no matter how hard
these winds blow and shake me
i stay  r o o t e d  with the Earth
storms exist to awake me

I have earned a lot,
& Still in pursuit of more.
Wearing crown of smile
& Armor of faith.
Sometimes enjoying the sunshine,
& Sometimes battling the storms.
I am rowing ahead.
So, let these waves,
This time take me to a new place.

Life , a journey,keeps going on. And we are  Travellers. It can be stormy n lonesome at times or joyfull n blissful other times. No matter what have faith be optimistic .

I'm an anxious person.
storms are my playthings.
chaos is the joy in my heart.

April 7th, 2014.

snippets of musing and metaphor.
Latin Jan 11

I had a dream
where I had a sodalite heart
a precious stone that looks as if
earth was flooded and shrunk
only a few greenish-brown islands could be seen
white clouds swirled over the rough waters
a storm in the making
in the dream
I lost my heart
leaving a hole in my chest
where flowers had been growing
fed with the waters of the sodalite heart
to keep them from wilting
I looked everywhere
under my bed
in my clothes hamper
I asked my cat
and I asked the mirror
no one else was around to help
meaning no one had been there to steal it
I must have left it somewhere
or dropped it along the way
in my dream
I found the heart
laying on the ground
before the foot of the door
when I woke up I remembered
the sodalite heart I had bought last summer
I lost it within that very week
I knew exactly where I laid it
but it was never there
or anywhere

I went out for some air
As Ophelia's winds ripped Cavan
With whips and cracks,
Swaying wires til they met like Gothic lips
Whistling a lilting melody
In a wave winding along the Carrick Road.
They wailed as banshees,
Warning men with crosses,
Women in seclusion,
Screeching in their ears,
The fairies left their hillocks,
The cairns are empty vaults;

Ophelia drowned out prayers that night,
And slipped for Scotland's shore.

Hurricane Ophelia, Oct. 2017.

We started like a house
On fire
But in no time the flames
Started fading
It felt like the strong feelings
Of affection
You had for me
Grew weaker,
It happened we were a house
Built without a foundation
When heavy storms come
Its easy for that house
To fall
And indeed our house of love fell,
The love we shared
Was built on lies
And expectations
from your side
When those expectations
Were never met
Your heart was filled
With disappointments
I must say
I was never interested in you
In the first place
But you somehow made me
Fall for you
And I fell
But when I fell
You started ignoring me
As if I didn't exist
Do you know the agony
Of being ignored
By the one you love ?,
The pain you caused me ?,
Well I guess you don't
Because if you did
You wouldn't made me
Feel the pain
You gave me.
I don't even remember
How we ended
We just ended on thin air

Gloria Germann Dec 2017

Her name was Seraphina.

And like a storm overtaking a small boat on the sea, I was swept away with love and never found again.

She was named after a queen, I was told.
I didn't doubt it once.
Mesmerising would be far too simple of a word to describe her
the way she looked
the way she moved
the way she felt.

She was stronger than anyone I had known! And always was safe and steady

Her lines and curves were dark and elegant like that of an Angel.

Hair hanging in thick white braids long past her back.

She was mine from the moment I saw her,

I started upon her as nothing more than one of the many, running and helping her as we journeyed.

But when her previous Captain died, I took up post and we have been inseparable since.

I took vows when I got her that I would keep her safe and clean and steer her out of harm's way.
And I have kept my vows to this day.

It wasn't until a storm we saw that real worry set in, I stayed close and rubbed her tenderly as the bow of her began to dip.

The waves were high
And we were soaring through dark clouds

Before crashing back down again.

Upon a rocky road we rode together, waiting for the storm to end.

Two days it lasted and I clung to her wet and scared as I saw men tossed from side to side.

When we came out the last two living with a rainbow in the sky.
I praised her to all who would listen telling them of how my Seraphina saved me from the torment of the sky.

And still, ten years since that storm came crashing we are both still here and I retelling about how her and I survived and came out as one,

A ship and her Captain alive.

Akash Mandal Nov 2017

I found no oceans
in your eyes,
no windy storms
or starry skies.
Neither a pearl
nor an ember
I could see,
just the perfect
reflection of me.

Liam Hunter Nov 2017

They say
Good things take time.

Like a season dying
And a new one being born;
Like falling in love
And saying it aloud.

But there is wonderful,
In the most evanescent

Like sunsets
And summer storms;
Like snow falling
Only to melt away in the morning.

Like your fingers wrapped in mine,
Like the way you smile when I smile,
Like kissing you…


Like kissing you.

Olympia Oct 2017

One of the seas
Why have you run off with my heart?
Does the sea not have enough hearts?
Do you not have enough men chase after you?
Oh, Calypso
Why do you do these things to me?
You torture me with every breath
You are my end
When the storms rise and fall
I am in the midst of your fury
How did you fall out of love with me?
I thought I was the only one
My dear Calypso
The end of my life has been spent
dying in your arms
So wash over me
And let the seas become me once more
For I am only a slave to your beauty

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