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Aspen Welsch Mar 7
I don't know why
But right now
I'm drunk and high
And I miss you

Holding me...
The light will be shining
on me.
I'm supposed to be the star,
and yet I'm so
The keys will be right there,
waiting for me.
Black and white
silky, ivory keys.
Don't worry,
I tell myself.
And yet I know that
I will.
Tonight is my piano concert. Man, am I nervous!
George Feb 7
After making love,
that space inside you and that mess outside,
a hot breeze that then cools you both.

The words you write,
that tumble out,
of a kind that can only be written once.

A 5 am walk in a snow covered city,
with only street cleaners for company,
they speak that language from that place they ran.

The roar from a concert,
from a nearby park.

Feeling on your fingers,
stored heat rising off the pavement,
at the end of a hot summer day.

The significance of understanding,
the beauty of your insignificance,
against all that is beautiful.
moon Dec 2018
i liked standing in line for hours.
it depended the season but it always seemed to rain.
i remember once my thighs just getting soaked,
i didn't mind it because of how happy i felt.
the growing excitement inside me overpowered any feeling of discomfort from my wet clothes.
then they scanned my ticket,
i remember running to get as close to the barricade as i could.
the ground was cold,
i remember that.
i didn't mind it.
then the lights went dark.
everyone yelled and screamed in happiness.
the moment we were all waiting for.
i remember all of us singing in unison.
everything felt okay,
it felt like This moment was the only moment that mattered.
all the ******* and all the pain was gone,
leaving through our jumping feet.
everyone crowded and closed into each other,
our natural heat made us sweat but
we didn't mind it.
at times it felt suffocating,
when it went quiet,
the world seemed to stop.
i remember someone holding my hand as i stood there as everyone jumped.
this ethereal feeling and ethereal moment was paralyzing,
the squeezing hand held mine and i knew this moment was the most beautiful moment in life.
i love the way your mouth moves
for the letter m
i love your watery eyes
for the high notes
and i love the way you smile
when you see the crowd
reflect in stripes
on my cheek
How inconsiderate of that plane,
Surely in the air for much longer than I’ve been sat here,
To interrupt the dusk of musical mirth and majesty,
Though I am just one of what has to be thousands,
To come listen to Yoyo Ma,
Or Bach,
Depending on your view,
And just one of hundred to picnic on the open air amphitheater lawn,
It does not feel as if it is just I,
For the phone, child, cough, crinkle, always remind me that it is not,
It seems we are simply here to chance a view into the earth’s song of love to the sky,
And the sky paints in ample gradient blue peach white,
The infinite intricate care and joy it feels,
To chance a glance upon the ground
youphoria Sep 2018
the music falls in
to my ears
like the leaves falling off of
in autumn
so slowly
and elegantly
this music
is everything that i live for
it's what needs to happen
so that i can continue to blossom
into spring
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