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Satvik gupta Jun 16
The nights don't lie about the darkness
The nights dont lie about the pain
The nights don't lie about the sadness
The nights don't lie about the curse of humane

Their voices haunts the silents
Their actions ****** the restless.
Their thoughts crucify the preachers
Their sight infiltrates the domain .

They see them
They hear them
They feel them
Still can't do a thing
Still can't do a thing

Hope they find the light
Helping  them to conquer the night
Hope they find the path
Helping them to overcome the aftermath .
After such a long time.
Jammit Janet Jun 15
Authentic City
One of the hardest destinations
To find
Once found hard to stay at
Unless you can find peace
Not always fitting in
Not always feeling liked
Not always being treated equally
Despite being aware of what’s not fair
Or right.
Jammit Janet Jun 14
I am in understanding
That I have no control
Over all the thoughts, sensations, and feelings
That I experience
At any given time
I accept this fact
To give me power
Over my reaction
To enable my ability to reply.
Shane Lee May 29
It just feels good
Not to feel alone.
The way your hand feels in mine.
The way your lips feel on my lips.
When your arms wrap around me.
The way it feels
When you smile.  
I love the way it feels.
It just feels so good
Not to feel alone
© Shane Lee
Something to read both ways (:
Raven Feels Mar 19
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, do you know what I don't know?

let me be a fool
one that slaps with cruel
leave some words for us leave some words for you
leave the past to dust leave the yellow floors too

let me be a fool
wear that memory on my neck & call it a jewel
seal the day of misery word by word in due
admire every single color in remembrance of every hue

let me be a fool
drown myself in that scent in that noise in that pool
dig the heels of my feet to the ground to keep me steady
never thought for an ever of a life I won't be ready

let me be a fool
the world of the never & delusions to rule
because them feels won't remain in the old self of every second
& no one gave me a hint to prepare what will & already threatened

                                                     ­                                       ------ravenfeels
Madeleine Feb 7
I feel like Hell
But you make me
Feel like Heaven
Maeve Jan 12
I want you
To leave me
Sweet nothings
In the pockets of my cardigan
She did leave a note, but when you lead a horse to water, there's a 50/50 chance that it's going to drink
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2021
While the world is asleep
I lie awake in a dream that feels real
because I am with you.
They'll lie still and we won't disturb
It's you that I only get this feeling
I accept that I am awake because you
are here
There is no other fact.
While the world is asleep
I want to explore everything that I can.
Without interruption.
Without the triple bypass of work.
More than enjoying your company for
what it is.
Like croissants in Paris
After climbing the Eiffel tower with you
on my back.
Or counting how long it'll take to bend
the curvature of the tower into the
shape of your heart.
While the world is asleep
They'll lie still and we won't disturb
& When they awake,
They'll think it was all a dream
By the time we finish explaining what
took us so long to get back
mark soltero Dec 2021
it’s okay to be in love with the dying light
spending your evenings away from reality
things that make you forget about burning
and while the lasting memory haunts you
it’s cold embrace feels right
the just emotional whirlwind that feels pure
fuels your sense of being
time erodes away its value
but sometimes its strength transforms
i want to hold my former self
tell him that life is going to be painful
but he can be stronger
to make him understand isolation is chosen alienation is given
stagnation isn’t a confine to misery
virtuosity isn’t fulfilling
and sometimes the pawn’s value outweighs the king
and to live in the shadow of your own worth is a disgrace to one’s own constant growth
transformation strength feels right isolation self value  stagnation
It’s 2am and I’m wide awake,
I can’t stop thinking about what you said
Our past memories keep overwhelming me,
I ask myself: why didn’t I realise how much you meant to me?

Tears start rolling down my cheek,
I feel so guilty, so small and weak  
“Why couldn’t I just accept your love and stay?”,
This question has been haunting me everyday

I scroll through our past messages tentatively,
Realising how you had waited for me so patiently
Even after numerous night falls,
Why didn’t I ever give you a call?

I realised that maybe I was too selfish,
You were just right there- why didn’t I cherish?
“I will be here for you” was what you said,
Why didn’t I ever say this to you instead?

A crushing sensation pierces through my heart,
It seems as if my entire world is falling apart
“I deserve this, you went through this too”,
I will willingly suffer pain and sorrow just for you

It is selfish for me to say that I want you back,
I have always loved you- it just took time for me to realise that
It’s too late, you seem to have already moved on;
What else can I do, but to pretend to put on a strong front?

It’s too late, maybe your heart is somewhere else
You didn’t wish me on my birthday- I can infer from it by myself
We both made mistakes, but you tried to make up for it;
I did too, but maybe, I was the cause of our second split

You’ll never read this, but I want you to know,
I have always had feelings for you- it just didn’t show
I have always been terrible at texting and directly expressing my feelings;
My ‘pococurante’ over messages might have been what was misleading

There are so many things that I want to tell you,
One of it is that it takes a lot not to call you
If me contacting you brings you pain in any way,
Even if it means suffering on my own- I won’t do so; I’ll act like everything is okay

You are the kindest, most selfless and sweetest guy I know,  
Don’t let my mistakes affect you and become your shadow
You bring a ray of light and comfort to the people around you,
I hope one day, you’ll find someone who is like this too

“We’ll see what happens four years down the road” was what you said,
Four years have passed- what have we become instead?
From being friends, to lovers, to friends, back to being strangers;
Will this cycle repeat? Or is it too late for us

Every time I walk past you or see you from afar,
My heart beats crazily fast, it just adds on to my scars
It’s too late for me to apologise and reconcile, isn’t it,
My finger hovers above the ‘send’ button… should I click?

The longest poem I've ever written 👀😳😯
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