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Leia Spencer Feb 3
“You’re beautiful” I say
For lack of a better word
Because how can I only describe her as so?
She’s what it feels like to feel the sun dance upon your face
The wind gently rustling your hair
The glowing of wood lit aflame
Candles flickering while the windows rattle from wind

She’s the beginning of the Star Wars theme at full blast
Hearing the sound of the TARDIS for the first time in so long
The opening credits of each long-awaited marvel movie
Feeling the magic of reading the first Harry Potter book again
The closing of a finished book, knowing there’s more to come
Rapping every line of Hamilton perfectly

She’s everything pure in the world that brings unbridled joy
And there’s no way that “beautiful” could
Measure up to that
Because that word is too overused
Florenza Jan 23
if there came a day where you packed all your emotional baggage and left
I’m not quite sure what I would do
I would not sit and cry
for I do not cry
and I cannot sit still
I would not listen to sad songs
I would listen to loud  metal rock
in a hope to drown out the final words that past your lips to me
and every other word you have said to me

I would not watch films or read books I would lie on my bed trying to ignore the tea stains
and the blankets we curled up underneath I would stare at the ceiling trying so hard to block every part of you from my mind

I would never drink tea from the cup you gifted me I would never read Harry Potter again after all the long talks about our shared favourite series

unless I was sad about all the moments we would never share
then I would sit and drink tea  hoping it would drown me
I would read Harry Potter watch the films and glance at fan art simultaneously
i would listen to every sad song that ever reminded me of you
i would sit unmoving for days tears of tea running down my face

i would not be able to not think of you over time this may change
but i would always have a scar to remind me of the old wounds time never can’t heal
and i will always hope that you would heal them one day
what would i see in the mirror of erised?
it's probably like what dumbledore saw—
him, holding a pair of thick, woolen socks
because one can never have enough socks, eh?

remember dobby, a free elf?
dobby, who has no master
because of a sock harry gave?
you understand now?

socks are needed to become free.
Chandan Shersia Oct 2018
We met years ago, I remember it well.
The past is past, we musn’t dwell.
As soon as i met you, I instantly fell.
After all this time, I remember it well.

Your eyes sparkle just like then,
When we used to be the best of friends.
You were a Gryffindore, I was a Slytherine,
We drifted apart, it was a matter of time.

I couldn’t save you from a terrible fate,
I hate myself every minute for that day.
Death leaves a heartache no one can heal,
Love leaves a memory no one can steal!

I am a huge potterhead. And i wrote this poem because of Snape’s unconditional love for Lily.
the first night i saw you,
i thought you were the one
who i can trust to
cast the memory charm on me.

i've been waiting for so long
to see the green light,
it made me blind.

the first night we talked,
i thought you can erase it —
worries, anxieties, and the voices
inside my head.

boy, i was wrong.
i should've learned occlumency
for you are one legillimens.
c Apr 2018
blood rushing into my head
painless, but yet burning; white
perhaps now i have died a saintly death
i will be remembered as a hero
not a coward;
perhaps now i have died a saintly death
i will be worthwhile to remember
not worthless
perhaps now i have died a saintly death
i will be known for my kindness
which never existed
to cover up what really happened
perhaps now i have died a saintly death
somebody will cry that they love me
instead of me being hated
perhaps now i have died a saintly death
everything will be better
at least death has its own dwellings
This is the first poem I have ever published, hope you enjoy it.
I just thought somebody would like to see something from a different perspective.
Tyler Apr 2018
You gasp in shock
In fear
The end is here
You caused this
Your eyes
Burning with guilt
Shaking with regret
Locked with desperation
I had to
You whisper
But there is no one to hear your cries
Just the inky black sky
Ensnaring you in darkness
This is your doing
Little death boy

A serpent
Winding up your arm
Wrapping round your throat
It hisses in your ear
Of fear
And of misery
You’re frozen in place
It’s venom filling your mind
Rendering you useless
Your lips tremble
Silver eyes hidden
Behind milky hair
why are you hiding?
Little death boy

Is this who I have to be?
Is this all that there is for me?
Just destruction
Just despair
Are the bringer
Death paints itself into
Your very being
Into your soul
The serpent slithers it’s way
Into your heart
It’s hold
All powerful
The fear of failure
Taints the back of your throat
Rising like bile
You’re scared of death
You’re scared of survival
There is no place for you
Little death boy

Hold your head high
Do not let them know
You’re fragile
You’re terrified
You’re not the sharp
Cutting man
They believe you to be
You’re nothing
Just a wisp of smoke
Easily ripped apart
By a gentle breeze
The snake winds tighter
There’s no escape for you
No redemption
No saviour
You shall rot
And this,
This is your destiny
Living your whole life
Weary and pale
Waiting for the world
To chew you up
And spit you out
Battered and broken
Blank and listless
Dark and lonesome
This is who you
Were born to be
Bringer of death
Whether you even wanted to be
Does not matter
Never the hero
Never the kind
Never the feeling
Little death boy
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