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Oct 29 · 508
From Hell
Crucifix Oct 29
The streets have begun to settle, the lights are getting dim. The clouds roll in like shadows, the songs have turned to sin.
Where were the heroes on high? Where were the stories they told? The sun has sank into the graves with the heroes of old.
Oct 13 · 803
Solar Sails
Crucifix Oct 13
Bloated solar systems draw sharp ships aloft its great celestial sea. I am battered and broken by the shift the storm sends my body adrift. But I seek to float and be rebuilt by constellations consolidating soulful songs so sight full that a bright star might sink into my orbit and maybe I could catch some light and absorb it.
I feel like I’ll never find the love I’m looking for
Jun 2020 · 390
Crucifix Jun 2020
Everyone I ever loved never loved me back or loved me too late. Everyone I ever loved only loved to wait.
Faith, I’m lost and found. Waiting to be claimed from beneath the ground. I want a love that you can’t satiate.
I want a soulmate.
Iv had this time stuck in my head that I felt I should put lyrics to
Crucifix Aug 2019
The winter worn man
And the Star kissed girl
She rained her crystalline pearls, like feathered petals from another world, and the winter worn man felt cold in his hand, and warm in his heart as she danced the heavens under clouded dark.

From above on angel slides, lights of heavens cutting wide, he would rather stay in the shadow today. Watch her dance and sway and play, And pray to god for light on another day. When stars don’t descend on weightless air, and get trapped in her Star kissed hair.
Crucifix Jul 2019
“Errant knight, and samurai, man of god left to die, by sword and sorcery we fix his body to this crucifix. By storm of blade and blade of bone. He will stand a man regrow. When the hour draws late, he will shatter swords of fate and bring dark heavens crashing down. In his wake I pray the lord your souls he takes. To burn your evil with the might of excalibur so bright. The crucifix will rise again and usher in evils end.”
So I wrote this for a comic book I’m writing. It’s going to be pretty awesome when I can get it published. Am pretty proud of it.
Jul 2019 · 481
Cyberlight andromeda
Crucifix Jul 2019
Kiss me cyberlight andromeda. Twist salt and sea to fluorescent foam.
Her gaze can rubble rocks, sand sandstone, and grind granite.
Lamplit soul where did you go?
Cold clandestine callous kindness broke my beatdown bladed bleeding beating broken heart.
Like the hot hollowness of furnace fire you lift white iron from my head. Steel the sterling silver sword song of sorrowful saints singing soft sonnets into sunless summers. such a silly sin we now suffer for.  
Forlorn lore long lost, like lighting lingering little and limp lashed against the locked lonely light of tinder embers and the soft glow of days end.
Tomorrow torrents torment of tidlewaves, tornados, tempest. Thoughts of thorny thickets thrash thunderously turning tides of mind to thicker thoughts of trepidation.
We sail on.
Just rambling about how amazing this girl is. Never stop searching for love.
Crucifix May 2019
Storm laden eyes, of silk spun lightning.
Baked in hard night, and the warm cold of dream velvet.
Steel blue eyes. In the forests of silver swords they cut wind and wood in their gaze song, Singing silently through me. The frost fire of haunted gold glides nested upon winter kissed skin. Untouched by light. Moonlight dressed midnight saint. Alchemical colidoscope prayer. She is the essence of heavenly hyperspace. She is the princess of the Elysium ethereum.
Which hollow souls fill for.
May 2019 · 505
Lonely fires of faith
Crucifix May 2019
I fall to the lonely fire of faith. The burnout stars of past designs shine there. Lost drowning in the lake of time, soundless effigies hanging in space like crystal lights on Christmas nights.
In tonight we find them in the aftermath of red sky. Tomorrow they faint to draw their blades behind the shields of clouds. Hiding in the thicket of Smaug they still burn there just out of reach. The lonely fires of faith.
Mar 2019 · 436
Moonlight man
Crucifix Mar 2019
You would surprised what breaks you now, by all accounts I am industructable, nothing harms or hurts me.
Nothing bruises or bleeds me. Nothing can stop me, nothing can rob me of what I don’t have. For nothing could hurt me like you. 15 or 24 nothing hurts like before. Before you and your golden hue, my golden haired goddess dressed in blue. My Irish girl. I used to steal the moon for you. Step outside like a movie moment, dance in the rain like we were in the notebook. We lived for night, and wasted our days. Love moon moonlight golden goddess Irish blue sunrays You were made sunsets and warm sundays. That was before the world broke. Now I’m just a lifeless moonlit bloke. I live for night still just to see the stars. I often wonder where you are. Someone else dancing in Sunrays. Who stole away our sundays? Now I’m just a hollow moonlight man.
Apr 2018 · 302
Twilight fire.
Crucifix Apr 2018
Shadows grow like wildfire.  The sun falls short in the dusk hour, witching creatures fill the sky. Flying knighs on black wings bring the darkness with ungodly things. The horrors fill the the haunting hour herald by the twilight fire.
Jan 2017 · 638
The candle light people.
Crucifix Jan 2017
The candle light people.
What ode to them that came before, whose light shown bright before the storm. The candle light people, whose flame so bright, and warm we cherish. To douse the light, means to perish.
Having lots of family live in Brazil I found a term used when describing the elderly, and I think it's quite beautiful but it literally translates in English to "candle light people" seeing as how my great grandmother turned 101 this year I really wrote this because of her
Aug 2016 · 1.3k
Crucifix Aug 2016
I'm standing above the ground, detached and rearranged. Atom bombs are in my brain. So strange.
Electricity tumbling down, but there is no way to touch down. Fear of death keeps me up at night, fear of a thunderstike.
Then the Lightning is in my mind, and I need Someone who won't hide, and who will be my lightning rod.
Mar 2016 · 478
Crucifix Mar 2016
Shallow hearts hold my soul.
Whispered words keep me whole.
In the darkness so alone.
Your my guiding light back home.
Feb 2016 · 1.2k
didnt catch your name.
Crucifix Feb 2016
She asked me what I like to read. Caught a smile when I told her what. She asked me what I like to write. Caught a smile when I told her. She asked me what I listen to and smiled and said the same. Pity I didn't catch her name.
Note to self: If the beautiful girl at Barnes and nobels knows about joss Weadon dr who and the avengers. MARRY HER ON THE SPOT. or at least get her name *******.
Jan 2016 · 529
happiness lost
Crucifix Jan 2016
Sometimes I pretend I can still talk to you. That the voice in my head was sent from on high. That the one I loved never did die. That the dreams of tomorrow, I still somehow dream.. that this endless depression isn't endlessly obscene.
That the pain on my heart  could finally scab.
I sometimes regret all the happiness had. For happiness lost, is like hell for the mad.
Jan 2016 · 541
Crucifix Jan 2016
The math adds up I can't deny. I find most men weren't made to fly. Solid bones pull me down, wingless I still touch the ground. I yearn for something higher.
standing wordless yet repeating my desires. I feel the smoke on my soul, my heart like a coal. My minds a machine, churning out dreams. Unreachable, unreachable, without means I lie still. And hope to find a way to reconstruct my will. So I can float in a apparatus surviving but not striving like every other human being.
Dec 2015 · 575
what poetry says...
Crucifix Dec 2015
Poetry speaks from the soul.
and the soul speaks of who we are.
I know what the words say about you.
Bur what do the words I say about me?
Dec 2015 · 590
Crucifix Dec 2015
I look but never see, stuck in reflections of me. Shadows in the looking glass. Past pasts by so fast. Time retreats to a recluse refuses service to my muse.
How stuck I am in memory, like thunder striking at the sea.
I falter now but when I fall, I hope time will not stall.
Dec 2015 · 778
Men speak
Crucifix Dec 2015
Men speak of evil. How do they know it so? Men speak of the evil that lives down below? They might give it colors and maybe a face? But its only fear standing in its place.
Men speak of angels to oppose devils down below. But they only punish men who knew evil as friend not foe.
Men speak of evil as a man or as a thing. Something that's been given life by a greater being.
Evil is a act, not one of god.
Men may speak of evil but they don't truly understand, evil is committed by the deeds of thy own hand.
no demon will credit himself of you, the evil that you do? That is a choice made by you.
Really ****** me off whenever I hear "I was tempted" or "the devil spoke/tempted me" I'm religious christian but im not crazy. Your choices are your own, quit hiding behind lame excuses and take some Damon responsibility.
Dec 2015 · 3.2k
sky blue eyes
Crucifix Dec 2015
I looked into sky blue eyes, in her spirit a warrior cries. Showering the violet nights with angel beams of sunlight. Cold is the world when they close, the beauty of a budding rose.
Hanging smoke in the air we inhale, but we don't care. we wait again for sky blue eyes, even if at our last goodbyes.
I think blue eyes are so pretty.
Dec 2015 · 610
only then
Crucifix Dec 2015
Only when she leaves. Only when she's lost. Will you come to realize, you are starcrossed.
Dec 2015 · 319
Crucifix Dec 2015
All alone I carve my path in stone. With a blade. And with a bone.
Dec 2015 · 470
Crucifix Dec 2015
We fell like fire, a streaking ball of thunder, and in our slumber we found each other. Twin wicks on a single candlestick burning bright, fighting back the night. How long we will last before we burn our last? How long will we echo through the ground with every loving lasting sound?
A beat, a pound, heartbeats lost and once more found.
Never give up on love.
Dec 2015 · 339
Crucifix Dec 2015
Am I wrong for beliving,  for giving a ****?Racking my brain, throwing a fit? For finding meaning in it all, wanting to live life standing tall? With the whole world burning down? I need some light or I will drown.
Dec 2015 · 763
a black mirror
Crucifix Dec 2015
Ink stains, and wire frames. Shadows dance in my brain. Cotten cashes in my teeth, the demon breath still stinks within.
A single drop for every sin. In the bile reflecting pool, made up of a broken mans drool. Is what is left of what I was before I took the demon buzz.
Nasty stuff.
Nov 2015 · 418
Crucifix Nov 2015
In what I might lack, I'm told. I don't posses a heart of gold, I have no desire to live life in the sun. To be part of a puzzle featuring one.
I seek a duet to beat back the cold, to keep the clock turning and turn dust into gold.
I seek the warmth I've wanted so long. I seek someone to finish my song.
Nov 2015 · 595
a black knight.
Crucifix Nov 2015
A black knight rides, up my spine. Sticks his blade in my mind, then I'm told the fault is mine. That despair should take me heart and soul, and darkness may swallow me whole. Lose the arrow and take me where only hope fills the air.
Nov 2015 · 697
this matters.
Crucifix Nov 2015
The world matters. You matter. What you are doing is important. The life you live is important. What you believe in is important. Who you love, what you like. Who you are. Everything you have been through is important. Even if there is no sense to it. Its important.
Your friends matter, your hobbies. What you write here matters.
Because it is important to you, it is important to me. You matter to someone. Just know that.
Oct 2015 · 627
Crucifix Oct 2015
Passing by you caught my eye, and the moment stayed a second more I herd your name witch I adore, adrift in dreams you visit me. A single fish in a stormy sea, I pray you hear my unconscious plea. Keep me from drowning in animosity, be not a atrocity.
Just say hello
Oct 2015 · 456
Crucifix Oct 2015
My bones are broken yet intact. My head is heavy and my neck is snapped. The bed beckons to my shattered legs. Dreams fill me up and you wrap yourself around me I drift.
Oct 2015 · 316
painted faces
Crucifix Oct 2015
Painted faces in the halls, hanging at the Windows and the walls. Painted faces smiling at me. Tears behind wanting to be set free. Faces all lined up in a row looking but never seeing life below.
The wind picks up and beckons me somewhere I can where a face just for me.
Always be yourself.
Oct 2015 · 645
Crucifix Oct 2015
The colors pop against the page. Thunderous frightening monsters lash, men in tights begins to clash, a thousand cities come crashing down. A thousand worlds end without a sound, bound by a comment goal to portray heroes and villains of old. To make them timeless, to tell our tale, of a simpler time of villains dark and heroes light.
Just a poem about my favorite medium.
Oct 2015 · 355
Crucifix Oct 2015
66 thousand miles per hour. The earth spins on to its final hour, a million light years ahead of me. another bang a final shake stars above us all quake. What was our last mistake? As black matter fills my mind, as a dying light makes me blind. I pray for my salvation. A answer to this lifeless equation.
Sometimes I wonder.
Sep 2015 · 725
Crucifix Sep 2015
There is not a day I don't hear your words, taste the essence of your soul. Watch your heart pump ink through through your mind and paint pictures on your skin. Not a day passes by when god envys the artist under his sky. How they simplify the storms and count colors in the sand. You speak in rhymes and riddles true, music flows beneath you. And not a day passes by when I don't think "your so lovely I could die."
Sep 2015 · 644
Crucifix Sep 2015
Clouded eyes lie broken down. Bloodied broken is the crown, the princess hanged, the prince to blame. Even is the grass untamed. Still he stands alone, against the odds just flesh and bone. "Such hell is this?" He comprehendes, "what evil seeks such ends?" Then he stares into the abyss and sword in hand he charges forth, to tame the grass and reforge the crown. And to keep the sky from crashing down.
Sometimes we all strive to be heroes. Even if its only in a fairytale.
Sep 2015 · 362
Crucifix Sep 2015
Colors paint across the rain, pavement melts into a black-gray stain, the sun goes cold and sky goes dim. The music is the roaring wind, smiles split across the sky lightning laughter, passes by. A tapestry of the untamed, a symphony of wild days, operatic shifting shades. days pass by but it never ends the artistry of gods plan.
Sometimes a walk in the rain is the best therapy.
Sep 2015 · 227
Crucifix Sep 2015
Where would we be if you had stuck with me, a life miles away, hauntingly close. but never apart of what we are or what we should be.
Just putting out my thoughts...
Aug 2015 · 719
Crucifix Aug 2015
I see bullets in the water. Gently floating down, out of sight, not a sound. I see bullets in the water, they float slowly to the ground. Water fills my lungs and slowly I drown.
Children all around come crying at my wake. A single bullet is all my life could take. Dont feel sad when I'm gone, don't even sing along. All ths bullet did for me, was set me free.
yes the bullets in the water.
And you just watched me drown.
Yes there were bullets in the water. But no gun was found.
Sometimes whatever loes beyond is just as compeling as the life you are living.
Aug 2015 · 341
breath easy.
Crucifix Aug 2015
Nothing lights the darkness now, no way to breath no way no how. As I feel the weight crushing me down, I get used to the sound of the silence all around. I go to where you are now weather in darkness or light I follow you now. Breath easy my love we are all death bound.
Crucifix Aug 2015
I'm all bottled up with no where to go. So much to say and no way to say it. I'm so lost at sea, open me up and read me please. Like a telephone on hold forever, a elevator stuck at one level; let me escape this agony. Let me be set free.
let me sing my song, scream all day long, feel a breath in my lungs, exhale the smoke, from yesterday.
Let me find a way to say I'm not okay.
I need someone to talk to...
Aug 2015 · 381
Crucifix Aug 2015
It pours in; in words, sliding under glass. Two headed vipers pinch the corners and pull. The cut widens. I am fierce and force and fire. Salt pours in as blood pours out. Memories so black and stale hang in my mind to haunt and to taunt.
I wash the window red. To look outside but all is dead. The salt makes mummies of us all.
This poem isn't about self harm. But rather self spite and regret.
Aug 2015 · 348
black and blue
Crucifix Aug 2015
My hearts black, my hearts blue. Sunrise against a falling sky. Inverted symmetry in my eyes. Inside out, falling again.
miles and miles of endless shore,
In my heart this is the end. Close my eyes and call me " friend"
Jul 2015 · 371
your orders
Crucifix Jul 2015
Your orders call the rain away. They tell the break of day to stay. They send the live long nights away. They bring the castles crumbling down.
The oceans waves follow suit. Knights in armor stand salute.
The dragons dead on your door.
Shadows don't spring anymore. And on the shores our love stays time, outlasting all but granite and lime.
Just something cheesy I wrote.
Jul 2015 · 433
Crucifix Jul 2015
My dreams lie bare and open.
My house cold and broken. What dreams have gone in the absent wake.
I stumble then I'm still. Memories made on darker moons stir. I rattle between shades of night cloaked until the morning light. Yet still hollow is the pleasure of the sun. The slumberless nights have just begun.
Just the same horrific dream. I hope that's all it is.
Jul 2015 · 997
good men.
Crucifix Jul 2015
A million miles of light between earth and sky.
a million miles of stars before the sun goes by.
A million feet between a line in the sand.
and I'm still not sure where I stand.
A million feet trample the ground. A million muskets like trumpets sound.
this is the moment to stand your ground.
Where a million lives are lost only one martyr is found.
and another star still shines in the sky. A star that stood for good men willing to die.
Jun 2015 · 1.3k
Crucifix Jun 2015
The moon shines cold in the dark hollow, unyielding against the starless abyss. Below iron and neon bellow forth from the rain soaked, pavement.
Silent citizens march quickly through the night, fearfully of the long alleyways that weave their way throughout the shadows.
Fearfull of what the dark might hold.

Screams, laughter. A flash of iron and fire not to far in the distance, death follows the sound as a close friend. Grown men panic scurrying into shadows. A roar of a would be master of men echos into the darkness.

And it echoes on forever. Until the darkness shudders, something twists from liquid to smoke. It whispers warnings in dark tones, fit and full of ill intent. The cold takes hold of the spine, and a shadow descends, black and threatening, blood and bone snap beneath its weight, and death itself retreats in fear of its mighty wings.
It is the guardian of such a place. A immortal soul chained to a mortal coil.
A everlasting spirit of vengeance and the night. Cloaked in the shadow of the bat.
Just for fun gearing up for arkham knight, never realized the lasting effect this character from my childhood had on me
Jun 2015 · 380
Crucifix Jun 2015
The world might be round, but we are in a box. Starry sky's and wishful eyes. We still can't see the locks.
Jun 2015 · 420
Crucifix Jun 2015
It comes lifeless on the wind, then breathes into me. Cold our the bodies before its gentle touch. That quakes the earth beneath. Fills my heart in a wreath of fire, as ravens turn to doves, hatred flows back to doors and is replaced by love.
May 2015 · 1.0k
Crucifix May 2015
Not everyone needs angels. But I know I need mine.
not everyone needs a savior. But all I have is mine.
Ill never force it on you. Or make you say its true.
Just don't ask me to explain myself. I owe nothing to you.
I believe in equal rights. I also go to church. I believe in contradiction or coincidence or faith.
I believe there are other ways to heaven then what's written on a page.
I have religious beliefs that explain how my brain works.
and personal beliefs that explain how my heart works.
May 2015 · 979
Crucifix May 2015
I want to create a home for me, a no mans land where we can be.
A place unhaunted by tragedies past. A place where the good fight, is the only that lasts. Where love trumps evil. And there is nothing to beware.
Where children don't go missing at bus stops. And cops don't come to late.
A place where we don't fear what our neighbors might hide.
A place where justice doesn't break stride.
Where evil has no where to run and no where to hide.
Sometimes I turn on the news. It doesnt make me sad anymore. It makes me angry.
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