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Sam H 6d
navy crystal skies,
hidden dreamy paradise

life fades away
as i await the sun to rise

when the light touches
the boundless evergreen

i am filled with contentment,
happiness i've never seen
if you want
to see a Higher
a higher than
-any other

forget what It is
forget Its name
you'll know not why
you'll not know not how

for what It is
is all but the same
you'll know when you die
not while you live now

to know while alive
and not yet dead
what is known only
when one is dead

is to think without life
to think with no pulse
think like a light
that dies when turned off

but the mercury still glows
however faint and dark

contemplate on that glow
to know after death
as to know in life
and to forget all design

for in the clouds above
you are

lame and

In Heaven
a place
without pain
a place
out of line

we are all

lame and
Juhi Aug 11
it takes me back to this certain,
particular time
blue flames crawling up the wall
boy sitting in the centre of them all
clothes lined with soot and nothing
in his pitch black eyes

a tongue darting out
to wetten his lips
but what's the point? when
everything's on fire? maybe
for him
it's as normal as nothing

blood red brick walls
eyes making contact to rival them all
the start of something: usually, one
finds a spark to light their ambitions
but what does one do with
a fire presented to them?

at the words directed to him,
he perked up
soot flying around him like
masquering, ill informed snowflakes
settling on his face like freckles
and then began the start of my own
self immolation
Jay Aug 9
I'm left to wonder in my sheets
Why I'm not fit to die tonight
In a thrilling blaze
With a hint of shame
Does it matter if I have a name?
I'm all good tho rn but it comes to mind sometimes
Juhi Aug 7
at times I truly wonder
eyes roaming the sealed dome
mouth full of tricks
if a god really does exist
the pinprick differences I feel in the air
subtle changes
heightening my sense, if not for better
or for worse?
light, at times,
seems like something I can hold
like a ribbon
and in those moments
whether my own perception
controls it, or something else:
"whether a god exists"
what a strange question.
Ally Ann Jul 16
How do I heal
without the memories splitting my skull,
breaking free from the prison I put them in
to protect myself from me.
How do I find any peace of mind
if I have been at war with myself for ages
when I don’t even know where I put
my white flag,
it might be under the remains of my soul,
burned black in the battle
that left me looking for my humanity.
How do I look forward
if my neck is permanently back,
looking for answers in a world that doesn’t give any
toes pointed toward sunshine
head towards pain
and there is nothing in my brain
saying, stay safe
there is nothing telling me how to stay sane.
These days I ask myself how I can heal,
without ripping myself apart again
remembering what got me here
and I am left to pick up each piece
of who I am
and tear it apart
hoping that one day I’ll learn how to
put myself back together again
Kabhi apne aap ko bhoolti ***
Kabhi apne aap ko chunti ***
Bas dhundhti *** khud ko

Kabhi inn bikhre panno mein
Kabhi inme likhe lafzon mein
Padhti *** khud ko

Kabhi dhokha kha jane mein
Fir khud ko saza de jane mein
Maarti *** khud ko

Kabhi baarish ki awaz mein
Kabhi hawaon ki aahat mein
Dekhti *** khud ko

Kabhi bajte huwe piano mein
Kabhi gaano ke taraano mein
Sunti *** khud ko

Kabhi uski aankhon ke paani mein
Kabhi uski di hui zubani mein
Paati *** khud ko

Bas dhundhti *** khud ko
Bas dhundhti *** khud ko
ok okay Jun 27
It is stressful to be alive
To work eight till five
Hoping that you might be granted more time
Contemplation sets with the sun
And keeps you up at night

Yet once you have free time
All you can think about is why
Compulsions start to kick in
The crooked floorboards annoy you
You remembered your neighbors had drums
And about that friend who ignored you

More thinking arises
And then in a glimpse of your eye
Something beautiful is spotted

You take a closer look through your window
And see a bird in the sky
Some things can ease your stress and I cant explain why. It's all in the moment.
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