Shades of wind
Ever so subtle
Warmth of the sol
Embrace the soul
Ever so gently
Like a newborn
Amidst his blanket
Ever so kind
Our sunset eyes
Drawn to rest
Ever so peacefully
Till awaken
By the lunar breeze
Ever so gracefully
mslu 5d
do you know nothing of obeying your roots

and not going wherever the wind blows


setting standards and restricting movements with the wind

to show just how bending

is more truthful

than breaking .
Bella 6d
so in love with you

your skin against mine
all I need
all I want

you whisper i am so in love with you

And I am trying to believe it

Because why would you love someone like me?
mslu 7d
The first time

was when I was walking down the street
filtering through my thoughts, like I do
minding my own business, like I do
when your scent found my nose
street sewages & the dancing of the
it jolted me, disturbed my personal missions
after which I turned around
in hopes that I would find you around me
so I could confront you face-to-face
instead, I was left to tilt my nose up at a degree lesser than my dignity
as I tried to follow the trail of your scent back to where it came from
only to get lost  .
...he's still out there
I keep my feelings on a leash,
locked in a cage like the perpetrators of crime.
Sometimes I take them out for walks
to test out their rarely used legs on the ground.
Only too reel them back in,
too scared to let them wander,
wander towards those who let theirs loose freely,
not caring where they step.
For I have learned that this only leads to hurt.
Stubbed toes on the curbsides called love.
Failed attempts at crossing the crosswalk,
into the depths of someones shallow, unforgiving arms.
Not paying attention to the Stop sign right next to them.
Over and over, I wish I would've noticed that sign sooner..
Before all the heartbreaks and fallen tears.
And that is why
the footwork of my heart, kept captive in the dark,
is sleeping in silence for perhaps eternity
A look into my mind..
Danial John Mar 12
I am all out of inspiration, my life a desolate hell.

I don't feel well, on a precipice might just end all my relations.

Desperation to make it cease, before I too am just a shell.

Maybe he fell, or maybe he was pushed by the temptation.

Either way, he knew something... A secret.

Couldn't tell anyone, there was no speaking.

Seeking an easier way to explain. Possibly with feelings?

Pealing faces away, shouldn't do any harm.

Never existed? That's wishful thinking.

A fistful of change, loaded and ready to meet the misfit's mesure.

Yet the virus was still there, slinking towards its next victim.

Another, and another, and yet another. It goes on forever and forever. No forgetting.
mikumiku Mar 7
Just because you have a penis
Doesn’t mean you are a man
There’s a chance you worship Venus
And you just don’t give a damn
You’re a six-pack in Adidas
Or two hooters in high heels
We ignore the hate they feed us
Only counts is what you feels
lib Mar 7
you don't even know me
i catch feelings too easily
i really really do
it's a weakness of mine
nainz Mar 1
The womb in my view is the most emotively eloquent aspect of a woman.
I believe the womb is the source of unlocking true love.

For when a woman gifts her womb to a man, it is then that she learns to love unconditionally.
Before this ability is unlocked, she will never know.

Personally, I have wholeheartedly devoted my womb to one man on two occasions.
This is the man I plan to marry.
This is the man I released my soul unto.


Is the man.

During the first occasion is when I learned what true love felt like, from within my soul.
There was no other person on this earth to which I had devoted my entirety to.
I felt the flow of my energy intertwine with his as together we combined to form the ultimate gift of life.
There was something incredibly compelling when our two souls became one, forever coupled.

The second time I relinquished my womb it did not go as planned.
There was still true love involved, however this time I believe a tragedy was required in order for emotions to flow freely between two souls.
There was a blockage between the two, built from the pain of time and the ease that distance can entail.
However, together, two were able to accept this blockage and work on letting love flow, for love is what heals pain in my view.

More time passed
Along with this time came strength, autonomy, and independence
All still within the unity that was.

The bond was unbreakable.

han Feb 26
I am unapologetically human
therefore I refuse to be sorry
for any thought or feeling
that I have
I am making a promise to myself
to always be painfully honest
February 25th~han
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