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daphne Feb 16
the smell of bitter grapes
unwarrented affections
i need to stop letting myself
drown in these things
Wesley S Oct 2020
Be careful of the words you speak
For you may have to walk those very words
If you don't, the respect you seek
Will be lost to the birds
And without trust you'll fall weak
For the deer is stronger in the herd
So through the week
Remember to walk your words
Saudia R May 2020
I don't know when I started to realize the hurt

The real reason why this feels like fingers pressed against glass


So fragile this barrier dividing us
with the answers so clear

And still

as if connection never existed
we live as strangers within ourselves

and with each other

Until there comes a day

where you finally realize
the glass is a mirror

And that
the anger
the resentment
the hurt

you thought you were seeing through

you were actually seeing reflected back

That's the day you wake up
Saudia R Apr 2020
Some days

I feel the wind

a little too well
The saying, you can feel it on the wind, takes on a deeper meaning when you know.
Quarantinistani Apr 2020
Bing Bada Boom,
Legion of Doom.
Hear the World Engine
go 'Vroom Vroom.'

Adam and Eve,
Bride and Groom.
Heavenly Couple
sent down to Earth.

Their wicked *** children
and their twisted *** greed,
wrecked the Earthly Garden
and paid their warnings no heed.

When the day is done
and the fun is over,
the playground is empty and
the children must go home.

Moms and Pops,
They ain't gonna hold back.
We finna get an *** whoopin'.
Its been a long time coming.

All of humanity, get yo *** in line;
CEOs first, emplyees last.
You do the crime,
you do the time.

Dem are de rules
and you brokened them all.
You've run out of time
and there's no way to stall.

Did you forget?
We gotta go back.
The same One who sent us here
will call us all back.

Get your affairs in order
before the conductor comes a-collecting.
Your ticket was punched
the moment you drew your first breath.

Check your itinerary -
duration and detours,
none of them matter.

This trip is one way,
there is no going back.

The destination is final
so be not in denial.

Prepare your defense
and argue your case,

for the Judgement is final
and there shall be no retrial.
Arabic: إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ

Transliteration: Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Raji’un

Translation: Surely we belong to Allah (God) and to Him shall we return.
little Feb 2020
I haven't told you and please don't think too much
Whenever rain is nearing, there's a trickle of self doubt
It reads as more endearing, than I sometimes announce
Along the way and underneath, a pillow spun a story
It harmonized our memories and it sounded safely alluring

In hindsight, humming made speaking tough
Weeds covered up the windows with disregard of spray
Coded words formed sporadically and less likely to behave

This keeper is guided by a crutch
Casually mentioned; it's pouring
They say anyone can be brave
More truthfully, a single touch
Can walk you to the grave
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