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Nylee Oct 8
It is the night time
Owl's eyes look right at mine
the eerie silence fills in
But I look away first, coyly look back,
Keep gazing eye to eye
I'm hoping to grow wise overnight
Star BG Oct 6
The Owl
it hoots gracing highways of night air.
It whispers as caretaker of the tree lined forest,
that vibrates below starry sky.

Melodies penetrates even the ant
who gains shelter under leaf to be rocked to sleep.
Sounds expand as aliens in earths space take notice.

The owl it shares voice releases blessings
in manors of sagacious keenness
with eyes fixated
ready to gather pray.
Its crystal ball eyes become like globe carrying wisdom
for those night creatures seeking psychic visions.

The owl
gift of Mother Gia destined to in-hanse ears
for perhaps a poetic tune  to be born.
Born to stir a thought opened
inside the mind of sleepless night.
Inspired by Hirondelle truly a gift to this site and me.
leo arden Aug 26
silent is the night,

for the creatures of day

in this kingdom of shadow

are with eyes shut tight.

all but the lone,

the restless in the sky,

searching; observing;

soaring high and high.

all but the owl,

alone in the night.
in this kingdom of shadow, only owls are nocturnal. ;)
teju Jul 21
When the world is fast asleep
Amidst the silence out there
There's someone who stays wide awake
Lying on the bed
With the glowing mobile screen beside
Enjoying the music with plugins
Gazes at the gleaming beauty of the moon through the window
And wondering
how's life's going to be...
Starts the Day of the Night Owl!
As a monotheist
Supernatural events
Were easily explained
Good = miraculous = God
Bad = devilish = Lucy


As an atheist,
Supernatural events
Did not happen


As a polytheist
Supernatural events
Do happen
But with
JT Nelson Jun 5
Owl asking his endless question
Outside my childhood window
Between he and I, an oval
A Tot Finder sticker
I had nightmares it
Would be put to use

Moonlight striking the countryside
Gave a light glow as if the sun
Were on a dimmer switch
Slight shadows of trees
Lay gently on the lawn
Stars tried hard to be noticed
I have vivid memories of my youth.and my surroundings ... I love my room and the view out over our backyard on the edge of town.
Straight ahead. I go just forward. On the side I see a bunny and the fox.
Wolf and owl sit on the road. Waving with the paws.
But I just go ahead. I just go ahead. What a h... is going on? I just go to home.
Humor, not crazy, not drunk, not see hallucination, not high. regular human with humor and fantasy
By M May 6
I watch the night owl
Soaring over the night
She effortlessly flies
Untouched by all
Lesser creatures
watch her glide
as night falls with


Silent wingbeats
alert none to her presence.
All respect
I once had a dream of flying. I cried when I woke up because it was the life I knew I could never have.
Read the separate words vertically.
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