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There she sat, clutching anxiously at her crutch-shaped glass.
Staring blankly into the forest of unnamed strangers.

She is a meek flower that loses its petals from an ocean breeze,
but hand her a pen,
and she is the *** of Thunder.
jee 3d
the way the water flew through our lungs
and bled through the cracks in our skin.

bubbling, brimming

the sea touched my eyes and you were white
with effervescent foam, curdling between lashes,
phosphorescent silvers pooling over stark blues
on fingertips.

sinuous, submissive.

the shaded cold mixed with the rainbowed salt
over baptized shells.

we breathed out our abtruse mist to cry over esoteric crashes of thunder.

enigmatic, flowing.

you are an acrobat, my prideful tide.  

your steel waters cleanse the melancholy mud
through my eyes
and glassy waves wash, twisting and curling,
releasing through our petrichor.
im sorry that i sought you.
your poisonous solace was my shield.
jee Nov 15
sienna cities
sparkling saturn sunrises
sangria skyscrapers

you are kaleidoscoped
through and through
with window blinds, bed sheets,
and street signs.

they call you modern art
and hang you on a wall
of white
and beige.

your color bleeds.

you boil
and no *** can hold you.

you speak and
wind chimes cry,
ringing into the empty night,

a ballerina can only hope
to move as gracefully
as you do.

your eyes light up
like tuscan sun cities
sizzling sirius sunsets
school bus skyscrapers

i’m hooked on your city glow
brighter than tokyo.
andromeda’s got nothing on you
B Sonia K Dec 4
White Head Phones
Blue head band
Wearing the shirt I bought her

Golden earrings
Golden wrist watch
As Golden as the sun

Feigning ignorance
In the face of romance
I think I like her

Wouldn't you?
Arke Nov 25
I remember when I started drinking
myself to excess and I thought of you
how you didn't deserve such a **** friend
who couldn't keep their life from spiraling

I protected you the only way I knew how
pushing you away hurt but it was right
though I felt like you were, at that moment,
the last string tethering me to existence itself

I knew I was no good for you the way I was
though I wanted to call or text dozens of times
tell you about getting in to school or how
I had both fallen in love (and lost him entirely)

it was easy to go back to friendship
we're both the same people
we both love and care about each other
I don't miss what we had, because it's still here
You are fire
A fury
A tornado of passion and feeling and depth
You always say you are a lot
But why does that have to be a bad thing?
To be unafraid to feel
To be so unapologetically honest and real
To be an open novel
To live freely no matter the cost
That is bravery
You are one of my greatest heroes
I know now that we were drawn to one another for a reason
To call someone a best friend seemed juvenile
Until I met you
I hope you see this. I love you.
Arke Nov 10
I'm a jack-of-all-trades
good at nothing
good for nothing
I've never learned how to swim
or play an instrument
I can't drive a car
or write anything well
or carve your name in the stars
where it deserves to be

and I've never created
a single thing I've felt proud of
but I can cheer you on
watch you swim laps
from the shallowest end of the pool
and get excited when you publish
your capital "L" Literature
I'll cover you in glitter
so you'll shine to the ends of the galaxy
then we'll watch how every star in the night sky
blinks your name in morse code
Woman of red
Wild strawberries spring from your bed

Hair made of lavender
So potent and blurry

A crackle of moonlight
Your septum piercing

My heart slipped from my chest
And I tucked it in my stocking

I’ll call you sometime when the sun hangs heavy
Your tongue tastes like cherries
A dance with the divine
Cacherosi Nov 1
they sat and kissed beside me
as if I was a statue, her admirer
them heartless beings
almost a beautiful sight
truth hurts in a wonderful way
unrequited love is marvellous.
she was my crush.
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