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idyllic steps
are bare
in green
make months
in golden
year the
gavotte in
her little
black dress
that the
music of
spring in
vapor of
the string
makes her
frosty as
the hills
a token
ring of
Decatur still
makes pie
out of
Roberta's hind
quarter with
Illinoisan slew
by her
delicate pastry
and makeshift  
banana this
creme du jour
is a
burden of
the issue
of clericalism
these guys
i knew
were joy
that Burt
drew an
intel from
the skull
that blitz
found Congo
with stationery
a gorilla
strong that
Marshall Square
threw the
gis with
bib and
tucker home
Where travail is nigh
but akin to her salary
the season is in throes
no kilter in resurgence
in these skintight jeans
on a Friday night here
that bowels have broke tide
and like an AK-47 hubbub
she had fought her way
with corsair and new party cochair
where hot and **** corsets mare
a populist
president has
bygone his
chest where
chair was
owned by
Benjamin and
remanded federal
of Franklyn's
Forest that
acquitted fermentation
of law
in which
he die
of corvid-20
this year
of heaven
election year's federal campaigns
home with
a stitch
and whereabouts
to absorb
law with
an easement
drawn for
the dawn
that capital
in Gibraltar
  is accretion 
to bed
like talbots
and within
town on
a street
of gold
a way fot accreditation
as yesteryears
wake up
on  track
though a
pamphlet of
Commonsense is
here someday
in Hollywood
and dire
amnesty wanes
on highway
stripes along
the east
coast of
Maine the
superior judge
of delphinium
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