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Carlo C Gomez Nov 2023
Did you hear?

It starts with guilty cubicles
and churches under the stairs.

Then a fair amount of poisonous storytelling.
And of course, 451 magnetic tiles that reveal the hidden "truth."

What happens when you push this button?
Hollywood scientist, lab coat stained
with strangely colored chemicals, pulls at the stitches.

The intruder is close
and up on crutches,
fighting wars on television.

All out of catastrophes?
He will sell you a secret one to keep under your pillow.
you take your test and it's negative, that's positive, right?
but you don't sleep at night because you're positive it should be positive, but again, a test shows negative, positive, right?

This is like taking an exam
you know you've done well
but you still have to wait
for the results.

She says because she always does,
take the bull by the horns,
he, meaning me, yawns
and trots off to the kitchen.
RAT; rapid antigen tests, hmm for lab rats?
dilshé Oct 2021
Myth of dense forest terrain
anomaly creature, inexplicably inane
8ft grizzly humanoid primate
resides in queer & eerie climates
emanating the putrid stench of death
Its' presence will have you gasping for breath.
Strange disturbances in electric fields,
the camera glitches, recording squeals...
in the distance, a blood-curdling roaring howl
that even silences the consistent night owl
midnight in a forest cabin; awake with dread
as the Sasquatch peers through the window
across your bed.
after binging on multiple bigfoot documentaries.
GaryFairy Sep 2021
We are sorry but the physical(campus) flat earth school is closed on account it was pushed over the edge of the Earth by 5 sasquatch(bigfeets, squatches, skunk apes), a wooly mammoth, and Mothman. We asked superman for help but he was in physics class on another planet.

Just read this and we will send your PHD. Congrats!

fill my feet with air
put me on a square
use our soles for patches
i think we make great matches

how's a compass work?
what's a compass for?
what's another dimension?
what's behind this door?

get me off this plain
toxify my brain
use our bones as easels
paint pictures of the weasels

how's a paintbrush work?
what's a canvas for?
what is inner descension?
who's inside that door?
an act of moving downward, dropping, or falling.
"a smooth descension back down"
a flock of woodpeckers.
I obviously mean definition number 2...the inner flock of woodpeckers!
Is it a conspiracy?
I feel this empathy,
Like a weight bearing down on me,
But I have no power to change.

It seems like we're hurtling at a wall,
No one seems to notice,
Makes me question what it's all for,
But there's nothing I can do.

Too many people,
Too much stuff,
So many things,
Yet never enough.
I wrote this to understand the overwhelming feeling of powerlessness when it comes to all of the world's failings.

All this talk of carbon footprint and saving the planet. We're too late...the damage is done!
“Here’s the contract,

sign the line
with your codes
don’t forget the
shared collateral

Keep it clean

there’s a spot
between the Eyes
where the feeds
can’t see

Make it petty

grab the dirt
and his wallet
we’ll call it
‘botched robbery’

He was ****

tried to show
what we said
at the 'Yard
last summer”

… I forgot the wallet.
for The Convo Couch
WJ Thompson Jan 2021
I’ll mimic Matterhorn or the worn ways we window gaze and swipe left
or turn right on the green light of another cliche
If you swear gray is all the shades you’ll
put on lamps to match the grayscale duvet
Then catch me if you cat o’ nine tails
a swallowed whale,
We swear with chapped lips a waterworn promise
Maybe the Amish had it right and we’re a little bit snobbish.
I’ll Jack O’Lantern your etch-a-sketch erotica,
Not much scarier, these days, trick or treat.
Q-tips got your tongue? I’ll Question where you Came From 4 as long i Chan.
You don’t leave the house anymore except for groceries.
Catch me if you cat o’ nine tails
a swallowed whale,
Nineveh won’t wait, it’s time to break bread with danger and death.
I feel a bit obligated to explain the general aim of this poem seeing as how most of the phrases seem nonsensical (and to be honest I didn’t ascribe meaning to them until after I had written them). This started as a flow of consciousness poem, where I was really just playing a word association game with my subconscious. I was inspired (positively) by a poet on HP who has a similar abstract flow to his poems. I wanted to write something unique, out of the ordinary, and in doing so I connected with a combative energy towards laziness and cliche. I should point out that I know cliches exist for a reason, in that they capture common thoughts, feelings, or wisdom in a succinct way, and there is a certain bravery in clearly stating your feelings for all to see. I just get a bit bored by it, it’s not intellectually stimulating. On the flip side, if you hide your feelings behind too many levels of abstraction, it’s possible that neither you nor anyone else will understand what it is you’re saying.

I also have a personal annoyance with poems which are thinly veiled erotica. It’s probably a bit petty, but I’ve seen so many ****** poems on HP. The “etch-a-sketch erotica” line was about that. My exact criticism is levied at erotica which leans towards the dark, grotesque. I have genuinely seen some clever erotica poems, but I generally avoid reading such material for religious reasons.

There’s a final annoyance, other then laziness and cliche, which is political in nature. I wonder if anyone sees it?

Lastly, I haven’t thought of a meaning for “mimic Matterhorn”. I just think it sounds cool.
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