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Àŧùl Oct 2021
Today, I feel free,
Free to love you,
Yes, I do feel so...

Today, I feel possessed,
Possessed by you,
Yes, I am so...

Today, I feel happy,
Happy to be with you,
Yes, I want you only so...

Today, I feel obsessed,
Obsessed with your love,
Yes, I am totally obsessed...

Today, I feel closer to you,
I am closer to your lips,
Yes, I hold your hips...

Today, I feel lifted up,
Up until the dark sky,
Yes, you are my light.

Today, I feel entangled,
Entangled in your slivers,
Yes, you are the biggest star.
My HP Poem #1948
©Atul Kaushal
Kamilla Nov 2020
Uncontrollable, useless and pain inducing
A required repetition, which reaps false acceptance
Temporary high, but will end up leaving
Alone, alongside your filthy arrogance

A painstaking process follows,
One of which could have been prevented
Living with your disgusting self wallows
Realization of your careless actions, becoming discontented

Obsession has rendered you worthless,
And henceforth you’ll forever live, knowing you deserve this
flamingogirl Sep 2020
What if I don't want
to get better? This hunger is the only thing
I feel anymore. You abandoned me,
so I sit on the bathroom
floor. I drown out my tears
with lyrics to songs we used
to scream out the car
window. While others congratulate
the damage this hunger has caused,
I obsess over the numbers that
light up whenever I step on
the scale. This is the only thing
I can control anymore. Since
you left.
Anastasia Sep 2019
you're on my mind
and my hands
s h a k i n g

and even though you hurt me
i still can't help but
o b s e s s
over you

i'm burning
it's like fire
s p r e a d i n g
over what's left
of my heart
Anastasia Aug 2019
This sort of dream
Is classified with an interpretation of heaven
The one with you
Holding my hands
And looking me in the eyes
Lips close enough to touch
I wish I could have your love
This kind of night
Could be classified with where true love begins
With fireflies
And moon reflections in your eyes
Skin soaking in the moonlight
Dancing until sunrise
Dandelions dreams
And unstitching seams
I wish I could breathe you in
This sort of magic
Could be classified with
The way you look at me
The sun lighting the clouds
Speaking out loud
Hands around my waist
Obsessed with the way you taste
I really wish this was real
Whisperer Mar 2019
He is her drug
She was his tissue
Ruby Nemo Jan 2019
Let me in on all your tastes
I want the sour with the sweet
All the proclivities you hide from your friends
Drag me down a darkened path
If you leave, to Hell with my heart!
I swear I won't last a single day
Believe me, romance can't survive
Without anger and revenge and taking sides.
I swear I'm not hopeful
Quite the opposite, in truth
Lend me a reason to obsess
Love! Love! I meant, I slipped up!
Disregard, call me a lover of all
Things undone
I swear I'm not insane
I'm just looking for a soul to hold
A happy mind to destroy
A clean heart to stain
Sueño Oct 2018
You’re covering something
Hiding it so patiently
Waiting for the time
To let it out
Painfully .
I can see it in your eyes
I can sense it when you talk
A really bad secret
That You could live without

You mask it so well
Until the blanket gets too hot
The feeling inside
You just want to get out
Bruised emotions
Shaky vibrations
Eyes are leaking
So intrusive
Don’t worry
I won’t judge
Just let me know
What will make you budge
Speaking from the heart
A reall soul seeker
Let me be your healer
Some things just digg  deeper .
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