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IdkLove Dec 2019
Im scared to leave you even in my dreams
Seems like I'm possessive
Cause You're impressive
Every night i close my eyes 
I want you in front of me
My heart bleeds until you're here with me
I'm getting insecure 
I need those thighs to sleep in every night
Even God has no right 
To seperate us
 only when there is 
A fake love
This year taught me people will leave if you love and care about them so much.
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
"I never knew it was toxic, until I tasted freedom with love. I never knew what it was like to be loved, without being encaged. But now I can take my decisions, I can roam free. I can be loved and be my own person. I chose what I do today and forever.
It was love before, it is love now. But now he loves me into independence. I discover more about myself. I find myself healing.The stifling breath, and aching sobs in my chest are slowly fading.  It was love before but the bad outweighed the good. Too weak and in love to leave. But I am not a possession, I am my own person."

- excerpt from a monologue of breaking free from a possessive relationship
dabble Jun 2019
your eyes belong
to my undeniable stare that has infinite meanings and thousand thoughts
your lips belong
to my unbounded lust that flows out as a lovable kiss
your chest belongs
to my irresistible touch that tattoos my name and marks my reign
your ears belong
to my moans and bites from our night bed fights under full moon light

your hands belong to me to hold
I'll want them even when I grow old
your shoulders belong to me to lean
and I, forever want to be your queen
your heart that's beating
that's mine
only mine
no... I would never share
for this whole world, I swear.
Somedays I feel like I’m
Huddled in a corner
staring wide-eyed
At the world passing by
watching me through
Plexiglass walls
and spotlights blaring down
all hours of the day and night
all I have ever wanted was to be natural
An apostle of instinct
Fighting back using the laws
of claw, and gnashing fangs
But instead
I’m met with cattle prods, and steel chains
I’ve learned that the world just doesn’t play fair
I’ve learned that love and loss come with the same price tag
You lose parts of yourself either way
So many people want to take others
out of their habitat
And put them on display
I have spent far too many days
in other people’s possession
and now I am finally breaking free
I just need
That will hold me loosely
Who will let me live free
Who can love me
For being wild
Arisa Apr 2019
You are my life support.
And I am plagued by the past.

Call me beautiful like it's the only thing
Keeping me breathing.

Kiss me like you mean it,
Your love is my medicine.

You are my life support.
Be forever bound to me.
Poem about my clingy past love.
Jenna Mar 2019
Safe from all harm
embraced in one arm

You will always be by my side
wiping away your tears you have cried

That man cannot hurt you now
you snatched my heart somehow

Oh, baby do not fret
you should not regret
he may be upset
I will warn him with a threat
Penguin Poems Nov 2018
it was mine
all mine
poetry was mine
my "thing"
yet you took it
i'm not special anymore

you were mine
all mine
no one else's but mine
my "person"
yet you left me
i'm not special anymore

blue was mine
all mine
only my color
my "shade"
yet you took it
i'm not special anymore

music was mine
all mine
only my chords and words
my "passion"
yet you took it
i'm not special anymore
shiv Sep 2018
i set the world on fire
and i called it my own.
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