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I love rainstorms,
for their percussive
that is relaxing,
and freeing
in hearing
and seeing
the soft trickles
these full clouds
are releasing.

I loved rainstorms
when I was younger
with a vengeful glee
cause I got to see
the children
who picked on me
While I was free
to sit and read
they could not go
cause it was
wet out there.

I love a storm
cause my grandpa
would sit
and watch it
for a bit
while I watched him
draw circles on
the pavement
and see raindrops
dark wet shading.

I love rainstorms
because I can
easily fall asleep,
but if I go deep,
they also keep
me safe
by keeping
others at a distance,
making it so
I don’t have to visit

As a first-born son
of a terribly angry woman,
a lady of violent outbursts
and verbal degradation,
I love the rain
cause I feel safer
when the lightning
fractures the night sky
than I ever felt
when my mother
was nearby.
Beneath the oceans
of silence
and the storms
of endless chatter
you submerged
fathoms below
the bright waters
where I knew
Delyla Nunez May 8
Take me to a place far away from the evil in our world.
Put my mind at ease
For there is a storm coming and the winds blow mighty.
Don Bouchard Apr 26
weather breaking
                                        on the heartland
begins in other places
                                        minute-changing phases
threads and traces
                                       give the air its faces
gestational solitude
                                        hovers and broods
streams of space,
                                       solidifying in pace
before the thunder
                                      before the hail
storms begin as
first a zephyr
                            then a wind
                                                        beco­mes a gale
a force of power
                                         from breath to HURRICANE
indiscernible at first -              
                                          at last unstoppable
The meteorologist's great challenge....

As it is brought towards completion
the boat, through my interaction
with it,  out on the lake
will then make possible  the access
to fish that I,  up till now
have only dreamt of

The fish  are the fire..   descended
down  from the heavenlies--
made available  solely
through the fineries..   restored
back in to  wholeness  in part
through the value I first saw in it
when in its primitive, used and
unfairly treated and uncared for, form..

But it was the deep love for that form
that helped give the vessel its access
back into the restoration  of its
own,  true glory..

And now,  all alone--  
out on the lake with it
it brings me access  in to
places and magical depths  until now
only thought of  and dreamt about
as that which exists  only, in heaven..

It is the vessel's motor,  now fully restored
that brings the boat and I  together
out on to the lake
but it is the boat's very  uniqueness
within it's own  natural state of beauty
that helps to give me access  into the magic
that lay currently undisturbed
deep in that glorious lake's depths

The boat has always carried within it
the rarest of gifts
and somewhere buried in my   deep
love for it..  those gifts, while out on
the lake  with it, will make themselves  known
to me  as we together find those fish
that so beautifully represent,  this..

the Holiest of all fires.

Those trophy fish are the magical moments
that up until now, lay dormant,
swimming far away from current distractions  
of the every day, mundane
accessible only  through the restorative process
and one's love of it's rare and magical beauty

It sometimes feels as if all of heaven is
waiting. (I know I am insane to talk this way..)

I truly do love that boat.

When I am out on the lake with it,
every difficult moment will be so very
worth it all to me. That is the joy I get
from the giving of myself into it's
much needed and fully deserved, restoration.

.  .  .  .

You will not sit out there,
  so all alone--
weathering, out there  somewhere
in the corner of the shipyard.  If that is
the case, and that is your current fear..
I know that you will find a way to
make yourself find-able by me. The
greatest tragedy of all would be for a
vessel of your unique and rare beauty,
to die off   all alone--

scuttled, by the wind.

The energy that was meant for you  is
now,  going into the boat.
    --tho I can certainly do both.

Ann, and her father
are out on the boat--
riding the water..

riding the waves, of the sea.

<3 .xo
J Mar 25
I feel like a
toffee rose petal
with touches of the snapdragon blush
brushing into burnt umber
somehow and barely
holding the weight of water droplets
that have built up, piled on, drowned me
from years and years of thunderstorms
and yes, the title is like that for a good reason.
Celine Ngo Feb 22
W: Waves crashed against 2020 pebbles
A: against the shoreline. Colliding with one another, the pebbles slowly chipped away at each other, breaking apart. And
Y: yet, seven constellations twinkled above them in the midnight sky. The constellations of the captivating cat, sophisticated sheep, benevolent bear, unfaltering unicorn, dynamic dragon, lively lion, and curious chick shone brightly through the dark expanse, as if signaling to the pebbles below,
V: "Venture out beyond the horizon, for there you will find the 2021th pebble and be able to turn the tides. Even if storms darken the sky, the sun will always shine again. The celestial bodies will always be here for you, shining bright in the cosmos but even brighter when midnight strikes."
my submission for WAYV's calendar giveaway :3
Dali Feb 20
A friend: passion, deep as the soul, drinks, blanket, and a cave to chat about escaping the world.
Quite you are they say
But not as what I see when I watch your face
Cause I felt, saw the storms/fires over and over
But no one heed even your warnings
I saw your own beauty that you didn’t even notice
Your soul is a cosmos’s of mystery
A wind mixed with fire
Cause you are a precious and rare
No one will gets you
Nor take your place in existence and your absence
Cause you made everyone fall
To make a call
from dawn to dusk
nor just to meet you for a few seconds at the hall
Can we take every road ?
To escape the world
like we talked before
When we went to see the cave and let our soul to talk before we fall.
In your eyes I see it
You smile at the world but deep inside, I see the sadness and hurt that within you resides.

I see your soul and the truth in your eyes.
You want to give up and I know you struggle so much.

You feel hopeless at times and can't see for yourself, that your life is worth so much more than what you see in your mind. You're so beautiful you just don't see it or believe it but don't you realise that no one is perfect? Your flaws, your thoughts and everything else in between is what makes you so perfect in my eyes.

You smile at the world with the pain in your eyes but I know deep down inside there's a part of you that wants to keep fighting, to feel alive.

You don't have to say a word, I feel it when you're around, I know you want happiness and some sunshine in your life, to make the darkest clouds disappear and make you feel like there's hope but you see there's no rainbows without storms.

I can't promise you the world, but all that I know is that I'll always be with you no matter how far we go. There's no giving up on you I swear it, it's true cause in your eyes I see a soul that is pure.
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