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Joanna Jul 23
A squirrel found passage on a telephone wire
a bird lost a feather and did not grow tired. 

While the sky found a kaleidoscope of color,
another, lost the blues this summer night, 

and then found joy in hidden delight. 

For just beyond the horizon where mysteries 
unfold, and there are adventures to behold. 

The eagle as he soars, the butterfly on his way,
it's all in the process that forms a new day.
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Yaser Apr 18
That which you see
with your third eye
Is that not the way
the spirit dies?

Not for an age
now have I seen
the dead that now
watch over me

Which way which way
can one turn?
For the eternal paths
I seek and yearn
lie awake
aways so far
and sit scorched with brimstone,
blood and char

Where new meets old
and the old, arcane
Strange as the sound
of unfell rain

Aeons pass
and aeons weave
even so as
the deepest seas

Death and dread,
a misty gloom
may one day come
to plague us soon

Be born within
but die without
as you watch the tormented
twist about

and to that which you see
with your third eye
be warned and be told
that the spirit lies...
B Sonia K Mar 1
Fortified with a lust for life
Twirling in this velvety taste of wine
Compressed in between squeezing bodies
On a fast pace through this rough road

Strange entanglement unraveling
Unbridled thoughts ceased in synchronicity
Captured in this twist of fate
Surrounded by unaligned thoughts
Moving in opposite directions

Together, our thoughts we amassed,
Lost in retrospect,
Minds occupied with past journeys
Travails we overcame,
Swimming through muddy waters
Our dreams almost blinded us

Absorbed into ever-glowing possibilities
A push, pull or spiral
Some to revealing lascivious desires
Previously dampened by propriety

Choices made and yet unmade
With unpredictable certainties
Picking up piece by piece
Dreams broken
And ideas torn in shreds
Lounging around in incalculable distance
In the aftermath of explosive criticisms

Drenched in the scent of maturity
Gold passes through fire
And we come out whole
An upsurge of determination
Aligned with our creative juice
And may the best ideas win.
Seanathon Feb 21
The more aware you are of time
The more infuriating it's implicating becomes

Who would want immortality here?
In this halfway house
I do not know?

Yet he who keeps his calm doesn't know, but enjoys the most
Of this life....
Shofi Ahmed Feb 10
Sometimes a dark alleyway
is not just a passing passage.
Like a long haul shadow
it stays on down the moon.
Ayush Bajpai Jan 27
Through the way, the time has enlarged, months, years and decade.
We see a lot and feel a little less and that too fade.
Carving out embroidery of kindness to the walls of deeds and causing crevices to be made.
A pile of sweetness but a pinch of bitterness; the latter is remembered, I am afraid.
Carry on those shivering of love in the cruelty of hate, for which we passed the time and paid.
The memories keep coming down the lane, some are beautiful and some are making somebody too dead.
More or less, what matters is to be remembered in any of the ways, but let it be for 'my' sake, make the sweetness too much not the bitterness, cause that to an extent so it cannot be gauged.
elle Nov 2018
the pursing of brown lips
Earth as she inhales
feet which prance quietly across
the folding of pink hands

corners of a dark room, melt
by candle
billowing shadows
cast and crowded into Darkness,
who is holding hands with

embrace of opposites
stark and subtle dance together
a fluid

one being, like a river

undeniably roaring

Such is the transience of anger and
flightiness of love

who call upon us
even in the scarcest of moments
Harrison Leland Oct 2018
I woke up on the same bed but the room was different. It was no longer cold, or loud. The room itself had no end. Death opened the door where a doctor once stood. Light shined through as death gestured towards it. But I was too scared to move. The light was peaceful and it did in fact call to me. But it was fear of the unknown as most of us feel. Death however I did not fear. He was sinister looking and cloaked in darkness but thats how humans created him to look. We wish to fear death but he is not the villain. He grants us peaceful passage into the next life. Death sat next to me on my bed. He told me to look into the light and not to fear it. For it is another journey. I climbed out, lighter than I had ever been. My spirit floating alongside death. I passed through the door and was blanketed in white. I look back and death waves. I wave back as I'm enveloped in the light
In the shadow of it all he said "The passage may be hard, but the arrival is worth the pain, so don't resist it", still I tremble. Time it ticking as moments are slipping, my heart beats faster as I long to accept this dream as reality, Death wishes to embrace me. In cold sweat I wake. Breath in, breath out, calm down, this is the end and the beginning.
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