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KHY Jan 26
Write it off as a coincidence;
But she will forever influence the way you are
KHY Jan 23
Words are knives in my heart;
I am dull to the world

When I keel and I peel;
My aftermath is sealed
KHY Jan 22
Look at your own reflection;
it’s a metaphor for your internal dimensions
KHY Jan 22
Sin is a real evidence keeper
Expose it to your equals
Or it will eat you
KHY Jan 22
Unraveling the mystery in her spine
Knots all throughout time
I break it in;
I cave my mark,
I show her how I like to start
KHY Jan 22
My lovely precious bee,
The hive isn’t for you
It’s for us;
But we’re dead together ?
So its dust
I have a broom

— The End —