a bomb
was theirs
this set
up a
tired lore
that traces
of metals
were gone
fore the
law stood
there betwixt
the misrule
then rush
to patterns
again but
replete with
bĂȘte noire
traffic patterns are reason for eruption
A Trudeau Chant

a man
was blue
when his
mother was
butter just
a vapor
in awe
that got
their day
to mesmerize
them  under
the sun
there that
might not
recess the
River with
a wall
a tepid hear
in a Mexican orange
the sombrero will strike a word
here hamstrings sing above
their bright colors allure
and mariachi moon
dance with the setting sun
does whisper god's words
now these eyes shall blaze  
the rapture to fulfill a dream
a mast
of song
sat in
yo thong
this arrangement
and a
hanger saw
the manger
and not
their edge
to sharpen
a skill
in this
way they'd
rather not
negate nor
endanger Hawaiian
volcano of lust
an amentum
sphere is
large but
amount to
this idiosyncrasy
that sequesters
echelon these
aims with  
their transfusion
of equinox
if clement
this whirlwind
Vesper yet
a fawn
through the
dale in
organic Misericordia
a night at Misericordia
an orient
with me
was this
platitude if
salt didn't
rhyme this
time that
a tempest
on the
horizon never
realized for
this endeared
pace as
the water
in the
damn by
the bay
a river by the bay
a cumulus
feather round
my heart
made a
start newly  
found as
dawn rose
over this
realm like
yarn this
homespun from
dross but
mattered in
thin ice
and without
any artificial  
drought superimposed
a seance of words
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