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your eyes
they're as sharp as a knife
piercing straight to my heart and
making it halt its beats

your hands
and the wonders they do
your art's greater than the moon
every touch paints the beauty
you have in you

your mind
charms like fireworks in the sky
pulling my lips apart and
leaving me so enchanted

your dance
sends shivers down my spine
speaks to my soul every time
how could one ever move so magically?

oh, whatever it is you do
you do it so perfectly, heavenly
i'm willingly trapped in the dream of you

say, can it be?
i honestly, desperately
hopelessly want to reach to you

if i could get that chance
if you could spare a glance
you'd know you're admirable
for xu minghao
Slime-God Oct 13
Our soft universe
had never known perfection
until it first rained
Lightning struck nearby, it blinded my eyes, and rang my ears like a bell.
I have never been so in love.
Your elegant jewelleries and bold outfits,
Your powerful voice and ear-pleasing hits,
Your luminous eyes and heart-melting smile,
So much about you makes me inspired.

Your natural kindness and infinite respect
Towards all the people you've ever met
Have shown the world what a decent man is
Who chooses honesty, love, together with peace.

Your countless talents and creativity
Make me want to express myself fearlessly,
Your pure soul and humble nobility
Fill my heart with admiration, felicity.

To Harry Styles
Let others strive to win a bay wreath crown,
Since nothing gold can stay that gilded is
With fool's gold; let them strive while I write down
What rust cannot corrupt for being His.  
Worldly esteem awaits the faithless great
Devoted to the craft of writing words,
The very words the Lord will uncreate
For glorifying not the Lord of lords.
The contest that I'm in's a different one:
To write the words predestined still to live
For being valued by the perfect Son
Of Father God, to whom these words I give.  
In short, I strive to win (this writer warns
The other pens) from Christ a crown of thorns.
Kitten Yvad Oct 1
you'll call me princess
thinking I am lost.

I will try so hard
not to flatter you but oh
how I'll flatter you
gushing at your many dimensions

i'll try to stand back
when im in awe of you.
when im most in love with you,
thats when you'll see me least

i'll be avoiding you
and ill wonder
why i never see you

i'll tell myself that
i never see you
and its because you know
you're hiding, you hate me.

I won't think too deeply
about it, won't think
but when I have questions,
that'll give me what I find

what I find
in my mind
I try and I find

peace and respite
in my mind

you grow a few years in a week
Have I grown none? When
you're beautiful patronizing me
calling me "***".
Big Virge Sep 28
Bob Said These Words...
So... " OVER - Stand "... !!!

"You can't tell the woman, from the man ?"

And NOW These Words Are RARELY Heard...
Because The TRUTH Is Now IN VIEW...

Transgender Education...
For The Next Generation... !!!
While Peoples' Confusion...
Is Now... POLLUTING...
The World We're Using... !!!

So MANY ABUSING In Institutions...
Where It's CLEAR They Are CONFUSING...

Their Actions of... COLLUSION...
With Those of... AMUSEMENT... !?!

... " Midnight Types "...

Work In The... SPOTLIGHT... !!!
Cos' They Like To Moonlight...
AWAY From....................... "sight".....

You Have To Wonder...
What's In Their Minds...
As They Put ASUNDER...
What's Wrong From Right...

Marley Used MUSIC...
Like These People Use FUSES...
To... IGNITE Midnight...
With Light Personified...
As Confusion In The Heads...
of The... " Midnight Types "...

In The... Middle of The Night... !!!

Because of Who They Be...
When They Look INTO The Light... !!!

The LIGHT That Resides...

The... " Midnight Types "...
Who Ride Like Knights...
Who Have NO SIGHT...
And Have NO TIME...

To ENERGISE... And FREE Themselves...
of The Passengers They FIGHT... !!!!!

When DARKNESS Meets Their Light...

Within These Simple Messages...
Are HOMAGES In Rhymes...
To One of Our GREAT Messengers...

... " Bob Marley "...
" Truth and Rights "... !!!

These Words Are Simply...

....... " Vestiges ".......

of What He Saw In Life...
The... " Midnight Ravers "...

Doing Things...
So Now I'm On... " The Ride "...
THIS One That We Call... " LIFE "...

These Days I Don't Feel Strong...
But Just Like Bob Said In His Song...

I Say...

"People RIDE ON...
That's Right People, RIDE ON...."

Because My Words May Not Be Heard...
But THIS I MUST... Pass On...............

Marley Was A LEGEND...
As Were Bunny And Tosh... !!!

Ravers With Those Flavours...
That Made People... " RIDE ON "...

So As I End This Piece of Verse...
THINK of The Wailers Song... !!!
And REMEMBER My Poetic Vibes...
That Now Speak On These......

... " Midnight Types "...

So YES People RIDE ON...
YES YES People RIDE ON...................
Inspired by the song, Midnight Ravers ...
Fey Sep 11
i'll never forget how his radiant blue eyes
concealed such a vast, continuously expanding universe
and how his notorious laugh echoed like a toneless thunder
through my quietly admiring, sunken gaze.

the messy handwriting adorning his caffeine-kissed lips,
lovely tainting the fancy words on his fiery tongue,
as mesmerizing as the last remnants of a lunar eclipse
i was swept away easily, utterly stupid, naive and also young.

i would have loved to be absorbed by his crazy tellings,
deeply hidden underneath that soft, brownish locks of his,
containing the tempting sweetness of honey drops, indwelling
as an uncharted, seldom kind of bliss.

© fey (11/09/20)
There was once a guy when I was still going to school years ago and I considered him as such a fascinating individual, that I am still wondering what he is doing today.
Every time I go under the covers,
My eyes long to find you.
Is it just a euphoric essence, or am I really falling?
Oh! I’m so afraid of telling.
Some days I wake up with your bold eyes staring at me, when I hallucinate.
Some nights you’re just a sweet swimmer swimming in my ocean, when I hallucinate.
When nights are so long,
And I can barely sleep,
I rest upon your figure, when I hallucinate.
You have no name, no face, no game, no race
Only a someone whom I rely on
My chance to escape, a feeling of being loved.
Oh darling, Let’s meet there again,
When I hallucinate.
Derrick Cox Sep 2
I was shirtless
doing yard work in the hot sun.
And for a brief moment
I catch a girl’s eyes on me
from across the yard.
There is no word or movement.

Back to my work
I can feel her eyes
raking my arms
to my chest
down to my stomach
and around my back.
She has yet to come to me.
Instead, taking her time.

Finally breaking out of her hypnosis
I see her walking over to me.
Up close and personal.
There is no word or movement.
I just let her observe my face
as she traces my jaw and my lips
with her gaze.
She sees me, but she can’t see me.

Until her eyes reach my own.
They hold me, never leaving me.
There is no word or movement.

And with that
she strips me of the flesh I live in
with my soul naked in front of her.
Though I’m scared to let her have it,
for the sake of its fragility,
I’m not afraid to let her see me.
She can look at me
all she wants.
And I want to be the only one
she can see.
Kitten Yvad Aug 16
I curl in at your mastery
of soft.
maternal, rugged, firm
your voice hoarsens ,
softens, coos

For so long i didn't know
and then suddenly all at once

i knew

well i tried to unknow
i did research trying to

the variance in timbre
disarms me, subdues me,
unveils me, fortifies me
teaches me to do these things
for myself

and i learned so much
it felt so weird
girls are amazing T.T
the way I experience it,
all the feelings just mingle

longing and consideration,
jealousy and kindness,
desire and imitation all just meld
together when i like girls.
I always have to monitor
and work closely with those
feelings of admiration and also new fear but old familliarity
so that I can...
express them in
a healthy, loving way.

its so much tension.
one day i'll be used
to it.
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