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In an old, green forest,
In an old, green land,
Lived a manipulative fox
And a naive parrot.

The parrot would listen
Day and night
To the rantings of the fox,
No matter how stupid they may be.

The fox would preach
The greatness of the old tiger
And the inferior evil
Of the younger black panther.

These preachings turned the parrot
Into a spiteful, cruel bird
Who attacked and defamed the innocent panther
And bragged of this evil to the old, cruel tiger.

The parrot learned of a hound from the west
Who led a pack to slay thieving cats,
Came to love this ******* hound
And support his cruel cause.

The parrot met the fox again,
Who brought them both down a rabbit hole.
Any attempt to escape
Would just drive them down further.

The rabbits taught them things,
Things they could never imagine.
That everything was a lie
Created by the ruling lions.

The parrot wanted to leave,
Realising they’d gone too far.
But once you enter a rabbit hole,
There’s no going back.
I’ll let you guess what all of this is about.
Carlo C Gomez Aug 13
In theory, the sky is falling,

Showering particles of merry madness and homespun delirium,

As we sleep in the formerly sealed
containers that kept us fresh,

But now leave us active:


Actually though, this is more a soulless, weather modified masquerade,

Where we dance at funerals, drink to cloud seeding,

And play 'Guess Who?' retributions,

While locked in the closet with flight attendants left for kindling...
The frozen glacier surrendered to the warmth of the day...
The mountain valley smoothed itself to pave the way for a happy journey...
The rocks set the momentum for the tryst to happen in time...
The playful flowers escaped in the carriages of the wind to act as witness...
The sunshine sang holy songs of reunion and the moon acted as a watcher by the night...

Thus the stage was set...
Only for but...
The river to meet the ocean!
Random thoughts on how the universe conspires to make people meet! My heartfelt gratitude for reading this... ❤
They are so much cunning and cruel
Yet they possess, intelligence and smartness
Yes, they are filled with over confidence
They are absolutely shameless too

Don’t you feel my dear?
They don't have any sort of fear
They are beating us, hitting us
And we are helplessly watching them

They are neither allowing us to weep
Not they are letting us to cry loud
They are snatching our source of livelihood
They are looting our meagre savings too

They are boring bigger holes in our pockets
By their powerful invisible technological drills
Selling all sorts of stuff they use to produce
Drugs, sanitizers, hand washes and what not

They are asking to keep our ugly mouth fully shut
By putting beautiful, colourful and fancier masks
They are not letting us to meet our friends
They are not letting us to share our meals

They are not allowing us to share our views
They are not allowing us to share our thoughts
With any of our friend, relatives and fellow citizens
They are just telling us to follow whatever they say

They are throwing ******* and garbage on us
In the name of science, health and hygiene
There appears to be not much science
In their so call science and modern science

Shamelessly they proclaim to be our saviours
Saving us from the army of an invisible enemy
Although existence of any such army is doubtful
But their intentions are doubtful and doubtful

If any such invisible army of enemy really exists?
It may have been raised and owned by them only
To **** the lives of all the other fellow humans on earth
And to fulfil their greed and lust for power and money

They are planning to inject in our bodies
Some drugs, chemical or any such thing
They will even charge money for that
And try to fill their everlasting greed

I wonder, who they are?
God, Demi Gods or the Devils
Or they are just a band of inhuman
Resembling a band of nasty humans

Do they really have some superpower?
Or they are just a bunch of ugly parasites?
Trying to draw everything from our lives
Just to feed himself and to recreate his own life
A poem from the point of view of  conspiracy theorists.
closed minds,
provide for the loudest mouths,
while everyone is
quietly weird
Vera City May 9
How they ridicule Jim,
The neighbourhood loner:
"wears a tinfoil hat" and
"turns his wifi off at night"

They all brand him a kook:
"well, you know he's a stoner,
funny coincidence though,
his forecasts have proved right!"
Vera City May 8
When you're born, like I,
to a fortunate line
its vital you make best use of your time
guiding the way for the impoverished below,
ensuring their well-being and economies grow...

How you ask?
What an excellent query!
The work is relentless
but I remain cheery
our goal of saving the uneducated poor
is closer than it has ever been before!
We've got Bayer for health
Monsanto for food
solid profitable businesses
looking out for you
And let's not forget the allseing EarthNow
blanketing the sky with live satellite shroud
designed for government and large enterprise
soon everyone can trust us to be their eyes
Yep, We've got you covered!
We vet information
so there's no danger you'll have inclination
to doubt for a minute that we know what's right
to quell confusion measures must be tight
When this is over,
just wait and see!
We will emerge triumphantly
A united global community
Oh yes, there'll be austerity,
For everyday folks not the super wealthy
It's a simple case of superiority
Don't worry
Conditioning has ensured you will love slavery
Just don't think too hard
Simply listen to me
A candid chat with Bill Gates about his philanthropic exploits and business investments...
Vera City May 7
Olga the ostrich and
Cedric the lamb
Naive innocence and
Head in the sand

Never seen, never heard and never spoken
Interests unquestioned
Illusions unbroken

Dont discriminate "beware theorising"
The warnings were heeded
Resisted surmising

Cedric herded to slaughter
Olga safe in her cage
Medicine in the water
That will mute the outrage

Cedric sees what's ahead now
Olga's cage welded closed
Slave incumbant got here how?
That's just life, I suppose.
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