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Liz 12h
I turn 21

that should be fun

I turn 21

yet i find it hard to act on

I turn 21

feel like it's gonna be a bad one

I turn 21

don't know what to become

I turn 21

to overcome

How did I get this far?
Distorted vision
Collision for some sense
Love that I didn’t remember when I slept
Could’ve forgotten the tears that been wept
Regret to be swept
Socially inept when I ponder about my end

man in the mirror
who else can I depend on?

wipe the thoughts from my mind to "be" a little clearer

once upon
a time
no lexicon

to describe

my love beyond the stars up above

                         para ti

out and about with no doubt in my steps
out to test the handles to manifest

excuse the ego, it's probably best

(sometimes I feel like I'm living like I'm holding on to the weakest set of limbs)

when the chances are thin, nothing to limn

reach within your inner vim

sitting here before work

10:31 am

I go in at 11

haven't gotten dressed yet

drinking coffee

listening to music

about to get my **** in

tonight I might get some ***** in

but recently the tears make me feel like I'm


but that's just.... overthinking

what am I thinking?

I need to get ready for dat werk werk

racetrac clerk clerk

putting in that fookin werk werk

crazy **** ****

dunk my nuts on your face like I'm dirk dirk

okay I'm going to get ready



Try to stay away
Silence I can’t remain
Forget the language we created
The moments ever lasted
When you cross my mind, why don’t you say hi?
Carry on
Even in the cold
Head held bold
Even buried under a million stones
I shall shine through the cracks
Daily tunes
Tormenting blues
(Lots to feel) Covered in different shades of hue
But only feel blue
I was holding on so tightly
that was the problem.
It made me feel hurt when
what I expected to happen

My feelings are valid
I know.

But I learned
to put someone else first
in a different way than before.

I may be "right" in some ways
but being "right" all the time
isn't what makes them stay.

You always gotta give a
as is turns out

I was holding on so tightly
I'm sorry if you couldn't breathe.

So I let go..

I won't ask again
Just the continuation of the drama in my life. We always learn the hard lessons through experience right?
bk Feb 4
i don't want to leave.
this moment, here with you, feels too good.

i think that might be how you know your in love.

it's the moment home is not a place, but a person.
larissa Feb 1
i would like
to schedule an appointment
with you
any time of the day
while the sky
is still blue
as long as you’re honest
subtle and true
and don’t slap on words
in replacement of glue
but don’t be mistaken
for i don’t have the flu
but rather cracks in my heart
maybe one or a few
so do what you must
with your bolts and
your screws
for who else may i trust
to give me a heart
this brand new
and the clock ticks heartbreak
Ciel Jan 30
Do not get so lost in another's soul
that you forget what your own is made of.

Sure, let yourself drown in the beautiful feeling that is love,
but make sure you do not forget how to swim in the process.

Too often we are told that love is selfless,
but not that it is sometimes ephemeral.

And once you lose it,
all you will have left will be
a lifetime of memories and yourself.

So do allow yourself to love,
but remember to love yourself first.
I have yet to learn how to follow my own advice, but this poem came from a place of self love.
David Bojay Jan 30
lonelier than ever
get by being clever
patient with the wait....the wounds to sever

Look the other way

listening to your cover of city of stars

the vibrations of your voice
something I always paid attention to

the show goes on but this is a reflection I can’t deny

A truth in thought

In mind

To know it’s not really there

To be self aware

To know that the realization is a step

To know that this moment
Is all that’s ever promised
an0nym0us Jan 26
Pangyayaring di ko aakalain
Ikaw na nakahuli ng aking paningin
Anyo **** sa isip ko'y tumanim
Liwanag ang dulot sa mundo kong nababalot ng lungkot at dilim.

Oras, araw, bwan, taon ang nagdaan
Pagtingin sa iyo'y tila nananahan
Pag-ibig na nga ba ang nararandaman?
O nararapat ang puso'y mag dahan-dahan.

Simple lang ang aking hiling
Nawa, tinig ng puso ay dinggin
Panalangin ng sarili sa mga bituwin
Maging kaibigan ka, kahit di na mapa sa aking piling.

Ngunit ang isip ay nababahala
Sa puso, ito'y naghahatid ng kirot at pagkasira
Ang dating dulot ng pag-ngiti, ngayon ay pag luha
Bakit ba ang sarili sa iyo'y di nagsasawa?

O aking ****-usap sa iyo
Sana naman, ako'y pakinggan mo
Sa akin nawa ay huwag lumayo
Kahit na kakilala mo lang ako.

Isip ko'y gulong-gulo
Ulo'y di makapag-isip ng diretso
Puso'y nangangailangan ng mga payo
Tanggapin mo nawa ang pagsusumamo.
If you want the translation, just write down the comments...I'll make one soon.
Knowing I can't have you is the hardest battle I've ever fought.

And it will never conclude,

For not even in my grave will I stop loving you.
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