You, my sister,
are the one friend
who has known me
all my life
I've known you most of yours
three years before I came to be
a few for which
I have no memory

I wish
I could recall

when I was new
did you lift me?
or stroke
my forehead?
did you sing
to me?

did you gaze
at tiny feet
in wonder

were we pals
even then?
even before my eyes
could focus
on your face
to see you
to know you?

did our spirits
know each other
bond in some mysterious way?
planning even then
their escapades
bare-chested, barefooted
in blazing summer sun
circling our tree
so "far" from home?
our adventures

did they see
the time ahead
when the fog would come
when we'd each
be alone to struggle
with who we are?

did they know
we'd find our way
back again
never completely losing sight
of our special bond?
a bond temporarily
blurred by life
by grown up sorrows

grim details
of life

like a broken branch
on a tree that hangs
by not more
than a thread
hangs on through
all the storms
clinging with all
its energy

growing anew
connecting fully

than before
Samantha Apr 5
i want your thunder
want your rain
i’d pick your storm
your hurricane
give me a smile
if you can
not what i need
and won’t demand
if tears are spilling
oceans filling
you can always turn to me
I’d take your pain
over sunshine anyday
a short lyrical exert
Apollo Hayden Mar 31
Within turbulent reflections the sun can still be seen by an altered perception; the storm has already ceased.
In the mist we calmly drift to higher frequencies.

-Apollo Hayden
Storm clouds pushing through
Cold rains wet the fresh green buds
Pray the frost away
@LadyofRavenhill 2018
Haiku #41
Trixia Mar 18
you are
the peace after wars
the calm after storms
and everything
insanely beautiful
that shapes after
a tragedy
a beautiful tragedy.
Thomas Halls Mar 9
The boughs did creak
And branches snap
The sky turned then
Quite suddenly black
Dead leaves stirred
As willows mourned
The whispers of
A coming storm
The wind then died
And silence fell
Like echos from
Within a well
It started slow
The sound was soft
The arpeggio of
A single drop
Then like a wave
Before the break
A crescendo rose
From far away
And broke upon
The shattered earth
A torrent's rage
From heavens birthed
Thunder clashed
Darkened the night
The sky was cracked
By blinding light
Alone I listened
To the sound
From beneath
The hallowed ground
The war of thunder
Rage of light
The shallow grave
Of the sleeping Knight
a child's laughter lances through my monochrome morning
irritable grey flecked with the overjoyed oranges and greens of gaiety
paint that has always run off my canvas
though i beg for it to stain my skin

i scratch the sidewalk with the prescribed chalk i collect
taking tiny white and barely blue tablets to the asphalt
with heavy arms
drawing designs onto my brain
hoping it helps

but when the wind wails through the painted park
chalk is chased away by clouds of chaos
the dark dances in and sits between me and my mending

i watch families flee for shelter
i watch friends fight fires together
with heavy eyes
the chalk crumbles to powder in my hands

i seek solace inside
but there is nowhere to go
i can't hide from darkness when the sun has already set
if the month starts on a sunday, then there will be a friday the thirteenth
Scarlet M Mar 5
I really wish
the universe had found
a way to let me know a bit earlier
that you were just going
to be a temporary
existence in this
permanent solitary heart,
the aftermath's pretty much the same;
well, it could be worst I mean
storms get predicted
so why can't you?
long ago
we lay quietly in the aftermath
of an exhaustive period of rage
the eye
of this terrible storm
rendering a peaceful moment
'don't ever leave me'
you said
in such a pitiful whisper
that I almost believed you
such a haunting, calming plea
that I knew at that moment
I'd never forget this night
even if it be our last
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