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I have lived days where
I loved feeling like a victim.
Where  sympathy of others felt so good.
Because I know I was wrong all the way long
Above all the  warnings and words of concerns
I had sung my own carefree songs.
RN Nov 5
I'm gonna write down what I feel tonight
It's crazy when someone doesn't love you, right?
My heart is melting slowly like a candle light
Bit by bit I'm losing my might

I know you still love him
I really know you still want him back
All I want you know is that
I'm always here whenever you're sad

When the time comes that he'll come back
It's time for me to change my track
It feels like a sudden heart attack
Like my body hit by a 10 wheeler truck

. .
Rhymes in my Mind
Pre Nov 5
maybe I'm oversensitive
but that does not mean
I suffer less
it means I suffer more
because I need others
to tell me
that I'm worth something
if not
then I'm worth  
nothing at all
an oldie from a while ago that still rings true
Abbigale Nov 1
Your eyes,
the stars of my constellation
Your words,
the cauldron of my frustrations
Nicole Eden Oct 31
have you heard this song?
click play. it dances in me
over and over it's you
Cloey Olson Oct 26
you don't know beautiful until you know him
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