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Nov 2019 · 268
KHY Nov 2019
I can't promise you the world,
But I can give it to you
I cannot promise you, but I can show you.
Oct 2019 · 112
KHY Oct 2019
I understand nothing
I feel everything
What I do not know, I feel
when i do know, I heal
Oct 2019 · 232
KHY Oct 2019
I'm glad I was given what I got
I am so lucky this time around
being born to peace
I know I have always been very fortunate. But we will always find misfortune no matter where we start... it all depends on how we look at it, and what we do with it.
Oct 2019 · 427
It is Okay
KHY Oct 2019
In a weird way, I'm okay
In a normal way, I've never been okay
I feel this way a lot, I've never felt normal. I've never felt okay being normal either.
I hope that's okay.
Sep 2019 · 305
KHY Sep 2019
Are you okay?
No, are you?
I'm not okay. Will we ever be okay?
Jul 2019 · 292
This Life
KHY Jul 2019
I'm on my way but I don't know
I'm slinging sacks over everyone I know
I'm on my way but I don't know
They all go in different directions I'm left alone
I'm on my way but I don't know
Why I gave anything to anyone
The feeling remains
Jul 2019 · 190
KHY Jul 2019
If you act like you act;
and I act like I act;
We can continue acting forever
#act #acting #forever  #love
Jul 2019 · 440
KHY Jul 2019
I should resist you;
like you resist me
it's not easy
#resist #noteasy #resistyou #resistme
Jan 2019 · 446
KHY Jan 2019
Write it off as a coincidence;
But she will forever influence the way you are
Jan 2019 · 231
KHY Jan 2019
Words are knives in my heart;
I am dull to the world

When I keel and I peel;
My aftermath is sealed
Jan 2019 · 289
KHY Jan 2019
Look at your own reflection;
it’s a metaphor for your internal dimensions
Jan 2019 · 486
KHY Jan 2019
Sin is a real evidence keeper
Expose it to your equals
Or it will eat you
Jan 2019 · 523
KHY Jan 2019
Unraveling the mystery in her spine
Knots all throughout time
I break it in;
I cave my mark,
I show her how I like to start
Jan 2019 · 470
KHY Jan 2019
My lovely precious bee,
The hive isn’t for you
It’s for us;
But we’re dead together ?
So its dust
I have a broom

— The End —