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Carl D'Souza Aug 1
In an ideal
would every person in society
including women
fulfil their potential
to experience optimal joy and happiness?
Would women be given
the freedom and encouragement
to express their unique authentic self
in an optimally joyful and happy way?
Would women be given
the freedom, encouragement, support and resources
to develop and exercise to the full
their talents
to experience optimal joy and happiness?
Kada Oct 2018
Gifts entertain people while an anointing changes lives.
                                                                ­                                 -Kada
Walking in your purpose is the most fulling thing that you can do in life!
Sarah Aug 2018
In a parallel universe
A universe of opprtunities and justice
A universes that gives people their rights
People would each follow a path
That truly represents what's in their hearts
Instead of a doctor
I'd be
A ballerina
An architect
An interpreter
A writer
I would be
All the dreams that were stolen from me
In a world so damaged
To fulfill a child's dream
Therefore it destroys the talents
Before it grow beyond its rein
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
There are people who can sing


There are people who sing

There are people who can rap


There are people who rap

There are people who can dance


there are people who dance

There are people who can write


there are people who write

The difference is that with ones who 'can' are
usually the ones you bob your head
to as well as acknowledge.

But with the ones who just do what they do?
There are the ones who touch your soul.
Everyone is different, of course. I do listen to people who can sing, but I usually listen to the ones who do what they do. They are the ones who have that power to touch your very soul with what they do. Those people who do what they do have an aura of pure light...
Appreciate them.
Be back soon!
Lyn ***
Lily Jun 2018
I'm more than my perfectly curled hair,
My flawless skin, my beautiful nails and
Model-perfect outfits.
I'm more than my big chest, my skinny waistline,
My perfectly toned legs and my adorable feet.
I'm more than someone's pet, a pawn in someone's
Twisted game of chess,
A prize to be won, or a piece of garbage to be disposed of.
I'm more than my body, does anyone realize that?
That I'm smart and kind and funny and independent,
And that I have more talents than simply putting on makeup?
Is society that messed up to think that
You must either be smart or beautiful, kind or pretty?
I'm asking you, pleading you, to think of me as
More than something to stare at.
Because I know
I'm more.
Himalon Dasilva Apr 2018
The smoke fills the air, poisonously stifling.
The destruction of my lungs, i'm forever denying.
Others see the destruction, reflecting it to me.
And when I look into the mirror, death is what i see.
Does this art of decay express my true being?
Nay, the only purpose it serves is the creation of a deadly scene.
Life without death, I strive for a balance
And I manifest such through the expression of my talents.
Madam X Nov 2017
I'm locked in a room with a desk and a chair.
I want my stomach filled, but the cupboards are bare.
I'm sitting here with only one option:
To continue to write, during this lock in.

Is writing a talent?
I say to myself, as I look over my shoulder at the book on the shelf.
What about Melville, and Shakespeare, and Twain?
The all have much knowledge to send to my brain.

But people these days just don't understand
That we can do more than just sing and dance.
There are so many talents that slide under the rug.
"I wonder what mine is".
I say with a shrug.

But then I remember that I am equipped
With a whole set of skills that are right on my hip.
They rest as a tool belt, and as a reminder
That if I wanted to, I could go farther.
I realize it ends abruptly, but I couldn't find the perfect way to end it.
Lure Pot Oct 2017
Thanks to all my poet friends
I’m glad you support my work
Your comments are a reflection of you
And they are my thoughts.

Thanks to all my poet friends
I’m happy you talk to me as well
Your messages are kind of you
And they are my inspirations.

Thanks to all my poet friends
I’m lucky you share your writes
Your writes are art of your poems
And they are my noble masters.

Thanks to my talented poet friends
I owe you because of your help
Your collaborations are talented
And they are beauty of my poems.
Thanks to my talented poet friend
Your comments-
are a reflection of you
are kind of you
are mind of you
help me know how you feel
Hardwire Oct 2017
I can cook
I can clean
I can do laundry...

I can draw
I can paint
I can write,

I can play the piano
The gutair
And the harmonica:

I can talk
I can listen
I can learn.
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