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Platinum capped peak-
the snow's sweet pheromones
linger on my nose-
you toy with my mind

You took me by surprise-
that first bump.
God. Help me.
I keep coming back.

I must form a sial,
for my curiosity of
your virtuosity
ails me.

My mind is on you island
while my body floats out to sea
You've opened up a
new world.
دema Feb 3
be safe my love,
treat the roads
as if you were to
caress my skin,
inhale the air
as if you were
to breathe for me,
remember to stay
warm as if we
were hugging on
a December day,
appreciate every
moment as if
you were to
lose me today.
دema Jan 27
we need
to be
when it's me
and you,
it's infinity
and beyond,
and we want
to settle
in each others''
دema Jan 11
your presence is
my favourite

your touch
feels like
an extension
of mine,

your smile
is as pure
as that of a child
ava Dec 2019
Hands lay flush against my head,
their Fingers pale,
gripping tight on the small unripened fruit,
slowly Climbing up and down my skin
poking and caressing my lungs as it speaks
giving me burns of varying degrees,
you twist and they turn the colour of red, purple and blue
the only thing holding the blistering skin together
are stitches that haven't yet given,
my blood is forming slowly
it dribbles down like spittle
and as it clots you split
digging your fingers inside my flesh
and I am infatuated
head lolling
eyes shivering
bones sore
as if they are pleading for a way
for a way
a chance
to slip away in peace
with you by my lonely and lowly side.
Diana Santiago Aug 2019
I hunger to stamp a kiss on your cheek
Pucker my lips and taste your skin
Leave your imprint on my mouth
Of your sweet **** melanin

Your cheek so high and defined
The color of Cafe Au Lait
Smooth like satin sheets
Flawless like a bright clear day

Craving every part of you
But your face I long to touch
Tracing you with my fingertips
Aching for you so very much

Should I someday have the pleasure
To have your cheek pressed up on mine
I will bless you with my kisses
Our hearts forever intertwined
Terry Collett Jul 2019
That she
would lay her hand
upon my brow,
word me
to a security of love,
lie beside me
like my soul,
kiss me
to a safe haven,
make love to me
as an Eve
in some maybe

That she might relate
to me how love
has touched her too,
how has made her feel
in heart and mind;
has it made her
like me,
love blind?

That she in life
as in my dreams,
talks of the beauty
of our shared love,
of her feelings
opened up to me,
as mine revealed to her
all that I feel;
is this love?
she may ask,
or are we ill?
Riya Jun 2019
Rosy cheeks,
Bright eyes, and
A careless smile.

I'm perfectly blinded
by you.

Contagious laughter,
Deep voice, and
An honest heart.

I'm perfectly infatuated
with you.
Maybe this is about them ♡~
JT Nelson Jun 2019
Oh, that first crush
Certain it was love
Everything about her
Infatuated my thoughts
Her lips
Her skin
Her eyes that coyly looked my way
Followed by her shy smile
Under that cute nose
With the cutest bump
That I still see
In my memory
Even though
I can’t remember
Her name.
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