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The most beautiful sight
Fresh snow laid on pavement
Delightfully pure
Sweeping your face and skin
A breath of fresh air
Eloisa Apr 1
I woke to a soft morning light
filtered through my pink curtains
and the neighbor’s heater vibrating in my ear
And through my window
saw snowflakes carefree dancing
in a radiant and romantic rapeseed field
Warmed by the scent of brewing coffee
and lovely thoughts of you
This magical sea of yellow
adorned by tiny lacy flurries
Let me forget the freezings that I’ve felt
and the dimness that I’ve seen
Undead Nomad Nov 2019
fickle minded she was of things
things not yet reasoned
reasoned from ruminations of potential
potential scars that may form
form from nightmares that linger after
after ones heart has been torn
torn from the pages of infatuation
infatuation that had taken her will
will to live on with unabridged purpose
purpose that ought have brought serenity
serenity that would soothe her once burning soul
soul and vessel now worn and faded
faded and worn like the print on her favorite shirt
shirt and jeans that she'd worn
worn on the night they chanced
chanced with fancy and departed
departed with naught other words
words nor feelings left behind
behind the trails of footsteps
footsteps left in the snow
snow that carries what remains
remains of memories dear
dear now though losing
losing to the whitest storm
Another personal challenge. A story in pen form where each line begins with the last word of the last. the story is based on a dream of a woman in a cafe in the winter, reminiscing of watching the footsteps of a love interest fade into the snowfall under the streetlights at night.
Crucifix Aug 2019
The winter worn man
And the Star kissed girl
She rained her crystalline pearls, like feathered petals from another world, and the winter worn man felt cold in his hand, and warm in his heart as she danced the heavens under clouded dark.

From above on angel slides, lights of heavens cutting wide, he would rather stay in the shadow today. Watch her dance and sway and play, And pray to god for light on another day. When stars don’t descend on weightless air, and get trapped in her Star kissed hair.
Snowy ground
Lies untouched
Perfectly perfect
Made for us

Out the widow
Snow falls
Fire burning
Widows fog

Red nosed
In the house
Rosy cheeks
On the couch

Curled up
In a sweater
“How are you?”
“Never better,”
Haven’t seen snow in 8 years. I miss it so much! Winter is my absolute favorite season. What’s yours?
Stephen James Mar 2019
warm cup of coffee—
watching the snow fall slowly
whitening the trees
a haiku
Jenny Gordon Jan 2019
cough, cough*  


Yes, I woke after one, as if t'avail
Myself of sleep ere tucking up has sense,
To find that notion snowplows were fr'intents
Upon the prowl in grinding form to scale
Long ere a Friday evning was past bail
Quite true, as snow filled that lone light's beams thence
With whiter mists, a blanket none could hence
Pierce on the blacker world in sheer betrayl.
If rolling phrases 'cross one's tongue in tour
Is grand, choice words the key 'fore their debut
On lo, this wrinkled notebook page, what were
They as I slipped into my nightie?  To
Effect:  "snow AFTER midnight--".  None too poor,
I spose.  And how winds craft dunes 'cross the view.

Sorry for the poor quality of my latest posts:  it's a new year.  Lo, and behold, my writing, topics are shoddy and not worth a perusal.  Mebbe some better day will show its face?  Who knows?
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