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Last time I've seen you,
Was over the cheapest wine,
Through some thick smoke from a wanderer in the corner of the street
Or was it through that bottle of wine
Perhaps just inside my mind;
So early to be so drunk
Willow Branche Jan 2020
seeing **** that isnโ€™t there,
hearing **** that isnโ€™t real,
memories canโ€™t be trusted.
the shadow people,
that used to scare me,
now long to be dusted.
9 pills down the hatch,
9 pills swallowed to cure me.
they stick inside my throat,
โ€œTheyโ€™ll start to work soon,
Just be patient.โ€
as they write another note.
the doses start to increase,
my tongue starts to spasm.
my hands shake as well,
i thought these things
weโ€™re supposed to heal me,
instead Iโ€™m in living hell.
โ€œBenefits do outweigh
the horrible side effectsโ€
is what the doctors say.
so I keep on taking them,
choking them down,
every night and day.
but the **** is still there,
i can see it, and I can hear it too.
its plain as day, staring at me.
itโ€™s as real as me and,
wait. are you?
Asominate Jan 2020
The sun sees through us, Star Eyes
Awake, I become dazed
Talking, they're speaking through me
Of monsters that they chase

Star Eyes, stuck in a blanket
The darkness never ends
Behold human perfection
Here sanity descends

Come find me in the ghost nets
Thoughts stinking high with "mur-"
Ignoring all the signs, let's
Harm all that is with "-der"
Today my university classes began, and in my first class, I spent most of it hallucinating. Wrote a poem to make it stop. It didn't
Starry Sep 2019
This strange
Sun flower
Turning vibrant colours
And then to
Black and white
I don't know
What I am see
A hallucination.
Starry Sep 2019
In a sea and mountain of liquid mercury
One of the toxic elements
There on top is a yellowwish
Orangery topazy with
Silver spheres
Problebly baodings of  varying sizes
Is this a dream or did I take my meds
Starry Aug 2019
In deep space
A pill capsule
Incasing a diamond
Pulls part
Reveaveling the diamond
As if a star was
Going  supernova
Again in deep space.
Zoe Grace Jun 2019
Darkness surrounds me
There isnt another way to describe it
I cannot hear anything
But does that mean i am alone?

A tail flicks past my eyes
Fur tickles my legs
Eyes burn red
Basked in shadow

Is that a man standing in the corner
Looking at me with his
Head tilted and smile wicked
Or is it my imagination?
Its late and im tired but i cant sleep so im hallucinating. Also i dont want to go to sleep because last night i experienced sleep paralysis and i dont wanna go through that **** again
K Jun 2017
my anxiety is a shadow man
he haunts my nights when I'm hallucinating
waits in the hallways
under my bed
in the darkness
reached out hand
he wants to take me

**he wants to destroy my sanity
i see you
looking at me,
smiling at me;
i see you everywhere.
i'm not hallucinating.
you're just on my mind
thinking of how you look like
so vivid like
it's real.
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