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It's like a dark cloud weighing on my conscience
What a cliche thing to say in a world full of dark clouds

For all my transgressions, I beg forgiveness from the eye that sees all.
For when I am called upon by the looker
To be judged for all my doings
I will be forced to look through the face of judgement
And recognize that the truth is sanctioned in the balance of the universe
And the balance is scaled politely on the shoulders of giants
That scoure the Earth in search of gold hearts and diamond tear drops
Leaving behind nothing more than bleak hopes and dreams casted out into the darkness of nothing.
The giants,
They fight.

They live their life blind,
Blind to those below.
Blind to the fights we have fought,
Blind to the pain we keep,
And yet they say they know.

We speak of what we think,
We speak of what we know.
We tell of how we take the blow.
They listen not.
And yet they say they know.

So we hide.
We hide the things we feel,
We hide the things we think.
Hide the wounds we dont want seen.
Let them think they know.

So inside it stays.
We fight and it grows.
So we grow and grow.
We are the giants.
Now we know.

The fights we fought,
Those we did forget.
So we forget and fight,
Fight and forget.
No one really knows.
Louis Arevat Dec 2019
Thought formed from the boundless
The Word become flesh and
The World was created and maintained by the Word
God spoke so it happened
Man fell to Assiah.

Adam the more he spoke and named
The animals upon land, air, and sea
The more causes with their combinations
Resulted in sinfulness
A greater distance from the original fall
It is unwise to talk.

If the units of a building were analyzed
A builder's craft would be evident
If a philosopher speaks it is first that he thinks
Then may he ramble
Unless he be divinely inspired as by a daimon or a god
Only then would there be no thought but only words spoken.

It is dangerous to abandon the search for
Truth once sought after
Your mind would not have rest.

You blink and cannot see for an instance
With closed eyes you are deemed blind
But when kept close you will see
Through said blindness
The rest will call you a fool because of that blindness
That first perverted your eyes
You may repeat three thousand times
That you can see but to no avail
None will believe.

Only then will you search after God
His Heavenly servants are few
The Just souls above us are not dead
But alive
The adversary cannot touch their souls
Angels may visit us
We cannot visit them.

How my heart rejoices
When I remember the divinely inspired words,
'Unknowingly some have given repose to angels'
Why do you not understand that from the first breath to the last death it is His Word that maintains all?

Of this war many souls are at stake
There are living men and women who will become Saints
Martyred upon an upside down stake
My enemies stop at nothing
There is a part for me too
It is time for me to put on my armor of God
To take out my sword which is the Word.

My enemy is the true adversary
Satan shall come to you posed as God
His reason was sufficient to destroy my heart's long
I awoke but I am still asleep.

Their false prophets begin with their audience
The Devil's servants want to go upstairs
They cannot.

Now they say Giants will invade
They lie! ! !
God rebuke thee
Giants from outer-space
They are the profane
You do not have to be in Rome
to talk to the Pope.

You do not have to be in Hades
To dance with Satan
You do not have to be in Heaven
To dine with Saints.

Jesus reached level fifty
To be the witness of his birthright
I cannot be silent
You that read this are not mine enemy
You are far too weak
Jesus at fifty changed everything
Thirty Three upon his brow
X at Bethlehem
Ten Archangelic Rulers
AIN SOPH was upon the cross.

How can it be?
Do not call my name
Do not talk to me
Do not befriend me
Do not give me your filthy meal
Do not say 'sorry it was my mistake'
Do not defend me
Do not worry about me
Do not love me
Do not think of me.

You are not my enemy
But even less my friend
I will fight to the death
With a T upon my forehead
You have demonstrated your alliance
I want nothing of you but can only pray for you
You have not betrayed me but God
Stop acting like you're righteous
As if you were as wise as Solomon.

It is now clear upon my mind
I am a servant of Heaven
And you a dog that just eats bread crumbs.
Jake Welsh Nov 2019
a pause, rested against the mill hopper
behind the glass of an eye

these empty mornings
climb through a mindful shell- as passes a gust by bare branch

distant looming giants wade freely tantamount to possibilities
in the house of both existence and not
they flow before us like gods
from "salve" 2019
available @:
P13 Nov 2019
the humans ignore me,
day and night they let me be,
but today, one of them, acting so unusual,
walked up to me casually.

raven-haired and midnight eyes,
questioning me with one that was a surprise,
who are you, he asked me, eyes narrowing.
moments later, no answer and time flies.

i asked him, are you not scared?
he stood frozen still as i stared,
of course not!
he haughtily declared.

i snorted and guffawed,
i wanted to applaud,
but alas, i cannot as my hands are tied behind my back.
i said to him that he is human and that he is flawed.

i could really see steam coming out of his ears,
and i couldn't help but give him my bestest of sneers.
it is true that I am imperfect, he said,
but I work with my blood, sweat, and tears.

before I could answer, though, i could see the sun rising.
i ignored the human and continued walking, my powers waning.
as soon as i looked away, the urge to turn around compelled me.
i looked back and saw that he was never really a human being.
i don't really know if this is even a cliffhanger or not, it's just up to y'all viewers. it's pretty confusing in my opinion. anyways, have a good day/afternoon/evening  :)
Rowan May 2019
It stood among no giants, no towers, no mountains.
Heedless to the wind, scattered without waving stalks and rusted leaves,
it chose to fall where it could not.
Jaded, perhaps, but not without sterling hands crafted to bellow.
A smattering of elbows chastised the woodpeckers pecking.
Ephemeral? Beautiful? Sober? Lassitude?

It fell among no gorges, no ravines, no swale.
Heedless to the rain, swamped in a dell without sliver streams,
it swelled up above the ratty woven sails.
Coarse, perhaps, but feather flew, vying for sky.
A copse of whitebark pine pillaged no battalions.
Mauve? Tender? Empyrean? Redolent?

It pattered among no small sorts, no ant hills, no chambers.
Heedless to the duke, sabotaged without sword, spear, stone,
it swallowed a hive of rabbits in no fields.
Desultory, perhaps, but not with quintessential ripples bent in space.
A harrowing panacea flourished in spindles of florid bristles.
Sempiternal? Susurrous? Honeyed? Irascible?

It churned among no whirlpools, no pots, no frosting.
Heedless to the maelstrom, sluicing in a myriad of slanted lanterns,
it chose to lure where it could not beguile.
Laconic, perhaps, but not without furtive gallows smoldering.
A candelabra of viridian mire spies spied genteel dragonflies.
Enormity? Enmity? Vestigial? Switchback?

It stood among nothing.
It stood enervated.  
It stood.
Samreena Lodhi Dec 2018
I wish there was a magical ground
   where centaurs would heal
   and to protect the land
   some giants to surround
   Thestrals as a traveling mean
   Golems to follow my command
   sphinxes to fulfill my demand
   some sylphs gatherings
   and mermaids to fill the air
   with their melodious voice
   unicorns with their freedoms
   to bring the brightness to this world
A M Ryder Aug 2018
We wanted to be bulletproof
MC's with M-16's and enough money to buy our freedom from the very same blocks we bragged about in our verses
We weren't hypocrites, we were just literate in the language of loss
We weren't rich, but we knew some people were and that they seemed to laugh a lot more often.
I don't laugh all that often anymore..
I'm not sure when we forgot that we were giants
It takes me to a place
I've been before
A land of giants, legends
gods and lore

Pulling me into
the darkest light
to guide my spirit
to Supernova bright

I shunned the hand
that's always spoken
for my soul...
to lead a so-called proper life

But now it screams
as I open my eyes:
to a meaning, a purpose,
a gift... my life
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