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Samreena Lodhi Dec 2018
I wish there was a magical ground
   where centaurs would heal
   and to protect the land
   some giants to surround
   Thestrals as a traveling mean
   Golems to follow my command
   sphinxes to fulfill my demand
   some sylphs gatherings
   and mermaids to fill the air
   with their melodious voice
   unicorns with their freedoms
   to bring the brightness to this world
A M Ryder Aug 2018
We wanted to be bulletproof
MC's with M-16's and enough money to buy our freedom from the very same blocks we bragged about in our verses
We weren't hypocrites, we were just literate in the language of loss
We weren't rich, but we knew some people were and that they seemed to laugh a lot more often.
I don't laugh all that often anymore..
I'm not sure when we forgot that we were giants
aubergine Nov 2017
last night i dreamt in one hundred years—or maybe Tuesday
(something close to an emotional green) with my wings, green-wings, solid feet,
a ****** of crows, & bluebird things

a thing lives inside of me: a barnacle surface, broomy orange, windy love, a natural disaster—i think a hurricane

between **** and between gators, these origins of sweets from a great war, helium-ballooned a golden crown into my iron bear mussels

a november cliff forged a giant's causeway; crystals bestowed on the honeywells, a giant's love of separation—we are all a salmon skin,
a fiery light, limestone a buck and a half in our sour grasps

last night i dreamt i saw the giants
they roared like lions, crushed ghost shrimp with their feet and laid their moss
inside of my navel where i used to hide rivers

a thing lives inside of me: it crashes, wrinkles into a beast, grimaces an Oedipal song, plays Saturn games, it rings
sailor presley
Evi Dent Halo Sep 2017
"Micro-organisms are the most powerful force known to man.

Everything relies on these tiny creatures,

And even us, the giants of the climates-

Are subject to a cold wind of a virus."




Control every activation-

Watch the electronics-

Spawn and stuff,

Primordial goo is gruff.


Enough fist-i-cuffs

It's rough.


Every expression, hides a smaller organism

Smiling and fizzling.



We are controlled every hour.

We are the wretches...


Half smiles, packed with germ styles

It's sick.

It's just the way we function- on top of the garbage pile.


Grasp for the notion-

Emotion is an ocean

Grasp the notion-

Emotion's in commotion.


It's the essence of a penned hand,

Every letter is different,

that forms un-same words.

The chromosomes that form us-

We are entitled to so much corruption.


Bold faced lie-

It's agonizing, trying to fight

Having raging black mold

Conformation in cleaning out our insides.


But I smile...

My teeth crawling with it,


Carry as I speak."
FINV "Backtearia." v4 (7/3/17-7/22/17)
-by Evi D. Halo
Donna Jun 2017
running through forest
bending trees by there big legs
giants run wild

ravens sing warnings
there black wings spiral downwards
making people look

the sun leaves only
a tiny gap through grey clouds
to watch this event

with hammers in there
clumsy hands the giants seek
a rare golden bird

full of wisdom and
light and a life fit for kings
this bird holds the key

but if put in wrong
hands wisdom will turn to greed
and light will turn dark

hiding upon a
distant cloud , its magical
powers safely kept

stamping there feet in
temper the giants angered
many sleeping gods

leaves began to fall
ghosts stepped away from graveyards
time stood very still

tree roots began to
creep furiously along earth land
bounding giants feet

angels flew down to
earth heroically singing  
a victory song

horses draped in smooth
ebony pulled each giant
up to highest sky

raindrops pelted down
somersaulting on pavements
celebrating joy

once in a while
the giants throw down hailstones
in there caged chambers


i paused for just a
while whilst sitting in car , then
reality hits me

traffic lights turn green
i gave an awkward smile at
my imagination
It just Fictional story but love imagination was inspired by watching trees sway in wind and the sun shinying through clouds whilst on way to my chalet earlier today **
Steve May 2017
Fire cannot **** a dragon
Hope can't fill an empty wagon

The night is dark and full of terror
Talons tear and punish error

When giants bend their knees
And the wind hides in the trees

Dragons cut the sky
In search of innocents to fry.
Aaliyah Montaque Dec 2016
Fi, Fu, Fo, Fum
We may look of some of ****
We be giant
We be strong,
And for that fear is of hold

Did you hear the story of Erick,
With Jack uphold up to terror
We have fall to those of parish
But we still ****** of English herds.

For those who think, Jack was the end
Your wrong see
Just a new leader will need.

We may fall
And we may rise
But to say to English
Hope is as gone.

For we giants
And you are small
For we well crush you with our big palm.

One more traitor is all we need,
To wear the crown of some of Erick.

The crown our king,
For we show bow.

Fi, Fu, Fo, Fum
We want the taste of English ****.
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