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Renae Aug 22
She was an open book
He was illiterate
He kept trying to
slam her shut
She didn't know
how to deal with it
She tried to give
him a summary
he wasn't listening
She tried to make
It about him
he called her boring
Finally she turned
the page
and began to write
a new ending
mary liles Aug 2021
never once have i paid attention
to the way your eyelashes,
long and dainty,
brush your skin.
never once have i thought of how
that scar is oh so visible on your lip.
never once have i considered
the way your eyes pierce mine.

yet if i have not though of these,
how can i picture you so clearly?
Platinum capped peak-
the snow's sweet pheromones
linger on my nose-
you toy with my mind

You took me by surprise-
that first bump.
God. Help me.
I keep coming back.

I must form a sial,
for my curiosity of
your virtuosity
ails me.

My mind is on you island
while my body floats out to sea
You've opened up a
new world.
دema flutter Feb 2020
be safe my love,
treat the roads
as if you were to
caress my skin,
inhale the air
as if you were
to breathe for me,
remember to stay
warm as if we
were hugging on
a December day,
appreciate every
moment as if
you were to
lose me today.
دema flutter Jan 2020
we need
to be
when it's me
and you,
it's infinity
and beyond,
and we want
to settle
in each others''
دema flutter Jan 2020
your presence is
my favourite

your touch
feels like
an extension
of mine,

your smile
is as pure
as that of a child
ava Dec 2019
Hands lay flush against my head,
their Fingers pale,
gripping tight on the small unripened fruit,
slowly Climbing up and down my skin
poking and caressing my lungs as it speaks
giving me burns of varying degrees,
you twist and they turn the colour of red, purple and blue
the only thing holding the blistering skin together
are stitches that haven't yet given,
my blood is forming slowly
it dribbles down like spittle
and as it clots you split
digging your fingers inside my flesh
and I am infatuated
head lolling
eyes shivering
bones sore
as if they are pleading for a way
for a way
a chance
to slip away in peace
with you by my lonely and lowly side.
relahxe Dec 2019
I imagine our bodies lying down
our ears desperately trying to stay awake
so that they could hear the crickets
and enjoy the creek's burble

My eyes told yours "Look, there are tulips nearby"
Your feet are extending to enter the water
There is a drop of sweat on your forehead

My tongue tastes the red apple,
Your mouth once told me it
prefers yellow ones

My mind starts counting how many
red tulips my eyes see, how many yellow ones they perceive
My soul wonders what yours is up to
Does your mind come up with
this scenery
every time
you try to
fall asleep?
Maybe it's just me.

The sun is smiling on a beautiful spring day
We are alone, swimming in serenity
Our hands are intertwined,
our souls longing for the same fate
I'm infatuated with how my eyes see you through my mind's prism
With the picture they create of you.

I surrender to their imagination - their strength, a weakness in disguise.
I let them mold you, destroy and recreate you.
I know it's all they'll ever see.
Diana Santiago Aug 2019
I hunger to stamp a kiss on your cheek
Pucker my lips and taste your skin
Leave your imprint on my mouth
Of your sweet **** melanin

Your cheek so high and defined
The color of Cafe Au Lait
Smooth like satin sheets
Flawless like a bright clear day

Craving every part of you
But your face I long to touch
Tracing you with my fingertips
Aching for you so very much

Should I someday have the pleasure
To have your cheek pressed up on mine
I will bless you with my kisses
Our hearts forever intertwined
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