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nick armbrister Apr 2020
I first heard of you
In the hot heat of ’88
I was in love
My world full of bliss.
But the love
Died on the vine
And I was lost
And alone but I had
The songs of the
Beehive to protect me.

I’ve been to your city
With my friends
I’ve walked your earth
And yes, it’s my home,
My only home.
I’ve been the lover,
The barbarian
And the moon
All in my short life
On this earth.

I thought the Beehive
Had died
But in ’91
And finally ’96 you finally
Came alive again.
I thank Tracy
And Melissa for
The best music
In the world
And that timeless gig in ’91.

from Her Name is Hope – Life Force
Waltzing through the chaos that life’s left for today,
Dragging along my battered horn in case she wants to play
‘Scuse me, Ms. Bartender, but I’ve got something to say
Ain’t nobody listening to the radio anyway

I don’t need a soapbox, no suit or microphone
Just a space to spread the truth wherever I may roam
I speak straight from the bottom of a bottle left at home
The night is not much easier when you take it on alone

Hear ye, hear ye, gather round to hear a tale
Of dreaming big, working hard, but destined still to fail

Shredding that loopy little melody,
The craziest cat you ever did see
Make you feel so alive, ladies screaming, “Wow boy!”
I jump and I jive, cuz I’m a bebop cowboy
"Jazz is dead."
Aa Harvey May 2018
The end of this party that we call love.

Fire lighter’s and raise them high,
The time has come to reach the end.
The end of all those things we did.
The end of you, the end of me; we are at our end.  

From a pit, I whispered to you
And all you saw were lips that move.
In silhouettes I made my move
And I fell so deep into love with you.  

A thought of loss for you my dear;
My wish to start a life apart,
Has never brought you to feel so near…
Why are you still here?

Sorrowful but satisfied;
All the tears I cried, I wish I had never cried.
So sad to see you later with your beautiful smile,
When all I want to see is the end of all time.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
the duration of the gig will last
for three exceptional years
by the end of it aficionados would
have shed some tears

let us all recall
the two tunes listed below
which were heard in
many a marvellous show

Daniel is traveling tonight on a plane
I can see the red tail lights heading for Spain

Don't go breaking my heart
I couldn't if I tried
Oh honey if I get restless
baby you're not that kind

our glittering Sir Elton John
bopping on the piano
the catalogue of his hits
a lyrical nano

collaborating with Sir Bernie Taupin
together a dynamic partnership
who knew how a song would
stay in the mind's companionship

departing from entertaining
on the world's musical stage
leaving a remarkable footnote
of rock and roll homage
Acknowledgements to Sir Elton John and Sir Bernie Taupin.
i imagine us
watching concerts and gigs, 

enjoying our nights;

singing and jumping to our favorite songs,

looking and smiling at each other,

your arms around me,

holding my hand later on,

and kissing—i love the idea of you

kissing me, baby.
Joe Black Mar 2017
-Do you love me?



-Till death!

-I thought longer...
Joe Black Feb 2017
Walked near her slowly,
Brushed with hand, breathing slowly,
She came closer, shaking,
Warm, quite, soft...
Her eyes were shing like a moon,
They were telling way too much,
I've start to play with her with hand,
Slowly put her legs apart...
Hand was filled with warmth of her soft breast,
Movement up and down she been waiting for...
Then thrill pierced inside of me,
And white liquid dripped..
At that moment i felt enravishment,
That's how i milked a cow for a first time...
Sobriquet Nov 2016
It's 3 am when you wake me
with cold hands in the shape of chords,
breathing stories and whiskey
spilled on the p.a by a guy
asking for songs.

In between saturday and sunday
you tell me about the  bikes
in town for the rally,
lining the streets in rows of inert thunder
while their people drank
and moved to the music you made.

It's 4 am
before morning finds the bluff
to light up the world's earliest hours
good morning you say
before we fall asleep,
laughing at your own joke.
Beau Grey Apr 2016
"Knock knock"
Still in my pyjamas.
We drank coffee and smoked cigarettes.
He went to a rap gig the night before.
Fifteen dollars wasted.

An old school friend.
More coffee.
We spoke of art, travel and vegetable gardens.
In Japan they don't eat or show affection in public she told me.
Aokigahara finally makes sense.

Lucky Coq.
Girls would ****** for his hair.
He told me of his grandfathers poetry recitals every Christmas.
Idiosyncrasies are the ventriloquists of my heart.

We smoked under vine-entwined lanterns.
He fell in love with a French girl once and lived with her in Versailles.
He was young and went back home.
Regret at the fork in the road.

Left to find a 24/7 bottle shop and go home.
Crossed paths with old friends.
"Come have a drink with us"
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