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Man Jun 2023
Some, is too little
And more is never enough.
Your chalice spill, an overflowing cup
You would still moan
For a top up
Shofi Ahmed Aug 2022
The wee hours late night
in a blink of an eye
blows her Niqab (veil) away.
Oh, that folds springs in style
in the chalice of rose flower
never gone with the rainbow
splash of the first light!

Stunned broad daylight
rather looses for words
punting in sleek brook of twilight
scurries back into the night.
Tara Oct 2019
Sunlight’s amber coverage,
rippling in hand with the sea,
retreated beneath the shadow
of day’s rupture.

The swathes of darkness cast
across its golden bolt, swelled
outward with the sensation
of wine spilt from a chalice.

A thickened red,
seeping into deepened water,
expanded in punctuated

Night hovered, a ghostly spectre,
above the sun; water; day.
The sea, alighting in recognition,
burnt raw its tumbling waves,

casting orange flames in its
reflection- its essence to
the ashes of day- to
receive the ivory colouring

of bone upon bone.
The sun surrendered,
and in the darkness
a small sound rung forth.

Regret threaded its being
with the intensity of a storm’s approach.
‘Adieu,’  a voice called, clear before the
chalice of the sea. ‘Until tomorrow.’
Hi, this is my first poem on this beautiful corner of the internet. I hope you enjoy and can understand it. Any feedback is greaty appreciated :)
Star BG Feb 2019
Scepter forged in life I carry,
as its diamond shines outward
guiding way inside love.

As I drink light from
chalice of dreams
to dance with grace.

As I walk with inner voice,
to connect and pray with gratitude.

Wind carries me at back gracefully
while heart plays its divine song.

Each breath a gift becoming celebratory
as my crown of positive thoughts, I wear.

As I search with focused eyes,
to see self in the image of all.
Inspired by Henry Lampad  Thanks
Colten Sorrells Jan 2019
she's my puzzle

all the pieces are there,
but the box is missing

she's my chalice

I only fill her
with the finest

she's my mirror

and I am growing fond
of my reflection

she's my sword

ready to cut a path
through those who stand in my way

she's my shield

always there for me
in the heat of battle

she's my Queen
and it is an honor
to serve her

and she's my religion

she gives me something
to believe in
dedicated to Breanna Evans.

the love of my life
Tehreem Aug 2016
Sinister fluid of words
You pour drop by drop
Oh my darling!
The poison I seek
I drink to live
Sips of temptation
Lure me to you
Wine of madness
From the chalice
Of your sparkly lips
Oh benevolent Devil! Your Juliet is insane.
She is living you.
KathleenAMaloney Jun 2016
The Field has been Plowed
Seed Placed in the Ground
Lifes Tombstone This Mission
No Music, No Sound

Inspired Grace Vision
These Ruins Fled
All See
No Wonder,
No Blessing
No Light Here
To Be
Jamison Bell May 2016
This world is dark wherein I roam,
often voiceless and all alone.
These things you think I cannot hear,
rest assured they're perfectly clear.

You see my friend there's something amiss,
and it's not unlike that very first kiss.
The event horizon breached by a meeting,
the most delightful of all the possible greetings.

Drifting and wading amongst so many souls,
aimlessly doubting they share the same goals.
Lamenting their woes and playing the fool,
never keeping in mind the golden rule.

It's in your nature to feel somewhat needed,
to serve a purpose many have pleaded.
To know that your death might bring them sorrow,
to know that sadness would visit their morrow.

Still though you stand there out in the rain,
thinking no others could know your pain.
Feeling alone and misunderstood,
I cannot help you I wish I could.

It is our tasks to wander this earth,
hoping and praying that time will give birth.
To a realization or an epiphany,
of knowing you are more than what you see.

The journey can **** and be rather daunting,
the spectre of loneliness forever haunting.
Fret not my friend upon looking you'll see,
there's to be no sorrow your will is free.

To love who you want with reckless abandon,
you may happen upon the right companion.
Someone who carest to ask about you,
to know of your fears or the size of your shoe.

Moments show up like scenes in a play,
some last for a while and some just a day.
Hold tight these firsts they may be your last,
before you join me as another outcast.
Muyiwa Williams Dec 2015
You Envy Me When I Smile

Can you take a Journey to Nile

To go the Extra Mile


I Shiver when you pass by

But You Keep Grinning why?

So much shy in your sky


But I am Curious

Curious to know why you're so Serious

In a bit I feel you are a Genius

You hide that Language so well

Your body speaks in words I can tell

You different moves rings a bell

Like an Ocean fell into a Well
Eli Hashaw Nov 2015
Glass pressed to your curious smile
your eyes are already drunk
empty though it seems
I still taste the wine on your lips
I know the flavor well by now
bitterness gives way to a rosy sting
and I melt into the chalice
and feel at home
as a grape pressed and aged
and allowed to breath
finally savored
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