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Apr 2019 · 321
the god of war
ares the god that i've grown to not like
for his attitude and actions are not respectable.

ares, a guy i never thought i'd like.
it just happened.
we happened.

like the greeks,
i now have a love-hate relationship with
he's mighty.
you're sympathetic,
but you both are the same.
i don't want to be a spartan who
only sees good in you.
athenians are correct
you are a coward.
Nov 2018 · 640
what would i see in the mirror of erised?
it's probably like what dumbledore saw—
him, holding a pair of thick, woolen socks
because one can never have enough socks, eh?

remember dobby, a free elf?
dobby, who has no master
because of a sock harry gave?
you understand now?

socks are needed to become free.
Jun 2018 · 786
the first night i saw you,
i thought you were the one
who i can trust to
cast the memory charm on me.

i've been waiting for so long
to see the green light,
it made me blind.

the first night we talked,
i thought you can erase it —
worries, anxieties, and the voices
inside my head.

boy, i was wrong.
i should've learned occlumency
for you are one legillimens.
Jun 2018 · 528
a brief encounter with you,
oh, sunset, leaves bittersweet memories.
you quickly allured people by how beautiful you are,
then leave them in the dark. 

the beauty that brings darkness.
Jun 2018 · 336
rohese, a delicate, and beautiful flower;
wonderful to touch but painful to hold.
thus, a hand that wants rohese
must love and accept its thorn.
Nov 2017 · 504
i n h a l e s
e x h a l e s
she’ll remember you
the reason she’s sighing
and sleeping with
a heavy heart
right now
Nov 2017 · 334
oh, november,
what have you done to me?
i don’t want this.
this is not me—reckless.
let me go back.
don’t stop me.
Nov 2017 · 898
my reality is you
i was living in a fantasy world

until i met you.

you made me see the world 

or the reality of life. 

you made me see

you, my reality.
Nov 2017 · 373
i imagine us
watching concerts and gigs, 

enjoying our nights;

singing and jumping to our favorite songs,

looking and smiling at each other,

your arms around me,

holding my hand later on,

and kissing—i love the idea of you

kissing me, baby.
Sep 2017 · 376
a hopeless romantic who likes the chase. it’s something that become her habit—chasing someone, liking a man who doesn’t have feelings for her.

she craves for physical touch, yet pushing someone away who is trying to get close to her when she sees he’s interested in her too. she always assumes every guy only wants to flirt with her.

the standards she builds are so high. when someone is falling short of her expectations, she easily gets bored.

all she wants is a man who will be patient with her and understands her because she’s confused, she is not used to what she’s feeling right now.

she’s a flower who just starts blooming. a flower who is still learning how to handle a relationship and how to share herself, her soul and her heart physically and emotionally to someone.
Sep 2017 · 428
it was over.
the moment i knew it was
over and
 your love for me
was slowly fading—it was summer,

but it felt like it’s winter
when i’m with you.

you’ve changed,
and i’m feeling more pain than 
Jun 2017 · 477
subconsciously want you.
you are not my type, but i don’t care.
our conversations are not interesting, yet i like talking to you.
you don’t have any talents that will make me feel interested.
the things that you consider hobbies are boring to me.
heck, i’m not even attracted to you, but i like you.
May 2017 · 850
how long does it take for two people to get attached to each other?

how long does it take for two people to know that they are in love?

how long does it take for two people to build up the courage to say that they love them?

a month.

it only takes a month;
for us to know about each other,
for us to see if we could work,
and for us to finally decide if we want something more than friends.
Jun 2016 · 882
get drunk on your kiss
"why you don't drink alcohol?" he curiously asked.
"because i don't want to," i replied while reading a book.
he puts his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him.
i smiled, hugged him, yet continuously ignored him.
"you don't want to get drunk, do you?" he added.
i closed my book and looked him in the eye.
"yes, because i want to get drunk," i leaned forward and gave him a peck on the lips, "on your kiss only."
Jun 2016 · 414
take me to the hole
people left without hesitation,
reason, saying goodbye.
am i easy to be replaced?
couldn't they take me to
where they are going?
will there be a time somebody takes me
to the hole in his heart?
let me in, not allowed to escape
because he needs me, wants me
to be with him for the rest of his life.
Jun 2016 · 2.1k
love isn't complicated
they say love is complicated.
people do make love more complicated
Jun 2016 · 1.4k
patiently waiting
i liked someone but,

i’m too young.

i loved someone but,

he broke up with me.

i’m ready to let someone in again but,

he couldn’t wait.

i had someone who is special to me but,

we just stopped being close.

some want to win my heart but,

i don’t have feelings for them.

i guess

this is not my time,

my heart is not ready.

the right person will come

unexpectedly and at the right time.
Oct 2015 · 761
how sad
i dreamt about you again—
us, being together; a dream come true.
love was not one-sided.
"i love you", you said.
yes, it was a happy dream
—suddenly became a sad dream
when i woke up
because that happy dream was
not real
Jun 2015 · 1.4k
1:10 am
i see you
looking at me,
smiling at me;
i see you everywhere.
i'm not hallucinating.
you're just on my mind
thinking of how you look like
so vivid like
it's real.
May 2015 · 786
i like you
the reason why i'm writing
this poem, is to lessen
the feels i'm having right now.
you make me hyperventilate.

every time i close my eyes,
i see you.
your eyes are
illuminating my life.
every time i remember
how your lips curled into smile,
i cant help but smile
like an idiot.
every time i think of you,
oh my...
i can't even describe how
just the thought of you affects
my mood so much.

i like you that much.
you've planted flowers in my heart
watered it with your sugar-coated words.
heart blossomed beautifully.
then, you left.
flowers die---
along with your love.
Feb 2015 · 615
i don't remember your voice.
your eyes, your smile
while looking at me is what
my mind, my heart
Feb 2015 · 794
black and white
we've met for the first time.
i saw you at last.
our friend introduced you to me.
five seconds,
i counted.
you genuinely smiled at me
looking directly into my eyes.

we've met for the second time.
i saw you again.
i didnt expect you to come.
it was raining.
five seconds,
i counted again.
you smiled at me
looking directly into my eyes
as your way of saying goodbye.
Dec 2014 · 2.4k
stranger > (best)friend
I prefer strangers became lovers than (best)friends became lovers. Why? Because there are no awkward  moments if a stranger became yours. You will have no regrets on a destroyed friendship. Yes, there are many advantages if you know the person long enough. But what if the relationship wont work? It’s hard to be friends again with that person. No matter how hard the both sides try to be back like the way they always do, it will never be that way again. I don’t want to lose someone who is special to me. I don’t want to see someone not talking to me like we never knew each other for so long. I don’t want to lose a friend. It’s hard to lose someone who has always been part of your life than someone who suddenly become a part of it. I treasure friendship more than anything else. I know I’m being negative about this. But it’s easier to forget a person who just suddenly became your everything than a friend who always there for you since you know when.
Dec 2014 · 359
so close yet so far = i can touch you but not your heart
Dec 2014 · 976
what if?
there are two words
two words that have the power
to haunt you for the rest of your life
what if? what if? what if?
Nov 2014 · 824
do not fall in love
do not fall in love with a guy
who is not nervous
when you're around
that guy is not serious
i repeat
he is not
Oct 2014 · 915
13 reasons why
She is alone.
She is sad.
She hates her life.
She doesn't know what to do about it.
Her eyes are like falls every night.
She just wants to leave this world.
After a week, she disappeared without saying a word.

He liked her.
He cares for her, but he is coward.
He didn't tell her what he feels.
He is just contented staring at her.

It is too late for both of them.
There are now so many "what if's" to his life.
If only he had the guts to talk to her,
to say what he really feels,
he saved her
she is still in this world.
Sep 2014 · 554
there is this girl who is crying her heart out.
asking herself why no one loves her,
why all her past lovers didn't work out.
now, she is old and alone.

she didn't realize that the one for her,
the one who is her soul mate or destiny
is now dead.
he ended his life before they were going to meet.
Sep 2014 · 650
They did not die because of a nightmare.
They died because of heart attack.
Their soul left their body and  it wanders around then,
they bumped into a bad spirit and they got really scared
their body reacted to it and that was why they got a heart attack
because some were not able to go back to their own body
before it is too late and some were blessed to wake up
and thought of it as a nightmare.
Sep 2014 · 4.7k
i  missed  this
kind of feeling.

the   feeling  of
                  being infatuated
                                         with   someone.
Sep 2014 · 547
Midnight Thoughts
Is there someone here who can go to bed
after just minutes of closing their eyes
they are now in dreamland?
If there is somebody out there like that,
can you teach me how do you do that
because I am tired of these thoughts
that always keep me up at night.
Sep 2014 · 990
She was shocked when he handed her a rectangle shape
with a gift wrap and told her to open it.
And to her surprise,
it's one of her favorite author's set of books
with a sign of the author itself.
She was really happy
because that costs too much--
too much for someone to do such kind of effort.
So she can't help herself
and gave him a peck on his cheek
and say "thank you".
That made his heart flipped
and made his face a crimson.
Because he didn't expect that she would do it.
And she was just beyond happy
to seem to care what she did.
And when she saw his face like that,
she laughed at him and hugged him too.
“I need to talk to you.” I hate these words. Because in a nanosecond I felt nervous; uneasiness filled my heart, afraid of what you are going to say & afraid of what will happen next. These words are just like the introduction of all the stories I have read. The stories that will always end up breaking my heart.

“I don’t love you anymore.” There. I know that was the second line you are going to say. I expected that. But I guess even though how much you are prepared for the situation and how much you expect that that may cause your heartbreak, you cannot help not to be hurt so much. I did not know what to feel that time. It was a myriad emotion and inexplicable feelings, tears are falling down my face and at the same time my body suddenly feels weak. And I did not know what to do.

It seems like yesterday since you told me that you will always be here when I needed you and that we are going to see together those places we are never going through. Your lips that tell me you really love me and your eyes that can tell it is true; that you are sincere. It has been just like a storm that came in and you are that storm that suddenly destroys my whole life when you left me.

Now I finally understand why storms are named after people.
Sep 2014 · 6.2k
Clingy x Possessive
he wouldn’t mind if you will become clingy & possessive.
in fact he love it when you are doing those actions.
every time someone is scrutinizing him
when you two wandering around.
when someone is telling their feelings for him,
when he is talking to other girls.
when he does not answer your calls and messages for nothing
so that when you two meet the day after that
you are ****** for being paranoid  and
he is going to see your cute expressions
that makes him smile,
feeling ease,
flatter his heart,
make him want to kiss you,
and makes him love you even more.
Sep 2014 · 394
she once was like a *****.
she got herself drunk everynight.
she was willing to give everything;
for him to choose her,
to come back to her.
she was clashing with other girls
who was getting involved to him.
she is chasing
and begging him to say.
He’s like a character in a book which is every girl’s dream, just like me. But no, he’s not just a cast in a story. Maybe the way he puts his thoughts into words, the way he speaks, the way he acts or expresses his feelings through his posts, his attitudes or the sweet efforts he made. I always dream and hope that I would find a man like him. Because all of his attitudes, no, not all, but some of his attitudes I want my future boyfriend to have--my ideal boyfriend; intelligent, gentleman, knows how to respect a girl, really knows God and many more. And I always fall in love with him once I read his posts. Sometimes, I get teary-eyed when I read some of his posts or feel like crying when I finish reading it and I don’t even know why and I am like asdfghjkl. He’s a real man. He had it all. He has this thing that when you’ll go back read to his blog you didn’t even notice that you’re falling in love with him. It’s like falling in love with a fictional character. Even though you don’t even know him.
Sep 2014 · 655
Do you remember
the time
when you wrote
me a letter?
I'm still keeping it inside
a box
full of our memories.

— The End —