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Egbebi mariam Jun 24
At the concert;
Thousands of idle workers,
Filled the stadium awaiting excitement,
Screaming and howling in the air;
Waiting for the podium to birth happiness.

On the stage;
Voice of thrilling pianos,
Screams of guitars walking to the souls,
Yelling sound of the hungry crowd;
Loosing the string of their heart.

During the concert;
Rolling heart of a roller coaster,
The music grip the heart of lover,
Beats strong enough to take us all to rapture,
Everyone brain danced forgetting the Alphabet.

After the concert;
After the seventh heaven journey;
Which I have never experienced since birth.
I digested the soft cloud voice of the Singer,
And wish to ever live in a concert.

©️ emywrites
Savio Fonseca Jun 18
With the ****** Virus,
continuing it's Live Concert
on Earth
and Hell stacked,
with all Our Devil's.
I for One,
am keeping My Fingers crossed
and Praying........
that Heaven will Host Me
on their Premises.
on my word

what a beautiful gesture
and a wondrous sight
a blessed day
finished with a symphonic night
flickered souls
who mourn at night
accumulate to swallow

shredded strings
battered snare
these months
weren’t easy,
tonight is

watch sorrow
and morph into
rivers of

we are
a sacred congregation
in blasphemous glory
all good things
come in

forget the man
the lies
and cry
i always wanna die

long for nothing
crave it all
is this how it feels?
to be young?
I went to a 1975 gig and it was life-changing ok
Leah Jan 4
my mother once told me
she didn't take me to a concert because there were lot of people
big crowd she said
big bad crowd
and I think of this now
then why did you gave birth to me in this cruel world
you threw me right into people's teeth
these sharp teeth
they tore me apart
you better not take me to a concert
mjad Dec 2019
my short 5'2" frame locked in place
like a puzzle piece in his 5'11" embrace
Kat Nov 2019
Oh sweet music
Be my medicine now
Let your melody flow through me
Like my fears
Follow the current of my thoughts
Like a flood unbarred by stones
Until they all but disappear
Let your rhythm fill my feet
With the desire to dance
So I can tap out my frustrations
Sway out my sorrows
Swing out my sighs
Let your lyrics spout from my lips
Like sweet water from a well
I drink so much
I can’t help but let it out
And I have drunk too deeply now
Oh sweet music
Be my drug
Let your harmony
Flood my brain with dopamine
Until there is no room
For anything like pain
Why fill my body with pills
When I can fill it with this
This euphoria
This all-encompassing joy
This feeling that there is only you
You have ensnared my senses
With each drumbeat I become more alive
Veins vibrating with static
Elation pounding from my heart
Eyes and ears wide awake
Ecstasy making me electric
Let me bask in this
Until I feel I am a conduit
To something greater
Than a human’s simple pain
Your words speak of loss
And love
But your melody harmony rhythm
Speak of something more
So let me ride your waves
Until I come crashing down
Until I lie exhausted in bed
In my moonlit flat
Ghosts of a feeling fading inside
Ghosts of a melody playing in my brain
Ghosts of a dance leaving my legs
Remembering once more
What I was trying to escape
Let me do this
Over and over and over again:
Lose myself    
In a few hours of bliss
Knowing that in you
I have found solace from it all
If only for a night
This poem was inspired by the song “The Waves” by Bastille.
Margaret Jean Aug 2019
I didn't have to use the bathroom
I just needed to sit
My feet were kind of hurting
****** arch support
Cute, though

The concert is good
Funky chill
Reminds me of Cowboy Bebop
With all the hats and button downs
"See you, space cowboy"

I'm still just sitting in the bathroom
Trying to play the part
I ran away to write a poem
Better move around a little
I can't focus on the band

I think tonight I figured out
What love feels like, looks like
Agape, the right Latin term I think
So many different definitions
For this four letter word

It's this feeling you get
Looking at someone in love
With their own moment
I feel this certain kind of smile spreading
Everything is warm

When you see people happy
Yeah, you feel joy (I hope)
It's just being human
Happiness, as they say
It's contagious

But it's different
This is different
And I'm trying to figure out
How to describe it
Sitting in this ******* stall
It's days later now
From when I ran to the bathroom
Figured I might have a better word
Some heightened vocabulary skills
But I don't

This feeling that I had (have)
The warmth inside my body
Seeing these people slip into space
An outer self, void of anything
That grounds them

I went back to the show
Arch support still ****, but
I didn't say why I really left
But I knew I needed to go back
I knew I needed to feel

I left to escape my sadness
It trapped my heels in the ground
But I came back to see their sun
And I watched the people float
Weightless in their universe
Bhill Aug 2019
The steady chirping of the crickets
Is natures concert, without the tickets

How do they do it, I have to ask
Don't they get tired of their life long task

They click, chirp and clack, all night long
Hippin and hoppin to the same old song

It makes you crazy, I have to admit
I really wish, they all would just quit....

Brian Hill - 2019 # 194
Oh the sound....
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