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You are such a sweetheart
I see you as an appreciative woman of art
You speak to me in the sweetest of tones
I just want to share a couple of ice cream cones
You bring me joy on a daily basis
It soothes my soul like I'm in a desert and your words are my oasis
Someone might say I'm over exaggerating
But having you in my life is such a blessing
I am truly hoping this poem doesn't scare you away
I just want to show my appreciation in the greatest possible way
Poetry is how I share my love and affection for those close to my heart
I've befriended woman that tore my heart apart
But you make my heart positively swell
That is why I wanted to dedicate this poem to you: Joelle.
I've been getting to know this woman and she's been really supportive of everything I've been going through lately so i dedicated this poem to her
As an atheist I doubt the existence of celestial beings, but if ever there were an angel, I know it’s you.

But perhaps it’s time to rethink my beliefs, because you too give the impression of a Greek God: statuelike, sculpted and beautiful beyond belief.

I have found myself to care more about your entire being; every hair on your body, every freckle on your skin; more so than I have cared for anything.

The sonorous sounds you make when formulating words and meanings are melodic, marvellous and my favourite song.

Your eyes have the power to captivate even the most apathetic of beings and challenge anyone who looks into them to evade falling in love with you.

Your love and care cannot be comprehended. You make everyone you encounter feel distinctive and special which in a world of 7.6 billion, is not an easy feat.

Your enthusiasm for your passions is tangible and infectious. And you bring a bit of the Sun with you everywhere you go.

And were our time together to end tomorrow, I would be grateful for what I had. I hope you know how much of an honour it is to have you in my life.

You make me feel safe and sound,
And content when you’re around,
And I can’t wait till the day that your art is renowned,
And I am just so glad I found...

Because as soon as I see that smile, I know I’m home.
I fell short of matching all of the stars in space with the raindrops that made its way to Earth
Instead, I matched the stars in your eyes with the old pain's last breath and otherworldly love's first
The clouds have opened back up for business, booming thunder and zooming lightning
Somewhere there, the flash of your smile
The beat of your heart
The coolness of your waters that quench my thirst for you

It's natural to look at nature au naturale
Like Italians and Nigerians talking with hands as expressive as Deaf lovers relay romantic verses
Clear, nimble fingers that massage my soul within the cumulonimbus and nimbostratus
Fueling, flooding, fostering the gods' apparatus

The final form of unfinished paintings
Give birth to worthwhile wishful thinking
On my mind like taxes and teacher's lesson plans
A soft brush adjusting to the sky's new hues kissed like ones we've missed or knew
A masterpiece in pieces of Vishnu's vision for when he returns to look for Lakshmi
Hopefully time will not be Shiva to end this for me

How does it feel to be adored by Indra, when showers descend and drench the deepest ditches to force creation of drawbridges for those dire to cross your path again?

- Ifeanyi N. Okoro II © 2021
There is no forgetting.
maybe you will think
maybe you will feel
we all have reasons
we all have decisions
we all have explanations
does it count
does it matter
will it evaluate who we are
will it assess our personality
sometimes it will take seconds
or minutes
or years
what if it takes 100 years
to get back again
to turn that chance again
to hug her again
to say you love her
to say sorry
to make her feel
she's the one
she's the only one
of all the hundreds

Marco May 19
Like a car accident, the crashing
of a seed into soil
(from there comes an offspring -
at 9, she wants to be like you)

your weeds rising into the air
ready to cover a whole field
with its fragrance

and shooting
your shot toward the sky,
the bloom of this flower
nodding its head in the sun,
entranced by its visions and
green power

There are no mirrors in your way
so you wouldn't know but
Richard -
you are so beautiful.
I just want to say, right from the start, that I loved her.

Not in the neon bright light, two a.m. sparkling pavement, uptown New York City way. No, much more in the ice-cold Dos Equis’ beading in the summer dusk sunlight way, and in the way the sound they made when slid to us across scarred wooden bars.

Or maybe in the way she laughed when her fingers became tangled when she held a pool cue, and the way she didn’t care when she missed the ball completely – and then laughed some more.

But mostly in the way when faced with the poet’s choice of cowardice or courage, how she scratched furiously along the page, her thoughts spilling shamelessly across the white until she rested and read the words she had written, and when she knew she was no closer to immortality, the way she reached for another page.

In that way.
Lil Moon Moon Apr 15
I'd like to live life in your shape
Settle myself between the furrows of your brows
Knowing only I can ease them into the softest of troughs

Id like to sit myself between your legs
Looking up at you uttering my name
And talk about bees and trees and holy seas

Cause you are the sun and stardust filling my lungs
And I could barely fathom you, my silver-tongue

I'd like to, I'd like to
Darling I'd like to

Give my heart in lieu
Duckie Apr 10
As midnight hit, I lay in the warmth of a near spilling tub.
Silence pollutes four steamed walls, echoes of pitter-patter
From the infant upstairs, distant voices from the movie
My mother watched in another room, an occasional drip
Of the hot tap, the scrape of ink across damp paper,
A slurp of tea between my lips, are the only sounds.

I should have been washing, instead I thought of your hand
Caressing a blade across my legs, your shampoo soaked fingertips
Tickling at my scalp, your mouth pinching kisses from my *******,
Your eyes following soap suds descending down silky skin.

My chin rests upon my knee, tea leaks from wet lips
Staining a pale leg, dispersing beneath the surface,
The water browns, so I bathe in tea and sugar
The sweet stench unable to distract me from you.
I love you,
For thy love stands firm
Upon the summit of grace
Unbent to fickle nature, burning
In vain to defile that which makes
Altogether ideal I Instinctively,
Fall short to mirror.

While I was drowning in
Mine sins you stretched
Out thy right hand unto me,
Unbinding her age-old grip
Over me, for good.
Thank you.

Her scent is forgotten,
Mine flesh made clean,
How warming to
He deems me family.
stillhuman Mar 15
I saw you in a dream
unexpected but nonchalant
as you always are,
your skin touched mine
and sunlight covered us both.
It felt like summer,
like time had stopped
and never progressed
to the moment you let go
of whatever was left of love
and affection and reverence.
I awake to chilly night air,
no sun nor arms to warm me
I check my phone, it's two a.m.
It's cold.
How is it that even now you still haunt my dreams?
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