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polemics flies
and lands messily
on both sides

the drone of speech
and rhetoric
never worth the while

what use is this discord
when we refuse to shoulder

part of our weight in
pushing the titan's boulder?
should he fail
our bickering
will be crushed
along with us
kaitlyn joy Jul 2018
Closing your eyes
While feeling your skin burn
You've come to despise
The lessons you can't learn

Silently sinking
Through an infinite space
Closing your eyes
As you come face to face

With the water that drowns you
Seeps through your hair
Open your eyes
And you breathe it like air
J Jul 2018
Bring solutions with your problems
So wisely taught was I -
That I expect as much from others -
And thought on this mantra I could rely.

I don’t mind assuming accountability
If you aren’t confident or if you’re shy.
But not being a power monger I still need you!
Your longer experience informs mine.

What kind of culture must there be
If the smartest people don’t feel free
To take any risk that could potentially fail?
And only the surest ideas can set sail?
Broadsky May 2018
Your inability to take accountability shows me the type of man I was with.
I finally poured my heart out to tell you how you hurt me... you were silent.
J Feb 2018
First of all - you should just do a thing
because that thing to do is right.
But if it takes a second poke
Let it ride just once I might.
But a third- beware the consequence
You know I know you knew it.
There will be hell to pay - you lazy ***
If you don’t ******* go forth and do it!
Get it? :)
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