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Have you considered the owl?
Excluded from days
like a diabetic warned off fudge

Is the carob of night enough?
Sure, it’s dark, possibly smooth
and those tasty rodents move there

But look at the day
with a head that can turn right round
you’d see every rotten thing

Every bad stroke and selfishness,
every creaky knee and thumb
in clarity, loud

Oh to be the owl
Green twisted in bone
Moss growing on stone
The forest floor overgrown
Tree's groan and moan
A predator on its own
It makes its presence known
Its scars are clear and shown
Letting out a long howl
It continues its prowl
With a low growl
Overhead warns an owl
On this quiet night
The moon shines bright
Watching the fight
Blood shining in the light
Snowbird in the snow
Two unique creations

Part 1

White  owl white and pure
Sits and watches .....
falling snow. Quietly.
Snowflakes created uniquely
White, light and heavenly.
Falling down in winter frequently
It was then.....
Snowowl was born silently

Beautifully unique,
don’t know what to say.....
Both Precious creations
Natures art all the way


Spread your wings
white bird and fly
high into the night and thrive
fly up while snowflakes are  falling down , falling down, falling down!
sky’s own created diamonds .

Majestic bird of wonder
Created so divine
Wings like from  an angel
White as snow so fine

Part 3

When you look up into
and  watch skies  falling diamonds.
While Snowowl  flying winter high
You’ll see a precious painting,
on this  blue canvas called the sky
And God our holy painter .

Nature is like art, no is art!!!
I should be like an Owl

Using nightfall appropriately

Should be scribbling

Painting my words

My fingers should be in a hustle to finish a page

And page after page

The walls if it runs out

Further the air around, as a medium to write and to share

Discovering myself

Finding myself amidst words

Taming myself the way I want

Grammars are paid less heed

Expressing myself  in a free verse

Leaving my traces

Leaving a legacy

Leaving a part of me

Through what I scribble
Sean Achilleos Dec 2020
Ek is 'n alleen vlieënde uil
Ek ry op die rug van die wind
Niemand kan my hou nie
Niemand kan my vang nie
Ek lei 'n nagtelike lewe
Vol misterie
Deur die dag slaap ek
En ek **** ... ek **** nogal baie
Ek sit hier bo in my boom
Ek kyk af op die mensdom
Dom is omtrent die woord
Ek wonder hoeveel wysheid julle het
Ek wonder of julle weet *** groot 'n gebrek aan wysheid julle het
Dan in die stilte van die nag sing ek hoo hoo
Om die bygelowiges en die klein gelowiges te rattle
Veral wanneer ek op hulle huis se dak gaan sit
Dadelik skreeu hulle ... Iemand gaan dood!
Dan lag ek lekker in my vlerk vir die klomp simpel goed
Wat hieronder my rond skarrel ... Aih julle klomp liggelowige
My oë kyk deur julle
En ek weet dat julle my nie verstaan nie
*** kan julle tog ... Nooit!!!
Ek bly verre weg van die mens en die dom
Wat net wil moor en vernietig ... Di's julle natuur
Ek hou my een kant ... Want ek is een kant
Written by Sean Achilleos / 28 December 2020
clmathew Dec 2020
When heaven turns from light to dark
the substance remains the same
but the sense of it changes.

What was just clearly seen
now shadows only hint at
ghostly outlines of mouse giants.

Now the moon with her varied phases
rules the shaded depths
in this time of her dominion.

The petals of the moss rose
curl up in close surrender
bereft of the sun's bright light.

That which was bold
curls up under evergreens
to sleep on a bed of pine needles.

Owls pierce the night sky
derisive of the night-blind masses
as they dive for their just rewards.

All waits for the heavens
to turn back once again
from dark to light.
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