lynnia hans Sep 14

rain clouds, torrential downpours of thunder, lightning & madness, sadness & tears, betrayal and despair, whirling within me eternally until someone can be there to die down the storms and make the sunshine and brightness come back into my life again.

U Mims Sep 10

Talks that turn into agruments that turn in fights with no end in sight
Careless Words​ thrown
So hard that cut so deep
Things we said we forgave
Sum how  keeps creeping back
Into our lives
Yet we weather the storms
29 yrs
For me it's LOVE
That keeps me here
Real love eye know eye won't
Find nowhere
So weathering the STORMS
Is what eyell do. For 29 more yrs
Just to RISE & die with YOU
© KingandQueen Productions
© Pirate Airways

Life not perfect neither is any marriage
Real love weather's any storm
When you both come out together on the other side still standing strong

Your gentle caress
renders me hopeless, stirs up
a squall in my heart.

sophia Sep 2

he carefully reached for
the drawstrings of her heart
that calmed down
her storms
and she lived under the angel's wing
that brought her back to safe haven

Miss Weirdo Aug 16

She has
A heart full of secrets,
A head full of dreams,
A past full of storms,
All disguised in silence

Jonesy Aug 6

The skies cry, and the winds howl like wolves on a night of a full moon,
The waves shout with thunderous sounds as they try their best to comfort the sky with their high jumps.
Boats and ships alike hideaway between tidal waves as the fish living underneath them scurry away,
Bracing themselves for the storm up ahead.

Clash Boom
The bipolar sky seemed to give way to the sun,
But she soon started to cry again.
Her wrath beat down on all of those who begged her mercy,
The trees cleared her a path.
The houses obeyed her presence and gave her their roofs as gifts.

Jonesy 2017 ©

Helena B Aug 6

My thoughts come like lightning, without the storm.
They don't want to belong to this earth anymore.
But my body is frozen in fear
And I am burdened by obligations to stay strong.

I feel like I have no home.
I am just particles floating through the air
Trying to figure out where I belong.

Nashoba Aug 4

Today the sun came back. No more storms. I miss the lightning we now lack.
  The desert is going to be in bloom again as the showers you shed feed the withering blooms.
The tortoise comes out, saw you early this day. Drinking the drops you laid.
The sand looks dry but only to the blind eye. As the water you shed is now hidden deep under the rock bed.
  We welcome your return. New storms that force us to learn, that life is a full circle in this harsh desert world.
For today I say farewell to the storms we had. But waiting for new ones to brighten this land.
Nashoba copyrighted 2017

Nashoba Aug 3

Lightning and thunder all around us today. Last night was amazing as the sunset into the warms oranges with a hue of grey.
We all watched loving the gifts of storm. Thunder bolts crashing down some purple some orange.
Boom as the clouds smashed together. Wind wailed on high making the leaves on the trees fly.
Strikes again. Thought of fleeing to the inside deep within. Mesmerized with the lights I stayed as long as I could wait.
Rain poured as you brightened the sky. Ground rumble with the sounds of joy.
What a storm you gave last night. We see you preparing to hide the light.
Let it rain, let it rumble. Grab your marker and streak the sky again. Thank you for the blessings from above. Creator within.
Nashoba copyrighted 2017

Dream Fisher Aug 3

There are times to be scared
In them, rational thoughts drift from your head
The times when news comes that appears unfair
And all the crazy, wild fills you instead.
I know it, you know it. I hate it.
Take a breath.
In an ocean of waves, some are meant to swim
With a storm on the horizen, the outlook is grim.
Take a breath and hold it. For a second and release.
You can make it, I can make it.
This is not how I die,
It's much more surprising for the life I've led.

You won't take me alive, sir.
To be clear, you won't take me at all
Look into my eyes, Storm.
See the walls I've made fall.
Don't come any closer, truly, I mean no harm.
But come at me, I'll attack thee.
Until my sanity is long lost,
Every bone I've been blessed, will shatter in just cost.
Take a breath. Take a second.
Think hard about your moves, you hold such might
But I hold a will with everything to lose.

There are times to be scared
When my hands shake without end
Truthfully, I do my best to hide it
Try as I might to hold it in.
I take a breath.
With water just below my mouth
I've been submerged deep in water
And turned that downpour to a drought.
I don't want to, you can make me.
Because, although, I'm scared of the sea
Make no mistake, I will make the sea fear me.

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