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Prayer 1: "Creation"

You are worthy of all praise!
The heavens above declare Your name
Maker, Sustainer, Ruler of Days
In You we live, and move, and breathe

Prayer 2: "Election"
You are worthy of all praise!
Before the world began You planned to save
   Every orphan daughter and son
   Who would call upon Your name

Prayer 3: "Salvation"

You are worthy of all praise!
You stepped off Your throne to ransom slaves
Living, dying, rising for sin
Your blood, our debt, has paid

Prayer 4: "Regeneration"

You are worthy of all praise!
Your Word is the power the Spirit gave
Our blinded eyes You’ve opened to see
   The beauty of Your majesty

Prayer 5: "Restoration"

You are worthy of all praise!
On the day when all will be remade
Every tribe and tongue will proclaim: 
“Our God, forever, reigns!”
Elect me, Select Me
Support Me, Report Me
Democracy Needs Me
You all need Me

I am your Savior
I will fight for you
If there is no War
I shall start one for you

I am your Savior
I am your Warrior
Accept this Truth
Ultimate Truth

Beware if you Cheat Me
If you fail to Elect Me
I will break into the System
I will ruin it to Ashes

I follow this golden Rule
Either Win or Stalemate
I can initiate Religious Riots
I can give birth to Civil War

Therefore Elect Me, Select Me
Support Me, Report Me
Democracy Needs Me
You All Need Me

You all have no other Choice
So Never Ever search for it
I am your only Choice
So Stay Cool and Rejoice
Democracy has its own problem
Sharon Talbot Dec 2018
Live blog: Romney and Stanton vie for Iowa win.
Dead heat in the dead of winter
What do the Iowa results really mean?
That Romney's less of a robot than he seems?

Oh, by the way: replacing a bulb, can save you 50 dollars or more!
But it'll cost you ten times as much, at your hardware store.
Starbuck's hikes prices despite the lull,
People stupidly betting on Powerball,
Selma Hayek's trending, y'all!
(We don't know why).

But what's all that compared to shootings?
Soldiers flying and not being sniffed,
Suspects nabbed in Utah killings,
And GOP runners had another tiff.

Personally, I'm more fascinated,
In the Aussie hybrid sharks!
This might mean global warming's overrated,
Or that animals are way smart.

Mideast peace-talks stalled, I read.
Have I not read this before?
Oh, yeah, back in 1972.
When psychos killed athletic Jews,
Who might win
And Olympic village was off view,
While the Israelis dragged people in.

That year, Nixon was re-elected
And we thought we'd never see worse,
Yet now the nation is infected
With a yellow-haired, inhuman curse.
Blog goes to sleep...

Begun long ago and finished in 2018
I was just fiddling around angrily during the 2nd Bush election and later, kept adding to this. You can tell who the latest victim of my ire is!
Randy Johnson Nov 2018
On November the 6th, I voted against Phil Bredesen.
Yesterday, I was pleased to learn that he didn't win.
I also voted against Bredesen once before.
Back in 2006, when he was Tennessee's Governor.
This time he was running to be Tennessee's Senator.
I didn't like how he did his job when he was Governor.
Now he's licking his wounds because he didn't win.
Many of Tennessee's residents voted against Bredesen.
Dear Science and Math,

I pray to you because you are what I believe in. Today is the midterm elections for 2018, and boy are we in a mess. Evolution, I would like to apologize that we have devolved as a society to allow our government to function as a really terrible sitcom. Economics and Statistics, I feel your heavy gaze as we still have 2 more years before we hopefully take the bankrupt millionaire out of office. Every day we live under a system whose poster child mocks its citizens and strips the majority of their rights. Their rights to Medical Care, a healthy and functioning Environment, and a Financial System which can support the majority, not just the top 1%.

Today I did my part. I practiced my right . . . no my privilege to vote. Too many people chose not to vote. I didn't vote for the last 6 year because I felt I was uneducated in the topic. I felt I was flying blind, something I could have taken 15 minutes to change. If I were a citizen of Georgia I would have lost this privilege, because of 5 years of voting inactivity. If I were of Hispanic descent I would most likely have had to jump through excessive hoops because of a hyphenated last name. There are so many people who don't want to vote because they fear jury duty, or they don't want to wait in line, or they don't want to make time to vote, or they are just plain convinced the system is rigged and their opinion doesn't matter. Let me tell you something, your ballot only "doesn't matter" if you don't hand one in. In fact, it is probably working against the team you would have voted for.

I am a woman, which mean only in the past 100 years was my second X chromosome "granted" this privilege. There are still grandparents alive today who remember when, specifically, black people could not vote. There are also plenty of other cases of this "right" being restricted from huge groups of people because of, in reality, what makes them unique.

So, I sit here today Science an Math, praying to you that my little corner of the United States may become a better place for ALL of its inhabitants.

Please let the scales tip in the favor of justice.
I'm ecumenical
in dreams
where they
made things
ring their
atolls so
habitual souls
made self-government
clean their
lavish results
on electorate
and made
things iron
clad their
best choice
sequence again
summer heat
is smooth
thus behoove
a president
to make
the wall
and fight
to keep
the right
wing and
drag under
this tent
with steadfast
loyalty and
thier families
first will
bear arms
a note on immagration
as republican
would have
gotten more
than they
traded in
wares again
if a
bow with
ambition too
would raise
campaign coiffures
while its
meaning was
this country's
loyalty that
abound in
As Canonsburg' in southwestern Pennsylvania just outside Pittsburgh in a Congressional  District Eection with national implications.
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