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Robin Lemmen Nov 21
And it is tiresome to think
But most of all I drown in sad
Knowing you will never know, me
Like I wish, like I know you could have
To explore my midnight tendrils
To watch me, be
Broken wishes that left scars on my skin
Explore boundaries knowing
Home awaits inside my arms
It is tiresome, so tiresome
To always ponder and dream
Stuck on wishful thinking
So, please
Don't paint me troubled
Think of me in pastels, a breath of spring air
After the confusion of winter has left you clear
cupid Nov 8
he wants to be a run away
who? what do you mean “who”?
you know him
the distant blonde kid who sleeps through half his classes
yes, the artist
i heard he’s depressed
i saw him crying to his brother the other day
did you know he plays cello?
he ***** at it but it probably makes him happy
some girl told me he paints
his friend asked him what was wrong, i guess he’s heartbroken
no i don’t know his name
everybody calls him something different anyway
he has a rebel spirit
if he was less loud and more attractive
everyone would be in love with him
he’s the kind of kid that would go missing
and no one would know
he’s probably a vandal
or a ****, i was told he’s from a bad neighborhood
what if he really runs away
i mean im not his friend but he could be cool
maybe we should talk to him
yeah i wonder what he writes about too
no i don’t think he’s crazy
but he is a punk
he’s a troublemaker
his name is cupid and he will be a run away
this is set as a conversation but written only from one side if you cant tell, please take a guess who it's about
cupid Nov 8
all my favorite clothes are secondhand
and so are my worst memories
the smell of cigarette smoke on my clothes and my hair is secondhand
i hate cigarettes
i hate their cigarettes the most
my bad ideas and scars are secondhand too
the wind that runs through my disgusting hair im sure
is secondhand
you see nothing is truly mine
nor is anything truly yours
faith, clothes, money, food, existence,
it’s all secondhand i swear
sometimes secondhand means stolen
like my drinks and jewelry
but i haven’t asked for a lot of what i was given
heartbreak, sadness, pain, hatred
i do not steal but i am forced to take them
i think im a secondhand person, if that makes any sense
Daniel Nov 5
Not is all as it seems here in my head.
Giving into a distraction.
I lay in bed.
Keeping from trouble to retain my sanity.
Hidden from the dark shaded world.
I hide in my own reality.
A world dreamed of peace.
Loved ones live in good health.
Where Individual value isn't determined by wealth.
Differences set aside people stand strong.
Straight into a tomorrow.
People conquer hate, pain, loss and sorrow.
A light for unity in humanity.
That is my distraction.
My abstracted reality.
My very first poem for this amazing  community.
Ene Abu Nov 3
I don't care if you don't  like me
Don't try me
Dice spicey
Chilling nicely
Red hot  chili peppers
Don't try me
I don't know if i might be
A little crazy
But try me
I'll cut the king off your kong
I know it best, when you are wrong
I love the chest, pandora's box.
Beg me i pray
Trust me you ain't
That fly
Fly fly the butterfly
And you ain't
That smooth
Smooth smooth
Nobody move!
It ain't a stick up!
But he think he fly
Moving around like some butterly
He think he smooth
True! True!
To that you win
But i don't care
So boo-hu to you too.
Bryan Aug 12
In bed at one
Up by twelve,
Busy day no time to dwell.
Attempts to eat, chokes it down
This will make her mother proud.
Strips, into shower
Stands in warm silence for half an hour.
An urgent knock gets her out
Twelve fifty-five, this girl is devout,
To lie down. She thinks this is the answer
Slowly slipping into a mental cancer.
In bed at one
Up by twelve.
Written in a lackluster sense of being and mind. I just wanted to express how people fall into a slump, resulting in every day being exactly the same. One's life can easily be controlled and consumed by their own psychological state. However, we must break our slumps, forget our Netflix passwords, and abandon our sheets!
Phi Kenzie Aug 1
Blue skies in Arizona
a ruthless sight to behold
akin to cool tides on an icy cold beach

Days of gray were my rays of sunshine
a heat box detox I dreamed of at one time

Now they seem transient
pallid, sad, and haphazard
since they’re a habit in Boston
no longer a reward to wait for

I hope somewhere it’s clear with clouds every now and again
I've been debating a lot on what's comfortable, why, if it can/needs to be changed, and why I wanted to change it in the first place
Blade Maiden Jul 18
Who am I to keep you
from taking chances
stealing glances

Believe me when I say
I don't want to slow you down
by no means make you lose your crown

Quite the opposite it's true
I want you to hold this smile
for which I'd walk the extra mile

Simply what I'd love to have
is you to let me stand close to you
and maybe let me hold your hand then too

The only thing that troubles my mind
is not knowing if you want to share
your good life with me and if you think I'm worth the dare

Am I?
Bardo Jul 1
The sun it shone all too briefly for him
Before the darkness came
And the smile died on his face.

His was a bad school I guess
Let all the monsters out of their box
To grin and leer like gargoyles on a

That'd haunt his dreams at night
Leave him dangling over the edge
Staring down into chasms deep.

With a mind a maze of cul de sacs
And at the end of each
Some horrible apparition to drive him

Yea, they taught you well
To run forever/ on a hot coal floor
Sleep on a burning bed
(A desperate man in a desperate land).

You must have known you were
Looking at others, seeing how they
Must have known something was

No wonder you sought to escape
Through others.... in drugs, in drink
Anything to escape those awful

And your only crime ? ....You wanted
   to live.
About the danger of outside influences, especially ideas that make no sense, that destroy a person's peace of mind and enslave them.
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