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On cool, starry, fall, indigo-blue night walks, it’s so beautiful that it’s hard to believe we’re mid-catastrophe.

That sunrise will dawn on countrymen whose heavy burdens our national leaders won’t even publicly discuss much less address.

File hope under other names - we need changes and new leadership - hey, you adults - can we please just try a government of concerned professionals?
From what I've read, if the adults don't scientifically address this virus (like adults) it will just keep circling throughout the population and we'll NEVER get back on track.
"Perhaps, Martin Luther King never had a dream,
but he had seen a dream.!!!"
This is a description of my theme;
Rhemes of his speech gathered steam,
which stimulate and create a remembered stream,
" I have a dream.!"

Nowadays, dreams are not the ones you get from a slumber steep,
but are those that deprive you of sleep.
I hope that one day our countries will no longer appoint leaders again, based on their individual gain.

Apart from their political parties, they come from,
but due to one single universal party, we are all going to form
Neither, for the agenda of their race, color nor religions,
But with an organized calendar, and tremendous visions.

The day we shouldn't be interested in their background stories;
popularity, prestige, and their wealthy glories.
not even their power, pomposity storied-houses.
Despite being the lineage of dynamic dynasties,
but just a human being with the visionary eyes for minorities'

One who should not focus on celebrities and Hollywood Stars,
but will celebrate with poverty-stricken, take them as the stars,
well recognized as the sons of the Sun'
helping the country economy shines,

Am looking forward to the election days,
The national quadrennial event, Tuesdays.
our voices will bring impact through our votes.
When we shall elect mentors, role models and not our Idols,

Am looking toward the day the financial crisis will fall through
when our leader's mission comes through.
Focusing on the fact of where they are heading us to,
and where they are taking our dreams too.

The dreams for our country's bright.
Rights and freedom for our countryside,
the ease for our forefathers' long century sight.
I can't wait for that day indeed,
my dreams will no longer be just like a dream,
but actually, film-strip with its factual receipt.
This is a dream of which I hope will inspire all those who are seeking change. As we are going for our coming election on Tuesday 2, Nov 2020. I hope this will help you determine, and have you make the best decision ever when voting for our leaders. be inspired
It’s Election RAGE AGAIN
Yet here I AM
Cozied into a very appreciated bed
With widely opened window and
Blue October skies
Bluest October skies waft thru
To kiss my right nostril-n-cheek

Unchanged GREENEST leaves
Cling tightly to a transient's home
Patterned harbingers of Spring & Easter
Last VISAGES to Summer
Looming doom remains willfully un-ACKNOWLEDGEd
Looking SO brave & permanently stable
We've wistfully learned this isn’t the case
Via Charlotte’s entwined web, she’s coached us quite well

That garbage truck’s beeping
I hear you
A block or 2 away
Tuesday’s circadian cadence
No amount of voter’s RAGE will stop YOU this time.

Lastly is a beautiful MAN
           Wholly LOYAL
                      GOOD HEART
Rummaging downstairs
Self CRAFTING a HOME roasted morning bean’s brew

This is the stuff of LIFE to love and LOVE well

Thank You
My GOOD guy
For ALL that YOU DO
Without Pomp
             Or Circumstance
                  Or MAJOR cultural praise
Such quietly EXHIBIT-ed LOVE
Is NEWsworthy for sure

So go ahead campaign RAGEr!
Rage on…RAGE ON
CNN thanks you MIGHTily.
Fo the past 11 months I've been really sick, doctors are still trying to figure out exactly what's triggered these symptoms. I've been mostly bed-ridden this entire time. My husband's taken up the cross of caring for me full time until I am healed. This means he's had to paren, work, cook, clean, AND care for his sick wife. He's done ALL of this without complaining even once. A health crisis quickly solidifies what's truly important-including all this election noise.
All the wars that have ever been
Under the sun, every invention
Every beach ever proclaimed
Boil down to two choices of alternative things...
a Democrat or a Republican, a Big Mac or Whopper, a Lincoln or a Cadillac, A Catholic or Protestant.
We feel we have many options but they are the ones with choice.
It has all added up to nothing.
Robert Ippaso Sep 30
Bitter, battered, bruised and spent
Throwing punches aimed to dent,
Bobbing, weaving, sighing loud,
Gladiators playing to the crowd.

Armed with words that cut like steel
Inflicting wounds that won't fast heal,
Nostrils flaring, bulging eyes,
Parrying blows with stifled sighs.

Indignation, slights of old,
Each man's purpose bitter, cold,
One sole aim, that fatal blow,
Boiling anger on full show.

As to us the silent horde
Stunned by this discordant chord,
We watch and wonder how we came
To such a place so sad and lame.

Is this all we now deserve
Screeching buzzards without verve,
Gone the poise, the weathered charm
Just two sluggers out to harm?
Bri Stokes Sep 25
Time is a trickster;
the ticking clock: its vicious heart.
It impregnates.
It destroys.
It heals.
It unravels.
It dons the skin of an imposter
in the coldest stretch of night:
a magician weaving fantasies
that sear.
Though I wonder--
I worry--
are the days too long?
Are the nights too dim
and fleeting?
Do I dance through each
in a lurid,
patchwork nightmare?
Or are my dreams so full of pain,
that soon,
I'll shatter beneath them
and finally wake up?
A tale of 2020.
Remember that feeling in 2016,
when your choices were - an orange
crybaby or **** filled latrine.

Vote for the third party or abstain,
both of which are options,
options labeling you as vain.

A zero sum game.
Only you're to blame.
A sense of shame.
Profanities, exclaim!
. . . All in the same. . .

Take that nausea and superimpose it
on to every aspect of your life.
2020 has been nothing but $h!t
Originally wrote this as I have been feeling uncertain lately. When I started supporting activist groups in my area, they preached do what you can but don't put yourself in danger. I didn't notice the fine print, if you don't quite your job because of racists you are a terrible person. Just about every at my job is racist and it sickens me. They are sexist too, so I may have white privilege (that I acknowledge) but I still get shat on. In the time of Covid-19, massive wildfires, and over 100k in student loans, I need this job. No matter how poorly I am being treated. Godess bless Capitalism! I have no support group, as they live across the country. I actively fear for my life. But no matter what I "choose", it is always wrong.
Lu Wilson Sep 9
History stands still, but time seems to be flying
Our world is selling a product and I'm not buying

Panic, hate and fear knocking to serve at my door
Watching others with plates out asking for more

People hungry for sorrow and thirsty for pain
Kindness, light and sensibilities lay quietly slain

The earth is on fire in every sense of the word
No answers or hope just the utterly absurd
This year is hell. There seems to be no end in sight. It's feel like a dream so much that has happened in 2020. So much rhetoric and so much hate. No end in sight.
Mark Sep 7
Painting lies on the doorstep of the countries elite
Old men hiding, while the hood destroy for fascist belief
Draw a thin blue line along the precincts orderly beat
Our enemy become enraged, then suburbia can’t sleep
Mention of war, makes Colonel Sanders feel so good, right!
It helps the makers of guns, especially all the men that knelt
Once the losers hand back their bibles, tools and money belt
We will become the same as the southern island overnight

So be very careful what you think you are truly wishing for
Once you enter, there’s no way out, it’s a one way door
Not long after, you’ll see it’s not at all, our promised freedom
All the grasslands and concrete jungles, renamed Yankeedom
Line up for food, water, healthcare, is this US or far left China
Now we’re not allowed to pray at night, come back Messiah

Be wise who you vote for and watch for the dead they count
If the system is rigged, the powers will have a case to mount
Bring back the old way days, one on one honest debates
Stop the press or there will be another war between the states
Black, white, yellow or brown, we all live in this freedom town
Don’t let the thugs, loonies, murderers or media, get us down
We are a Democratic nation, with freedom of choice
So take off your mask, stay in line and show your real voice.
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