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Steve Page Oct 15
There's power in skinny
In lithe
In nimble
There's beauty in less
In straight
In narrow
There's strength in slight
In gangly
In graceful
There more to be said
For a fresh look at spatial

There's beauty in buxom
In curves
In convex
There's comfort in contours
In creases
In waves
There's strength in stout
In plump
In physical
There much more to be said
For a fresh look at spatial
We come in all strengths and sizes.
neth jones Jul 2020
the heat
observation :

the hummingbirds in flight
are small
like darting beetles

the beetles in flight
are large
like slow whapping hummingbirds

i am pulled
by my mulling
and a dose
of applauded nature :

it wasn't that long ago that the dragonfly
had the wingspan of an Andean Condor
and the menace of a military drone

it wasn't that long ago that a common houseplant
could provide refuge
for The Swiss Family Robinson

in the future
when the blue whale
and other sea monstrosities
are extinguished
could a wolf or polar bear
happily adorn
a fashionable businessman's breast pocket ?

in slumber nonsense
summer eve
and the heat
i am a microbe and a behemoth

a comfort experience
Diksha Prashar Jun 2020
If; I could I ask god a question?
I would definitely seek,
Why does my skin matter?
And, not myself belief.
My soul on least
Pedestrian of society’s ladder,
Black or brown
#onlyskin matter;
Deciding my fate
Black: bad guy with guns
Brown: not enough to be human
White: that’s all matter
Fairer skin; which everyone envy and believe
Soul: a mighty myth
To be social savvy;
But, did it save?
Another one died
#GeorgeFlyod R.I.P

Who set theses standards?
Every skin matter inspite of its colour,
Hail the flag of equal belief,
Skin is just colour
Not, character you wore
God graced us better;
Be a human for once.
Really sorry, we have come to this.
your skin in not your identity, its just how god made you?
and when such act is done , it's just a foul play in human nature, hindering what is meant to be human? so please dont discriminate.
every life matters not skin
I once
was a
tad yet
a little
smaller than
I was  
then a
man in
the madness
of the
heat I'd
foresee them
this tweet
or subsistence
was spite
that onsite
demagoguery triumph
Nat Lipstadt Mar 2018
texas blondes shotgun size

hurricanes can’t survive where northern boys rule,
it is just a national geographic magazine truth,
everybody knows the slow frenetic taking is a compromise,
my tongue parachutes inside the dome and the soft down
comforter is on the floor in the hotel room with a view of
fifth avenue and central park and the occasional glance outside,
a landing zone for the  V-day parapoets

room service delivers in god’s love we trust.
i teach you my mastery and you laugh
texas blonde shotgun size

is that the best you got
and I laugh
cause we don’t got hurricanes in manhattan
unless they are man made
and the shower handle won’t turn us off

in what time zone is it am4:29
and you feed me verses like long legged spaghetti lines,
and i say too fast too fast and you say too bad too bad
northern boy
that how texas blondes shotgun size write poems

fictitious delicious
Arthur Blank Sep 2019
To the humble ant,
A blade of grass is a tree,
In a vast forest.
A Haiku.
nick armbrister May 2019
Percy owned a big sword as tall as him and sharp as Hell
It was big and black and perfectly crafted
Just like something else closer to home
Forged in the depths of Hell by the best artisans
Now Percy owned the sword and he was boss
King of the block who nobody ****** with
He chopped off heads left and right
And lopped off ***** front and back
He gave neighbourhood defence a new meaning
His sword provided safety to all his buddies
Nobody sold drugs or stole cars
After meeting Percy and his tool
There was something about it
It was the length and blackness of it
Two attributes associated with something else
For even a BBC was limited in power and ******
When compared to Satan's own sword
Now in the care of humble Percy
Or was it the other way round?
Sword and man as one...
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