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Snowy ground
Lies untouched
Perfectly perfect
Made for us

Out the widow
Snow falls
Fire burning
Widows fog

Red nosed
In the house
Rose cheeks
On the couch

Curled up
In a sweater
“How are you?”
“Never better,”
Haven’t seen snow in 6 years. I miss it so much! Winter is my absolute favorite season. What’s yours?
Stephen James Mar 12
warm cup of coffee—
watching the snow fall slowly
whitening the trees
a haiku
Abigail Hobbs Feb 11
I could sit for hours watching snowfall
All is peaceful and quiet
As flakes fall to my lips and cheeks
All is forgotten in a wonderland
Soft winds carry the treasure around you
Accumulating even in persistent winds
The sky and ground reflect each other
All is white and soundless
Under a glow of winter
We finally wake in the dream-like setting
Only soft crunches and gasps of awe fill the air
And all you can do is stop and stare
We have snow here in Washington- it's lovely and there's so much of it! Definitely the most snow I've ever seen :)
Jenny Gordon Jan 20
cough, cough*  


Yes, I woke after one, as if t'avail
Myself of sleep ere tucking up has sense,
To find that notion snowplows were fr'intents
Upon the prowl in grinding form to scale
Long ere a Friday evning was past bail
Quite true, as snow filled that lone light's beams thence
With whiter mists, a blanket none could hence
Pierce on the blacker world in sheer betrayl.
If rolling phrases 'cross one's tongue in tour
Is grand, choice words the key 'fore their debut
On lo, this wrinkled notebook page, what were
They as I slipped into my nightie?  To
Effect:  "snow AFTER midnight--".  None too poor,
I spose.  And how winds craft dunes 'cross the view.

Sorry for the poor quality of my latest posts:  it's a new year.  Lo, and behold, my writing, topics are shoddy and not worth a perusal.  Mebbe some better day will show its face?  Who knows?
And when the snow falls tonight,
bury me in that grave I dug all these years.
The fire is extinguished
and I can't find anything to warm myself anymore.

All this time I have been sinking,
the ropes have gotten weak,
and I can't hang on no more.

and all these lullabies are calling me to sleep,
all these enchanting voices.

I will let myself fall through this,
just promise, you will bury me with the snow.
                              - Srabanti Chakrabarty
Umi May 2018
Gathered in a dark night,
Because there lies fantasy of the final judge, my beloved servant,
The skyline set before a calm sunset is a clear memory, stained.
Like flowers, we rise and fall through life's misery.
Dream on- I love you, my dear servant, cling on to my wings,
For a world we see is true, what we manifest, is simply true devilry,
What I'll build you is a castle of crystal starlight.
Ready the flames of misery, slice through fate and shape the world,
My devil's angel, lean on to me, be by my side,
Ah, take hold of me and fly with me, through this spring dream,
Ah, believe our dream and don't let go; and I tie our fates,
Ah, the answer sought by this world's end is but a mystical square,
Ah, cascade through this thrilling, lingering, sweet darkness,
I will fill it with falling stars; like the snowfall to make it brighter,
Forgotten by heaven and ****, a kingdom forms in pandemonium,
Voving affection, does not only lead us to light, but will save all,
Take my hand, for the love of light is for all to bear.

~ Umi
I tried, I really did
tye wilt Feb 2018
I woke up to the falling snow
    it is gentle and quiet
        as if it holds the breath of the world

hostage with heavy silence
    twirling and swaying, so
        trance-like in the dance

unsure of whether to
    rest crystal droplets upon
       the branches or

to settle and expand into a sea
    of glistening winter white—
        reflecting ribbons of early light that

crash through the pale branches
    of the still sleeping trees
        in the distance

I can see the sparkle of
    their halos standing out against
        a wisp of clouds.
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