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Crucifix Jul 3
“Errant knight, and samurai, man of god left to die, by sword and sorcery we fix his body to this crucifix. By storm of blade and blade of bone. He will stand a man regrow. When the hour draws late, he will shatter swords of fate and bring dark heavens crashing down. In his wake I pray the lord your souls he takes. To burn your evil with the might of excalibur so bright. The crucifix will rise again and usher in evils end.”
So I wrote this for a comic book I’m writing. It’s going to be pretty awesome when I can get it published. Am pretty proud of it.
Aaron LaLux Oct 2018
Half Batman half Robin,
Houston we have a problem,
and you don’t want no problem with me,
I’m off balanced and on one,

at the head of the table,
Delilah’s on a Sunday,
not willing but I am able,
I guess we’ve all gotta go one day,

but that day is not today,
or tonight got two lights,
one for the occasional cigarette,
and one that’s a Brunette that burns bright,

feeling cliche as fck but that’s okay because you know what,
we are at the top of the pyramid so it only makes sense we’re high,

hi I’m high,
how are you,
haven’t seen you in awhile might’ve been forever till now,
then you appear like a ghost at a haunting and say “Boo!”,

the things you do your new name’s Obsession,
it’s ironic that you asked me to have a staring contest,
since I’d confessed that I was already staring,

had my eye on you as soon as you entered the room,
I was perched in my throne at the head of the table,
but I was thrown when you waltzed in like a Godsend,
my God you’re the stuff of fairytales and fables,

the only one I wanted to talk to,
to in that whole venue,
and we’re talking Delilah’s not a dive bar,
so you know there were some quality options from which to choose,

but we both knew it was a rap,
as soon as you read the poem I’d wrote on that napkin,
and yeah this is Hollywood,
so yeah sometimes that kind of magic still happens,

you gave me your number in front of your boyfriend,
and didn’t even care so I didn’t either,
because we’re True Lovers,
we’re The Proof that can turn any sceptic into a True Believer,

a combination of all things yet still totally unique,
and yeah we’ve got our issues but hey we’ve all got our problems,
so we come together like two phones tethered or better yet bare feet on a beach,
and then we get ghost and disappear outta the reach of their nonsense,


∆ Aaron LaLux ∆

October 8th, 2018
Hollywood, CA.
Jack Apr 2018
No, they are not heroes from comic books, promising to uphold justice,
But to him they are Superman with his unmatched strength,
They are Batman with his unchallenged logic and wisdom,
They are Captain America with his incorruptible morals,
They are Thor with his magic hammer to fight off the darkness,
His friends are his backbone, his strength and his stable wall to lean on,

No, they are not Gods or Superheroes,
But to him they are the world, his love and his reason to live,
They’re My Beautiful Friends.
im not one for recognising what i have in the moment and truly appreciating it, to be honest thats one of my truest flaws, but today i spent the day with two of my beautiful friends and i noticed what i have with my friends and how much i adore them completely. its not often that i notice what i have but right now i feel like the luckiest poet in  the world because, right now, i can recognise my beautiful friends and the unmatched joy they bring me
RN Oct 2017
Like Batman beating the Joker
I'll gonna protect you, I swear
No need to be bitten by the spider
To clear your deepest nightmare

I'm Ironman and you're my Pepper
Stay beside me and life will be better
Yes, I can't lift that Thor's hammer
But I'll fight for you like Steve Rogers

I don't have any Super Power
But I'll keep you safe from danger
I'll watch you from shadows like Nightcrawler
To observe if you're secured anytime anywhere

I'm not Superman, Batman, and Spiderman
But you know what, man?
I'll be here for you if there's no one
Cause all I want is to be your man
Superheroes inspired poem
Aditi Feb 2016
I have seen heroes take shelter in darkness, and villains smirk in light
Angels lose their Godly touch
And demons flourishing in their eyes.
batman and superhero drama idk what I was thinking
Crucifix Oct 2015
The colors pop against the page. Thunderous frightening monsters lash, men in tights begins to clash, a thousand cities come crashing down. A thousand worlds end without a sound, bound by a comment goal to portray heroes and villains of old. To make them timeless, to tell our tale, of a simpler time of villains dark and heroes light.
Just a poem about my favorite medium.
Edna Sweetlove Aug 2015
"SNOGGO And The Giant Sea Beast" (Another Egregious SNOGGO Adventure)

written by
Edna Sweetlove
on behalf of
the one and only

  The shore lay peaceful in the warmth of the sun, a seemingly idyllic picture. The beach was completely empty even though it was high summer. The whole town was void of visitors: usually at this time of the year it was crawling with tourists: fat white slobs ready to absorb maximum sunshine and sunburn before going back to the city with their **** kids, back to their humdrum and drab lives of sedentary drudge. But not today, today they were nowhere to be ******* seen.

  Glum shopkeepers stared glumly out at the glum, empty streets, knowing they faced ruin unless the terror which had engulfed their town and which would bring calamity to their traditional summer occupation of fleecing the tourists could be sorted out. And only I, the wonderfully brave and intrepid SNOGGO, could save the town.  They knew it and I knew it. It was an established fact. Q.E.D.

  As I drove my specially designed truck down the main street to the seafront, people cheered, calling out 'God bless you, dearest, gallant SNOGGO' as I went by.  I was so ******* proud that everyone knew who the great SNOGGO was. I cautiously inched onto the sands as people watched from behind their curtains, hoping against hope that I would be able to save them from looming disaster. I motored down to the water's edge and carefully turned the vehicle round so that its rear pointed out to sea.  The tarpaulin on the back of the specially constructed SNOGGOMOBILE flapped in the wind. What was under the tarpaulin?

  I dragged a steamer trunk from under the tarpaulin, opened it and hauled out the stinking carcase of Geoffrey, my neighbour's Rottweiler who had inexplicably gone missing last week.  Or it may have been Gerald, Geoffrey's twin brother.  Next I hauled Gerald's corpse out of the trunk (or it may have been Geoffrey's, the two mutts were identical and repellent in death, just as they had been identical and repellent in life).  The pong was something awful.  Nearly gagging with the rancid and stomach-churning stench, I dragged the two dead dogs down to the shoreline and, grabbing each by its hind legs, hurled them out to sea as far as my mighty strength would permit.  About five yards, as it happened.

  I returned to the SNOGGOMOBILE and drew back the tarpaulin to reveal what lay underneath; my secret weapon, whose secret only I knew. I made my preparations carefully but rapidly; I knew I had no more than five or six minutes’ leeway. And sure enough, after precisely five and a half minutes, I heard the sound I was expecting and I saw the sight I was expecting.

  The mighty fin of the dreadful fish cut through the water with a dreadful whoosh.  And Geoffrey disappeared beneath the waves (or it might have been Gerald, who cares).  The other dog would be next: such a mighty shark as the one enjoying dog tartare in the bay would not be sated by a single Rotweiler.

  I climbed onto the back of the SNOGGOMOBILE, and leaped gracefully into the seat behind my secret weapon.  I aimed quickly at the focal point of the blood-stained thrashing waters, pressed the red button (marked "Fire" for ease of reference) and WHAM!, what a Hell of a big bang, and off went my thermo-nuclear torpedo, whizzing down the beach and SPLASH! into the water, then WALLOP! as it hit the shark amidships and BOOM! as it went off, blowing the shark into ******* smithereens.  Myriad bits of shark (mixed with bits of Geoffrey and Gerald) rained down on the beach; how fortunate that I had thought to put up my extra-size golf-umbrella (complete with colourful SNOGGO logo) to deal with this eventuality and no lumps hit me.

  The enormous shark (wittily nicknamed “that ******* great ******* shark” by the locals) which had terrorised the entire coast for some time, gobbling up paddling kiddies whole, chewing off the limbs of dozens of swimmers, and generally being a major pain the ****, was no more. It was mincemeat. The whole promenade was alive with cheering townsfolk, as I smiled in happiness and pride at my wonderful achievement. They started singing my favourite song: “We love SNOGGO, SNOGGO the brave” which brought ******* tears to my eyes.

  Now SNOGGO's reward beckoned: ten thousand lovely wallet-warmers (plus expenses) plus a night of unbridled lust with the mayor's buxom wife Shirley and his sister Deidre too, as previously arranged. Yes, SNOGGO the famous shark killer (and ******* fan) had killed yet another predator of the deep stone ******* dead.

It Was Time..
I Pulled Her Towards Me..

Then I Made Her Promise..
To Not Let No One Know..

I Leaned Forward..
And Whispered In Her Ear..

I Am The Batman!

I Trusted Her!
The Batman has grown into become one of my fav super heroes..
And this is, to that.
Lust makes heroes and villains out of us all
Your Kryptonite **** to my
Sally Jupiter
Oh, the quasi- romanced looks
I'd don for you in the dark
Wearing only lipstick and sweat
While you tried to save the world

I wanted to feel ****** and immortal
I wanted to feel as good as atoms colliding could feel
I wanted to fly above sky scrapers
But you knew I couldn't keep up with you for long
Because under the mask
I'm just too fragile
Under the mask,
I'm only human
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