lily 1d

this distance
you forced
upon me
burned my heart
to ash

and even though
you left me as dust
i still begged you to stay
but instead,
you blew my ashes away.

kate 4d

i used a safety pin
to rip my skin apart
which is kinda ironic
for safety pins are
suppose to
hold things

Lily 4d

Dear love,
We have such a different type of love, one that no one can understand. From strangers, to best friends, to the love of my life; isn't it crazy how life works like that?
I never imagined falling in love with you, but somehow it happened. We have our ups and downs, but no matter how many times I frown, you always treat me like a queen and help me pick up my crown.
Your smile is the light in my life, it makes my heart soar to new heights.
My whole world becomes complete every time I hear your heart beat.
Dear love,
For you deserve only the best, which is why my love for you never takes a rest. Through the months, even years, I will never give up, and when you're down I will always pick you up.
Until the end of time, every day and night, I will forever pray for you to stay mine.

nasty and gross
brown and discolored
my heart is black and my body is bruised

outside the grass is dying
and the skies are gray
it is really cold

the pond is murky
and there is trash all around the
garden estate

a song whispers into my ears like the wind
and despondency slips into my blanket
it wraps me and hurts me

i am feeling it all
im stuck under this blanket
with closed eyes and dirty underwear

messed up hair
and uneven complexion
rolls and love handles

there's cigarettes
and broken beer bottles
all around my bed

there's a dying bird
on my windowsill
and i've been waiting for someone to get it off

but when i paint these things
no one sees the beauty i do
in the dead

what about me?
is there no beauty in my death?
is anybody going to look at me?

because when someone will paint me
no one will see the beauty that they will see
in my death

i'll try a little harder to be pretty for you

She shreds every hopeful thought
whispering deprecating words
until that's all there is

At first, you try to ignore her
make her words disappear
but she is persistent

You believe that you are
stronger than she will ever be
the fighting can only last so long

She knows how to get to you
don't let her sink you
she isn't worth it

Her name is said at ease
by those who don't truly know her

The one and only
intimidating manipulative liar
Miss. Lonely

lily Dec 6

maybe if you loved me
i could finally rest my head
on a white pillow

"i adore you"
Abby Jo Dec 5

I hate this feeling.
The feeling of the unknown.
I just want to scream and let it all out
But I hold it in and feel my chest tighten with every breath
You reassure me nothing is wrong,
So why do I feel like you are lying?
I gave you an out, a chance to ante up
I want to call your bluff but I'll risk it all
This was once so easy
Where did our words go?
Lost in between what was and now what is?
Let's get back to that

Lex Dec 4

Just when I almost gave up
Just when I was done
Just when I was not going to feel
I started to for you

I thought I would never get over him
I thought that I would always be stuck
But then I met you
And now there's no turning back

I am not right now in love with you
But I know that I am in like
I am proud to say that I fell
And you caught me on my way.

Here I come hun.
iamme Dec 3

This morning i woke up
Woke up with a strange feelings
Running like a tornado in my chest
I can't breathe and i froze
I don't know why, but i just want to cry
Saw my reflection in the mirror
That shining girl is no longer there
That sincere smile replaced by the fake one
I have many friends, but there's no one
My chest is so heavy lately
I want to be alone, but i don't want to feel lonely

lily Dec 3

i freed my heart
from those high walls
that got taller
when pain savaged through my veins.

i confessed my love
to you
and you left me
in silence.

i break down,
these walls of mine
will collapse
and leave me in surrender.

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