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Imprisoned in ice
Winter's eternal snowfall
In hallowed esteem
Haiku 3
Naveen Malhotra Dec 2020
Tintin travellers
Hanky Panky
Revellers on the Ridge
Waiting for snow to fall
On the Mall, Town Hall
Everywhere on Shimla hills
The Ridge wearing
Fluffy white cloak
Under golden rays
Of bright Sun
The Church
Nearer to heaven
Seven to seven
Tintin travellers
Roaming, romancing and dancing
On the Ridge
With bizarre fragrances
Waiting for snow to fall
On the Mall, Town Hall
Everywhere on Shimla hills
Looting the thrill
Footing the bills
Moulding flaky snow
Into Jacks and Jills
Projectiles of snowballs
Hitting noses and chins
Fond memories of Queen of Hills
Tintin travellers waiting
To carry with them
Tourists and snowfall in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India.
JKirin Dec 2020
What is this? Mom, quickly, please tell me!
It's fluffy, and falling from heaven!  
Reminds me of insects or petals  
but sparkles like little white crystals –  
so bright and incredibly pretty.  
I have to now, instantly, get it!  
What is this thing? I simply must know!  
Mom! Dad!
                        "Dear, this is just snow."


So cold was today, gloomy and grey  
that none of my friends wanted to play.  
Now it's all fluffy, snowy outside—  
there's no way I'm staying inside!
about the excitement of seeing snow for the first time
JKirin Dec 2020
Thick and quiet – the snowfall around us;
easy silence; we walk through the forest.
There’s no need for small talk or stories –
we have lived through them all, to be honest.

Cold is creeping inside and I shiver,
I’m a wreak as we stop by the river.
Chill is only a part of the worry –
deep inside, for you feelings I’ve buried.

Always kind, you have noticed me get cold;
of my palms you have taken a strong hold.
Your breath warms my shaking frostbitten hands
but it is my heart that hopelessly melts.

Here, in place, I stand totally frozen.
You are close, but I want to be closer.
Would you let my mouth steal, savour this breath,
my arms hold you right here, in an embrace?
about loving someone through years of friendship
Bina Mukherjee Nov 2020
When it snows,
the airy white petals falls on the alps
and rests.
The mountains wear the white cloak with pride,
as the gift from the high above
and I enjoy the majestic morning view of the creator from my humble abode.

Bina Mukherjee
Zhavaed Haemaed Nov 2020
I look at you .. your countenance and demeneour .. how one eyes follows the other and curls of your hair address this courtship unknowingly .. and at a gaze when all at once, my eyes brush off your glance, . hiding in plain sight, what our gentle nudges couldn't hide ..

You do not say .. in fear and worry for what might, I do not ask .. illusions of my habits overcomes.. and yet, we nurture that infinitesimally small fire .. hoping meekly in our hearts .. that something or some force would cater to our reconciliation .. but it never does.
A courting by the falling snow.
Nick lupin Nov 2020
The cold flakes hit my face

Reminding me of my lasting days

For just like the snow, I too am just a simple spec

Falling down a winding path

What will happen to that spec?

Will a dog jump up and grab a snack?

Or perhaps it will simply fall down a beaten path

Full of misery and nothing worth to retrospect

And yet the flakes continues down in a graceful dance

even as it descends,

Closer and closer to that all-consuming ground

Because even though all snow will fall

It’s a miracle that it was airborne at all.
tia Oct 2020
I wanna disappear as if I were
snowfall touching skin
gracefully falling
pushed by the winds

I wanna love as if I were
snowfall with such gentle beauty
I would be cherished
but no one would know me

I wonder if they are tears
from a woman grieving
quietly up top the clouds
I pity her, I do, but I care not for her feelings
i might abandon this account
Lane O Aug 2020
Sleepless nights when I was young,
fond times - I reminisce;
though many I cannot recall,
there is one I truly miss:

Midnight mass at the cathedral,
the echo of sung hymns;
growing restless in the pew,
as the candles all burned dim.

Still of the night - heavy silence,
white flake now falling  swift;
plumes of smoke from chimneys,
and in windows stood trees lit.

Waiting in suspense - so eager,
in my bed under the sheets;
hearing  the howl of a winter's gale
blustering against the eaves.

Old Saint Nick would soon arrive,
with his sleigh and sack of gifts;
bringing joy to all boys and girls,
and crossing names off His list.

But now I have aged and withered,
and so Christmas has lost its glow;
on its Eve I still remain awake,
and watch the falling snow.
Felicity Paris Apr 2020
The most beautiful sight
Fresh snow laid on pavement
Delightfully pure
Sweeping your face and skin
A breath of fresh air
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