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Aaron LaLux Sep 15
Bought a painting of Jaden Smith,
now wait before you diss,
give me a second to explain,
there’s a story that goes along with it,

see he had a show in LA,
and of course it was on the 7th,
3rd show of the tour,
and the tour was called Vision,

I hadn’t planned to go,
didn’t even know about the show,
until my brother Alpha told me about it,
and the cards aligned in a row,

see a few days before,
I’d backed my car into a wall,
and I had to take it to East LA,
to get it fixed in other words resolved,

now it just so happened,
that the day I took it to get fixed,
was the same day as Jaden’s show,
now that’s some Cosmicness,

see the show was downtown,
and I usually don’t go east of the 405,
but this time I did to get my car fixed,
and I asked a friend to pick me up because I couldn’t drive,

so she picked me up,
and then my other friend told me of an art show,
at a place called The Brewery,
and man how I love art shows,

so after dropping off the car,
and went to The Brewery,
where I bought some art,
because I like to collect future history,

now the girl that had picked me up,
was having a rough day,
because her brother had died 6 months earlier,
and today was his birthday,

so she had to leave,
and go to the beach,
and I stayed behind,
to let her have some peace,

and as it so happened,
there was another anniversary at a gallery called The Hive,
I told you the cards were in a row,
and of course the stars were aligned,

so I went to the next art gallery,
got a ride there from a beautiful Polish chic,
bought some more art at there as well,
I guess I am what a Collector is,

then it just so happened,
that I was walking distance from Jaden’s show,
so I walked through downtown,
until I arrived at The Novo,

now I didn’t have a ticket,
and the show as sold out,
but I found a side door,
and it opened right up,

I went inside,
and got with the vibes,
man that kid Jaden,
knows how to get the crowd hyped,

during the show,
I kept seeing someone in the front row,
try to hand Jaden a painting,
a painting of himself,

after the show,
I was thrown Jaden’s yellow bandana,
then I exited outside,
and away from the arena,

when I got to the exit,
I saw the kid with the painting,
it had Jaden and Willow’s signature,
and as I said before I collect paintings,

so I bought it right then and there,
blame synchronicities,
so it’s not so much I seek out art,
as art comes to me,

all part of the vision,
of starting the Art Center in New Zealand,
where we can feel safe and socialize,
and remember what it was like when we still had feelings,

and all that I see now,
in this painting I have,
of Jaden Smith,
dressed as Batman,

bought a painting of Jaden Smith,
now wait before you diss,
give me a second to explain,
there’s a story that goes along with it…

∆ LaLux ∆

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She has a wild cats eyes
Under the night of her black hair,
And claws like a cat that likes to claw at
A bat in black leather.
Sexy, is her look.
Hooking his jaw in her walk.
Her mind is a closed book
As the pages roll.
She looks at him like he’s a fool
Playing a hero’s role.
She smiles at his laugh.
The moon swings across.
They see the night’s almost over
As the sun is coming up.
She takes a leap of faith
Landing with her claws on his chest,
Pressing her lips against his
For their first kiss.
Feeling awkward,
Ending sweet,
With a smile
And some tingling,
As she parts,
Into what’s left of the dark.
Sep 13, 2018
To be prepared for anything you must prepare for everything.
This mindset among many makes the "Caped Crusader" king.
Trust no one, not even yourself may have kept the Bat alive,
but learning to trust your comrades makes the justice league thrive.
superheroes save the day and it may sometimes lead to pride,
but Batman couldn't save the day without Robin by his side.
Sometimes I feel like Batman, the weight of Gotham on my shoulders,
but to be a piece of a team means I can help save the world.
A life of "healthy" paranoia only leads to great pain.
So I'll be content just being Bruce Wayne.

When you fight to protect a city of night,
you need to be able to make your own light.
Batman eating pussy
Was the only reason
I used to drink Red Dog.
An old black brick layer
Pointed it out to me after
Work one day when he
Pulled one out of his ice
Chest and tossed it to me,
Then told me to flip the can
Over and tell him what I saw.
There he was, munching
Away in between two bent
Legs with his bat cowl on!
The beer tasted like shit,
And it gave you the mother
Of all hangovers, but I
Was hooked after that for
Nothing more than to share
The joke with my degenerate
Drinking buddies. They had a
Sense of humor that eternally
Resided in the gutter just
Like mine. I don't even
Know if they still make that
Pigswill, but if I ever found it
I'd buy a case just for the
Nostalgia. Plus it's always
Fun to see one of your least
Favorite DC Comics heroes
In a compromising situation.
©James Dennis Casey IV
Though reading horror stories (macabre),
     an only every now and again
     genre crazy wave
washing over me like
     a killer tsunami,
     (subsequently fueling
     desperation) to save
thine scrawny arse,

     (a derriere laughing stock,
     and hence cheeky of me to rave),
those rare occasions satiated, when
     hung over insomnia heavily bulging,
     rheumy myopic blood shot eyes
     nonetheless lock into
     critical opening sentence determining,
     whether adroit kingly author

     nimbly setting the stage and pave
ving what thenceforth, pro
     misses tubby a cell out ace
in the hole captive audience
     (me, this apt pupil), doth brace
himself (by all counts once
     a bad little kid) deserving, well...now...
just a bag of bones,

     who fiendishly cackles
     when leaning in (Sheryl Sandberg like),
whereat after opening sentence, an instantaneous
     possessive gnarly hand
     forcibly grabs my attention
     presaging and frightening
     yours truly (juiced in case
ye did not know),

     where within the bazaar
     of bad dreams epic,
     which seems like forever,
     when I finally erase
and exorcise the bogeyman who,
     masterfully, immediately,
     dramatically got woven
     lady chattery teeth and all

     withering wicked warp and woof
     establishing (proof positive),
     an excellently crafted
    Chiral Mad heavily shades
     of night are falling
     gussying haunting place,
where the color of evil permeates
     every cerebral space
with darkness, said

     sub rosa prime evil punctuates
     the mind this dream catcher,
     whence after four past midnight
the reaper's image appears
sending adrenaline rush,
     viz flight or fight blind

did, when firestarter alarm didst grind
passage of time manifesting dark forces
     blaze zing atavistic fear itself lined
     up battleground formation
     from the borderlands of my mind
this even before turning
     the first page where the eyes
     of drag'n my afterlife shined!
With smoke in my eyes
I pass you, by the by
Spitting fire
Flying higher & higher
Around the tower’s side
You brush your hair
With tender loving care
You see me in the mirror
& pretend I’m not there
Out the tower I see
The dragon leave
Then Batman comes for me
At my window like Romeo
Making me feel like Juliet
Instead of like Catwoman
His voice is deep
& crackles when he speaks
Addressing me with respect
As the Princess
The heat of his breath
Melts my wings like Icarus
I fight the dragon
As if he is a man
Standing on the side of the tower
Full of hope
With my hand on my batrope
I push him back with a right jab
Then I point my flamethrower at him
I pull my finger, then - blast
I fall out the sky
So sleepy I could die
But not before seeing Batman
Holding the Princess
Against the tower’s side
As the Batplane lowered them in
They took off and took me with them
Into the sky
With his batrope tied around my ankle
Batman saved my life
& though I’m in this prison
I’m thankful.
May 16, 17, 2018
What made reading this worthwhile for you??
Two wrestlers in training came to dance
In Maui and Batman pajama pants.
Mortal foes were they - and this match vital
To determine which contender earned the title.

The tension fierce - the blows began.
Batman clearly had the upper hand.
But Maui was fast and fought with heart -
He was moving quick and moving smart.

Well-paired they were - there’s been no fight fairer
Until Maui took a chance and made a grave error.
He took the match to his parents’ bed
And attempting a jump - fell and banged his head.

Now Batman could have declared clear victory
And celebrated poor Maui’s goose-egg misery.
But instead he went and got ice for it
And told his distraught Maui-brother - “I forfeit”.
I can’t help but find it amusing that the outcome of a match still mattered even to the one that got hurt, but it totally did!
Kassandra Mar 21
I fell for a madman, a lunatic, a clown
Knowing this all I can do is frown
For so many years I took his abuse
Him hunting a man who hides as Bruce

This cakey clown makeup will cover the bruise
A temporary reminder not to give him bad news
He threw me out the window, it’s not the first time
It’s all my fault, I got in the way of his crime

One thing I needed to remember, he’s the star of the show
It’s him and Batman, him and his foe
I was just a puppet, a means to an end
Maybe that why I met Ivy, I just needed a friend

I was charged to mend and fix his head
But it was him who got inside mine instead
My ambition clouded my judgment, all could see
He saw this flaw and decided to overtake me

I became his Harlequin, or at least I guess I was meant too
The issue is I thought for myself and didn’t share his worldview
He lured me in with sadness and my pity
He told me we would in the future rule Gotham city

I believed him, I changed into a red and black lackey
He said he just wanted to bring smiles and make himself happy
Mad love, it’s what the sirens called it
I guess they were right; how did I not take a hint?

But he never loved me, that much to me is now obvious
He hit, punched and dragged me, how was I so oblivious?
I was just a pawn in his mad Puppet play
I guess the joke was on me, isn’t that right Mr. J?
From Harley's perspective after everything went sour
Nightwolf Mar 11
Deep in the stillness of the night,
as I look out at the city
after a fresh rain
-when the fog lies among
glittering pillars
of iron and glass-
I ponder how the Los Angeles skyline
looks like Gotham.

Hazed and half expecting to see
the Batman
perched atop the U.S. Bank tower,
I rub my eyes and hope
sleep find me soon,
so I may dream of serving
as Catwoman's scratching post,
while Joker holds the camera
in the corner.
It's late and I'm tired so I didn't put a whole lot of effort in this one
Aaron LaLux Feb 6
Tracy Batman

Give me one reason,
and I’ll turn back around,
almost past The Point of No Return,
and see no point in turning back now,

like Tracy Chapman or Bruce Wayne Batman,
or Tracy Morgan or Morgan The Captain,

or better yet a Spacey Captain or a spacey Batman,
just not a Kevin Spacey because we all know what happened,
oh no no fake strangers only straight facts fam,
you see I see the whole thing through I’m not a flash in the pan scam,

I’m beginning till end from lights camera action to it’s a wrap man,

gone till November,
leaving on a jet plane to Denver,
more Tracy Chapman than Tracy Morgan,
more Jon Wayne than Jon Denver,

more Honcho than Jon Doe,
more Pronto than Macho,
more Brando than Tonto,
full throttle no point in turning back now,


only time I feel alive is when I almost die,
we do like vroom vroom we do we don’t try,
no need to try to live that life when you really live that life,
why sail the high seas when you can reach Heaven and fly,

living The Life of Lives,
living the Dream of Dreams,
and you’re looking at me,
like “What do you mean?”,

I mean,
for real,
for really real,
how do you really feel?

It’s 2018,
and this feels like a Sci-Fi flic,
one where we’re an Army of One,
about to deploy and I feel sick,

see every Moon has it’s dark side,
every man has something to hide,
like Nazis with a secret base on the moon,
in a film from 2012 set in 2018 entitled Iron Sky,

but instead of Pink Floyd everything’s Purple Noise,
this is the year after the Artist Formally Named Prince finally died,

and cryptos were raised from the dead like a horror story,
Tales From The Crypto or better yet Tales From The Darkside,
saw a drawing at an art exhibit in Phoenix called Sad Pony,
it was sad because it was a unicorn without a horn so the spark had died,

and now he appeared alive,
even though when you look close you see the spark has disappeared from his eyes,

and he knows he has to escape before this city gets the only thing he has left,
which is the Soul he holds dear as he marches through the pain and the fears,
and he’s ready to go already but doesn’t want to leave you behind,
so before he goes he turns on his toes and asks you one thing just to be clear,

“Are you ready to get out of here?”

Give me one reason,
and I’ll turn back around,
almost past The Point of No Return,
and see no point in turning back now,

like Tracy Chapman or Bruce Wayne Batman,
gone till November leaving on a jet plane to Denver,
more Tracy Chapman than Tracy Morgan,
more Jon Wayne than Jon Denver,

more Honcho than Jon Doe,
more Pronto than Macho,
more Brando than Tonto,
full throttle no point in turning back now…

∆ LaLux ∆

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