Rory 1d
have the courage to do what must be done
to fix all that is broken and know when to run
and we will-
run through the fields away from it all
hold hands as the seasons change into fall
and they will-
transform us from youth to old and grey
despite wrinkles of autumn, together we'll stay
So beautiful those ruby red lips
They leave kiss stains on your mind
I admire the way two lovers kiss
It seems like they are
in heaven's bliss

When two shall love
in one accord;
and they shall be

I admire the way
two lovers love
It's like a blessing sent
from above.
Another old love  poem I wrote about almost a year ago that I've recently recovered...
PandaPao Jul 29
Loving each other makes us happier
Our affection keeps going stronger
Vying against normal conventions
Evoking sincere admirations

Following our hearts' desires
Keeping our hopes and aspirations
Sanctuary that we are yearning
Paving our destinies intertwining

Embarking on this journey together
Patiently waiting to be with each other
Realizing our unconditional adulations
Brings us heartfelt elation
OpenWorldView Jul 28
I listen to what you have to say
         (ignoring every part of it)
And calmly nod agreement
         (while furiously screaming disapproval)

I show you my admiration
         (loathing every moment)
And promise loyalty
         (faked by hatred)

I’m so grateful for what you made me
         (a vile shattered soul)
I escorted my Love
To a remote rural location.
Blindfolded It,
Took out my rifle,
Opened fire,
Killed It
Threw It into a ditch,
And buried It.
It wasn't helping me connect any better
With anyone.
Rory Jul 26
there are always words that evoke
gentle and soft imagery
like the fireflies in dense forests
where we could wander
pathways lit up by the glow of stars
count the bones of the great oak trees
lead me through the thickets
kiss the scars on my thighs
we'll listen to the sound
of crashing waves against
your voice when you laugh
we'll guess the age of the universe
discuss epistemology and literature
I'll watch the way your jaw line moves
when you smile and whisper
or how your body tenses at my touch
the moment your eyes spark  
and dilate to my presence
I'll caress your body against mine
bliss at the sweetness of your heat
I'll oscillate with the trees
knowing that together
we can conquer windmills
Jc9 Jul 22
I don't have the courage to tell you how I feel
But having you around has been so surreal

My heart still skips a beat every time you smile my way
I hope that this feeling never dies away

For one day I surely hope I can convey my admiration
And turn this despair into elation
CrimsonEye Jul 19
With my fingertips
With words that i find
Inside her mind  
To digital sheets of paper

With my
Unconfined and rapid
Turning her despair
Into my own
Preforming alchemical surgery
In order to visualise her smile

With my
Gentle and innocent
Directed through text
Reassuring her abundance
Of beauty and mystery

With every puff of smoke
Pouring through my
Her appreciation
Is my
In spirit
In the physical
563 miles
rob kistner Jul 16

you arrived in spring
asking why I'd left

I had no good response
I'd lost my way
my dream had stumbled
what was I to do

you looked surprised
and asked me about sorrow

I had no good response
so I dried your eyes
and held you close
against my beating heart

you looked at me
and asked about lonliness

I had no good response
so I took you in
and watched as you untangled truth
marveling at your balance

then you looked away
and ask if love is real

I had no good response
so year by year
we've watched the night sky
and wondered about love


rob kistner © 2018
This piece touches on the often mysterious ebb and flow of relationships.
This is a revision of an earlier poem.
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