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seeing **** that isn’t there,
hearing **** that isn’t real,
memories can’t be trusted.
the shadow people,
that used to scare me,
now long to be dusted.
9 pills down the hatch,
9 pills swallowed to cure me.
they stick inside my throat,
“They’ll start to work soon,
Just be patient.”
as they write another note.
the doses start to increase,
my tongue starts to spasm.
my hands shake as well,
i thought these things
we’re supposed to heal me,
instead I’m in living hell.
“Benefits do outweigh
the horrible side effects”
is what the doctors say.
so I keep on taking them,
choking them down,
every night and day.
but the **** is still there,
i can see it, and I can hear it too.
its plain as day, staring at me.
it’s as real as me and,
wait. are you?
Asominate Jan 28
The sun sees through us, Star Eyes
Awake, I become dazed
Talking, they're speaking through me
Of monsters that they chase

Star Eyes, stuck in a blanket
The darkness never ends
Behold human perfection
Here sanity descends

Come find me in the ghost nets
Thoughts stinking high with "mur-"
Ignoring all the signs, let's
Harm all that is with "-der"
Today my university classes began, and in my first class, I spent most of it hallucinating. Wrote a poem to make it stop. It didn't
Starry Sep 2019
This strange
Sun flower
Turning vibrant colours
And then to
Black and white
I don't know
What I am see
A hallucination.
Starry Sep 2019
In a sea and mountain of liquid mercury
One of the toxic elements
There on top is a yellowwish
Orangery topazy with
Silver spheres
Problebly baodings of  varying sizes
Is this a dream or did I take my meds
Starry Aug 2019
In deep space
A pill capsule
Incasing a diamond
Pulls part
Reveaveling the diamond
As if a star was
Going  supernova
Again in deep space.
Zoe Grace Jun 2019
Darkness surrounds me
There isnt another way to describe it
I cannot hear anything
But does that mean i am alone?

A tail flicks past my eyes
Fur tickles my legs
Eyes burn red
Basked in shadow

Is that a man standing in the corner
Looking at me with his
Head tilted and smile wicked
Or is it my imagination?
Its late and im tired but i cant sleep so im hallucinating. Also i dont want to go to sleep because last night i experienced sleep paralysis and i dont wanna go through that **** again
K Jun 2017
my anxiety is a shadow man
he haunts my nights when I'm hallucinating
waits in the hallways
under my bed
in the darkness
reached out hand
he wants to take me

**he wants to destroy my sanity
i see you
looking at me,
smiling at me;
i see you everywhere.
i'm not hallucinating.
you're just on my mind
thinking of how you look like
so vivid like
it's real.
RW Dennen Aug 2014
He and she walk alone so young.
So young he and she are.
Without another's tender touch
and tender kisses.
Being without a loving, caring other;
expressions desolved by war.
They're still in the desert
guarding buddies.
They're still in war-torn towns.
So young they are.
Behind every house door lurks
an unseen enemy.
Every crevice in their home-sweet-home,
a hidden device.
Every patch of an American road
hidden IED'S.
Every turn,every corner,every glance,every walk,
Every position, for some, a hand gun hidden in his
or her belt.
So well they learned their craft.
Their home vehicles are now Hummvees.
Their towns are now
the unfriendly and foreign Middle East.
They walk alone,these ANGRY ISLANDS,
unto themselves they are...

RW Dennen
As we know war is unnatural. Not all suffer as bad
because their suffering from PTSD varies. Usually
when a war is highly unpopular our veterans aren't
treated so good in general. Remember the law of physics and nonphysics, for every action there is an opposite reaction. Thank you.

— The End —