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Karmen Jun 1
As I close my garage and drive away, all I can think of is the escape; Is it really an escape or easy to not let them see the pain. My heart is heavy; my mind so full can't even fathom a tear to pull. I'm lost, and drained don’t even know who will listen to my brain. I've pushed, pulled and choked, and drowned now its surround. Cause she had doubt felt fear and neglect like someone's hands around her neck. Her depths so wide and cracks so thin how could she ever feel she’ll win. Worry is anxiety depression, with suicide is supposedly a sin. My father, who is in heaven, please guide my path for soon to see it all, only my wrath as I close my garage and drive away.
Writing from my cousin, sharing the poem for all.
Axel May 21
if it means for us to fall,
then I'll let go first
because dreams don't make us lose
like where we are now;
we agreed to play it together,
but neither one of us can last
if we both are searching for a win
and waiting for another broken vow.
we both know this relationship is going nowhere.
Kenny Anthony Apr 22
A prisoner of the mind
I am not.
I seek to feel again
to touch, to listen.
When I'm not with you
I'm missing..
Never made it through
I'm wishing
for you.
Raven Feels Apr 21
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, waste before you taste cries:\

holding me this way      

     never thought id never wanna leave

Raven Feels Apr 20
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, not for them for you:]

in your own skin they say

in your own way they say

in your presence they say

but to me in my feels not the exact same

in the self satisfaction I see it

a smile your heart only can beat it

magic for the veins to bleed it

not for others to tolerate it

not for the others to be it nor name it

                                                            ­                  ------ravenfeels
Raven Feels Apr 20
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, just a magical night in October that I ache for:}

when the telephone rang and his pleas sang

when the station blurred and the tables turned and the light burst

when he ran for the chase never minding the haze of desperate achieve

when he begged for the day for my beloved stay in the seconds before leave

when he refused to leave in the fight of disbelief in the fear of a disappear

when the stairs he walks to embrace the lots that we missed along the nighty watch

when he saves the gush in a surrender to his touch and an affection to my feels

Brendann Apr 17
I’m so lost without you.

But you’re so free without me.
Free Verse
Yazad Tafti Mar 18
a portrait painted in my mind

watching you in the living room with another living being

i've had ******* comedowns which killed me a bit more,

but this comedown off of you in my expectations

this room suddenly doesn't make me feel like living anymore

sink in to the couch and never come out ( i may just be soft) lel
Ana Mar 16
she told you the truth
and you told her lies.

she told you i love you,
and so did you.

but she believed you,
because how could
someone make lies,
so beautiful?
They say life flies by in a flash
Then why do these nights feel so long?
Things haven't been the same all alone
Ever since you left every second feels wrong
Its like time has slowed waaay down
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