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Elizz Sep 14
If I lose my memory
Tell me
About the love I lost before that
When I lose my memory
Remind me that I always loved your smile
When edges dog ear
Slowly wearing down
Remind me what snow smells like
Remind me that I gave my all
To watch it blow away
I want you to tell me that I opened a door during a game
And you were behind it
Granted you were trying to stab me
How romantic
Show me
That sometimes our all isn't enough
And that people can't change
And that's alright
Because some pain isn't eternal
That some of these scars will fade
It just takes time
Tell me because I don't remember
That when the hands of time fall off of my clock
And the pendulum stops swinging
Your laugh picks those hands up
And slowly starts making them tick again
And your smile starts swinging my pendulum heart back and forth again
Remind me
When I'm a little bit older
And If I lose my memory
That you'll be there on the floor with me
Head to head
Cupping my trembling hands
Tucking that loose strand behind my ear
That you'll be there
To help me remember
That I loved you
Show me how to love you again
When I lose my memory
I've loved you from the second I met you
I didn't know
But it was there
Just remember for me
I love you
Cné Sep 14

if you are the ocean
then I am the mist
that kisses the morning
the way I’d want
to be kissed

if you are the ocean
then anchors aweigh
we'll sail through the evening
and on to the light
the daystar is dawning
we'll keep to the right

like Peter and Wendy
to Neverlands' door
we'll sail on forever
and touch every shore

if you are the ocean,
come wash me away
to some misty morning
and there we will play

if you are the ocean,
then sing me a song
of sailors and treasures
and places long gone

if you are the ocean
come wash me away
to a place, together we’ll
forever stay...

Mary Frances Sep 5
What I feel for you
is uncomplicated.
I love you.
No buts.
No ifs.
No reasons.
No matter how hard I try to look for reasons why I love, I can't find any. It seems like what I feel is free flowing. And I like how it turned out.
Benji James Aug 21
How do I communicate when lyrics
Were what I wrote best
But everything I write is not good enough
For this situation and the pressure of the anticipation
Like will she understand what I mean?
Will this be enough to make her realize and see?
But nothing that's coming out is worthy of this
That why it's being torn up
There's not enough soul, enough heart
And I can't break these boundaries anymore
Maybe I should just give up on it all
But your hurting so bad
And it's affecting me
And when you're mentally blank and don't know what to say
I'm afraid of hurting you even more than you already are
Try to type another text then I delete it again
Because you're just not talking to me
But can't you see that I know your hurting tonight
And all this emotion is killing me inside.
Graham Jan 26
If only

If only this photograph's could tell tales
Tales of how happy we were
If only I wasn't blindsided
To the illusion that I was broken
If only my eyes could show you
The love I had always felt
Whenever I saw you..
If only I truly knew
The beautiful soul I had around me
I wouldn't be writing this
But instead a love poem
Craving all of you
If only I had a time machine
To go back in time
To say the words I truly wanted to say
If only...
If only I pulled you closer
And held you tight in my arms all day
If only I could say
I didn't ***** up big time
But I did.... Big time.
KDM Jan 17
What if we are like the branches of a tree, devoid of leaves as winter takes its first few victims? Will we ever grow past the frozen areas entagled in our viens? Nothing in our path ever seems to thaw out completely. This thing we dare call a we...suppose it's truly just a motion of hope, stuck in perpetual winter. There is no warmth, no means of escape. It's a challenge to foresee a future that isn't fixated on the "what ifs" of winter, when logical answers are only contained in Spring.

Spring was always my favorite season. Seemingly answering all of the unspoken questions that crowded my sanity. Maybe it was the soothing feel of dew mingling across the lawn that settled the nerves of my ever running imagination. Or the simple knowledge that Spring allowed growth after the deadliest of times. Spring was for cuddling up & gliding hands. There's something peculiar about a season of comfort & familiarity, trailing a season of doubt & bitter coldness. As if Spring was the solidarity force welding my pieces together once again. Unlike Winter, Spring allowed me to leave on a whim. Caressing my mind so that it could discern my desire to visit summer.
-Just the first & second portion of this collection-
Dharker Dec 2017
It is a sad twist of faith
To be here in this place
Looking at pieces
That belonged to you

A weird feeling
as the moon is full
On the same day you had
made the walk down the road
                       ~Feeling the energy makes me want to cry~

As I think,

                            "What if I had been here on that day"

...Many weeks ago

Admiring the hard work
With what you had built with your time

I would of said

What my heart truly thinks

What an amazing job
You did

                                                           ­      Instead, letting time slip away
                                                                ­                             And I am here
                                                                ­       staring at the scatter pieces
                                                                ­                you had left to no one

Filling myself up with the mistakes
I should of changed
to had helped you
So one day at a time
This hurt needs to be the reason why
We change how we take people for granted
To encourage
To find time
To show love
Even to the ones you don't think need it
Is what we need to learn from
CautiousRain Jun 2016
Where would I be,
had I decided my fate earlier?
Changing timelines,
feeling sadder,
or maybe not at all;
would my life be nothing
like it is now,
gunking up my flow,
like a wounded baby's crawl?

Would I even be myself?
(Or was I ever really?)
Could I remember how to feel?
(Other than just dreary?)
Should I even bother caring?
(When it calls to me so clearly?)

they say fate determines all,
others claim free will,
but have they considered
compromising skills?
Because I know I caused my path,
and I made it pre-determined,
as without my desires,
my future isn't certain.
So to question what my past
may have had to offer
is to question my own
mind, self, and author.
Your own actions determine your fate. Yes, technically if you were to be able to perceive the future it would be "pre-determined" BY FUTURE YOU. Also I need to stop asking myself what ifs, because I decided what happened. I shouldn't dabble in so much questioning my past. I might miss out on my present.
Lizley Nov 2015
If there is none that makes up our souls
then why does a little bit of you make me considerably whole
If there is none that bridges our hearts
then why does yours beat together with mine from the start
And if there is none that needs to be heard or said
then why does each word revive a spot in us that has long been dead
© Lizley (Maria Flordeliz Yamog)
Darling tell me, what kinda fools have we turned ourselves into?
PoetryLover Jun 2015
all i can feel is regret
realized how much i wasted you back then
i just want to forget
everything but i'm not sure if i can

too late for that young love
but too fast for you to move on

i feel sorry for you
for not giving you the chance to have me
for not letting you love me the way you want it to be
for tearing you apart
and for breaking your heart

just found myself reading
back to our small talks
back when you were still feeling something
for me but you just suddenly walked

away, i remember your promise
that you will not have anyone until we graduate
but there really are things that matter
okay, you don't make it anyway

too late for confessions
too early for fear of rejection

i feel sorry for everything
for not giving it a try
for not saying to you what i have to
before things were ******* up
but it's too late now
now, i'm the one who's tearing apart
and breaking my own heart

it takes everything in me
to have some courage to speak to you
but you're not giving interest anymore
think my efforts are wasted

so i better know where to stand
and just accpet things the way it should be
but it hurts that i still care even if
you're not doing the same thing
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