All my locks and chains
Are buried
Underneath one end
Of a secret rainbow
In black and grey

On the other end
Lies a forgotten pot
Of gold
Lost in darkness

After freeing myself
Deep within the eye
Of the sun
Everything now
Comes to calm

Storms subside
Bringing color to the arch
So the light can guide me
To my forgotten fortune

©James Dennis Casey IV
skyler 5d

all i can say
is that we tried
but even the strongest hurricanes
can dissipate among the ocean
before they ever taste the ground


I don't think I'll ever love you but if you want the rain I'll be a thunderstorm
& if you prefer the warmer weather I'll burn so you can see the light of day
I'm not saying you'll ever be the one but I'm so used to all of these thoughts making me crazy
and with you I swear I never think at all
maybe I stopped believing in soulmates a while ago
but if there's such thing as bodies meant to dance and lips meant to touch
I think that's you and I

katy m Jul 13

my thoughts are like a thunderstorm
loud and cold
unrelenting and bold
and the sky is crying
or is it my tear-stained eyes
maybe it was all just lies
the wind whips around me
my mind's unweaving
god is there a way out of this storm?

everything is dark
the hail pounds my head
and the thoughts come faster and faster
deadly pellets of accuracy
and i whisper for help but no one hears
because the thunder is so loud
it frightens away
all the people who claimed that they would be here for me
oh, why am i abandoned so easily?

it's like i am a house
in a storm
that the wind beats on
and the thunder shakes
and the lightning strikes
sharp and quick
and the hail stabs at what strength i have left and then...
it stops
and the thoughts have vanished
and the noise is one pause
and my mind can breathe again
ah, how lovely it is to see whole skin
and i have to admit
the storm almost killed me
but i more alive than i'll ever be

Scarlett Jul 12

You said you love storms
So I let to you in
I let you see the chaos in me

You saw how the sun hides behind my skies
You saw how dark my clouds was

You said you'll take it
You said you can

But turns out you can only handle a little rain
But my life is a hurricane

I have read tumblr quotes and it kinda inspire me to do a poem.
Therese Jul 11

i shout praise to Thunder and Lightning
begging them to make me feel small
who am i to these celestial sisters
that domineer the heavens unlike any sun or moon

none on earth- cities, oceans, mountains-
can compete with the amazons of the void
to the rolling clouds,
i am simply part of the forest below them

so i rejoice in the dark waters
giving rain and wind temporary reign over everything i am
let me be just another tree caught in the whirlwind

Matt Jul 2

The summer rain reminds me of you,
Of making pillow forts and popcorn, laughing at bad horror movies while the rain laughs along on the roof above.

The summer rain reminds me of you,
Of rushing from the car with our groceries without an umbrella and then spreading out our haul as if it to calculate how long it could last if the storm trapped us in our apartment forever.

The summer rain reminds me of you,
Of the flash of your smile and the thunder of your laughter, followed by the deluge of tears. And me counting the time between over the months and years, wondering if there's something worse on the way.

The summer rain reminds me of you,
Of laying awake at night listening to your troubled moans, praying that your clouded heart would one day clear.

Though I always wished the storm would pass and the sun would shine, I always smile when it rains

because the summer rain reminds me of you.

Some people you'll just never forget.
blair asher Jun 28

the whole concept of storms used to scare me
the claps and strikes would cause me to not want to look outside because i was scared of the aftermath the storm caused

i'm not scared anymore—in the sense that now, you're the storm
you're the claps of thunder and the strikes of lightning and the pounding of rain drops that make me want to look outside to see all of the mist and the electricity dancing above us
you're the storm—you're the thunder with a laugh that echoes in my head all night
you're the rain that falls on top of my body when you need to catch your breath
you're the lightning that lights up the entire sky

hey hey hey it's been a while huh
re-cap on the past three years! sad, and now not so sad anymore
i wrote this for my lovely girlfriend a few days ago because she begged and begged for me to write her something, anything
but anyway! brb in another three years ♡
Mariah Cuch Jun 27

The reply was lost in strangers' faces
She closed her eyes
Graceful pedals of delicate beauty hid the storm within

She inhaled the rise of heat off the street
Glanced across the torrent in the traffic
Rose red lips of strong beauty held the winds within

"It was a rain drop."
"Yes, rain."
She told her self, stepping onto the tar under hot blue skies

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