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Ashwin Kumar Jun 18
You are seen as weird
People often call you "Loony"
But they couldn't be more wrong
Yes, you are indeed different
But then, every individual is unique
And I like you as you are
With all your pros and cons
Yes, you may believe in things
Which do not really exist
But then, who doesn't?
What truly matters
Is the fact that you are a beautiful human being
With a heart of gold
Who doesn't judge anyone
Sees people as they are
Doesn't shy away from speaking uncomfortable truths
Is modest to a fault
And last but not the least
Values friendship above everything else
You know, I can relate to you
I am also different
And got bullied for that
Just as you did
However, your mental strength is remarkable
After losing your mother at a very young age
That too due to a freak accident
You have shown the courage and fortitude
Not to mention, resilience and tenacity
To carry on with your life
Do your best to excel at magic
Display the natural curiosity and aptitude for learning
Which is expected of every Ravenclaw
Develop and sustain friendships
And finally, put your life on the line
In order to try and make the world a better place for all
You are not only a true Ravenclaw
But also possess the courage, nerve and daring of a Gryffindor
And the loyalty and sense of justice of a Hufflepuff
You only lack the cunning and ambition of a Slytherin
Not to mention, you were kidnapped and held hostage by Death Eaters
That too for a few months
And somehow emerged almost unscathed
After such a traumatic experience
You really are an incredible witch
Please remain the way you are
No matter what people say
And I will be a fan of yours
Until, as Neville would say, "Hell freezes over"
One of my favourite Harry Potter characters
Descovia Nov 2022
Eat you foolish meatheads alive, Yeah.
None of ya'll compare to me at all.
You ******* eyesores.
I been on magic ****
igniting incantations.
fire blazing, Harry vs Voldemort
Got a trick or two up my sleeve
guess, I learned a lot Dumbledore.
My light doesn't shine without my son.
Nah homie, no play on words that's not a metaphor
Remove the light, from your world.
Lay you down like the asteroid that took out the dinosaurs
You grindin with three jobs and hustlin like a body builder to get more?
Nothing is going to stop for us.
Me? Gon-gonna Make it happen.
What the ******* out here waiting for?
Gotta keep flowing and lifting weight like my lyrics
Minus the common denominators,
I simplify complex matters and make it visual.
Cause I see, things take turns. People get twisted.
Cause it only makes sense, if it's vivid.
Why you call it "life?" If you ain't even livin it?
Some days, I feel down under my limits, feel limited.
Double shifting is a way of life,
work as hard as I live, talking 10 (am ) to 10 (p.m)
The sword has much power as the pen.
Yet, I dwell in my head on my ******* trips
My son loves my stuff, alas
I question every aspect of my penmanship.
All rights reserved

Reproduction prohibited....
Flor Dec 2018
If love was a game it’ll be quidditch
           You’ll be the seeker and I’ll be the snitch.
Just some Harry Potter stuff
I saw this once,
in Philosopher's Stone,
that the wand picks the wizard,
not the other way around

I realized today,
at the bookstore in town,
that the book picks the reader,
not the other way around
kiran goswami Nov 2020
"He is such a ****, why did I date him even after knowing he likes James Potter."

2." My award ceremony is tomorrow, I want to attend it."

3."Why was my last food a Margherita Pizza, I want a White-Sauce-Pasta for my funeral."

4. "I wanted to tell mom that I gave her son the idea to drink the toilet cleaner for an easier death."

5. "Dad, I am sorry."

6. "Am I dying?"

7. "I anyway had too many debts. I think God saves everyone from this life."

8. "I want to hug him. Just once. Please."

9."My new CD will be a waste. Mom will scold me...oh yes now she won't be able to."

10. "Our trip to Goa was my biggest dream...why am I dying before fulfilling it?"

11. "Why did I even come here!? I should have listened to mom.."

12. "Mom, I love you"

13. "I wanted to let you know that you were going to be a father of two kids."

14. "I heard their conversation and saw their faces. I need to catch the terrorists."

15. "At Taj, guests are our God and I need to protect my Gods."

16. "Which music am I hearing? What song is it? The hymn of death?"

17. "I don't want to die! Please."

18. "Let me be reborn as their daughter once again. Please"

19. "I think so many people are pleading so thank you for this life."

20. "Don't ever let her read the letters. She will be heart-broken."

21. "I cannot do it anymore but I need to stay awake. Stay aw..."

22." I want to eat a burger."

23. "Mom"

24. "Please let him die with me. He will not be able to survive without his mother."

25. "Please. Not today."

26." She is stupid. Who even likes Snape? I like James, he could marry his love. I want to marry her."
Hannah Marie Nov 2020
I find
I do not know
what to think

Despite thinking,
A contradiction I know,
That I know my own mind

I am a walking contradiction
I’m pretty but I’m not
I’m thin but I’m not
I’m happy but I’m not

I’m a filthy halfbreed
The in-between
Half Slytherin, half Hufflepuff
Wondering where it all went wrong

It didn’t go wrong, as such
But perhaps just awry

I’m wondering how
I found myself here

Nice boyfriend
Nice parents
Nice life
Boring, but nice

How did I find myself
Being bored all the time?

I’m thoroughly capable
But a perfectionist too
If I can’t do it first time
It goes on the pile
Of things I can’t do

I expect
One day
I’ll get over this phase
But it could just be
The way that I am

Nice, but boring
Not good at much
But not bad at much
average, standard, middling

I’m stuck in the middle
With no way
Up or down
we're back on this ******* babeyyy
Ameena Hussain Oct 2020
Roses are red
Violets are blue
If you don't like Harry Potter
Something is Sirius-ly
Ron with you
Only Potterheads will understand❤
Ashwin Kumar Aug 2020
Dear Ronald Bilius Weasley
No matter what others say
I will always be your fan
You are such a marvellous character
Not perhaps, a perfect one
But a character with flaws
So real, and so beautiful
That we can totally relate to it

In your first year at Hogwarts
You played a game of chess
In such a magnificent manner
That even the Russians of the Muggle world
Could not have done any better

In your second year at Hogwarts
You faced your greatest fears
With a courage and nerve
That Godric Gryffindor would have been proud of
For the sake of your best mates

In your third year at Hogwarts
You almost ruined a friendship
For the sake of a rat and a broomstick
But you made amends for it
By standing up to a notorious murderer
That too with a broken leg
Again, for the sake of your best mate

In your fourth year at Hogwarts
Again, there was a misunderstanding
That threatened to derail a strong friendship
But you were there for Harry
When it truly mattered
There was also some ugly ****** jealousy
As your teenage hormones took centrestage
But at least you got an inkling
That you and Hermione
Were made for each other

In your fifth year at Hogwarts
There was a lot you had to put up with
The constant bullying of the Slytherins
Especially during Quidditch matches
The temper tantrums of your best friend
And finally, the evil Dolores Jane Umbridge
Initially, due to your nerves and insecurities
Your Quidditch performances went from bad to worse
But then, you finally showed us
The stuff you were made of
Saving goals left, right and centre
And to cap it all
You bravely fought a dozen Death Eaters
Yet again, for the sake of your best friend

Finally, we come to the war
Due to your never-ending insecurities
And anxiety for your family
Worsened by a dreadful locket
That contained a part of Voldemort's soul
You briefly deserted your best mates
But returned when it mattered the most
Even saving Harry's life in the process
And then, as you destroyed that darned locket
You finally conquered your fears
And transitioned successfully to manhood
Finally, during the Battle of Hogwarts
You showed us your sensitive side
A side that we had never seen before
As you displayed your concern for the house-elves
Precipitating your first kiss with Hermione
Later on, you lost your dear brother
But continued to soldier on bravely
Even standing up to Voldemort himself
Hence, dear Ronald Bilius Weasley
No matter what others say
I will always be your fan
A poem dedicated to one of the best characters in the Harry Potter world - Ronald Bilius Weasley
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