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Slowly these thoughts and mine are being fused as one
It was me against depression, and depression has won
My mind is exhausted from fighting it's own civil war
Death seems so inviting like an open door
The only hope I have, is that the end is near
My life is pointless and I'm sincerily tired of being here
Surrounded by everyone,
Surrounded by everyone,
Yet feels so alone ,
No one understands,
understands of what I am going through,

I wake up with miserable thoughts,
I toss and turn;
Can't fall asleep anymore

I hate this feeling you are putting me through,
How do I heal myself,
Please I am begging them
How will I heal
When there's no motivation to try anymore
Lydia 5d
Yesterday I came home mad
I had the house to myself
so I went to my room
and packed a bowl
I decided to clean the bathroom
because for me,
cleaning is therapeutic
I took a hit and then scrubbed the sink
I took a hit then cleaned the toilet
I took a hit and then cleaned the mirrors
I took a hit and scrubbed the bathtub
I took a hit and swept the floors
the bathroom I stood in smelled like bleach
I felt better
burning and bleaching the days gunk away
one word depicts the deep and hollow feelings unto which the human senses cannot touch.

teardrops flowing down her cheeks.
words too hollow to even speak.
eyes that are no more but once proud.
surrounds you when alone and finds you in a crowd.
dissipating footsteps of a departing friend.
wishing for everything to just end.

it'll not listen to the pleads of the broken heart.
it'll stay and torment until anew comes and shatters it apart.

while we wait for hauntings to befall.
one word. loneliness. represents all.
Being alone does not implicate loneliness, and vice versa.
han Sep 4
The note rang loudly
in the night
piercing my heart
opening a chasm in my soul
pouring out memories
met with old feelings
an aching deep within
soothed and scarred
all at once
speaking things
I didn’t know even existed
September 3rd~han
Melo Sep 3
I just wanted to be happy
And in your eyes I saw the sun
Do you think that's why my wings melted?

I got too close
And my walls came undone
With them did my heart have to crumble?

I have to wonder
And feel free to be honest
Was the pain intentional or are you that oblivious?

I just wanted to feel
And now I am only numb
I can't rebuild my heart, will it matter in the end?
Arcassin B Aug 31
By Arcassin Burnham

Pretty eyes cover up lies,
But i doubt you'd do that to me.
Late nights encounters were good,
A distant memory.

I put a bunch stickers on the wall,
Keeps the demons at bay.
Your voice is like heaven,
Just please take me away.

Only if we grew up sooner,
We'd take life seriously.
The sky gets bluer,
And we stare ominously.

I could go though life with you,
My queen to be indeed.
To find a distant calmness is all I ever
really need,
Love the way you talk to me.


Come to me.
Talk to me.
Be the only reason.

Learn from me.
Walk to me.
Through every season.

The pride that she holds on,
Pretty shy , but spot on,
The beauty is spot on, her lips, that I taste,
And its great, Smoke in the air,
Could hide the feelings we awake,
Not safe , to be safe in this space,
No games , but we play,
No games , but we play,
No games , but we play.

Come to me.
Talk to me.
Be the only reason.

Learn from me.
Walk to me.
Through every season.

Mena Mulugeta Aug 30
With her courage there came many things.
Her was courage was built off of her feeling nothing.
Her courage goes beyond wonders of miles to see beautiful things.
Shaping herself  into who she would love to be.
So many things that she thought were  unseen.
Her radiating light drives ones to courage.
Her courage was designed
to build others.
Her courage was unbelievably heartfelt
fought her fears and doubts to find her Courage. In the shadows of emptiness and pain is where her courage occurs.
life sometimes is a trip, but you must keep on pushing though and have courage to believe that you can do whatever you put your mind to.
chlorine Aug 28
I’m freezing.
I choke on the sour taste of Smirnoff when I say your name.
nostalgic of the stitch in my stomach,
or the simple repetition of my words.
I try to explain how sorry I am for feeling this sorry for myself,
all you had to say was “don’t worry about it.”
you know me like you say you do- right?
a different season,
the same fears,
the same intentions.
so cold,
a lovers kiss feels like your sloppy, drunken mistakes.
his touch is suffocating,
but he wants me submissive- right?
masked with sarcastic comments and leveled eyes.
I’m sorry for feeling this sorry for myself.
chlorine Aug 28
effortlessly shriveled into my feet, nails are propelling through me.
they confine me to this unforgiving plane.
“I am so unhappy,”
but swallowing my pride leaves a film in my mouth.
in front of my mirror is a manufactured seat of chaos.
I decided to observe the disharmony sitting behind me,
it reluctantly acknowledged me too.
adulterated and cold,
I know that the nails will begin to rust.
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