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Arthur Blank Sep 22
To the humble ant,
A blade of grass is a tree,
In a vast forest.
A Haiku.
Percy owned a big sword as tall as him and sharp as Hell
It was big and black and perfectly crafted
Just like something else closer to home
Forged in the depths of Hell by the best artisans
Now Percy owned the sword and he was boss
King of the block who nobody ****** with
He chopped off heads left and right
And lopped off ***** front and back
He gave neighbourhood defence a new meaning
His sword provided safety to all his buddies
Nobody sold drugs or stole cars
After meeting Percy and his tool
There was something about it
It was the length and blackness of it
Two attributes associated with something else
For even a BBC was limited in power and ******
When compared to Satan's own sword
Now in the care of humble Percy
Or was it the other way round?
Sword and man as one...
Myrrdin Mar 24
I paint daisy chains
On sharp edges
Roses in my hollows
Starvation in full bloom
Is lovelier than death
So I'll throw bouquets
On my own casket
And dig shallow graves
In my tummy
Bury yesterdays love
Resurrect today's doubt
At least skeletons
Are not afraid to die
Black,Brown,yellow or white,
Tall or short,what's in a height,
Thin, fat or obese,
What's to do with size,
From zero to XXL,
Beautiful,**** or normal,
What the hell!
It's Your life,
Live it without strife.
Savour its flavours,
Reach out for experiences, newer and richer,
Be a Rockstar.
Soon before you die,
Your life before you will flash by,
Make sure,your ending is your best goodbye.
c Feb 4
When I was in seventh grade
Society told me
That curves can be beautiful
And I thought the idea of that
Was beautiful
Until I saw mine.

It was never
That I didn’t find beauty
In others bodies,
It was that I couldn’t
Find beauty
In what I saw
In the mirror

And I know that
It’s more of a -me- problem
Than a society problem,
But sometimes
When -curvy woman-
Means hips like rosebuds
And waist like fine china,
I get a little scared
Of myself.
All body types are beautiful, be you, be happy, be healthy, and don’t let someone else’s idea of beauty stop you from doing the things you set your mind to.
Em or Finn Jan 20
"Is this really how you want to present yourself?"

I know I'm fat
I know the clothes are clinging to my body rolls
I know I have a muffin top
I know that I have to shop in the "big" section

Because my body was never good enough
And in those rare moments when it was enough for me
Someone would make my confidence
Crash to the ground

Even if I like the clothes
Even if I like shape
My body will always fail for being
"too big"

If I stop eating, will it be enough?
If I go to the gym until I faint, will it be enough?
If you can see my ribs, will it be enough?
When will I be enough for you ...

jerelii Sep 2018
The society
always have something to say
whether big or small

They will pick you up
Even if you never did wrong
They will do something

About how you speak,
how your actions define you
It always matter

To them, you’re nothing
But in God’s eyes, we belong
to love and be kind

To share one’s beauty
Be grateful for what’s in there
enough and content

Not wanting for more
Because it can only form
destruction, greed, pride

Human can’t value
how much important it is
to feel grateful for

things that can impact
your health, your environment
it can help improve


Whatever sizes
body, heart, mind, perception
you are beautiful

I feel like i need to practice writing haiku
and i challenge myself to write haiku everyday.
Hopefully, I can do this!

Sept 12,2018
Mystic Ink Plus Sep 2018
On every visit
I was encouraged
To burn more

XL to L
L to M

I feel great
Sense of achievement

Easier to breathe
Easier to move
Genre: Clinical Inspirational
Theme: On Global Obesity Trend
Laura Sep 2018
When you hold me
I forget to be insecure
About my size
About my numbers
About my body
I forget to worry
About my lumpy thighs
About my jiggly tummy
About my pudgy arms
You stroke each limb
And kiss every inch
As if none of it matters
As if you don't care
That I'm fat
You aren't afraid to touch
My cellulite
My bumps
My pudge
The things
Nobody else wanted
Nobody else would touch
Nobody else saw as desirable
You touch them
You hold them
You kiss them
You make love to them
You flat out love them
Because for some reason
You don't care
mari Sep 2018
i am so tired,
i am so grand.

i am so broken,
on earth and on land.

i am so empty,
i am so full.

i am overflowing,
against the ocean’s pull.

i am so fragile,
i am so free.

i am everything
i thought i could be.
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