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the aroma of a roasted bean chocolate coffee would never beat
John green's new edition..
nothing in the world would smell better than good books..
Nicole Apr 2021
He was known for a puzzling idée fixe
for literature in an array of topics;
Not a citizen of particular themes.
Given to a pursuit of this literary ENTERPRISE,
he would hermit away and ravenously read,
which left him with a pale VISAGE.
He'd dealt with comments of its PERNICIOUS effects,
putting a BLEMISH on his social standing.
Yet, it didn't DAMPEN his spirit.
He didn't shy from upgrading to a learned man.
A mixture of books granted him entrance to
TRAVERSE an ever transforming road,
for which weather had no dampener on.
He was a SENTRY of his own mind,  
following the ASTRAL bodies in the night sky,
to channel knowledge into dreams.
Wrote this for a poetry contest last year. Had to include the words: dampen, blemish, pernicious, traverse, sentry, visage, astral, enterprise The poem won 3rd place.
Jade Wright Apr 2021
Reasons to stay alive:
a thousand splendid suns,
the land of decoration
fairy tales.

Dark places murmur
Girl, interrupted.
We are all completely beside ourselves
And still I rise.
A poem made of titles :)
Marmaelady Sep 2020
The flip of a page sounds like
Yesterday's tunes
Haunting the remains of ancient runes
Of libraries snugged within our brains
Perhaps in a blissful yearning to be named
By its forgetful creator
And I prefer physical books indeed.

The smell of old books never ceases to capture me.
logolepsy May 2019
this is where you’ll find me~

behind the pages of an unfinished story

between the lines of bliss and misery

beneath the chapters of peace and tragedy
this is your misfit tryna get out of her comfort zone by starting publishing some of her musings
Vert Clair Apr 2019
I collect words like fine antiques,
Admiring the way this ancient lexicon rolls off my tongue,
The same way I’d admire how crystal candlesticks glow in the sun.
I create sentences like painters create art,
each syllable delicately placed,
Much like each individual paint stroke in Monet’s Japanese gardens,
Admired but never truly understood.
I cherish books like passions held close to my heart,
Comparing the glide of page against page as they turn in excitement
To the soft-lighted kisses shared in quiet moments,
Loved and filling my heart with contentment.
AMISHA Jul 2018
I don't love reading because it gives me an eternal pleasure. I love reading because it is a moment of discussion of my mind with my soul.

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