Tharuki 1d
Her mind
Was her biggest weapon
And her weakest fear
It held the extraordinary
The secrets
The lies
The untold truths
But it held the pain
And the hurt
And the suffering
And it kept everything hidden
Yet so exposed
Her mind
Was strong
But weak
Her thoughts hurt her
But hiding it took more strength
But life kept going
And so did she
Even though her life wasn’t
What she wanted it to be
Her mind
Kept her safe
But put her in danger
And with every thought
She was a step closer to death
But closer to being alive
And her thoughts
Sustained her
They made time obsolete
But still made life so fast
Her mind was her biggest weapon
And her weakest fear.
Karmen 2d
Vievievie no replies ignite

I like to talk don’t care if I’m all too blunt cause shit I just enjoy peoples and sharing thoughts no matter what
Sorry if I annoy but I don’t ever intend
Just be easy
Tell me to let there be rest from sharing my head and expression of things totally random
Cause I don’t wanna Kill off being friends
So lay it out straight without intent to make harm to ones head of depth feels that never get real rest
Least not till death
Hurt of no reply cause I message too many times cause hell I wanna talk and like sharing my feels not thinking it would scare off or be perceived as another type of way but ok
U T G 4d
No more hiding away
No more shying away
It is what it is
Come what may

Butterflies you give me
Passion you stir in me
In a sea of faith you leave me

Love is all I feel
Your warmth is all I need
lily 4d
i don’t like to dream
because when i do
i dream of you
and you being in my dreams
will cause my head
to be full of you
and when you are in my head
i can fall asleep at night
probably thinking of you
so when your memories
flatter my conscience
my conscience
will choose you
to dream of tonight
and that maybe
in a perfect world
you dream of me too
U T G 6d
With you, all feels more

Be it joy or sore

Heart  and mind entwined in an endless war

Yet! More of your mystery is what I crave  for
Azrapse Apr 5
i feel like i have a curse on me
or maybe im just a magnet
and i only attract negativity
everything in my life
goes from bad to worse
even when i try to be happy
i cant even fake that im happy
i wonder what i did
for karma to hate my guts
maybe i did some bad
but i cant recall
me ever having this much bad intentions
with my actions
or maybe that just how karma works
it tortures you till you cant breath
im overwhelmed
i wonder what would happen
if i decided to slit my wrists
with my luck
someone would find me
and id end up locked inside a nut hut
my life probably isnt really that bad
i know some people have it worse
but in my mind i cant find peace
and its been slowly killing me
i really want this nightmare to end
but i havent gone to sleep
only in my dreams can i escape reality
when i wake i enter insanity
im tired of driving myself crazy
JovialPup Jun 15
What is your mileage?
What distances have you carried yourself?

Tell me of the roads.
Of summer evenings spent gliding on smooth, black asphalt. Tell me about the sounds, harmonizing with the warm thrum of your heart.

Tell me of the beaten paths.
Of midday walks on cracked, uneven sidewalks teeming with life, giving way to budding blades of green, and dandelion dreams.
Tell me how the sun stung your skin, how soft breezes whispered at the nape of your neck.

Share with me the memory of winter mornings past.
Of the biting chill kissing your cheeks as your feet trudged through soft white expanses.
Of the cold that set in your bones as you waited for the bus, and the fat wet flakes that fell in flurries.

Tell me all of it.
About the freedom that spring brings, the buzz of bees and possibilities. The gorgeous lull at 10am and the swell of your soul.

Tell me the way the falling leaves of autumn trees speak to you. How their crunch tickles your mind.
Tell me how October skies dazzle you, while the stars shine, reflected in your eyes.

Spend with me a moment of intimacy. Show me the things beyond the windows to the soul.
Share with me what your odometer reads.
Let me read the map of you.
Started off as a thought in the car, kind of ran away from me as I wrote.
I swear I don't regret
That beautiful brunette
Who was amused by my cigarettes
Where we an extoridany duet
But I can't help but be upset
When I see your silhouette
I still think of our sweat
On the first night we met
I swear you weren't a soubrette
I promise I won't forget
Kirill Jun 11
I'm not ashamed,
No, not at all.

Not when I fell,
Nor begged, nor crawled.

Not when I died,
My sacrifice.

But when we lost our paradise.

No, I am not,
I say to you.

I'm not ashamed,
To stand by you.

But if I were,
Would it be okay?

Would you see it in me if I stayed?

I'm not ashamed,
No, not at all.

How dare you show your face at all.

I'm not ashamed of all my pain.

The pain is real,
I feel again.

I'm not ashamed,
No not at all.

You did me wrong,
And aren't appalled.

You string your life,
With bows and ribbons.

While I lay here,
In my submissions.

But I'm not ashamed.
No, not at all.

I'm never there,
To take a call.

I'm not ashamed,
A lesson learned.

This apathy I feel I earned.

I am not ashamed,
But  I am slowly numbing.

Too much substance in my body
got me feeling funny
lily Jun 10
the most difficult fact
of it all
is that
even though
they treat you so poorly
you still want them.
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