a little
heathen remark
was you
and vehemently
there but
that you
had heard
it in
trial but
in merriment
was also
you again
with the
silver ring
in the
glass that
mystery tell
a little heathen
a condition
with stygian
inhibits our
haunts with
crypts and
needs a
hoax to
ridicule their
emancipation that
entirely melts
them as
a ghost
harbors ill
in milieu
while platitude
burry death
in gratitude
a note on gratitude
an oar
that her
canoe bade
by spoon
when park
saw the
river boat
upstream and
she was
saddle the
bridge then
transfer ride
near edge
with my
pickup nudge
her but
seasons end
a throng
connect a
noise abut
frowns of
disbelief that
may rejoice
here and
swing to
the beat
with their
sunny dispositions
in the
rain today
that found
these roots
of yore
notably sound
A town of 10000
a tree
I hank
here this
fallen arc
yet the
loop in
terry that
a singularity
present now
go to
New Mexico
and the
ennui divided
there with
scrambled eggs
and this
dark star
A star of the east
She is here
my own true sun
she loves so daft
that dawn springs forth
and before I die
she'll really eat pie
with her cute rind
and buffalo trim
that grocers hunker tide
while business bona fide
in her hand over rib
a kind little girl
if I'm
a law
there that
nightlife may
call their
case firm
tonight and
bewilder a
natural oven
with face
now melt
lawyers narrow
breadth while
done again
this time
in vain
a lawyer's breadth
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