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How do you hold eye contact so confidently?
          Like a storm that's encapsulating a flat valley

You the storm, of course
          and I the valley.
Watch your fingers slip, you're almost gone
Have you grown tired of holding on?
Selected lifestyle appeals until you peel away its skin
And see the darkness that resides there and the pain lies within

I used to be afraid of failure, now I'm more afraid to win
I guess success just ain't the best dressed; more like some big mess
I'd rather be what I've been

Tell me simple words, keep it easy does
Gotta put the meaning back to the place it was
Only simple words I can understand
Simple words for a simple man

I remember sitting, quaking, nervous on the bus
And all the friends I wasn't making, "'Cause you're not one of us"
I learned you can't rely on the bottom line and watch the top line too
Because somewhere in the middle, someone's got it in for you

I used to be afraid of failure but now that I've finally broken through
The little boy that you used to pick on is picking up on you
poem created (9/25/2019)

summary/ purpose :/ to shine light on a beautiful poem written by a beautiful man (not me). Showcasing simple words.

inspiration from/ inspired by :/ Joey Eppard
dafinkanaf Sep 22
the bitterest, bitter
guiltiest, guiltier
trying to reach out the flag out from here
most hidden, more hidden
How does anxiety-disorder feel like?
Artemis Sep 21
I hate you more than I hate myself.

And that’s saying a lot.
I hate you sometimes
Because you exist
In every single guitar solo
And in every single crowd
I can hear your voice
Just around every turn.
Your eyes are always on me
Even when I'm alone
It's truly an intrusion
Of my privacy
I wish I minded just a little bit more
Maybe then, I could convince myself
That I don't really like you

And all of me knows
That we won't ever come close
To what I'm imagining
But you're older than me
I can picture you holding back
Watching me from the sidelines
As I watch you from the field
Our lives don't cross paths
Only a couple of times
But I can smell the chemistry
That heavy breath before a storm
Judging by that look on your face
When I catch you staring at me
I think you do too
She doesn't look away. When I catch her eye, she doesn't look away. Sometimes we smile and make jokes, but then there's those moments where we stare at each other like fools until one of us realizes we're in public. It's awful. She's supposed to look away, or not look at all.
God, I wish she would just pull me on top of her and tell me to pin her down already. This is ******* terrible.
Raegan Meyer Sep 17
the creaking of pews in a church.
a quiet place,
perfect for the creeping
of those age old memories
into my mind.

creaking, creeping,

when i finally thought i was strong
my body stiffened at a touch
shortness of breath
fluttering heartbeat
eyes   w  i  d  e
p a n i c.

and then?
a kiss on the back of my head
and i realized
in those arms, i was safe.
where will i end up?
Aawatef Sep 15
Amidst all grey, the moon peeks through
Shining a pale light, a wind fairly blue
A cigarette lit, my mind racing through
Looking for a place for my head in this world so untrue
Consumed in this darkness, the pale light is you
Saviour of mine, you are the truth
Tanya Sep 14
the space, We created between Ourselves,
was larger than the distance
U s.
Seanathon Sep 3
You’d have better luck storing rain in your mouth
Steadying quiet clouds with your eyes

Mere perfection doesn’t exist I see
And the cake is a lie

It’s the desire to interject
And infuse
Which I push against

Yourself insinuating from which I hide

This look says me
Let me feel my feelings felt
Or else there is no point left alive
A name would be too personal here. But I will say that there was once a time, when my intuition was very right about something. And in that moment, I felt awful about life. Because I knew what was happening, and yet the other person, who was supposed to reassure me of such, only furthered the deception and tried to comfort me with kindness, not truth. Which is something, to me, that is super personal. Don't forcibly stop my feelings felt, unless you have a **** good reason for doing so.

Just Let Me Feel My Feelings Sometimes. That to me, is humanity.
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