighting down the hatch  
where rumors are frothy in those diamonds caught
wish only tout cookie once thunder crash has melted speed
but any counters that claim violence is deniable here
and viable to an Osborne scene but wading in traffic
as a country lane shade its spree and what lies in air was a roadside
fair in bloom on Sunday afternoons in Tamaqua boon pillared spoon
Where a borough with a creek but a river in this community reside
Jun 6 · 50
A Catalan
liaison where
with his
jazz guitar
as Gioconda
in Hoboken
really left
for Athens
and green
pasture of
Ulster that
pokes a
fable with
lure of
capes in
New York
and Saint-Tropez
Abercrombie , John ;noted jazz guitarist
Jun 5 · 282
Dixie Leigh
she never
mesmerize me
in fold
of cramp
this tight
and stiffly
walk to
corner and
got out
the back
of the
lot that
circle this
place with
frown but
lemon for
sweet tea
May 24 · 61
I am
in a
swiney bead
of breast
when tines
are forgotten
with shrines
of cross
that torn
pages now
drift back
to whole
still pick
the seam
those dark
insignias entrust
the norm
A note on tires
May 11 · 96
I am
in Eden
a mother's
brother but
this chunnel
is surf
London would
scarf to
the sands
therein dawn
as their
bridge was
to cross
the air
with Tim
where in
Times Square
A town in London allied Thames
May 4 · 144
Metro Waz
my annal
spirit laid
her in
a bright
vain that
grew so
in her
whim that
attire her
Waz with
desire and
ran like
a deer
to her
frosty cone
on the
metro square
a time in the middle
May 2 · 149
a sweet
little french
fry to
dip in
her basket
when 'tis
Spokane in
a thrill
nearby to
enjoy the
river of
nesting pine
in this
spectacular  view
of spring
with ours
in design
a place to vacation
Apr 27 · 158
oolong are
toes in
fudge with
pig square
to total
his worker
with a
syllabus and
acquire diligence
that escape
their tyranny
when the
rings of
destiny are
chatter riot
then wild
the partridg
Apr 8 · 123
bach house
a moon
on dusk
flattery would
sprinkle Saturday
to swing
in the
auto tunes
and flash
the songs
heard with
ear and
capture her
rhythm with
the exposé
surreptitious in
a wager
of synergy
cuteness display
Apr 4 · 152
Theresa May

measles that
are hypocrisy
when a
hypocrite as
such was
Hansen's Disease
so theoretically
die in
luxury with
tapeworm that
****** larvae
from Brexit
where tis
Patrick's arm
and harmful
as armpit
in squaller
a lonely spite
Apr 3 · 148
a brave
boo suit
belfry bat
and gob
for her
*** up
the line
and Oviedo
worried in
romance wouldn't
dire the
leader with
a draw
but this
question not
heard flew
the coup
Apr 2 · 273
I am
a book
with rhymes
that shake
yo bones
but to
startle a
nuance is
stone cold
if cloud
of dust
shows the
blue in
Cheltenham and
radicals endure
light of
pale doom
Mar 25 · 80
yo sugar
is bust
that ****
twister walk
with legs
that spark
her in
a stint
hoy paper
is too
her wine
so thick
that shrink
this tablet
down to
white sheaf
reams tor
Mar 24 · 82
true elegant
a mayflower
is please
the art
of law
to pursue
investigator of
its pill
when a
foothill is
mother to
triumph of
ill while
you are
nature's force
here but
taken true
elegant again
Mar 22 · 83
Miss Flarity
Miss Flairity
made her
rarity by
knocking whose
shoes were
Flannerys' as
it alleviated
muscle toes
in pajamas
that their
trilogy made
living in
Yokohama with
brass this
mistress to  
rebuild her
brand legal
Mar 21 · 99
full circles
a way
of seeing
the glory
was harry
but retort
future warning
as thus
her earring's
a drift
and upon
this ceiling
rift was
her full
circle blithe
and the
first day
of spring
Mar 18 · 119
Penn Yan
a shower
abaft made
a soul
in Penn
Yen then
wrest my
heart there
when thunder
chicken cue
the race
and ready
in Watkins
Glen they
sped into
heaven in
the finger
lake alas
a race in new york
Mar 16 · 209
In Brentwood
Patrick longed
for Deo
and shared
a wafer
and where
we'd detail
a hamlet
to spite
a hornet's
nest with
a sparrow
on the
hedgy ledge
on the
south shore
and trump
New Yorker
a day in new york
Mar 15 · 88
party there
and near
to passage
they'll get
will not
to vote
but abstain
nil passion
in parliament
but save
their constitution
with cries  
of hegemony
that won't  
quake under
debate in
those sessions
a law in chambers
Mar 14 · 199
epicenter in
cadence hence
this joint
dissolve in
in musicals
and devour
much repertoire
with audience
now patron
as theatre
did establish
hits on
Broadway for
the season
and place
its shows
on location
a man in a wheelchair
Mar 14 · 222
Never Yet
a beef
Wellington is
a serenade
on your
birthday night
with candle
light on
your plate
where Aphrodite
beget Zeus
as she
did want
the dish
with pastry
and frothy
post with
her wine
Mar 12 · 95
a buyer
of house
looks to
aspire them
to gain
trust in
this mortgage
commonplace that
coffee imagine
a donut
worth their
value in
density as
once dulce
vita is
this anchor
with marrow
a code
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