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Poetress2 Apr 13
An Owl on a branch,
with 20\20 vision,
stalking her dinner.
Stephen James Mar 20
beneath starry night
from the throne of shrouded tree
the owl's question rings
a haiku
sunprincess Mar 9
“Outside the outermost outer limits
Of this humongous bubble of creation
lies nothing”
Spoke a gnarled tree of ancient yore

“Not exactly true” says a young snow owl

“On the other side of nothing
stands our crystal palace, proud and tall
Home of our respected king and snow owls
Both young and old”

Moments later after some time and thought

Tree of ancient yore cleared his throat
And quietly spoke
“Hmm,Young snow owl,
You’ve given me no real solid proof
How am I to believe?”
StoryTallinn Feb 17
Owl screaming in the night
Bears looking for a fight
At the end of the path
Near the lake, a cottage

There I will rest
Healing my feet
In the chimney
Fire burning bright

When morning comes
With no danger in sight
Then, I will carry on
Building my own freedom

mini boon
got you
so soon
this lit'l
boo to
suit and
end the
blues with
petunias that
bloom with
smoke in
their room
and nocturn
with owl
matin was
in the
red house
Louis Verata Jan 29
Don't just make rhymes
Express what is inside
Darkness or light
Who could know
But Time.

I heard of a man who could not cry
And so got old, cursed
Heaven and Hades for not feeling
A tear turn dry.

It was said that once he died
His spirit explored the Earth
Its dirt and he wanted to be a bird
To sing of his life that did not know pain.

So a bird he became and as he sang
His tale was not subscribed by the skies
O beware of gadflies in disguise
Devastated he realized that he felt pain
It felt great
He fell to the plains into a swoon
Later his eyes grew wide
Metempsychosis of the mind
The owl a reflection he saw from up high.
Katelyn Billat Dec 2018
Deep in the forest
In the dead of night,
The breeze howls.
"Hoo, hoo" echos through the trees.
A low roar is heard after.
Followed by another hoo.
A call of love perhaps?
How odd.
The owl has fallen in love
With a lion.
How odd.
The lion has fallen in love
With an owl.
Wisdom and courage.
What a team
That could destroy each other so easily.
For desire runs deep
In both set of bones.
The odd pair,
So off balance.
Owl longs to fix it,
Lion longs to give it to the breeze.
Let it flow gently,
So that it may fix itself.
Lion knows of the potential danger.
Lion does not run from a broken heart.
Owl, impatient
Longing for perfection.
Lion, careless
Longing for thrill.
Perhaps they could learn a lot
From each other.
Not so odd at all.
Lady Ravenhill Dec 2018
Frigid wintertime
A northern, feathered owl floats
whilst watching the mouse
© LadyRavenhill 2018
Haiku 67
Girard Tournesol Nov 2018
. . . there's a path that could not have been
can't be but shall be seen by wise eyes 
all seeing all knowing belonging to you 
yet not you in some form sideways 360
nonexistence up safe in a tree perched 
on the brink a vast ethereal forest 
nocturnal wide-eyed visionary
A tribute to  poet Byron Hoot.
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