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Bloated solar systems draw sharp ships aloft its great celestial sea. I am battered and broken by the shift the storm sends my body adrift. But I seek to float and be rebuilt by constellations consolidating soulful songs so sight full that a bright star might sink into my orbit and maybe I could catch some light and absorb it.
I feel like I’ll never find the love I’m looking for
Crucifix Jun 2020
Everyone I ever loved never loved me back or loved me too late. Everyone I ever loved only loved to wait.
Faith, I’m lost and found. Waiting to be claimed from beneath the ground. I want a love that you can’t satiate.
I want a soulmate.
Iv had this time stuck in my head that I felt I should put lyrics to
Crucifix Aug 2019
The winter worn man
And the Star kissed girl
She rained her crystalline pearls, like feathered petals from another world, and the winter worn man felt cold in his hand, and warm in his heart as she danced the heavens under clouded dark.

From above on angel slides, lights of heavens cutting wide, he would rather stay in the shadow today. Watch her dance and sway and play, And pray to god for light on another day. When stars don’t descend on weightless air, and get trapped in her Star kissed hair.
Crucifix Jul 2019
“Errant knight, and samurai, man of god left to die, by sword and sorcery we fix his body to this crucifix. By storm of blade and blade of bone. He will stand a man regrow. When the hour draws late, he will shatter swords of fate and bring dark heavens crashing down. In his wake I pray the lord your souls he takes. To burn your evil with the might of excalibur so bright. The crucifix will rise again and usher in evils end.”
So I wrote this for a comic book I’m writing. It’s going to be pretty awesome when I can get it published. Am pretty proud of it.
Crucifix Jul 2019
Kiss me cyberlight andromeda. Twist salt and sea to fluorescent foam.
Her gaze can rubble rocks, sand sandstone, and grind granite.
Lamplit soul where did you go?
Cold clandestine callous kindness broke my beatdown bladed bleeding beating broken heart.
Like the hot hollowness of furnace fire you lift white iron from my head. Steel the sterling silver sword song of sorrowful saints singing soft sonnets into sunless summers. such a silly sin we now suffer for.  
Forlorn lore long lost, like lighting lingering little and limp lashed against the locked lonely light of tinder embers and the soft glow of days end.
Tomorrow torrents torment of tidlewaves, tornados, tempest. Thoughts of thorny thickets thrash thunderously turning tides of mind to thicker thoughts of trepidation.
We sail on.
Just rambling about how amazing this girl is. Never stop searching for love.
Crucifix May 2019
Storm laden eyes, of silk spun lightning.
Baked in hard night, and the warm cold of dream velvet.
Steel blue eyes. In the forests of silver swords they cut wind and wood in their gaze song, Singing silently through me. The frost fire of haunted gold glides nested upon winter kissed skin. Untouched by light. Moonlight dressed midnight saint. Alchemical colidoscope prayer. She is the essence of heavenly hyperspace. She is the princess of the Elysium ethereum.
Which hollow souls fill for.
Crucifix May 2019
I fall to the lonely fire of faith. The burnout stars of past designs shine there. Lost drowning in the lake of time, soundless effigies hanging in space like crystal lights on Christmas nights.
In tonight we find them in the aftermath of red sky. Tomorrow they faint to draw their blades behind the shields of clouds. Hiding in the thicket of Smaug they still burn there just out of reach. The lonely fires of faith.
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