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Mitch Prax Feb 21
The left find themselves
caught in between socialism
and a rebellion.
On one hand,
they wish to grant their government
more power,
when on the other,
they claim they cannot be trusted.
Which one is it?
Time is ticking.
Mark Wanless Feb 20
calm peace of pacifism
no knife to your throat
socialism is good if
you have a desk job


3 children dead from hunger
the state wants soy
you think you gonna have a desk job
Socialism; practicing Christianity.
Economic disparity; Capitalism.
Economic equality; Communism.
ConnectHook Aug 2018
Hyphenated-Last-Name had an opinion.

Hyphenated-Last-Name felt threatened as well as outraged.

Hyphenated-Last-Name spoke for all women everywhere.

Hyphenated-Last-Name took a bold stance for the marginalized.

Hyphenated-Last-Name spoke truth to power.

Hyphenated-Last-Name felt that strict measures were called for.

Hyphenated-Last-Name had her head up her *** and did not believe in GOD.
Don't be another H-L-N.
JM Sutherland Aug 2018
We worry and we wrestle
Day by Day
With the thought
We won't have enough
Our account balances
Sometimes as low
As our happiness.
And instead of wading
In life's treasured moments
Like some picturesque Hallmark
We sit in an ocean of frowns
Contagious they feed us
With the thoughts that
Maybe someday we
Might have enough
Maybe we too can
Have enough money
Where we can control
Our own destinies
And maybe if we just
Work hard enough
We too can join

The enlightened
The happy
The free
But as life's camera
Zooms out of focus
Our slave collars tighten
Around the dollars
We grip onto with our
Strength that slowly fades
Starving, as we stare
At some motivational story
Hanging on the mantle
Of our Master's mansions.
Ron Gavalik Mar 2018
Imagine you've been tortured,
ridiculed, hated by the masses.
As you bleed to death on top of a hill,
another tortured soul asks you
for forgiveness for his sins.
The man did nothing to you,
but he feels the need to confess.
Writhing in pain, you want to die,
if only to end your own torment.
But instead, you listen to the man,
and you grant him your truest love, forgiveness.
You tell him he will soon be in paradise
with you, and you ******* mean it.
That's why some of us have faith
and we fight for the poor,
the marginalized, the despised.
They can **** us, as they so often do,
but they will never win.
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