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Amaris Jul 2019
She sways in time
To the beat in her brain
Rejecting the irregular tempo of her heart
Blinking twice to clear the glare
She stumbles once, again, and again
Reaching for someone
Who isn't there.
She wants
To forget for the night, blur into the lights
Drowning herself to blissful heights
the first night i saw you,
i thought you were the one
who i can trust to
cast the memory charm on me.

i've been waiting for so long
to see the green light,
it made me blind.

the first night we talked,
i thought you can erase it —
worries, anxieties, and the voices
inside my head.

boy, i was wrong.
i should've learned occlumency
for you are one legillimens.
Elena Basophil Sep 2017
I want to lay down,
Maybe on the beach,
And stare into the endless sky,
As their eyes twinkle different hues.

I want to forget,
Maybe about everything,
And live a newer, happier life,
As you're erased from my memories.
Michelle Apr 2016
Forget me not—
You've become the cotton in my ears,
the smoke in my lungs,
the tepid water that I'm drowning in

Forget me not—
You can't make a difference in someone's life,
then leave without at least saying goodbye
I just need a goodbye

Forget me not—
Sleepless nights and forgotten meals are my
new lovers as of late, but I suppose
we're quite familiar with each other already

Forget me not—
Why can't I make nothing of it?
I was nothing for you
We were nothing

Forget me not—

Forget me

— The End —