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Roopali Arora Jan 22
I am very well aware,
Of what you think about me,
And how you feel.
I enjoy it,
I take pride in it.
It gives me happiness,
Along with a feeling of self-consciousness.
I felt it earlier too,
The difference this time is
That I've grown up.
We both have grown up.

I indulge in deep thoughts,
It compels me to think about you.
Even if I don't want to.
It does give me pleasure,
It might to you too,
When you see me.
The ecstasy; coupled with anxiety.
That too doubled,
If after a long time.

I might be lingering on your mind,
You might be obsessed with me,
But I do not know what to say,
Or how to feel,
Perhaps because it is new to me.
Like it is to you,
I believe.
05 August 2015.
Found this one between some old drafts.
Ruby Nemo Jan 8
Let me in on all your tastes
I want the sour with the sweet
All the proclivities you hide from your friends
Drag me down a darkened path
If you leave, to **** with my heart!
I swear I won't last a single day
Believe me, romance can't survive
Without anger and revenge and taking sides.
I swear I'm not hopeful
Quite the opposite, in truth
Lend me a reason to obsess
Love! Love! I meant, I slipped up!
Disregard, call me a lover of all
Things undone
I swear I'm not insane
I'm just looking for a soul to hold
A happy mind to destroy
A clean heart to stain
Sueño Oct 2018
You’re covering something
Hiding it so patiently
Waiting for the time
To let it out
Painfully .
I can see it in your eyes
I can sense it when you talk
A really bad secret
That You could live without

You mask it so well
Until the blanket gets too hot
The feeling inside
You just want to get out
Bruised emotions
Shaky vibrations
Eyes are leaking
So intrusive
Don’t worry
I won’t judge
Just let me know
What will make you budge
Speaking from the heart
A reall soul seeker
Let me be your healer
Some things just digg  deeper .
Smit Nov 2016
She kissed him
In the light, she nim
He stood, still
He couldn’t move, without her will
He stared
In those blue eyes, he dared
Though he fall
Gave up to her, all
Cause she was surrogate
Maybe right now she came, but she was late
Cause he kissed, her not
He was ****** up, was hot
Cause he loved, her not
Maybe someone else, she fought
Cause she was surrogate
You know, it was her fate
And he gave up, he was weak
And she came up, to sneak
Someone’s shadow, fill it all
She couldn’t, she was a doll
Cause she was surrogate
And she loved him, no hate

19 September 2016
Maddy Van Buren Apr 2016
no, I'm not a bad joke
this is me
I've obsessed over another girl's
and I've thought myself
when I've been
but what you don't know
is through it all
I've been the same
always the same
I'm not soft
and I'm not who you take home
but I've been happy
some people like me
and the others don't
all in all
here I am
Bonswan Mar 2016
She was radiant- she still is.

She drew me in and captured me through surmise amiss.

Her intention not to seize me but through her remiss; I found a graceful figure.

*My madness said I loved her as I descended to abyss.
matthew gene Feb 2016
make her
she lies incomplete

lies on the floor
somewhat butchered
but her eyes remain
daggers lit in
but her face trembles
as a mirror i avoided
for two years while
i was dead

not dead
as i'd thought
but dreamed with
dusty morning eyes but
at night
with limbs thinner and
hiding shadows under
heard in
the tunnels
she left

before me
pressed deep in
the eyes a
soft grandeur
in black ovals
i died as well again
and will die
for awhile

i dreamed
of rickety towers descending
downwards through
until able to
be jumped on
and awoken with
raucous stomps
Jo Baez Jan 2016
All the love in the world couldn't compare to the love I had for you
If the oceans dried up, rivers evaporated, streams and all bodies of water dissipated
My love for you would fill the worlds water supply and overflow it.
I'm like vine roots growing on your masonry surface.
Hidden in the cracks of your structure walls.
It became abundantly clear that love didn't chemically reconstruct in your brain.
I guess, I'm obsess with being depress over you or obsess in love with you.
But I know history has shown we've always been on completely different terms. All you want is my presence because time has convince you that you miss it. But that's all you want.
I on the other hand don't miss you. I want you in your complete form.
I'm obsess with your pearly white straight teeth . You never needed braces.
I'm obsess with your round shape eyes . They stood out like your round shape cheeks.
I'm obsess with your artificial dimples.
But your face has always looked so perfectly flawless *****.
Your outer beauty will never compare to your inner ****.
Yet somewhere deep inside your ugliness
I found happiness.
Or so I believed.
TheLonely Sep 2015
Im not addicted
Im obsessed
And my drug of choice
Is one of the best

I owe you everything
And thats exactly what you took
The moment I met you
You enticed me with your look

I was dying to try you
Now im simply dying
Cause they took you away
And my insides are crying

You kept me safe
And confidant
Now my friends are afraid
That I've lost my common sense

But if you got high
You'd put your morals aside
And if this brings me closer to death
I think im ready to die.
Her active pill habbit
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