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Ellie Grace Sep 12
She burnt too bright for a time
and then like all things that age,
she burnt into nothing at all
you’re great at storytelling.
i could fall asleep to the sound
of your voice as it recounts a memory.

i'm not one to be religious but i do hope to
god that i don't become one of them as
you remember the ghosts of us out loud
on the phone at 3am to another like me.

i don't want to be a part of your story.

don’t just let me be your character development.
bring me on your entire journey and
let me remain the one you call at 3am
when you're dying to tell all the stories that you’ll have in our future.

i don't want to be a part of your story.
i want to be your reality.
© LAICEY Poems September 2020
Meca Sep 5
As the rhythm starts,
my mind would dance,
to it's mesmerizing tunes,
I'd forget the past,
Dancing alone with my melancholy flowers
Surkhab kaur Sep 4
Friday                                                           ­                11:45a.m
Earth's oldest band: Thunder was having a concert on clouds
And raindrops wearing anklets
danced in her verandah
The wayward wind tickeled the branches
of Gulmohar tree,
And the newborn leaves wondered who it was?
There she the warmth of moment
listening to the untold stories of faraway lands.
Rains.....*sighs in relief*
Zack Ripley Aug 29
The hardest lesson to learn
Is that hiding your feelings
Protects no one.
The hardest thing to accept
Is that you don't need to protect anyone.
Haley Protega Aug 28
My gaze flickering across this landscape divine -

a whirlwind of sentiments unfolds.

Yet a single word echoes across my mind:

mine, mine, mine.

These hills, these trees, the distant shore,

as sure as the breeze caressing the steeple:

they are part of me, and more -

I am at home, safe, with my people.

I feel it, I know it, the comfort it sings -

whispers of safety, a lullaby to my broken wings:

familiar and gentle, deep in my bones,

the ancestry calling from ancient white stones.

Rosemary, lavender, olives, and fig trees,

they tell me of history, of proud victories;

of battles, of sadness, of stories untold,

the generations with lingering spirits of old.

This is my land, I belong here;

the soft hum of time; a smile and a tear.
Visignano, Istria (Croatia)

(Latin, mea terra = my land)
That flat or apartment you live in
Is called a house,
That someone you live with
Makes it home.
So if you wander with that "someone" by you,
You'll be a wanderer with a home.
Riley Larkin Aug 10
It’s not your fault
You were raised broken
I don’t care about your town but I care about the words spoken
To you, or your siblings
When all they wanted was love
But they were stuck in a dark place where everything was unsure of
How do you agree to bring someone into this world
How does a mother try to trap a man knowing there relationship toxic
how does a man agree to a baby when he knows he can barely take care of himself
Im so mad at this world, I wish I could be anywhere else.
I met women who have babies and made that her source of income
But that baby didn’t ask for a mother who had no plans to be one
Let me be clear when I say I don’t involve myself in politics
Because there’s flaws in every family, every future, every decision that makes me hurt for ALL people going through this.
There’s a stigma for the lower level of the Totum pole.
There’s a standard, an expectation, or a call of role
I think the world we live in today is a terrible place
I’m a single white female I dont see color and don’t judge circumstance based on your race
But we’re all in the wrong. Ain’t nothing easy anymore
I failed out of college and spend my days mopping floors.
I don’t blame the system for that because it’s on me.
But I blame the system for safety when things got scary, when ex boyfriends goes far enough to hurt my family.
I know there’s no rhyme or reason, there is absolutely no sense in believing in the law
But it took me fearing my life and realizing there isn’t ever anyone to call.
I was always different because I understood the people who lived in struggle and pain
My trauma is different, but the words I heard always felt the same
I still won’t understand how people could bring a child  in this world
When they don’t have a long term plan for this little boy
Or little girl.
I wish I could understand why all of us are expected to feel pain
And I wish I could save every person whose words hurt worse or hurt the same.
This life is so unfair no matter the lengths you’ve felt it
But we all suffer in our own ways. I just hope you find the strength to never quit
#2020 #life #feels #race #equality #sad #hurt #love #neveralone #write #strength #power #family #mom #dad #kids #children
Jamie Jul 24
I weep silently
As I grip the recyclable material
Apologising profusely

I am sorry

I know you
Do not wish
To spend more money

I am sorry

I really try
Another episode surfacing
I just can't, without a doctor

I am sorry

You try and
Find excuses to
Revoke the dosage

I am sorry

I really am, sorry that is
I didn't ask to be this way
I didn't hand-pick you
I really am sorry
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