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Glowed swelling, glimmering into
Neptune’s fantasies, frenzied
Splintered mad with sweltering gems
Shaking the summer from our hair
Dreams falling like stardust into the ravine
As the earth said “anything can be, anything can be...”
a woo in LA
is Ali in Maja
when She is a quaker
with a model fashion
when she's dire though in **** of a law
a personal kingdom comes to harness
her in this freeway
and succumb with hot entrance theirs
that matter in the end

and strengthen those wakes that rose in Corinth
in the days of yore those hours split the Red Sea
If brothers in Egypt keep their Windsor Chair
near the field of wheat so Nile rye our hippopotamus has kept a fold
in the roll of nature only witness of love ferment the time in rickshaw
a note on fredom
Kathleen Jul 21
Sometimes you wake up and your plans for the week have burned down.
You find the owners of the buildings got into a fistfight,
blaming each other for its destruction and were arrested.
I guess that means we can check it off the list of things to say goodbye to.
Time to renegotiate and go for something like that hole in the wall pizza joint with all the awards on the wall.
Time to kayak on the only part of the LA River that isn't concrete.
a vain
man's epithet
sought her
there that
was in
awe of
a shaker
and aspire
and multiply
from rudiments
of mistress
to shade
her posey
in a
crochet in
a second
sequel hoy
Justin Zheng Jan 5
are you a small baller?
one who hides, meek, in the shadow of his own father?
who's ambitions is controlled by none other?
than the king known as LaVar Baller?
no small ballers tonight
alex Dec 2018
the misty skyline at 11am was what did it
there were also the neon lights
flashing a few blocks uphill
the silhouettes of palm trees
and the smell of gasoline and churros
one couple behind me speaking russian
and a group in front speaking spanish
stepping on the stars
and capturing moments in the sky
those big block letters on the mountain
and also the rest of the mountains
the picturesque hanging lights
and dimly lit restaurants
the balconies and the bustling crowds
panhandlers with their money’s worth
and a nighttime energy to die for
but it was the misty skyline at 11am that did it
this truly is the city of angels
and i am among the stars
los angeles, california. i’m having the time of my life. it is so beautiful and breathtaking. it truly was the skyline from the observatory. i love it here.
Simone Gabrielli Feb 2018
The dangerously glamorous life of Chateau Marmont, where everybody is racing at an incredible speed. Velvet nights fraught with promise and mystery under large canyon moons. Skinny dipping in the heated saltwater pool, bodies dripping wet, in the privacy of palm trees, old Hollywood charm in swaying leaves fanned across the indigo sky, as we dangled over the city. Parties in the hidden bungalows, punctuated by pinot grigio and mescal mules, in and out of bedrooms and beds and clothes. ******* on hands, car keys forgotten, I tore your silk shirt as you threw it off the bed.
Diana Garcia Jun 2018
You in the mirror stand up straight
Stand tall, don’t ******* cower
You have the ability to devour
Turn that rage that’s kept you in a cage into drive, there’s more to life than having to survive.
There’s that awkward moment between birth and death..
You can be a mess
You can the best
What matters is that you breathe
Till that last breath
Remember to sing when that light above starts gleaming
Remember to embrace love when it feels like you’re dreaming
Remember each bygone sings a different song
It’s not about who has what, the bad or the wrongs..
You can rub the Buddha’s belly and wish for good fortune
Or get all mad and jelly cause you didn’t get the same portion.
You can **** god and pull on the breaks
Or you can shut the **** up and join the ranks
Hear no, say no, see no, be no ******* evil
Build up and grow, best of luck
Pain and suffering, let it all go..
The more you feed the ******* that makes you bleed..
the less likely you’ll be freed
Come by and sit with me
Bring a friend or two or three
see the change you want to be
Let’s eat some ******* cheese
**** together im harmony
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