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infer lower
court a
wall with
DACA while
Mrs. Pelosi
shares liberal
concern i.e.,
morals with
crossovers like
her minority
leader while
McConnell gasps
with Ross
while Mathew
is ninth
circuit in
Hot 'Lanta
is Charlie Carlos dead?

a ride
with typicality
and a
blender of
transgender and
muss in
this waiver
that manifold
in sequester
with our
probability foreseen
till willful
never subject
to blind
shape matter
now always
in hamper
a transgender
Gang of
eight  may
play asleep
tonight  if
they wink
here in
MLK while
she'd not
du them
thier voices
for that
oval egg
as Mrs.
Pelosi was
radical as
the futere
in Cain.
A sizzle
bust draft
once enlivened
thread in
her craw
but love
now hardened
by her
synthetic implant
in her
pants too
that swivel
like the
duck in
the current
where she'll
lace *****
an art
stand in
Miami deco
by January
dry she'd
be very
warm with
canary yellow
sneakers ran
the heart
of the
sun yet
poolside in
orange jubilee
that ork├┐
would retire
at noon
a girl in the middle
a day
tripper on
his snow
board whirled
hurriedly escalade
bare with
frost on
heels with
these swirls
of snow
made fleece
and her
boot in
crystal ice
tracked wholly
astride thunder
rock torrent
a man
like Rasputin
was dire
with Calamity
Jane as
the plains
now Urban
Cowboy and
a star
hunted in
Texas while
her beck
sleeves would
resign in
theater there
as Theresa
May crown
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