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The mind is a book & it's encrypted with whatever  always activated on it. However, whenever you speaks its more like reading out what had already been written, stored on the tablet of the mind. The more you study it more you understands it, the more easy it becomes to work for you.

The mind also could be compared to a void farmstead without cultivation. It's got to be cultivated by planting seeds of good thoughts, ideas, and creativity potentials, with enormous talents.

Lest weeds is allowed to grow and germinate on a precious ****** farm-field of the mind.
Plus: The mind is a world on which everythang happens and done before on the physical world.

Reason that! It's the more freedom on the mind more as the freedom around. The mind is the first place to survive if anyone wants to survive whatever they may be going through, refine and reset the mind. Because life begins from within the mind.
Graff1980 Aug 2020
I am not a really fit
dude who can take
a super anime hit.

Even though, I
have a great gift
that lets me
write a bit
I don’t expect
my words will
change ****.

I am smarter than
most humans,
but this brain I have
won’t solve the world’s
won’t beat
the greedy goblins
that I meet.

I can make people laugh
but I know that
is not uncommon.

So, my greatest aspect,
or so
I suspect
is my gentle disposition,
desire to show respect
and above all else
be kind.
Jana Pelzom Jun 2020
I sat pondering :
Have I any talents?
It really is of no use
Wallowing the lack in me.
Though it is the lack thereof that frightens us;
The greatest doctor
Has but second best,
Or just another general fella treat their wound,
But see, you and I can use their talents
Without even batting an eye.
So, lonely it must be for the greatest showman,
For though he gives his all in all,
Can’t enjoy the magic,
And maybe thus, begins to fall.
Such tragedies they face,
No comedies to help brace,
So I guess I should laugh,
And hopefully embrace,
These heroes instead
Of being in jealous outrage.
Great people ©️2020 Jana Pelzom
Joy Nov 2019
Little lady,
let me remind you,
that you needn't compare
your swamp green scars
to anyone else's,
needn't compare
your copper abilities to
the platinum ones
of those marble gods you admire,
in order to measure
a worth which needn't be measured
on the golden scales of
self criticism and loathing.
There is space under the sun
for all of us.
Carl D'Souza Aug 2019
In an ideal
would every person in society
including women
fulfil their potential
to experience optimal joy and happiness?
Would women be given
the freedom and encouragement
to express their unique authentic self
in an optimally joyful and happy way?
Would women be given
the freedom, encouragement, support and resources
to develop and exercise to the full
their talents
to experience optimal joy and happiness?
Kada Oct 2018
Gifts entertain people while an anointing changes lives.
                                                                ­                                 -Kada
Walking in your purpose is the most fulling thing that you can do in life!
Sarah Aug 2018
In a parallel universe
A universe of opprtunities and justice
A universes that gives people their rights
People would each follow a path
That truly represents what's in their hearts
Instead of a doctor
I'd be
A ballerina
An architect
An interpreter
A writer
I would be
All the dreams that were stolen from me
In a world so damaged
To fulfill a child's dream
Therefore it destroys the talents
Before it grow beyond its rein
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
There are people who can sing


There are people who sing

There are people who can rap


There are people who rap

There are people who can dance


there are people who dance

There are people who can write


there are people who write

The difference is that with ones who 'can' are
usually the ones you bob your head
to as well as acknowledge.

But with the ones who just do what they do?
There are the ones who touch your soul.
Everyone is different, of course. I do listen to people who can sing, but I usually listen to the ones who do what they do. They are the ones who have that power to touch your very soul with what they do. Those people who do what they do have an aura of pure light...
Appreciate them.
Be back soon!
Lyn ***
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